GALAVANT Stars Thank Fans With Epic Dance Video


Are you bummed about the cancellation of GALAVANT? I am. Thankfully, the cast is pretty awesome and put together a fun dance video thanking the fans for the #MoreGalavant campaign to continue the show.

Timothy Omundson kicks off the video with a heartwarming message and then the music begins. We’re treated to a behind the scenes look at various pre-episode rehearsals, musical numbers from the show itself and — awesomely — Karen David (Isabella) dancing in her house while Genevieve Allenbury (Queen of Valencia) busts a move in her PJs.

Even Mark Hammil and LORD OF THE RINGS star Billy Boyd make appearances to promote the show. Here’s hoping GALAVANT lives on in some form!

#MoreGalavant "Can't Stop The Feeling" from #MoreGalavant on Vimeo.



ABC has dropped the axe on musical series GALAVANT and freshman comedy THE MUPPETS.

GALAVANT represented a bit of a gamble for the network and despite the critical love, the ratings simply weren’t there. But have no fear, because Galavant himself, Joshua Sasse, will be appearing in the CW series NO TOMORROW, which was just picked up today.

Meanwhile, THE MUPPETS was a big contender coming out of last year’s Upfront presentation for ABC, but the show wasn’t loved by critics or fans. And despite a bit of a retooling mid-way through the first season, it wasn’t enough to keep the show.

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GALAVANT Sneak Peek: An Awkward Date


Galavant and King Richard reach Richard’s old homeland in tonight’s all new GALAVANT and they find the village thriving thanks to democracy. With King Richard gone, the villagers had dismantled the castle and built a new society and this discovery leads Richard to an identity crisis. Galavant decides to hold a town hall meeting to recruit an army, but the volunteers are in short supply. As they continue on their quest to gather fighters, King Richard realizes that he has a connection to Robert, so Galavant plays matchmaker (see their awkward date in the sneak peek below).

In Hortensia, an evil wedding planner named Wormwood takes control of Isabella’s mind. In Valencia, Madelena tells Sid she’ll kill him if he doesn’t help Gareth overcome his screaming nightmares about betraying Richard. Madelena will also be invited to the Basikobitcz party – the “it” girls of the kingdom – and can’t wait to be accepted into their group. But the party definitely isn’t what she’s expecting.

Don’t miss a one-hour episode of GALAVANT on June 10 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

GALAVANT Sneak Peek: A New Season Means a New Theme Song


GALAVANT is a gem of a show and, fortunately for those of us who love it, it was renewed for a second season. In fact, the new season is the focus of the show’s new theme song. We join our hero Galavant and exiled King Richard on their journey with pirates, who are sick and tired of hearing the season 1 theme song. So they break in to song with season’s 2 new opening number and we get to check in with the show’s various characters in the video below.

Here is what’s in store for the season premiere: “Bad advice results in Galavant and the crew being shipwrecked, and they end up traveling by foot in order to get back to Richard’s kingdom. Later, Galavant and King Richard find themselves at The Enchanted Forest Pub in West Hollow-wood where they are forced into working there by the owner who sees Galavant in a different light. Meanwhile in Valencia, Madalena rules as Queen, and Gareth demands his due when he is announced as King, with Sid as his assistant. Elsewhere in Hortensia, Isabella is imprisoned in her jewel box by her 12-year-old cousin as her parents prepare for their wedding.”

Meanwhile, in the second episode, “Galavant and Richard see a fortune teller who is able to connect Galavant to Isabella using a crystal ball. Isabella receives Galavant’s “call” as she is plotting her escape from Hortensia. Unfortunately, it’s a “bad connection,” and Isabella hears only every other word. She is devastated by the call, but Galavant believes it went well. He promises to return to her as soon as he drops Richard off at his castle. The only problem is that Richard’s castle seems to have disappeared.”

Don’t miss the two episode season premiere of GALAVANT on January 3 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Winter TV Preview: Tongue-In-Cheek GALAVANT is Only Mildly Amusing

galavant abc

Show: “Galavant”

Starring: Joshua Sasse (“Rogue”), Timothy Omundson (“Psych”), Vinnie Jones (“The Cape”), Mallory Jansen (“Young & Hungry”) and Luke Youngblood (“Community”).

Genre: Musical / Single-camera comedy

Premiere Date: Sunday, January 4, 8:00 p.m., ABC

Direct Competition: “Madam Secretary” (CBS), Sunday Night Football (NBC), “The Simpsons”/”Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (Fox)

Premise (in 140 characters or less): A once-celebrated hero must face the woman who broke his heart, as well as her new husband, the king. [Read more…]