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We Countdown Nina Dobrev’s Top 10 THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Moments


Nina Dobrev’s time as a series regular on The Vampire Diaries has come to end (I still have hope Elena won’t die and we will see her again). When something comes to an end, it is normally a good time to reflect all that has happened. So I’ve been reflecting on how awesome Nina Dobrev has been on this show. And since she is leaving us and the show, let’s talk about Nina Dobrev’s top 10 moments on The Vampire Diaries. Fair warning, please grab some tissues now because Dobrev likes to emotionally traumatized viewers.

Katherine as human (Season 5, Episode 2)
One of my favorite storylines is Katherine as human because it allowed for Dobrev to show a comedic side. I mean, Katherine running around as human is literally the funniest thing to watch. There were many great moments to choose from but this moment is the best from Dobrev. Katherine still has her standard sassy but Dobrev is able to show Katherine still somewhat vulnerable because she needs help, like needing Matt to buy her medicine.

Jenna’s Death (Season 2, Episdoe 21)
This wasn’t the first nor the last time Elena would face death. This moment has Dobrev very early on showing her emotional depth. She goes from showing strength and standing up to Klaus to fear for Stefan and then, of course, sadness for Jenna. I honestly can’t watch this scene without tearing up when I start to hear Dobrev sob and say, “Jenna, no.” And then I completely lose when she tells Jenna to turn it off so she won’t be scared anymore. And if you thought you couldn’t cry any more just wait for Dobrev’s wail when Jenna is really gone.

Nadia’ Death (Season 5, Episode 15)
There are many more Katherine moments on this list but this one is special because it is one of the rare times where Katherine showed emotion and compassion. Katherine’s face when Nadia rambles all the horrible attributes that describe Katherine is kind of heartbreaking. What I love about it best is that the face is different than any other face we’ve seen from Dobrev. She didn’t recycle a Elena face, it’s a pure Katherine face and one that viewers have never seen before. And somehow Katherine crying is just the saddest thing ever.

Katherine as Elena pretending to care that Jeremy was kidnapped
Katherine pretending to be Elena was one of my favorite storylines ever because it was amazing to see Dobrev switch between these two characters seamlessly. This moment in particular is on list because of the eye roll after Katherine sees the photo of Jeremy. Dobrev gives the best eyeroll when acting as Katherine. Plus, how she went from giddy about Jeremy potentially dying to crying in Stefan’s arms, well it was just fantastic.

Hunter’s Curse (Season 4, Episode 6)
Watching Elena deal with the hunter’s curse ghosts one of which is her mother is almost hard to watch because it hits so close to home for Elena. When Damon pulls her out of talking to said ghost mother and she very quick give a subtle look of sadness that her mother has left her again, it’s just gold.

Elena and Katherine’s first meeting (Season 2, Episode 4)
This is the first scene where Dobrev had to play both doppelgangers in the same scene. This is the scene where Dobrev had to establish a Katherine stand/look/attitude versus a Elena stand/look/attitude. Yes, Katherine had appeared in many scenes before this but when the two characters are standing next to each other, everything is amped up. Every moment of this scene is perfect so there is nothing I can say that will even describe its epicness so just watch and enjoy. Also, how great is that smile Katherine leaves the scene on?

Elena tells Damon she loves him Season 4, Episode 23)
This scene is acted perfectly by Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder. Their speeches could have been too typical or cheeky but they weren’t. They were just perfect. The two actors played great off each other and some of the best moments are their reactions to the other’s speech. The best Dobrev moment? A tie between how she says “you’ve been a terrible person,” and her big breath/sigh before she says, “this will prove to the worst one.” Enjoy!

3 Doppelgangers (Season 5, Episode 7)
How can a scene be anything but epic when there are three doppelgangers! Dobrev again had to play different characters that were all standing directly next to each other and have the viewers know who is who. I mean, all of their voices sound different, how does Dobrev do it?! They all cry out in pain differently, how does Dobrev do it?! Watch and be amazed.

Jeremy’s “Death” (Season 4, Episode 15)
This scene has been talked about at length but it deserves every word said about it because Dobrev knocked it out of the park. Dobrev may have the best cry and cry face in the business. She completely murderers it and I can’t ever get through it without crying. Her spiral into complete despair and utter panic should be studied. I would explain more but the only way to understand this scene is by watching it.

Damon’s “Death” (Season 5, Episode 22)
More Elena cry face! I debated a lot on if this or Jeremy’s death should be #1 but I obviously concluded on this one. I love Elena’s face when Bonnie tells her that it is too late for Damon. I was sobbing at the point when Elena begs Damon not to leave. The main reason why I chose this one as the best Nina Dobrev moment is that she had to do a lot of this scene without Somerhalder in the room. She was by herself, with no one to play off of and was still able to completely empty out my tear ducts.

What are your favorite Nina Dobrev moments? Did I miss your favorite? Sound off below!



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