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We Shine the Spotlight on CEDAR COVE’s Art Maven Elyse Levesque


From the dark, murky hallways of a space ship called Destiny in STARGATE UNIVERSE to the sun-drenched beaches of CEDAR COVE, Elyse Levesque brings a gaiety and liveliness to her characters that simply captivates.  In her new role as MaryEllen, a young curator of the local art gallery in Cedar Cove, Elyse is just as
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CEDAR COVE Preview: You’re Invited to Visit a Heart-Warming New Hallmark Channel Series

The best thing about Hallmark Channel movies and TV shows is that they know how to deliver a story that touches your heart.  In their newest series, they take viewers to the small town of Cedar Cove, which is inhabited with familiar faces, warm tales, and lush scenery that will slowly draw you into their
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‘Tis the Season for Holiday Movies: Writer Gary Goldstein Previews His Hallmark Movie HITCHED FOR THE HOLIDAYS

  Every year high expectations abound for the holidays, and it can also be an increasingly stressful time for single people as their families, friends and coworkers pressure them into meeting other singles in hopes that there may be a holiday spark of romance.  Capturing this frisson filled time of year for two young people
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