GAME OF THRONES 6.06 Recap: Ghosts from the Past

jamie and cersei

On tonight’s GAME OF THRONES, I was truly hoping for a bloody battle, arguing, anger, something. Between Jon and Sansa reuniting, two dead direwolves, Jorah finally confessing his love, and Hodor holding the door, I cannot handle any more emotions episode after episode. Give me some blood and guts, something people. Stop making me cry!

We open this episode with Meera struggling to carry Bran through the windy, snowing forest as he is warging through the past (his fall, the Mad King, the Night’s King, the death of his family, etc.). He finally awakens to tell Meera “they found us” as she cries and says she’s so sorry. A mysterious figure on horseback arrives in the nick of time to kill the white walkers. He takes them on his horse and runs away.

Later, the stranger makes food for Meera and Bran. He tells her the three-eyed raven sent for him. She tells him the three-eyed raven is dead and he says the three-eyed raven lives again. When Bran awakens, he asks the stranger who he is…turns out it’s Uncle Benjen!

Sam and Gilly

They are in a carriage riding toward Sam’s home, with Sam very nervous. Once they arrive at the estate, his mom and sister warmly greet him. He introduces them to Gilly and little Samwell.

That evening, Gilly comes out wearing one of Sam’s sister’s dinner dresses and he proudly escorts her to dinner. The dinner, however, is awkward as Sam’s father glares at him during the meal and no one speaks until Sam tries to make light conversation. Randyll puts down Sam, calling him useless and fat, when Gilly defends him. Gilly ends up telling everyone at the table where she is from and that she is a wildling. Sam’s mother and sister leave the table with Gilly, upset. Later, Sam gives a tearful goodbye to Gilly and the baby…only to return a few moments later saying they are all leaving, he won’t leave them there. He takes his family sword from over the fireplace as they walk out.

The High Sparrow

Tommen is in the sept with the High Sparrow, talking about Margaery’s walk of atonement. The High Sparrow offers Tommen a chance to see Margaery and they run into each other’s arms. The way Margaery is talking, it looks like she might have drank the kool-aid; Tommen is dumbfounded.

In the streets of King’s Landing, the army of Mace Tyrell meets Jaime as they march towards the septor where the High Sparrow gives a speech to a crowd, with Margaery and the sparrows lining the steps. The Queen of Thorns emerges from a cascade. The High Sparrow announces there will be no walk of atonement as Queen Margaery has already atoned for her sins by bringing Tommen into the true light of the Seven. Tommen walks out with the King’s Guard and the High Sparrow announces a new era of truce between the Crown and the faith, as Jaime shakes his head.

Later, Tommen strips Jaime as commander of the King’s Guard. Tommen tells Jaime he wants Jaime to go deal with the Blackfish. Jaime tells Cersei later that he’s not going to Riverrun, he’s going to give Bronn a huge bag of gold to kill the High Sparrow. Cersei encourages him to go to Riverrun and take the castle back. She says when she has her trial, she will do a trial by combat and she has the Mountain.

Walder Frey

That old GAME OF THRONES enemy sits at a table reprimanding his sons/guards for letting the Blackfish take back Riverrun. He tells his sons to take it back regardless (and they mention the Brotherhood with Banners rallying the people against the Freys). Walder tells them to remind the Blackfish who got wed at the Red Wedding as Edmure Tully is brought into the hall in chains.  Walder tells Edmure he’s finally going home.


Still watching the silly play about the current history of King’s Landing, Arya witnesses the poisoning death of Joffrey as she grins and laughs. While the play moves on to Tyrion shooting Tywin, Arya poisons the rum bottle of the actress she is supposed to be “taking care of” for the House of Black and White. The actress and Arya strike up a conversation and before the actress can drink the poisoned wine, Arya knocks it out of her hands, pointing to the younger actress and calling her out as the one who wants the more experienced actress dead. The Girl With No Name happens to be in the back watching this whole exchange.

When Arya leaves the theater, she returns to the place where she first entered Braavos, to the rocks where she hid Needle. The Girl With No Name goes to tell Jaqen and gives the Girl permission to kill her as she smirks and walks away. Arya returns to her cave/bed but she tucks Needle in beside her before blowing out the lamp.


The Unburnt Queen leads her Dothraki army as she asks Daario how many ships would it take to get her soldiers and Dothraki to Westeros? He tells her a thousand and no one has that; she says no one has that yet. The plan is to go to Meereen and then on to Westeros. Daenerys tells them all to wait there as she leaves. After a while, Drogon appears in the sky with Daenerys on his back to the amazement of everyone on the ground. She gives a rousing speech to the Dothraki to follow her across the sea and give her the Seven Kingdoms.

My Thoughts

As I watch GAME OF THRONES at an earlier time (then again later with my husband), he sometimes watches my facial expressions. When I take the headphones off, he looks questioning at me, though he knows I won’t give spoilers. I told him tonight, “Shock and awe, that’s what this season is about.”

I am happy to see Arya getting back to being Arya. I was beyond excited to see Walder Frey and hear the words “Brotherhood without Banners” because, in my mind, my book world may be meeting up with my TV world where in a perfect world Lady Stoneheart will be coming for Walder Frey. Please, someone make that happen!  Oh, and while they’re at it, I wish someone would knock the smirk off of the High Sparrow as well.

Edmure and Benjen…two faces I did not think I would see again as it has been many, many, many seasons since we last saw them. Now, if only Gendry would land somewhere and get out of that boat he’s been in for years now, he could meet up with his old pal Arya on her way to Winterfell.

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GAME OF THRONES Preview: Ramifications

sam and gilly

After last week’s heart-wrenching episode of GAME OF THRONES, the preview for episode six looks somewhat tamer. However, I no longer trust that as every episode has been building and building in momentum since we started this season.

Alas, here are the little tidbits we get from the episode six trailer:

Meera Apologizes. We start this teaser out with Meera hysterically apologizing to Bran, for leaving Hodor no doubt. Bran looks to still be warging and has to be consumed with guilt.

Meet the Parents. Sam returns to his homeland with Gilly, who questions Sam on whether he told his parents she is a wildling. It looks like a very uncomfortable dinner that night.

The Showdown. The ultimate battle not having to do with the Iron Throne looks to be set in motion with the High Sparrow standing on the steps of the sept, with Margaery and the septa of “Shame” fame, as his sparrows line the steps. Jaime arrives, with Cersei’s encouragement, with what looks like all of King’s Landing’s army, prepared to fight.

The Rightful Queen. Daenerys and Daario are riding at the front of a very large Dothraki army as she states to him that she takes what is hers.

Be sure to tune in for the next episode of GAME OF THRONES tonight (May 29) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and HBO Canada.



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GAME OF THRONES 6.05 Recap: Hodor’s Horror


As Sansa is sewing in her rooms at The Wall, she receives a note at the start of tonight’s GAME OF THRONES.  She travels to Mole’s Town with Brienne to meet with Petyr at one of the old, run-down buildings.  He looks pleased to see her and tells her that he came to help her, but she lays into him about Ramsay.  She tells him she never wants to see him again.  Before he leaves, he tells her that the Blackfish has retaken Riverrun and assembled what is left of the Tully army.  He encourages her to seek them out.

At a meeting later, Jon, Tollet , Sansa, Brienne, Melisandre, Tormund and Davos talk about their strategy to take back Winterfell.  Davos tells them they need more men.  Davos is excited to hear about the Blackfish taking back Riverrun.  Jon wants to know how she knew that, but she did not tell him about Petyr; she said Ramsay received a raven about it before she left. Sansa gives Jon a coat she made him, reminiscent of Ned Stark’s cloak, as the whole crew ride out of the gates of the Wall.  By the way, Tormund is looking pretty goofy smiley at Brienne who shakes her head in disgust.

The House of Black and White

Arya spars with The Girl With No Name and Arya looks to be getting a tad better; that is until the Girl drops her stick and still defeats Arya, with her fists.  The Girl tells Arya she’ll never been one of them.  Jaqen takes her into the temple where all of the faces are located.  He hands her a potion and tells her she’s been given a second chance.  She attends a theater/stage for her target.  The play is a parody of the King Robert, Joffrey rising, Ned Stark beheading, etc. history and Arya is none too pleased.

The Iron Islands

The King’s Moot takes place, but Yara is beaten out by Euron, who readily admits that he killed Balon, but no one seems to care that much.  As Euron is being crowned, Yara, Theon and a lot of the men who are faithful to Yara steal the best ships from the harbor and sail off, with Euron promising to build a thousand ships and pursue them eventually.

Tyrion and Varys

Over in Meereen on GAME OF THRONES, we find Tyrion and Varys enlisting the help of Kinvara, the Red Priestess of the High Temple in Volantis.  She promises to bring her most eloquent priests to help spread the word about Daenerys, as Daenerys is the one promised in the fire.  Varys challenges her, mentioning that Melisandre saw Stannis in the flames as the chosen one.  Kinvara is not daunted by Varys, bringing up his most painful past memories and telling him there is much still he does not know.


Walking with the three-eyed raven, Bran comes across children of the forest in a circle.  They have a man tied to a tree and one inserts a sacred tree limb into the man’s chest.  The man’s eyes take on the blue hue of the white walkers.  Bran confronts one of the children of the forest and she tells him it was necessary to create white walkers because man was destroying the weir trees.

Later, Bran has a vision of winter and a lone weir tree.  He turns around to see thousands of white walkers with weapons standing still.  He walks among them and looks devastated.  . He walks forward towards the Night’s King and the other three leaders who are all on horseback.  The Night’s King slowly turns his head and looks right at Bran.  The white walker army then swivel their heads and look at Bran, also.  When he turns back around, the Night’s King is right in front of him and grabs Bran’s arm.  Bran wakes up screaming and the three-eyed raven knows that the Night’s King touched him.  The three-eyed raven tells Bran they all must leave because the Night’s King will now be coming for him.

As Meera is talking food with Hodor, she notices she can see her own breath.  Bran’s eyes are white so he looks to be in a vision.  Meera runs outside to where the children of the forest are standing.  Beyond them, there are thousands of white walkers with the Night’s King standing out in front, staring at Meera.  She runs in for Bran and violently shakes him, but he is in a vision with the three-eyed raven.  They are back at Winterfell with a young Ned Stark and a young Hodor (Wylis).

The army of white walkers start advancing as the children of the forest throw magic stones towards them, to no avail.  The entrance is surrounded by flames, but it is no problem for the Night’s King and the other three leaders.  The rest of the white walkers run up towards the magic tree.

White walkers start falling inside as Hodor panics.  Meera frantically tries to wake Bran, who eventually hears her screaming that we need Hodor now.  In the vision, the three-eyed raven tells Bran to listen to his friend, as Bran stares at the young Wylis.  In current tree-time, Hodor’s eyes flash white and then he is calm as he gets up to take Bran away on the stretcher.  One of the leaders enters and Meera throws a spear, shattering the leader into tiny ice crystals.  Summer, whom we haven’t seen in quite a long time, bares her teeth and jumps into the fray to battle white walkers…and yep, yet another direwolf bites the dust.

The three-eyed raven is left alone in the tree, in a vision, as the Night’s King slays him.  Bran, Hodor, Meera and the children of the forest run through the tunnels.  They go through a door and Meera yells at him to hold the door as she grabs the stretcher with Bran on it.  In the vision, Wylis is now convulsing on the ground yelling “Hold the door,” which eventually turns to “Hodor” as white walkers in the current world are breaking through the door and clawing at his skin.

My Thoughts

Astounding and simply heart-wrenching.  Kudos to the Reddit user who totally called it on the Hodor/Hold the Door scenario.  Along with Bran, I had tears in my eyes watching the young Wylis.  Poor Bran, all along it was he who turned that gentle giant into Hodor.  I can’t even react to another direwolf death tonight.  Why?  That is all I ask, just why?

Spoilers ahead, but I read an article that Sansa (along with other members) played a game where they had to tell two truths and one lie about this season of GAME OF THRONES.  Her three things were:  Ramsay dies; Lady Stoneheart appears; Arya crosses three names off of her list.

Well, we all know Jon is going to kill Ramsay.  Arya cannot kill Cersei, the Mountain and Walder Frey all this season, so that has to be the lie….which means when they get to Riverrun, I am betting we see Lady Stoneheart who will sympathize with Jon since she, too, has risen from the dead.

Don’t miss the next episode of GAME OF THRONES on May 29 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and HBO Canada.

GAME OF THRONES Preview: The Night’s King is Back

game of thrones

Last week’s GAME OF THRONES enticed us with old faces, a much-awaited family reunion, our Khalessi showing us again why she is always going to be Queen, and the most unexpected, unforeseen, never-crossed-our-minds attraction that Tormund obviously had for Brienne.

The preview for our next GAME OF THRONES episode looks to be just as filled with action, suspense and mystery.

Sansa Confronts Littlefinger. I can’t tell what decrepit, barely standing building we see Petyr turning around in to face the door as Sansa and Brienne comes in, but he looks happy to see her until she asks him if he knew about Ramsay.

The House of Black and White. Arya receives some more deep-thought lessons from Jaqen at the always depressing-looking temple.

The Iron Islands. The King’s Moot is happening as the Damphair asks those standing in a circle who makes a claim as Yara (known as Asha in the books) states that she makes the claim for the Salt Throne.

Tyrion and Varys. Varys and Tyrion looks a bit wary, maybe even a little scared, as a mysterious woman, who no doubt is a red priestess like Melisandre based on her dress and necklace, climbs the stairs in the temple and tells them there is so much more they don’t know.

The Night’s King. Bran is having a vision of an army of hundreds of white walkers. As he looks around stunned, he turns to see the Night’s King beside him…seemingly to be looking straight at him, while Meera is violently shaking him in the real world to wake up

Be sure to tune in for the next episode of GAME OF THRONES tonight (May 22) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and HBO Canada.

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HBO has confirmed the debut date for LOOKING: THE MOVIE, which will air on Saturday, July 23 beginning at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT).

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GAME OF THRONES 6.04 Recap: Queen of the Dothraki

game of thrones

We open GAME OF THRONES tonight at The Wall, as Tollett watches Jon pack his belongings.  He berates Jon for leaving, reminding him that there are white walkers coming.  Jon reminds Tollett that he gave his life for the Night’s Watch and now he is done.  During their argument, Sansa and Brienne arrive at the gate.  After a much-long look, Jon goes to her and they hug fiercely (yes, I teared up).

Later, after getting Sansa some soup, they talk, truly talk for once in their lives, and Sansa admits how horrible she was to him.  He tells her wherever he goes, she goes now, and Sansa tells him she wants them to go home, to take the wilding army and take back Winterfell.  He protests that he has done nothing but fight, but she said she plans on taking back their home, with or without him.

Outside, Davos finally comes around to asking Melisandre what happened down south with Stannis and what happened to Shireen.  As Melisandre was telling him Stannis was defeated, Brienne walks up and introduces herself, informing them both that she was there and that she executed Stannis.

Later that evening, a Bolton messenger arrives at the Wall with a message for Jon from Ramsay.  He explains what a traitor Jon is and demands that he wants Sansa back.  Ramsay also boasts that he has Rickon in the dungeon.  If he does not give Sansa back, he has many explicit threats on what will happen.  Tormund wants to know how many men Ramsay has in his army and Tormund lets him know how many men he has to fight.  Sansa once again encourages Jon to take an army to Winterfell to reclaim their home and Jon finally nods his agreement.  (On a funny side note, before the message arrived, Tormund was doing some mighty flirting gazes at Brienne who looked amused).


We haven’t seen Petyr in quite a while, but he shows up to see Robin.  Lord Yohn Royce confronts Petyr, saying that the last he saw him, he was supposed to be taking Sansa to the Fingers, yet they received a report that she had been married to Ramsay.  Petyr lies and said they were ambushed by Bolton men.  Lord Royce is not buying it, but Petyr suggests that Lord Royce might have told the Boltons.  Robin again with the Moon Door and wanting to throw Lord Royce out of it, but Petyr shows Lord Royce who Robin listens to as he convinces Robin to give him another chance.  Petyr tells Robin of Sansa’s escape and that they should help her.  Petyr seems to know that she will head to Castle Black.


Tyrion and Varys have a sit-down meeting with diplomats representing the masters of Astapor.  The men are angry that Daenerys is not there to talk with them, but Tyrion is a smooth talker.  He explains that they do not need slaves to make money and he proposes a deal.  Slavery will not return to Meereen, but the other cities of Slaver’s Bay will have seven years to end their slave practices and incorporate new, better ways.  In exchange, they cut off their support for the Sons of the Harpy.  Missandei and Grey Worm are not happy at all with the proposal, but say nothing.

When they enter the temple, there are angry men demanding to know why Tyrion met with the slavers after all they had done to their people.  The men begin to question Missandei and Grey Worm, but they reluctantly back up Tyrion.  Outside the temple, Grey Worm let it be known that he is not happy with Tyrion’s deal for the masters.


Led by a stern septor, Margaery is brought to the High Sparrow.  He tells her of his upbringing and how he became on his righteous path.  He takes her to go see her brother, Loras, who is locked in a cell.  Loras weeps as Margaery tells him to stay strong.

At the Keep, Cersei visits Tommen, finding Pycelle counseling him.  She orders Pycelle to leave.  Tommen tells Cersei that they have to be careful in dealing with the High Sparrow, especially since they still have Margaery.  Apparently, the High Sparrow told Tommen a secret he cannot share with anyone else, though he does with Cersei (but we don’t hear it).

We next see Cersei and Jaime entering the small counsel room where the Queen of Thorns sits with Ser Kevan Lannister, the Hand of the King.  Olenna has insulting words for Cersei, but Jaime reminds them that Cersei is the King’s mother.  Cersei informs them that the High Sparrow plans on having a trial for her in a few days, but before that Margaery will have to do the walk of shame.  Olenna states that will not happen and Cersei agrees.  Jaime proposes Ser Kevan will stand down as the Tyrell army will come to destroy the High Sparrow.


Out near the Iron Islands in GAME OF THRONES, we see Theon arriving by ship.  He enters his home and sees Yara sitting in the chair in front of the fireplace.  Yara berates him for all of the men who died trying to rescue him.  Theon weeps as Yara continues to grind into him.  He tells her that she should rule the Iron Islands and he wants to help her.


Osha is brought in to see Ramsay.  Osha explains to Ramsay that she served the Starks after they put her in chains and she owes no loyalty to them.  She tries to seduce him, while going for the knife on the table.  He doesn’t buy it, as he tells her that Theon told him how she helped the boys escape.  She grabs for the knife, but Ramsay has another one and stabs her in the neck.  She falls to the ground, dead.

Outside Vaes Dothrak

Jorah and Daario are arguing as they walk along the terrain outside of the encampment.  Jorah explains to Daario that they would have taken Daenerys there.  Jorah makes Daario take off all of his weapons, as it is considered an insult to bring weapons into the sacred city.  Daario notices the greyscale on Jorah’s arm.

At night, Jorah and Daario sneak into the city.  They run into a couple of Dothraki and Daario saves Jorah’s life.  Daenerys leaves the temple with another woman, coming upon Daario and Jorah.  Jorah insists they run, but Daenerys has another plan.

Daenerys is brought before the current Khal and she gives them a lecture, stating how small they are and how none are fit to rule the Dothraki, but she is.  They refuse to accept, and she turns over the fire pits, burning the temple down.  She alone walks out unscathed by the flames and all of the Dothraki fall to their knees and bow to her.  Jorah and Daario walk up astonished and they, too, fall to their knees.

My Thoughts

My heart started pounding in anticipation of what I believe is going to be the best showdown since the season started:  the battle between the bastards, Jon and Ramsay.  I cannot wait for Winterfell to be rid of the Boltons and their flayed man flags.  I was a bit surprised that Osha was killed so suddenly, as we’ve only seen her for like five minutes in almost four seasons now, but then again, I try not to be surprised.

As far as Davos, I cannot believe that I did not realize until tonight that he had never asked about Shireen.  I am wondering what his reaction is going to be when he finally finds out what happened to her.  And lastly, I had wonderful flashbacks at the end when Daenerys came out of the flames and the Dothraki knelt for her.  I am wondering how she is going to feel about this deal Tyrion is trying to make with the masters, whenever she gets back to Meereen.

Don’t miss the next episode of GAME OF THRONES on May 22 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and HBO Canada.

GAME OF THRONES Preview: Another Old Face Reappears

Yara Greyjoy

On last week’s GAME OF THRONES, Jon Snow dropped the mic on his Lord Commander role and walked out of the gates.  Could he possibly be heading towards Winterfell in what I can only hope will be an epic Jon/Ramsay heated battle?

It looks like we might have to wait for that answer as this Sunday’s HBO preview does not picture his face, but does give us some tantalizing teasers on what’s to come.

Sansa and Brienne at the Gates of The Wall. Will Jon Snow already have left?  Is this going to be missed connection of our Stark siblings?  I think I may bust out crying when one of these reunions finally happen.

That Old Snake is Back. Littlefinger, whom we haven’t seen since he dropped off Sansa to an awful fate with Ramsay, turns up again, seemingly telling Lord Robin Arryn and Lord Yohn Royce  about Sansa’s escape from Winterfell.

Theon Gets Home. Having left Sansa in the woods with Brienne, Theon traveled and apparently made it home to the Iron Islands where we was not greeted warmly by his sister.

Dangerous Allies. Margaery’s fate looks to be decided as the same fate that Cersei endured:  the walk of shame.  Both Cersei and the Queen of Thorns unite together to say that will not happen.  Cersei have a change of heart since her walk of shame or she just now hates the High Sparrow more than Margaery now?

Tyrion and Varys Gets Questioned. It looks like the people of Meereen are getting restless after seeing their Queen ride off on a dragon and they don’t seem to think she’s coming back.

The Heroes Ride In. Speaking of Daenerys, we get a peek at Daario and Jorah crouched down outside of Vaes Dothrak.  Could a rescue be happening this coming week?  I’m going to say probably not.  I’m sure they’ll try and probably get caught.  My guess is that it’s going to take a Drogon (with the possible help of his siblings) to get the Queen out of the mountain.

Hopefully these questions, and more, are answered when we tune in for the next episode of GAME OF THRONES tonight (May 15) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and HBO Canada.

GAME OF THRONES 6.03 Recap: Blasts from the Past

high sparrow

This week’s GAME OF THRONES opens on a teary-eyed Davos as Jon Snow rises from the table slab.  Melisandre comes in as Davos questions Jon on what he remembers.  Jon remembers being stabbed, especially by Ollie, but he tells Melisandre he remembers nothing after that, only darkness.  Tollett and the rest of the brothers stand in still shock as Jon emerges from Davos’ room.  Tormund tells Jon the men think he’s some kind of God since he has risen from the dead.

Later at the Wall, Ser Alliser, Janos Slynt, and their men of traitors, including young Ollie, are on a platform in front of the men in the courtyard, all with nooses around their necks.   Jon gives them time for last words, then cuts the rope to the platform, hanging all of them.  Tollett tells Jon that he should burn the bodies, but Jon tells him HE should.  He takes off his cloak and gives it to Tollett, explaining his watch has ended, that Tollett now has Castle Black as Jon walks away.

On the Sea

Long time, no see, but we find Gilly and Sam on a stormy sea heading to Old Town, with Sam hunched over a bowl losing his lunch because of the rolling waves.  Sam explains there’s no women allowed at the Citadel, so he’s taking her to his home, Horn Hill, so that his mother and sister can take care of her.


We find Bran looking into the past again as he watches a strapping Ned Stark ride horses across a plain with some men, including Howland Reed, Meera’s father.  They come upon Sir Arthur Dayne and another knight at The Tower of Joy.  Ned is demanding to know where his sister is as Sir Dayne draws a sword and a fight breaks out among Ned’s men and the knights.  Ned wins, with Howland’s help, and hears a woman’s screaming from the tower.  As Ned runs up the stairs, Bran yells “Father!” and young Ned seems to hear.  The three-eyed-raven wakes Bran up.

Outside Vaes Dothrak

The army marches towards the mountain as Daenerys looks in awe.  The current Khal welcomes her home as she is ushered into a temple filled with women.  They strip her and give her a dress similar to theirs.  One of the woman tell her that her fate to stay must be decided as she did not come immediately to the mountain when Khal Drogo died.


Varys sits in the temple as a woman is brought in.  He sends the guards away.  He accuses her of helping the Sons of the Harpy.  He vaguely threatens her if she doesn’t cooperate and offers her and her son passage to Pentos with a bag of silver if she agrees to help.

Meanwhile, Tyrion is sitting at a table with Missandei and Grey Worm trying to make small talk.  That fails, so he suggests games but they scoff.  He gives up on that as Varys comes in, saying he has found out who funds the Sons of the Harpy:  the masters of Astapor and the masters of Yunkai, with help from their friends in Volantis.

King’s Landing

Another face we haven’t seen in a while on GAME OF THRONES, Qyburn sits in a room with a handful of children, who turn out to be some of Varys’ “little birds”.  He gives them candy and tells them he wants their “whispers” as well.  Cersei, Jaime and the new Mountain enter the room.  Cersei tells Qyburn she wants those little birds in Dorne and other places to find out who’s plotting against her.

Oh, and the lovely Queen of Thorns is at the table of the small counsel as Cersei, Jaime and “Ser Gregor” enter the room.  Cersei challenges her as to why she is there and she states she is there because the true queen is imprisoned.  Jaime wants to discuss the murder of Myrcella, but the small counsel gets up and leaves the room.

The High Sparrow

King Tommen visits the High Sparrow, demanding to know when her mother can see her daughter’s final resting place.  The High Sparrow says that is not possible as she has not atoned for her sins, not until she stands trial before seven scepters.  Tommen gets confrontational and reminds the High Sparrow that he is the King.  The High Sparrow talks his good vs. evil spiel with Tommen, who seems to believe him.

The House of Black and White

Arya is doing more training (rather like getting beaten with a stick) by the girl with no name.  She is made to recite Arya Stark’s past and the people Arya knew.  After much training, it looks like Arya has learned to defend herself from the stick.  She talks to Jaqen H’ghar who still tempts her to speak her name and he will give her eyes back.  He has her drink from the water fountain and her eyesight returns as she claims she is no one.


Ramsay is having a meeting with Lord Smalljon Umber, who claims that Jon let a bunch of wildings through the wall and now there are too many to fight alone.  Ramsay tells Lord Umber that if he pledges his banners and kneels, they will help.  Lord Umber refuses, but says instead he has a gift for Ramsay.  And oh, my God, here’s another blast from the past as we see two figures unhooded who happen to be Osha and Rickon, whom we last saw in Season 3 as they were headed to the home of Stark bannerman, Greatjon Umber.  Ramsay questions how does he know that this is Rickon Stark?  Lord Umber walks in with a meat hook, of which a giant direwolf’s head (Shaggydog) is attached to it.

My Thoughts

Wow, lots of returning faces tonight, so much potential for new and interesting story lines to come.  I am loving the flashbacks of young Ned’s life and I truly hope that we find out that Lyanna is in fact Jon’s mother.  I am a bit concerned for Osha and Rickon to be in Ramsay’s hands and, of course, devastated that yet another direwolf has perished.  That just leaves Ghost and Nymeria, whom we haven’t seen since Arya sent her away many seasons ago.

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GAME OF THRONES 6.02 Recap: Changes in Leadership


After what we witnessed last Sunday, I walk cautiously into this week’s GAME OF THRONES.  For an avid reader of the books, I feel as if I’m without my safety net and, probably for the first time watching the show (other than the time Stannis had Shireen burned at the stake), I have no idea what is going to happen next.  I must say it is a bit exciting.

We start our GAME OF THRONES adventure tonight with an old face, Bran, whom we haven’t seen since Season 4.  He is having a vision, flashing back to a young Ned, Benjen and Lyanna, all happy and at home.  We also see a young Hodor, whose real name is Willis, and he talks!

King’s Landing

A drunk in a bar cracking jokes about seeing Cersei naked gets his head smashed into the wall by the new, bigger and badder Mountain.  Cersei tries to leave to go to Myrcella’s funeral but learned that Tommen has ordered her not to leave the Red Keep and has guards posted outside of the door.

At the sept, Jaime encourages Tommen to go see Cersei.  As he leaves, the High Sparrow comes in.  Jaime and the High Sparrow have words, in which Jaime threatens him.  His “flock” floods the sept for protection.

Tommen visits Cersei and apologizes for not coming to see her.  He begs for her help in making him strong, to take back their kingdom.


Varys, Tyrion, Grey Worm and Missandei have a talk about the burning harbor and how the nearby cities have returned to the Masters.  Tyrion suggests releasing the dragons or they will waste away, as they have quit eating since Daenerys has gone missing.

Tyrion enters the underground tomb where the dragons are kept while Varys waits petrified by the iron door.  Tyrion approaches them cautiously, soothingly talks to them, and releases their neck chains.


The girl with no name arrives again to beat up on Arya, who has not learned how to fight with her ears yet.  Jaqen H’ghar arrives and tries to trick Arya into saying her name, of which she adamantly insists she has no name.  Jaqen tells her to come along as she is no longer a beggar.

In the Woods

Brienne tells Sansa about seeing Arya and how she lost track of her.  Brienne asks what happened at Winterfell, but all Sansa says is that she should have went with Brienne the first time.  Theon tells Sansa he is not coming with them to The Wall, he does not deserve forgiveness from her or Jon for the things he has done.  He tells Sansa he plans on going home.

The Iron Islands

And here’s somewhere we haven’t seen since Season 3 (maybe 4) of GAME OF THRONES, the Iron Islands! Balon and Yara argue about the war around them.  He storms out of the room and crosses the billowing, unstable bridge in the pouring storm.  Balon’s brother, Euron, is at the other end of the bridge refusing to let him pass.  They fight and Balon falls from the bridge.

At Balon’s funeral/passing out to the see, Balon’s other brother, the Dampair, tells Yara that her ruling the Iron Islands is not set in stone, that there will be a kingsmoot, as is the old ways.

Roose and Ramsay

Father and son plot about taking the North.  It is mentioned that Jon Snow is a Stark and Ramsay suggests they go to the Wall and kill Jon Snow.  A servant comes in and announces that Lady Walda has had her baby, a boy.  Ramsay reluctantly walks over to hug and congratulate Roose, then he stabs Roose in the stomach.  He tells the servant to spread the word that Roose is dead, poisoned by their enemies.

Ramsay sends for Lady Walda and her baby.  He tells her he is going to escort her to Roose, but he instead leads her and the baby into the dog kennels and opens the kennels.  The dogs attack and kill them as Ramsay watches.

The Wall

Alliser knocks at the door telling Davos it is time to decide.  He has his men break down the door and all prepare to fight.  Just as the door caves, the front Wall entrance caves with the help of a giant and a bunch of angry wildlings, lead by Tollett and Tormund.  The Night’s Watch lay down their armor and surrender.

Later, Davos visits Melisandre in her room (and thankfully she is back to being young).  Melisandre stares into her fire, looking despondent and depressed about her visions lying to her.  Davos flat out asks her if she knows of any magic to bring Jon Snow back to life.  She mentions a red priest (I’m guessing Thoros) whom she had seen do this impossible feat, but she tells Davos she cannot.  He begs her to try.

Melisandre, watched by Tormund, Davos, and Tollett, performs a ritual on Jon’s body.  Nothing happens and everyone slowly, dejectedly, leaves the room one by one.  When everyone is gone, Ghost suddenly springs up and Jon’s eyes open as he gasps for breath.

My Thoughts

I knew he wasn’t dead!  I refused to give up hope and went about my life in complete and utter denial, would not listen all of the constant ramblings that he was dead.  This should get very interesting now.  Since he died, he’s not officially a crow anymore, right?

The whole Ramsay killing Roose took me completely by surprise, as well.  At first, I thought Roose stabbed Ramsay, which had my mouth start dropping, and then I saw it was Roose that fell and wow…that was all I could say.  I expected Ramsay to kill Walda and her baby, but not his father!  Dare I say we will have a much anticipated Jon/Ramsay fight to the death?

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