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The 100 Sneak Peeks: A Matter of Life and Death

the 100

Those left alive on the Ark after the nuclear apocalypse knew that returning to Earth would be difficult, just not this difficult. Not only did they have to find food, water and shelter to survive, but as it turns out there was also wildlife and even other humans waiting for them on the ground. No one could have predicted the power struggle they would find below between all those left behind or how it’s become even worse now under A.L.I.E.’s control.

While the rest of us here in the present deal with so called ‘first world problems,’ the world of THE 100 has always been a matter of life and death. Fight to survive the Grounders, fight to outlive the Mountain Men and now fight for their freedom from A.L.I.E. It’s been a rough season of death and betrayal, but now is not the time to give in and give up.

In this week’s episode, titled “Join or Die,” they’ll each have to make that exact decision for themselves. Everyone has reached their breaking point, but what they do next could change everything. As Pike reminds the delinquents in flashback, “The key is to keep fighting! Against all odds!” For Clarke this may mean joining with Bellamy to get their people back. Yet for Kane this means not joining Abby and giving his people and mind up to A.L.I.E.

Because as Pike also tells the delinquents in flashback, “The minute you give up, you’re dead.”

Can Clarke and Bellamy put their differences aside and join together for the greater good? What does Murphy have planned to ensure his survival at Polis? And will Kane give into A.L.I.E.’s demands?

Don’t miss tonight’s episode of THE 100 airing at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

ARROW Recap: The One With All The Guilt


I don’t even know where to start. Last night’s ARROW was so emotional and bittersweet and heartbreaking that I admit there was some serious waterworks going on in my living room. I’ll be honest when I say that I wasn’t a Laurel fan most of the time, but they did such an amazing job at turning her character around and redeeming her for the back half of this season, that I am surprisingly taking her death really hard.

“Canary Cry” picked up right where we left off a couple of weeks ago, so the shock and the grief and all emotions in between were still a whilwind for all the characters. They all broke my heart, but it was Dig, Felicity and especially Captain Lance that really did me in. His refusal to accept that Laurel was really gone this time and there was no way to bring her back was heartbreaking. The way he kept going, particularly after it was on the news that the Black Canary had attacked some people, was actually pretty hard to watch.

When he finally breaks down with Oliver, after he tells the Captain that there really is no bringing her back - dear god almighty, that was so, so incredibly sad. The way that they used the flashbacks to show the aftermath of Tommy’s funeral was also such a nice touch. I usually don’t really care about them, but last night was exactly what we needed. Seeing Laurel one more time, before everything happened, and also seeing what could have possibly been the first push towards her becoming the Black Canary was fantastic.

And the guilt. Guys, I could hardly stand it. Because it’s not just grief over losing one of their own. It’s that feeling that if they had done something different, Laurel would still be alive. There is plenty of guilt to go around, but Dig is bearing the brunt of it. After all, he was the one who chose to believe his brother over Oliver and now that is weighing heavily on him. That scene where he attacks Ruve Darhk was so painful to watch. David Ramsey did such a fantastic job here, because his pain was so obvious and so intense, that he couldn’t even think straight. The Dig we know would never hit a woman, but this grieving Diggle, overwhelmed with guilt, is another person altogether. When Oliver tells him to stand down and he finally breaks down… my feelings, guys. My heart was so not ready to watch this.

And then we have Felicity and Oliver. Felicity feels guilty because she wasn’t there. If she hadn’t quit the team, maybe she could’ve done something, maybe she could’ve foreseen this, and maybe Laurel would still be alive. What surprised me, however, was that Oliver – usually the king of guilt – was the one who kept the team grounded and together and working to save Laurel’s legacy. My guess is that he will only allow himself to fall apart later on. Right now, they have work to do.

Which brings us to that final grave scene. Now that we have more information, both scenes – Oliver and Barry and Felicity and Oliver – make so much more sense. If you follow both shows, you know that Laurel died probably a little bit before Barry loses his speed to Zoom, just when things were getting critical in Central City. But the scene that said a lot was the one with Oliver and Felicity in the car.

When we first watched this scene earlier this year, it looked like Oliver and Felicity were completely stranged, right? What a difference understanding the context makes, guys. Last night, I saw that scene in a completely different light – especially because we were treated to the complete scene. They are not stranged at all. They’re grieving and it will be that grief, that anger and their love – which is very much alive, thank you very much – that will help them find a way to defeat Dahrk. Oliver just needs someone to believe in him and when Felicity says just that, that’s all he needs.

These two will be working together and will be back together in no time, guys. Mark my words.

Don’t miss a new episode of ARROW on May 4 at 8/7c on The CW.

BONES Teasers: A Dangerous New Villain is Introduced


BONES is introducing a new serial killer this week in an episode that seems much spookier than normal for this show. The episode, titled “Monster in the Closet”, has the team investigating a very strange death. Soon, Arastoo realizes the body is similar to one that was brought in during the time Booth and Brennan had quit their jobs, which leaves Brennan wracked with guilt. She believes if she had been at the Jeffersonian at the time she would have solved the murder and the newest victim would not have been killed.

During a recent conference call with reporters, BONES Executive Producer Michael Peterson talked about this upcoming episode. He addressed the fact that Brennan is wracked with guilt, saying that this episode is one “where we see what Brennan is going through [in terms of] really experiencing guilt for not being there at the time of this murder that takes place and having a feeling of responsibility, where she quit her job and bad things happen when she leaves.  And so I think that helps with her arc.  She’s somebody who’s always been able to separate herself and not become as emotionally attached to elements of the job.  But she realizes the responsibility that she has, and so the way that [she and Booth] both handle that situation will definitely be telling.”

Peterson also hinted that this new villain “is pretty much our big bad for the remainder of the season. So, we will be seeing that person again. And I’m glad [if you thought the episode] was a little bit creepy. That was one I wrote, and it was something that the show lends itself [to] because of Brennan obviously dealing with skeletal remains so much. I had been re-watching a lot of old Hitchcock, and Psycho in particular, and thinking about that movie and then Ed Gein and the people it’s based on and how very similar they are to Brennan in a way, where they’re able to live with remains and see them as still alive. I think Brennan sees these remains a very similar way. And it’s a unique perspective. So, we really wanted to look at the flipside of that coin [from the perpetrator's perspective], and to get a little bit of that nice creepy feel.”

Related: Peterson teases the remainder of season 11

“The inspiration also was — and there’s a little homage to it — there was an X-FILES episode called “Home,” which meant a lot to me. It was one of the big reasons why I wanted to do TV. And they do a great job in that episode of juxtaposing happy music with creepiness, so we do a little homage to that in there also. But, yes, that’s going to be our big bad for this season, and maybe a little bit into Season 12. But we’re still playing around with that.”

Sarah Rue will also be returning as Karen Delfs, an FBI profiler. Peterson expressed a lot of admiration for the character and said she’ll also be appearing in episode 15 as well. “She’s just been a breath of fresh air. David [Boreanaz] and John Boyd especially just love having the interaction with her. And we wanted to make her a little bit different obviously. She has some of the same characteristics as Sweets as far as her background goes, but in a way she’s almost Brennan’s version of a psychologist where she’s more of a behavioralist, so it’s a little bit more of a concrete science than what Sweets was dealing with. She’s on another show called IMPASTOR, and so she got shipped off, and we tried to fit her in for a couple more [episodes] but if possible we’d love to get her back for Season 12.”

“We’re delighted to be able to grab her for three episodes of this year, because she brings a lot — not only for the cases, but we think there’s some great opportunities as far as interplay with her and David and her and John Boyd in particular. So knock on wood, hopefully we’ll get her back for Season 12 and be able to do even more with her.”

Don’t miss an all new episode of BONES tonight (April 28) at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox (U.S.) and Global TV (Canada).

SCANDAL Sneak Peek: Will Mellie & Susan Bow Down to a Political Powerhouse?


Fans will be meeting Governer Baker of Florida on this week’s SCANDAL and apparently she has the state “on lockdown”. This political powerhouse would be a very influential endorsement for one of the Republican candidates…but which one? Olivia and her team is encouraging Mellie to suck up to her, while Liz is encouraging Susan to do the same. Apparently the governor has invited Mellie, Susan and Hollis Doyle to a dinner as a sort of “contest” to convince her to endorse one of them. So Abby and Olivia are engaged in a spin war over that endorsement, but that could prove disastrous for both of their candidates.

Meanwhile, Cyrus will be faced with a big decision — one that could drastically alter his future.

Don’t miss an all new episode of SCANDAL tonight (April 28) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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SUPERNATURAL Preview: Amara Strikes Again


Something strange was attacking young people in this week’s SUPERNATURAL and after getting bitten the victims would turn into “buzzing” attackers themselves, becoming very lustful. It turns out the monster resurfaces every 27 years, reproduces and then they eventually die off, repeating the cycle again. The Winchesters met a couple of hunters, one of whom had lost his brother to this creature, so they teamed up to take it down. Eventually they put the creature down and found the bones of the lost brother, giving him a proper hunter’s funeral.

The next episode of SUPERNATURAL is going to bring about a reunion that’s almost six years in the making. Chuck Shurley may have made an appearance in the tenth season at the end of the 200th episode, but the Winchesters haven’t seen the prophet since he helped them avert the apocalypse at the end of season 5. The question is, however, will the prophet tell the Winchesters that he is, in fact, God? This is a theory which many fans have believed for a long time.

Related: Browse through photos for Chuck’s return

We don’t know the answer to that yet, but here’s what we do know: Amara returns and unleashes a new black vein virus on a small town. This one is stronger than the previous plague she unleashed at the beginning of the season, so Sam and Dean’s previous cure isn’t working. Meanwhile, Chuck is also returning with “an interesting proposal”. Has he finally made a reappearance to deal with his sister? Another familiar face also returns: Metatron. And he seems pretty upset about what’s happening because of the release of The Darkness.

Don’t miss an all new episode of SUPERNATURAL  on May 4 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Evening Static: NEW GIRL, THE FOSTERS, BONES & More!

the fosters

• Don’t Watch ‘The Fosters’ Because You Feel Like You Should — Watch it Because it’s Great
• Funny Business: The “Absolutely Fabulous” Trailer Is Here And The Film Is Ridiculous
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• Spoiler Alert? ‘Game Of Thrones’ Might Have Hidden A Clue About Its Most Famous Theory At Jon Snow’s Murder Scene
• It Gets Better: Follow the TV Addict’s Newest Endeavour
• The Business of Show: Fox Gives Series Orders to 24: LEGACY and STAR
• Daytime Drama: Josh Groban, Seth Meyers, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen to Fill in as Kelly Ripa’s Live! Co-Host
• Sing It: NBC’s ‘Hairspray Live’ Adds Martin Short, Derek Hough
• Hell on Wheels: Final Seven Episodes Gets Premiere Date at AMC
• ‘Supergirl,’ ‘Telenovela,’ ‘The Muppets’: Which Bubble Shows Will Be Canceled?
• CBS Renews Entire Daytime Lineup: The Talk, Y&R, B&B and 2 Others
• Shocker! Bones Eyes Zack Return in Final Season
• The More You Know: A Glimpse at What TV Shows People Are Watching, City by City
• ‘Isn’t This Funnier?’ New Girl Creator Liz Meriwether Recalls the Making of the Prince Episode

ARROW: Questions Surrounding The Death Of Laurel Lance

Open letter to ARROW fans… yes, I also am upset about Laurel’s death…BUT…

I am giving the producers time to explain why Laurel Lance had to die… an explanation to be revealed within the storyline, not on social media or in the press. But I know what she means to many of us.

Lest anyone think that I am not a huge Black Canary fan, you are wrong. She is my second-favorite DC character (after Catwoman). I have “Green Arrow” comics galore, and too many Black Canary action figures for someone over twelve-years-old. (I call them “maquettes” now that I am an adult.)

I was thrilled to work on the animated JUSTICE LEAGUE because I love Black Canary, and I even screamed out loud (much to the chagrin of my husband) when Katie Cassidy first donned the black jacket on ARROW.

Yes, I do plan on a good cry tonight at Laurel’s funeral. Black Canary showed a lot of young girls that you can be sexy, smart and sassy without shame, and that no man is better than you, simply based on gender.

And I will not bash the producers and writers for making a decision that forced them to kill off a beloved character. They had to know that there would be a major backlash, and I am sure the threats to them, personally and professionally, have been no picnic.

Most television viewers have no idea what a massive undertaking it is to create, develop, sell and run a TV series. I doubt if anyone wants to add to their 20-hour workday having to justify storylines to the fans by “making nice” with the media.

Before we skewer the producers and writers, and even The CW, over this traumatic loss of a fictional character, I, personally, am going to give the storyline a chance. There have to be reasons (both real-life and character-driven) for them to have made this painful choice. Why would anyone want their nights and weekends filled up with Internet chaos unless there were extenuating circumstances.

One of the complaints that I have seen repeatedly on various YouTube rants is that since Oliver has teamed up with Felicity, “Oliver has become soft,” and that “a common street thug can beat Green Arrow, now.” Some even liken the show to a soap opera, claiming that Ollie has lost his edge.

If that is true and GA can be smacked around by a local purse-snatcher, how is he supposed to destroy someone like Damien Dahrk? To me, the answer seems to be for him to revert to the killing machine who returned home from Lian Yu.

You want to harden someone’s heart? Mess with the people that they love. Personally, shooting Felicity should have been enough to “Dahrk-en” him, as should Dahrk’s kidnapping William.

But, Oliver Queen may have become too moralistic for his own good, and maybe he should hang out with Batman a bit more. Sometimes, lines must be crossed for the “greater good.” Perhaps killing off Dahrk and Ruvé should be considered more of a community service than a moral dilemma.

Yes, I will be tuning into ARROW tonight, and I probably will cry all the way through the episode aptly titled, “Canary Cry.” I may even bring my action figures into the living room to watch with me so they can see their inspiration has passed on for the greater good.

I will watch Cassidy as Earth-2’s Black Siren on THE FLASH, listen for her voiceover on VIXEN, and watch her tonight at what leaked photos suggest is a flashback to Tommy’s funeral. Through it all, I will mourn the passing of one version of my childhood role models.

Maybe the rumors will come true, and SUPERNATURAL’s Alona Tal will play BC in the JUSTICE LEAGUE feature film with possible springboards into BIRDS OF PREY and/or solo BLACK CANARY movie(s).

Like Black Canary, I will never give up hope. Perhaps, in the future, someone will take up the Canary mantle. While I wait, I will console myself with my new DC Comics Black Canary (Vol. 4) #11, published and released today.

I imagine that it took a lot of effort and convincing for the writers and producers helped produce “geek chic” when they brought the Arrow-verse to television. I suspect that they love Black Canary as much as I do. I am certain that they have satisfactory end for fans in the future.

ARROW stars Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Willa Holland, Emily Bett Rickards, Paul Blackthorne and John Barrowman. Guest starring in “Canary Cry,” are Neal McDonough, Katrina Law, Eugene Byrd and Alex Kingston.

“Canary Cry” was written by Executive Producer Wendy Mericle and Co-Producer Beth Schwartz and directed by Laura Belsey.

ARROW airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW in the U.S. and on CTV in Canada.

Fox Gives Series Orders to 24: LEGACY and STAR


Several weeks ahead of its Upfronts presentation, Fox is announcing official series pick-ups for 24: LEGACY and STAR for the 2016-2017 season.

“24: LEGACY is the next chapter in the groundbreaking and award-winning action series from Emmy Award-winning executive producer Howard Gordon (HOMELAND, 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY), Academy Award- and Emmy Award-winning executive producer Brian Grazer (24), writers and executive producers Manny Coto and Evan Katz (24), director and executive producer Stephen Hopkins (24) and executive producer and original series star Kiefer Sutherland.

The series stars Corey Hawkins (STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON), Miranda Otto (HOMELAND) and Jimmy Smits (SONS OF ANARCHY).

Meanwhile, STAR is a music-infused drama from Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Lee Daniels (EMPIRE) and Tom Donaghy (THE WHOLE TRUTH). “In STAR, three talented singers navigate the cut-throat music business on their road to success. Featuring three newcomers (Jude Demorest, Ryan Destiny and Brittany O’Grady) as the young singers, plus Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award, Grammy Award and Golden Globe Award winner Queen Latifah (BESSIE) and Emmy Award nominee Benjamin Bratt (LAW & ORDER), the series will feature original music, along with stunning musical fantasy sequences, as the girls dream of their future. The series will also feature guest star Lenny Kravitz.”