Discovering the Incredible World of Nerd HQ: Zac Levi’s Comic-Con Alternative

Every year fans flock to San Diego, California for the mecca of geek gasms: Comic-Con. Being an entrepreneurial opportunist and perhaps nerd-genius, spring-boarding off that worldwide phenomenon, star Zac Levi took his popularity and passion and channeled it into a convention that has paralleled Comic-Con for the past two years.

Creating his brainchild The Nerd Machine with the help of some like-minded celebs, friends and anyone with a kindred spirit, Zac created a world for nerds, geeks and fans to mingle and celebrate. In fact, Zac found a way to bringing all these fantastic worlds together for a special 4-day event known as Nerd HQ. This year, with over 18 “Conversations for a Cause” panels featuring the talents of such popculture stars as Joss Whedon, Stan Lee, Nathan Fillion, Damon Lindelof, and Jared Padalecki as well as featuring hot shows like DOCTOR WHO, CHUCK, PSYCH and GRIMM and film casts from EXPENDABLES 2 and TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN, the Nerd HQ event managed to showcase some of the year’s hottest celebs.

Dreaming of Giant Pumpkins: A Television Viewer’s Search for Comfort TV

By: Tiffany Vogt

In today’s wasteland of television shows, there is so little that holds our attention. We see shows that offer dancing and singing, car chases and explosions, and scantily clad men and women. But really, as we all flip the channels, we are looking for the same thing. We want to see something that will capture our imaginations, if but for a little while. For some that may be sports, singing, comedy or drama. But whatever that magic ingredient is, it is elusive.
Tuesday nights may be the best example of how hard it is to find just a bit of magic on television. The competition is fierce. There is a vast array of shows to choose from. Yet to the studios’ horror, so many of us are sampling shows and then simply turning the channel — or worse yet, not even turning our televisions on.
We live in the era of DVR’s — and appointment television is simply a thing of the past. We are no longer captive by the programming schedule and forced to choose between competing shows. Instead, we set our DVR’s on season pass and let the shows record so that we can pick and choose at our leisure what we want to watch. It is a programmer’s nightmare. The audience is choosing what they want to watch and when – which means less advertising dollars as the live-ratings continue to drop and DVR-viewing numbers go up.
But even with the luxury of recording multiple shows at once, the American television audience is simply being picky about what they are willing to watch. The 8 o’clock hour on Tuesday nights should be a three-way battle between NCIS, GLEE, NO ORDINARY FAMILY. Instead, astoundingly, viewers are looking to see what else is on and watching shows that most of us may or may not have heard of: UNNATURAL HISTORY, TOWER PREP, MELISSA & JOEY, IRON CHEF, BILLY THE EXTERMINATOR and DIRTY JOBS.
With NCIS pulling in some of the highest ratings of any scripted show on television (over 20 million viewers last week) and GLEE also drawing its highest ratings (nearly 12 million viewers), it is inconceivable that there is much more of an audience to sustain the competing shows. Yet there is. The silent mass that perhaps does not turn their TV on is sampling and sticking with shows like MELISSA & JOEY which continued to gain in viewers through its first season. Cartoon Network is also gaining traction with its successful foray into scripted primetime with its young adult series UNNATURAL HISTORY and TOWER PREP.
So what are people tuning in for? What is drawing them to tune in at record numbers for the 8 o’clock timeslot on Tuesday nights, but not for any other night of the week?
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