We Take ISSUES with Greg Grunberg and Josh Cooke

During an exclusive interview at Comic-Con, Greg Grunberg and Josh Cooke shared what their new webseries ISSUES is really about and why they think it is riding the wave of the digital era and offers a unique perspective on the tortured psyche of superheroes buckling under the weight of their responsibilities and insecurities.

So what is ISSUES about?
JOSH:  It was created by myself and Matt Oates, and the concept of the show is that it’s about a therapist – a psychologist — whose clients are animated superheroes.  So it’s a live action, real world with superheroes who have a lot of serious issues.  Greg came into because he plays The Dark Kodiak, who is sort of our Batman arch-type character, but in a bear get-up, pretty much.
GREG:  In a gay world, I’m a bear.  So it fits perfectly!
JOSH: When I asked him, ‘Can you play a bear?’ His response was, ‘Grrrrr!’
GREG:  And so the answer was ‘Yes!’  We had done a movie together called ‘Group Sex,’ so I was kind of returning the favor.  I was thrilled when he asked, especially when I saw the sketches and since Josh was kind enough to come over to my house to do the pilot.  It was easy.  When I saw it, I was like, ‘Uh, can I stay on this show?’ [Read more…]

5 Reasons Why HEROES Will Live to Fight Another Season

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It doesn’t take a mind-reader like Matt Parkman to guess what actor Greg Grunberg is thinking right now. In fact, after setting the HEROES fandom all a-twitter following an innocuous tweet that left thousands wondering if this season would be their favorite shows last, we’d say the odds are fairly good that at this very moment Grunberg is wishing he could harness Hiro’s time traveling ability in order to go back in time and stop himself from pressing “send” on the tweet heard around the world.

But since he can’t, and the bastions of journalistic integrity that are the NY Post and TV Guide already decided to run with Grunberg’s tweet in an effort to create a splashy “Is HEROES Ending?” headline, we at theTVaddict.com thought we’d do the next best thing and set the record straight by proudly presenting our 5 Reasons why HEROES will live to fight another season.

Reason #1: Ratings are (Virtually) Meaningless
As enticing as it may be to write off HEROES as a commercial failure now that viewership is hovering around the 7 million mark, the reality of the situation is that ratings simply don’t mean nearly as much as they used. The internet, DVR/PVRs (according to another tweet by Mr. Grunberg, HEREOS gets a whopping “40% increase day after ratings on DVRs”) and digital downloads (where HEROES constantly finds itself among iTunes top TV show downloads) all play an integral role into calculating just how popular a show is and whether or not it will be renewed for another season.

Reason #2: International Sales
In the same way in which Hollywood studios have boosted their bottom line with overseas box office receipts, foreign sales of hit American shows have been the savior to low rated adrenaline fueled fare such as PRISON BREAK, TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES and HEROES. And as Mr. Grunberg yet again was kind enough to point out via twitter, HEROES currently airs in “230 markets internationally.” Which roughly translated equates to hundreds of millions of dollars that go directly to NBC/Universal’s bottom line, and that’s not even taking into account the millions of Hiro Nakamura bobble-heads at $19.99 a pop!

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Nothing excites this TV Addict more then innovative marketing — okay, that didn’t sound as sad in my head — but nevertheless. In a continued effort to increase viewership, NBC has released a video commentary of last night’s episode with stars Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman) and Hayden Planetarium… Panettiere (Claire Bennett). Click on over to NBC’s HEROES site to check it out. Sadly, since US networks apparently discrimentate against their friends to the north (Canadians), I’m not able to watch the commenary, but anything with Greg Grunberg is bound to be funny. Except of course for his storyline on HEROES, which has been uncharacteristically boring.

In anticipation of tonights new episode of VERONICA MARS, the CW has posted a new interview with MARS comic relief Ryan Hansen (Dick Casablancas) where he answers YOUR questions. Yes, YOUR questions… so if you don’t like the interview, you only have yourself to blame.

Philly.com has posted an article about THE OFFICE’S Kate Flannery (Meredith). Did you know that she didn’t even quit her waitressing job until THE OFFICE got picked up for a second season? Well, now you do. Apparently, to make it big in Hollywood, you have to either have practically given up, or have lived in your car just long enough to make it big (see: Jim Carrey, Jewel). I knew I was doing something wrong. Damn me and the ‘big life’ in my apartment!


theTVaddict recently took part in an interview with actor Greg Grunberg, who plays Matt Parkman on the NBC hit HEROES. Matt had this to say, that may quickly change our perspective on lovable Matt Parkman:

“Everybody who thinks Matt Parkman is such a nice guy, well… they’ve got another thing coming”

Greg Grunberg has spent an entire career playing the sidekick everybody loves (see: FELICITY, ALIAS). It would make total sense if one of the reasons he was attracted to this series in the first place is if he knew he’d have the chance to play a bad guy. I guess we’ll have to wait until January 22 to find out when HEROES returns to NBC at 9PM.

On the funny front, actor Greg Grunberg also talked about “Being on the List”

Do you want to be on the list, are you on the list? I can’t discuss the list. I don’t want to know who’s on it, who’s not on it. On a show like this, you know you don’t want to be on a list like that. You want to be on the show, continue working on the show. As an actor I don’t want to be on a list of any kind, except for the A list, that’s where I want to be!

Now that sounds like the Greg Grunberg we know and love!

HEROES: Super Predictable

I did not love last night’s episode of HEROES. In fact, I’d go as far to say that thanks to its slow pacing and character-centric story, the episode entitled “Better Halves” felt more like an episode of LOST. I waited all hour for something to happen, only to be disappointed with the predictable ending. Here’s a few things the writers of HEROES should probably take note of if they want to ensure a long and successful series run.

PREDICTABILITY: The audience isn’t stupid. We knew from the moment we met them that Claire’s ‘Bio-Parents’ were not her real parents. Claire’s Dad (aka. Horn-Rimmed Glasses) is obviously orchestrating everything for his own (hopefully to be explained) purpose. Thus, the point of Claire’s entire fake meeting was what exactly?

While on the subject of predictability. Let me mention Nikki’s relationship with her husband D.L. I certainly wasn’t the only viewer who saw from a mile away that Nikki’s alter ego was responsible for landing D.L. in jail? Did anyone else think that when Micah walked in on his parents fighting he would somehow shoot something from his super-mind and break them apart?

Finally, Eden – the friend of Mohinder’s father, and the cute chick from EVERWOOD who’s been helping Mohinder continue his father’s work. The reveal that she is working for the ‘bad guys’ (presuming they’re bad of course) was not at all surprising. Absolutely no-one in New York is that friendly without a reason.

HIRO: Obviously Hiro has quickly broken out as a fan favourite. But like all great characters (see: Barney on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER or Gob on ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT etc.) it’s wise not to over use them. I find a little Hiro goes a long way.

GREG GRUNBERG Out of all our HEROES, Greg’s Matt Parkman has so far had the least integral character on the show. Let’s hope the writers utilize Greg more in future episodes, as I found last night’s episode far too Nikki-centric. Nothing puts a smile on my face like a snappy line from the mouth of Greg. If I wanted to watch Greg play an inconsequential role every few episodes, I have season after season of ALIAS to reference. Greg Grunberg deserves more!


Last night’s episode of HEROES, for the first time ever, had me on the edge of my seat the entire hour. The show is simply doing everything right. We’re getting a great story, fantastic acting and best of all, jaw-dropping endings. Following the tradition of ALIAS and LOST’S first season, each episode of HEROES has ended with a reveal that has this TV addict wishing I could harness Hiro’s time traveling abilities and find out what happens next week.

That said, television is at its best when I’m over-analyzing, so here are a few random comments I’ll make about last night’s episode.

Hiro’s English: It really bothers me how he seemed to pick up english in about two seconds. At least the writers could have given us a plausible explanation. I’m no writer, but how about pausing time while Hiro learns english for a few minutes.

Matt Parkman: When is Matt going to meet another ‘hero’. I find it odd how every one of our heroes are interconnecting, yet Matt seems to be more concerned with saving his marriage. Ummm, not only is does the fate of the world hang in the balance, but a serial killer is on the loose as well, there are far more important things then pleasing your wife.

Got any questions for HEROES?

Tomorrow, the TV addict has been lucky enough to be invited to take part in a press conference about NBC’s upcoming new show HEROES. Taking part in the event will be showrunner Tim Kring, as well as actors Greg Grunberg and Masi Oka. I’d love to get some great questions from fans, so please post below, or feel free to email me at info@thetvaddict.com