Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Our Favorite Second ‘Ships! (feat. ARROW, LOST, VERONICA MARS & More!)

By: Kelly Thompson

Most shows establish who fans are suppose to root for fairly early on in their run but what I think is the most interesting thing that can happen is a pairing that viewers (and sometimes even the writers) don’t see coming. Shifting relationships can be great plot devices (the CW has basically based their whole network on this theory) and I find myself surprised when a character shifts their romantic intentions and gets together with someone other than the initial “ship.” A horrible example of this would be when the Friends writers tried to make Rachel and Joey work (and shockingly, it didn’t even work a little bit). Below are my Top 5 “Second” Couples.

Mui< *Note: I want to be clear that this list won’t span back decades because I’ve only lived for over 2 decades but I’d love to hear more ideas so sound off below! [Read more…]

Photo of the Day: Having His Cake and Eating it Too!

gossip girl chase crawford wrap party

With television talent both in front and behind the camera making a habit of tweeting photos ranging from spoilerific to hilarious, thought it might be fun to introduce a new feature to the site that we’ve not-so-cleverly decided to call “Photo of the Day.” Today’s subject, courtesy of GOSSIP GIRL star Chace Crawford (@crawford_chace) comes a yummy photo from GOSSIP GIRL’s wrap party. Tweeted Crawford, “Eating the cake :)”

Today’s TV Addict Top 5: CW President Mark Pedowitz Dishes on Ratings, RINGER, THE L.A. COMPLEX & More!

On what went wrong with RINGER
Despite CW President Mark Pedowitz’s assertion that he loved being back in business with Sarah Michelle Gellar, a combination of story complexity and poor performance in both the online digital and social spaces was too much for RINGER to overcome. Said Pedowitz, “Sarah Michelle Gellar and I have had many discussions since Spring and the one thing we did come away with, when she’s ready, is that we’d love her to come back to The CW as an actor or a producer.”

On The CW’s sagging [overnight] ratings
Cementing our long-held belief that Nielsen ratings have never been more obsolete, Pedowitz was quick to defend his Networks viewership levels. As expected, more people than ever are tuning into The CW, they’re just doing it on the likes of, and the Network’s iPad app. To that end, Pedowitz recently made the decision to roll our a rebranding campaign this August that replaces the Networks’ dated tagline: TV to ‘talk/blog/tweet about,’ with ‘TV Now.’ [Read more…]


Most Sob-Inducing Send-off: “Go play, Sammy.” That one hurt, REVENGE. That one hurt. 

The Perfect Storm Of Late Night: Conan and Letterman talking about Leno? How very meta!

Shooting Blanks: Lunkhead and former BACHELOR Brad Womack said he “dodged a bullet” where Emily is concerned. Dude, we’re pretty sure that gun was pointing in the other directly.

Dumbest Decision: NBC burned off the final three episodes of COMMUNITY rather than, God forbid, stretch them out and have original programming extend past sweeps.

Most Undeserved Punishment: REVENGE is moving to Sunday — already the most crowded night of the week — opposite THE GOOD WIFE? Clearly, we did something to seriously tick the folks at ABC off. [Read more…]


Two down, one to go for GAME OF THRONES’ Arya, who has been doing her late papa proud since winding up in service of Tywin Lannister. Fingers crossed that the third name on her list is Joffrey’s… not that I actually want to see my favorite love-to-hate character killed, but man, he’s a bitchy little thing, isn’t he? By far my favorite scene so far this season has to have been Tyrion calling out the snot-nosed king. Although watching Robb Stark be cockblocked by his mom was pretty entertaining too. Meanwhile, anyone else find themselves obsessively researching the history of Westeros? Having never read the books, and being unsure as to whether or not I actually want to dive into them, I’ve spent far too much time going from website to website reading about the GoT world. Maybe I should just read the books after all… [Read more…]


 Totally Unfounded Rumor We Want To See Become Fact: Sure, Chris Harrison, we’re bummed that you and your wife of 18 years are calling it quits. But now you can finally go from talking about THE BACHELOR’s hot tub hook-ups to having them by going from host to star!
The Biggest Loser: Talk about backing the wrong horse! HBO’s LUCK wound up losing the net $35 million bucks and is still, despite having been cancelled, being attacked by the folks at PETA, who’ve now given new meaning to the term “beating a dead horse.”
Least Sexy Sex Club: The GOSSIP GIRL gang hit a private, mobile brothel… which somehow came off as about as dirty as an episode of ROMPER ROOM.
The Hypocrites-Are-Us Award Goes To… : MTV, who last month was reportedly upset about the sexed-up image its TEEN MOM stars were projecting by having boob jobs, nevertheless tagged along as one of them (Janelle Evans) got one.
Even Less Sexy Than The Above-Mentioned Party: Lifetime’s reality outing, SEVEN DAYS OF SEX, in which bickering couples try to fix their relationship by gettin’ jiggy with it every night for a week, is more depressing than a month of dateless weekends.
Worst Branding: Lifetime’s programming now comes with a weird-looking blob in the corner that’s almost as distracting as the ads running in the opposite corner, complete with reviews of their shows.
Most Ironic Endorsement: MODERN FAMILY was given an award by the Catholics In Media Associates… who apparently think that Cam and Mitchell are just really, really good friends. [Read more…]


I’m not gonna lie: I had no interest in GAME OF THRONES, and didn’t watch it during the first season. As with many shows, I eventually discovered it one night when, too drunk to figure out how to work our ridiculously complicated remote control, an episode came on. As fate would have it, that episode was a rerun of the pilot and long before I had sobered up, I was hooked. Why did no one tell me it was a soap? And not only that, but the best soap on television. Now, I won’t even pretend that I can remember (let alone spell) half their names, and I’m a tad too tired as I write this to actually go to IMDB, but the story in which the hot no-longer-caged dude told girl-pretending-to-be-a-boy that he would repay her kindness by killing any three people she wished (and proved it by episode’s end by striking down the first guy on her list) is brilliant. I have to assume that nasty little twit Joffrey will wind up as No. 1 with a bullet (or, in this case, a sword) on her list. Meanwhile, the show continues to prove that no character is sacred (let alone safe) by killing off Renley via the smoke monster that sprung forth from the redheaded witch’s vajayjay. Something tells me that unlike on a daytime soap, the THRONES folks — no matter how popular — won’t be popping up in a few weeks to say, “Whoopsie! Sorry y’all invested in a story about my death. Let’s just pretend that never happened, shall we?” [Read more…]


Why NY Is Better Than L.A.: It seems somehow appropriate that the East Coast version of 30 ROCK’s live episode featured an appearance by Paul McCartney while the West Coast version got… Kim Kardashian.

Dumbest Statement Of The Week: In discussing this week’s brilliant outing of COMMUNITY, Bill Wyman of, having apparently never seen an episode of CSI: MIAMI declared it a “full-frontal assault on the… lamest franchise in the history of television.”
Truest Statement Of The Week: In a preview for her upcoming MTV “reality” show, Snooki — aka the world’s worst role model — declares, “Honestly? I really didn’t know that I could make a baby. So the fact that I can reproduce is very scary.” For all of us, lady. For all of us.
Oddest Re-Emergence: Evan Marriott (aka JOE MILLIONAIRE) responded to a post on about how he hadn’t aged well, admitting he “never really wanted to be on TV” and that “when it came time to handle the minimal celebrity that I had, I failed miserably.” [Read more…]


Biggest Irony: Even as its one remaining soap, GENERAL HOSPITAL, is the center of constant cancellation rumors, ABC’s primetime slate for next season is looking to be chock-full of sudsy pilots like SCRUPLES (based on the Judith Krantz potboiler) and AMERICANA (which sounds an awful lot like THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL).

Best Reaction Ever: Just when we thought we couldn’t love Kristen Bell anymore comes her appearance on Monday’s ELLEN. Also, anyone else thinking how cool it might be to be reincarnated as a sloth in the next life?
Our Humblest Suggest: Newly-bankrupt Kodak wants it’s name removed from the famous theater in which the Academy Awards are held. With that in mind, how about everyone starts referring to it as The TV Addict Theater?

And This Week’s Award For Most Valuable Guest Star Goes To… : Lizzy Caplan, who finally calling out Zooey Deschanel’s NEW GIRL on, “Your whole thing. With the cupcakes and the breaking for birds, and the bluebirds come and help me dress in the morning!” [Read more…]