BALLERS Season 2 Preview: Spencer Faces Off Against an Old Adversary


“There’s a lot of moments in season 2 [of BALLERS] that are just unexpected,” teases star Dwayne Johnson.

As we dive further into the world of football in Miami, we’re going to meet a new character played by Andy Garcia named Andre. He has a “backstory with Spencer. Friends, but not so much,” says Garcia. The two of them will engage in a tug-of-war over clients throughout the season.

Elsewhere in the new season, Ricky explores his options as a free agent, while getting to know the father who left him behind; Charles tries to balance a new baby and his future in the game; and Vernon deals with the consequences of his life off the field.

In the season premiere, Spencer is convinced to appear on a talk show and ends up “facing off with an old adversary”, according to HBO, “which puts his company and reputation in jeopardy.” Given the teaser below, it’s likely he’ll be going head-to-head with Andre. Elsewhere, Ricky gets bad news in advance of his 30th birthday party and Charles relishes his new status as a fan favorite, but may face changes on the field.

BALLERS returns for its second season on July 17 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and HBO Canada.

GAME OF THRONES Season 6 Finale Recap: And the Pieces Move All Around

game of thrones

Brace yourself, the end is nigh as tonight’s GAME OF THRONES is the season finale. What adventures await us on the finale episode?

We start off with everyone getting dressed for the trial as the bells ring in the background. Everyone heads in to the Great Sept, including Loras getting an escort from some sparrows. The Seven (which includes the High Sparrow) takes their seats on the floor. Loras begins, freely admitting to his “crimes,” including this relationship with Renly Baratheon. Loras commits himself to the Seven, abandoning his Tyrell name and his lordship. He has the mark of the sparrow carved into his forehead.

Tommen sends reluctant to go. A guard comes in again and as he huffily says he’s ready, we see that the Mountain is blocking the door. Tommen tries to nonchalantly walk by him, but the big hand of the Mountain stops him.

Margaery berates the High Sparrow for mutilating Loras, insisting that the High Sparrow gave his word that Loras will be free. He promises he will, as soon as the trial for Cersei is finished. Cersei, however, is at the Red Keep, pouring herself a glass of wine, not looking like she’s going anywhere. The High Sparrow tells cousin Lancel to go to the Red Keep and retrieve Cersei.

As Lancel and the other sparrows walk out of the Great Sept, they see a little boy running. Lancel becomes suspicious and tells the other sparrows to get the others as he chases the little boy. In another building, the Grand Maester Pycelle has just left a whore’s bed, looking pleased with himself. As he heads to the Great Sept, a child whispers to him and he follows, only to be lead to Qyburn. The children (little birds) of Qyburn appear with knives as Qyburn apologizes to him; children of the corn happens all over Pycelle.

Lancel finds himself in the underground tunnels as one that cute little bird he was chasing stabs him in the back, causing him to fall to the ground and seemingly unable to get up. He tries to drag himself away. Looks like there are buckets of wildfire all in that tunnel.

Margaery insists to the High Sparrow that something is wrong, that Cersei and Tommen are not there. Margaery insists that they all need to leave and let the trial wait. Lancel comes across overturned barrels of wildfire with candles burning low in them. People try to leave the Sept as the sparrows block the way. Before Lancel can blow out the flame in one of the puddles, the wildfire explodes and runs its green carnage through the tunnels and through the sept, outside of the sept, through the city, as Cersei sips her wine and smiles while watching from her balcony. Tommen also watches with shock on his face.

Oh, and it looks like Cersei had the “confess” Septa kidnapped and chained to a table. Cersei pours wine in her face telling her to confess. Cersei taunts her and lets her know that she won’t die for quite a while. She calls the Mountain in and has him take off his helmet. She tells the Septa that this is her God now. And oh my, his face looks like it got driven through a hamburger pounder. She leaves the Septa with the Mountain as the Septa screams.

As a servant tells Tommen he is sorry and leaves, Tommen takes off his crown and walks off screen to put it down. He then calmly walks to the open window and jumps out.

Later, Qyburn shows Cersei’s Tommen’s dead body. Cersei tells Qyburn to burn him and bury his ashes where the Sept once stood.

Old Town

Sam and Gilly (and baby Sam) arrive in Old Town at the Citadel and introduce themselves to the crabby person sitting at the desk. Sam hands the man a note from Jon, but the man declares that Mormont is still listed as Commander and that he had not received a note from Grand Maester Aemon. He tells Sam no women or children allowed as he escorts Sam to the library to wait for the Arch Maester. The library is so huge and expansive that Sam is pleasantly wowed.


Jon is showing Melisandre their dining hall when Davos enters and throws the stag statue at Melisandre. Jon asks what it is and Davos yells at her to tell him. Melisandre looks repentant and contrite as she tells Jon what happened to Shireen. Melisandre tells Davos that it was the only way, while Davos continues yelling at her that everyone is dead. Davos pleads with Jon to have her executed for murder. Jon asks her if she has anything to say. She tells him that she has been ready to die for years, but she can help him win the war against the Night’s King. Jon gives her mercy by telling her to ride South today and should she ever return, he will have her hanged as a murderer. Davos steps in her way and reiterates that if she ever comes back this way, he will execute her himself.

Sansa joins Jon out on the balcony as he watches Melisandre ride away. Jon tells Sansa that she will be taking the Stark bedroom, as he is not a Stark. They talk about not trusting Littlefinger. Jon tells her that they need to trust each other, as they have so many enemies now. Sansa tells Jon that a white raven came from the Citadel. She proclaims winter is here, as both of them smile at each other.

Littlefinger comes upon Sansa at the white weirwood tree. Petyr tells her that he sees himself on the Iron Throne with her by his side. He leans in to kiss her, but she stops him and walks away. He proclaims his loyalty to House Stark but she’s dubious of his word.

In the banquet hall, there is squabbling among the house lords and the wildlings. Jon tells them all that the true enemy is coming and they need to band together. Lyanna Mormont stands up and puts men to shame. Lyanna tells the banquet hall that Stark blood runs through Jon’s and that he is her King, the true King of the North. Other houses begin standing up and declaring Jon their King. They bow to him with swords drawn and call him the White Wolf. Jon is overwhelmingly touched as Sansa smiles. Littlefinger just watches Sansa as in, “I told you so.”


On that beautiful land of Dorne on the other side of GAME OF THRONES, look who we have sitting with Ellaria and the Sand Snakes! None other than the Queen of Thorns! Lady Olenna quickly puts all of the snakes in their place, as only she can masterfully do. Ellaria wants to team up with Olenna, as the Lannisters have declared war on House Tyrell and Dorne. Olenna says she wants vengeance, as Cersei has killed all of her heirs. Ellaria rings a bell and out pops Varys, offering fire and blood.


Benjen escorts Bran and Meera to the Wall, but won’t go with them. He tells them the Wall has ancient spells carved into the foundation, to protect people from the dead. While it stands, the dead cannot pass; he cannot pass. He leaves them by a white weir wood tree and Bran begins to have a vision. Yes, it is a vision of the Tower of Joy and a young Ned entering the castle as we hear Lyanna screaming.

Ned bursts into her room as she lays on her bed, soaked in blood. She whispers something to Lyanna but we don’t hear until the end, when she says “if Robert finds out, he’ll kill him, you have to protect him. Promise me, Ned,” she begs, as a baby is placed in Ned’s arms. (CONFIRMATION!) We see a shot of the newborn that merges into the grown up face of none other than Jon Snow.


There’s a banquet going on in the banquet hall at Riverrun, with Walder Frey speaking those ominous words, “The Freys and the Lannisters send their regards.” Walder comes over to speak to Jaime. Apparently, he put Edmure back in the cells. Jaime gets perturbed with Walder and walks away.

The next day, a woman serves Walder Frey as he gets all pervy on her. He wonders where his sons are and she tells him that they are already here. He yells at her to go get them and she emphasizes that they are already here, pointing to the food she had just placed in front of him. He peels back the top of whatever pie that is and sees a nail.

Oh. My. God. The face comes off as Arya stands there telling him her name and how the last thing he will ever see before he dies is a Stark smiling down on him as he dies. She then slits his throat and smiles.

King’s Landing

Jaime and Bronn ride up with their army, after leaving Riverrun, and look shocked at the smoke still pouring out of the city. They ride hard into the city and get there in time to see Cersei enter the Great Hall and proceed to the Iron Throne, with Qyburn by the chair speaking to the gallery, proclaiming Cersei to be Queen as he places a crown upon her head. She sits in the chair and notices Jaime standing in the gallery balcony. He looks sorely disappointed while she looks triumphant.


Daario tells Daenerys that the ships are almost ready. She also tells Daario that he is not going to Westeros. She wants him to stay in Meereen with the Second Sons. He protests and proclaims his love for her. She tells him she cannot take him and tells him goodbye.

Later, she talks to Tyrion about leaving Daario. They talk about this, the taking of Westeros, is actually happening now. They have a smiley moment and Daenerys gives him a present. It is the hand sigil that she pins on his coat; she names him Hand of the Queen as he takes a knee.

In the ocean, amid a giant fleet of ships, we see the Unsullied, Theon and Yara, the Dothraki and the flying dragons as they proceed towards Westeros. Daenerys and Tyrion, along with Varys, who must have teleported there from Dorne, are on the front ship, looking determined as we get a pan of thousands of majestic ships making their way across the ocean.

My Thoughts

There were quite a few “What??!!!” moments for me during this episode as I could see all the chess pieces being played on all parts of the board tonight. My most shocking I guess would have been Tommen jumping out of the window and Arya ending up killing Walder Frey. My eyes teared up when all of the north proclaimed Jon the King of the North, the White Wolf (where is that darn wolf anyway????). Next season should be an outstanding clash between Cersei and Daenerys, both fierce women on this show.

Until then, keep your mind in the Game and remember….you know nothing!

GAME OF THRONES Season 6 Finale Preview: The Trial of the Century

game of thrones

Sadly, the season finale is soon to be upon us. On a brighter note, this will be the longest episode ever, clocking in at 69 minutes. I’m not sure how anything can top last week’s GAME OF THRONES, but knowing how this show goes, my hopes are high for another jaw-dropping, action-packed night. Here’s what we have to look forward to:

Cersei’s Trial. Looks like the High Sparrow’s grand moment has arrived, while everyone gathers for Cersei’s trial before the Seven in the Great Sept. I’m sure that will have a pleasant outcome.

Winterfell. Perhaps Jon and Sansa had a disagreement because the preview shows them having a sibling moment, with Jon telling Sansa that they need to stay strong because they have so many episodes. In another shot, before the white weirwood tree, Sansa asks Littlefinger what he wants and he moves closer, telling her he thought she knew what he wanted. Presumably her. We’ve known that for a couple of seasons now.

Oh, also at Winterfell, and FINALLY I might add, Davos realizes what Melisandre did to Shireen. Davos, Melisandre and Jon are in a room alone together as Davos yells at her to tell Jon what she did.

Riverrun. In a déjà vu kind of way, Walder Frey is at a banquet at Riverrun, with Jaime attending, as he raises his glass in a toast in the banquet, echoing the words he said at the Red Wedding: “The Freys and the Lannisters send their regards.” Not cool.

Bran. Literally, we get a half-second glimpse of Bran’s face, but no clue on what might happen in regards to his story. We can only hope that he’s going to have a vision and conclude our Tower of Joy flashbacks.

Meereen. One shot in the preview has Daenerys placing her hand lovingly on Daario’s face. The split-second shot of her face looks like she’s either about to seduce him or tell him goodbye, I can’t tell. Later, we hear Tyrion ask her if she’s afraid. She must have said yes because he replies, “Good. You’re in the great game now and the great game’s terrifying.”

My Thoughts. Compared to the last few episodes, this one seems a bit tame, judging by the previews, but we all know looks can be deceiving. We seem to be at all the major hot spots in Westeros too.

One question plaguing me, knowing that this is the season finale: Whatever happened to Ellaria and the Sand Snakes? They sure have been quiet since they killed Doran Martell and took over Dorne. It looks like we might we waiting until next season to get an answer to that.

Okay, two questions plaguing me. The episode is called The Winds of Winter, which highly, highly suggests the return of the Night’s King and the white walkers, yet not a glimpse of them in the preview. I think they might be teasing us.

Be sure to catch the season finale of GAME OF THRONES tonight (June 26) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and HBO Canada.

WESTWORLD Trailer: There’s Something Wrong With This World


JJ Abrams and Jonathan Nolan are bringing WESTWORLD to HBO this fall and the premium cable channel has finally dropped a trailer for the futuristic fantasy series.

Based on the 1973 Michael Crichton film of the same name, WESTWORLD revolves around a futuristic theme park where visitors can interact with androids in a realistic version of the wild west. The androids are the focus of the series and appear to start realizing that something is very wrong about the world they inhabit.

The show stars Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Rodrigo Santoro, Ben Barnes, Jimmi Simpson and Shannon Woodward. Season 1 will consist of ten episodes.

WESTWORLD will premiere this fall on HBO.

GAME OF THRONES 6.09 Recap: Battles Fought and Won


Tonight’s GAME OF THRONES opens on a grisly scene of the ships bombing the city of Meereen. Tyrion tries to make light of the situation by pointing out that the city has been thriving. Daenerys tells Tyrion that she plans on burning the slavers’ towns to dust. Tyrion points out to her what her father, the Mad King, had hidden under the Red Keep and why Jaime killed him. He suggests an alternative.

Daenerys and Tyrion meet with the three slave masters as they arrogantly think they are discussing her surrender. She informs them that they are there to talk about theirs; they mock her until Drogon comes flying up out of nowhere, screeching, and lands behind Daenerys. She climbs aboard him and takes off towards the ships. Busting out of a pyramid wall, Rhaegal and Viserion (who are much smaller than Drogon, I might add) join him in the sky. Daenerys’ Dothraki army, led by Daario, arrive at the front gates and slaughter the Sons of the Harpy.

When Daenerys and her dragons reach the bombing ships, she tells Drogon, “Dracarys” and he breaths fire on the ships, as does Rhaegal and Viserion.

Back at the pyramid, Grey Worm tells the soldiers of the masters to put down their arms and go home to their families, or die. They run away. Grey Worm kills two of the masters and Tyrion tells the other to go back and tell the people what happened this day, of Daenerys and her dragons.

Yara and Theon arrive in Meereen. Tyrion remembers Theon making short jokes when Tyrion was in Winterfell. Yara and Daenerys seem to hit it off pretty well, much to Tyrion’s chagrin. Yara and Daenerys strike a deal and shake on it: Daenerys will use Yara’s boats to get to Westeros to take the Seven Kingdoms, killing a few uncles along the way, and Yara will be the Queen of the Iron Islands.

The Bastards

Jon waits for a parlay with Ramsay in the middle of the field, a few soldiers and Sansa with him. Ramsay rides up with a few of his own, Sansa glaring at him. Ramsay, all full of himself, thanks Jon for returning Sansa to him, and wants everyone to kneel before him and declare Ramsay lord. Jon challenges Ramsay to a duel, just the two of them. Ramsay refuses, and throws Rickon’s direwolf’s head at them. Sansa interrupts Ramsay, telling him that he is going to die tomorrow and to sleep well.

Later, Davos, Jon and Tormund plan their strategy. Sansa stresses to Jon that he does not know Ramsay. She goes so far as to say that they won’t get Rickon back, as he’s a true blood Stark and a bigger threat to Ramsay that he or she. They argue over what to do and how to defeat Ramsay.

Jon visits Melisandre and tells her that if he should fall, he does not want her to bring him back again. She tells him she must try.

After a buddy moment with Tormund, Davos takes a walk (what he likes to do before a battle). He comes across what looks like to be the snowed-over funeral pyre where Shireen was burned.  He finds the stag he made for her in the snow and picks it up.  It becomes first light and he hears the war horns.

Jon’s army is lined up and ready. Before the vast Ramsay army are flayed men crosses, burning what looks like flayed men hanging on them. Ramsay rides up dragging a rope behind him; of course it’s Rickon. Jon’s face is incredulous. Ramsay brings out a sword as Jon angrily gets off his horse. Ramsay cuts the ropes to Rickon’s rope. Ramsay tells Rickon he wants to play a game: the game is to run to Jon. Someone brings Ramsay a bow and arrow as Rickon begins to run. Jon mounts his horse again and takes off riding towards Rickon as Ramsay lets arrows fly. Right when Jon reaches Rickon, an arrow hits Rickon in the chest, killing him. Davos and Tormund look unhinged. Jon is livid as Ramsay smirks. Jon charges in as Davos and Tormund charge the rest of the army in.

Jon stands alone as Ramsay’s cavalry charges, but his own army reaches right at the same time. A long bloody battle ensues, with Ramsay safe behind his archers as he continually rains down arrows on both his men and Jon’s army. Davos commands his archers to rush in with him and fight. Ramsay commands his troops to join in, as there are now mounds of dead people on the battlefield. Ramsay’s troops surround Jon’s army with shields in place. Ramsay, of course, continues smirking. Ramsay’s army pushes in and groups them tighter, until Davos shouts to break their ranks. It does not good as the shields continue moving forward, pushing the wilding army tighter together.

As things look hopeless, a war horn sounds and it looks like Littlefinger came through (presumably, that’s who Sansa sent that raven off to after trying to gather the North). The Arryn army rushes in with thousands of horses as Ramsay looks shocked. Sansa sits on horseback overlooking the battlefield, beside Littlefinger, as the Arryn army rushes in and makes quick work of Ramsay’s army. Sansa is the one with a smirk now.

Jon climbs out of the mass and sees an open-mouthed Ramsay alone with two guards. Ramsay turns his horse and begins to ride away as Jon, Tormund and the giant follow, Sansa watching the whole thing.

Ramsay makes it to Winterfell and tells the guards they have Winterfell and can hold it. The giant breaks the door pretty quickly and rushes in, covered in arrows. The rest of Jon’s army follows in. Ramsay shoots the last arrow into the giant, killing him. Ramsay now wants the one-on-one combat as he shoots arrows at an approaching Jon. Jon uses a shield to block them and reaches Ramsay, pounding his face bloody. Sansa arrives as Jon is going all out. He gets off of Ramsay and walks away.

The sigils for the frayed man are taken down and our proud Stark banner is hanging again at Winterfell. Rickon’s body is brought in and Jon tells the men to bury Rickon in the crypt next to his father. Sansa walks up and asks Jon where Ramsay is now.  We also see Davos holding the recovered stag statue as he stares intently up at Melisandre on the balcony; she is oblivious to his withering gaze.

We see a very bloody Ramsay tied up in the dungeon. Sansa stands outside the bars as Ramsay taunts her. She lets him know how insignificant he is. She has let the hounds into his cell, as they growl. He does not think they will hurt him, but he himself had said that he hadn’t fed them in seven days. One of the hounds gets in Ramsay’s face and though Ramsay is commanding it to get down, it attacks him. Sansa stays and watches impassively. When she does walk away, it is with a smile on her face.

My Thoughts

Literally, it was what I was hoping for. The battle between Jon and Ramsay, and then Ramsay dying at Sansa’s hands; even though she used the dogs, it was still her doing. I literally choked on my Diet Coke when the dog lunged and bit into Ramsay’s face. I absolutely love that Sansa has gotten herself a gigantic set of gonads this season. That overshadowed the uniting of the dragons at the beginning of the show, but you have to admit, that was pretty awesome too. I’m interested to see where this Daenerys/Yara relationship goes as well.

Let us also not forget that during this whole season, Davos did not know what had happened to Shireen.  He had asked Melisandre back earlier in the season, but she did not answer.  I think tonight he figured out what happened to Shireen and I believe he is going to be looking to get some revenge.

Sadly, only one more episode of GAME OF THRONES. Tune in on June 26th at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and HBO Canada for the grand finale!

GAME OF THRONES Preview: The Battle Is On

game of thrones

It’s all been leading to this; at least for me. Last week on GAME OF THRONES we saw the Hound return, as well as the Mother of Dragons. Meereen was under war (and there’s a great conspiracy theory going on that maybe Varys had something to do with that), Cersei declared war on the sparrows and lost her bid for a trial by combat, and the showdown at Riverrun happened. We will probably not see any of that this week as the whole sneak peek concentrates on the Bastards.

The preview show both of armies facing off, with Jon informing Sansa that he fought at the Wall against white walkers, but Sansa stresses that Jon does not know Ramsay. It doesn’t show, but you hear Jon say that thousands of men don’t need to die, only one of us; presumably he is talking to Ramsay. War, arrows, spears, dying men, all these things in the previews.

I have to say that Ramsay’s army looks much, much bigger than Jon’s. But Ramsay’s got to die, right? Right?! Jon’s already died once, they can’t do that to us again.

Tune in to the action on the next episode of GAME OF THRONES on June 19 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and HBO Canada.

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM Returning to HBO for a Ninth Season


Revivals are all the rage lately and now HBO is getting into the game with the return of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM.

The show originally aired its eigth season finale back in 2011, but will be returning for a ninth season. Details of the new season will be announced as they are confirmed.

“We’re thrilled that Larry has decided to do a new season of CURB and can’t wait to see what he has planned,” said Casey Bloys, president, HBO programming.

Asked why he decided to come back, David said, “In the immortal words of Julius Caesar, ‘I left, I did nothing, I returned.’”

GAME OF THRONES 6.08 Recap: Battle of Wills


We open tonight’s GAME OF THRONES on that silly King’s Landing play taking place in Braavos, as the actress, Lady Crane, gives the performance of Joffrey’s death.  She exits the stage to her dressing room, but hears a thump in the back. She finds Arya on the floor clutching her bloody stomach. She takes Arya to her bed chamber and bandages her up. She tries to talk Arya into joining them as they move to Pentos, but Arya tells her that no one is safe around her, as long as the Waif is hunting her. She makes it sound like she doesn’t really plan on heading back to Westeros either. Lady Crane gives her milk-of-the-poppy to help her sleep.

The next day, Lady Crane visits Arya as she is sleeping. She retrieves a potion from the top of her shelf, as someone enters the room. A commotion happens and Arya awakens. She walks in to see Lady Crane dead on the floor. The Waif is there and gleefully threatens Arya. Arya jumps off the balcony and runs, with the Waif chasing her. Arya ducks in a building and seems to lose the Waif, but nope she finds her again. Arya takes a hard jump and fall, with her wounds opening and bleeding again, as the Waif watches with a smile on her face. Arya leaves bloody traces of her passage down dark, deserted alleyways, when the Waif finds her in a room by herself. Arya brings Needle out from under the covers and slices the candle, plunging the room into darkness.

At the House of Black and White, Jaqen sees blood and enters the hall of many faces. He finds the bloody face of the Waif in the wall. Arya comes up behind him, with Needle pointed at him. He says finally she is No One and she proclaims she is Arya Stark of Winterfell, she is going home. He smiles and nods at her.


A group of four men, seemingly part of the Brotherhood without Banners, sit around a campfire joking around when Sandor comes purposely strolling into their camp, killing them all. Sandor wants to know where the one with the yellow cloak is, but the last man he killed refused to tell him.

Sandor comes across the Brotherhood without Banners, led by Thoros and Lord Beric Dondarrion. They have the three men Sandor has been looking for waiting to be hung. Thoros recognizes Sandor and they realize that they all want these men dead for the same reason: the slaughter of the village that Sandor was helping. They negotiate on who Sandor gets to kill and he chooses two of them. Sandor wants to chop them with his axe, but Thoros and Beric won’t let him, that they have to hang.

After the hanging, Sandor sits with them and eats. Thoros wants Sandor to join them. Beric tells Sandor that the white walkers are coming. Beric gives a rousing speech and Sandor looks like he might agree.


Elsewhere in our GAME OF THRONES world, Tyrion and Varys stroll the streets of Meereen, Tyrion patting himself on the back that Meereen is starting to come together. It looks like Varys is going on an exhibition, a secret mission, but he mentions that they need friends in Westeros and they need ships. Tyrion sadly watches Varys walk away, telling him he will miss him.

Tyrion is drinking in the sitting room, with Missandei and Grey Worm. He encourages both of them to drink, toasting to Daenerys. Tyrion tries hard to build camaraderie with them, telling jokes and sharing stories of what he’d like to do one day. While they are laughing, drinking and telling jokes, bells start going off. Hundreds of boats are sailing in, with Missandei telling Tyrion that the masters have come for their property.

The boats in the harbor send cannonballs and fire onto Meereen. Grey Worm suggests they stay in the pyramid and wait for the masters to come to them. They hear a commotion above them. Daenerys enters through the door as we see Drogon flying in the sky.


Qyburn enters Cersei’s chambers to inform her that several sparrows have been permitted into the Red Keep and that they are requesting to speak to Cersei. Lancel leads the lot of the sparrows, telling Cersei that the High Sparrow commands her to go to the sept to see him. She refuses him and the sparrows step forward with weapons raised, as does the Mountain. One of them try to stab the Mountain, but he quickly dispatches of him.

Cersei enters the throne room while everyone stares at her. She wants to stand by her son, but our current Hand of the King, Ser Kevan, blocks her and tells her she has to sit in the gallery. Tommen takes the chair and gives a speech. He announces that Ser Loras and Cersei’s trials will be held on the first day of the Festival of the Mother and, furthermore, that trial by combat will be forbidden through the Seven Kingdoms. Cersei’s face falls as she hears the news. Tommen states that Loras and Cersei will stand trial before seven septons as in the days of the earliest faith.

As Tommen leaves the throne room, Qyburn whispers to Cersei that the old rumor she had told Qyburn about, his little birds investigated and it is much more than a rumor.


Brienne and Pod are overlooking Riverrun, when she sees Jaime riding through the men below. Guards ride up and Brienne tells them to inform Jaime that she is there to see him.

In the campground, Bronn comes up on Pod and hassle him (pretty funny moment). Bronn and Pod have a bromance moment, with Bronn teaching Pod some fight moves.

In the tent, Brienne and Jaime are talking. They argue over who really has rights to Riverrun. Brienne proposes to let her talk to the Blackfish, to convince him to leave Riverrun with Sansa to take back Winterfell. Jaime gives his word that no one will be harmed if she can persuade him. Brienne gives Jaime back the sword he had given to her a while back. He tells her to keep it. Before walking away, she tells him that if the Blackfish doesn’t surrender, honor requires her to fight for Sansa’s kin, to fight him.

In the castle, the Blackfish is stubborn as usual and tells Brienne he’s told her no three times already. The Blackfish scoffs at abandoning the castle and states he does not know her. Brienne gets just as stubborn and makes the Blackfish read the letter Sansa had sent. Even though moved by Sansa’s words, the Blackfish says he will not surrender his home and he walks away. Brienne tells Pod to go find a Maester to send a raven to Sansa, telling her that Brienne failed.

Jaime goes to see Edmure.  After a long conversation, with Jaime telling him he’ll kill every last Tully to get back home to Cersei, we see Edmure walking across the plank alone towards the castle. He demands entry in since he is technically Lord of Riverrun. The Blackfish walks up to the guards and orders them to not let him in, it’s a trap. The guards won’t listen and order the drawbridge lowered.

Jaime sits on his horse, with one of the Frey brothers telling Jaime if he is wrong, they’ve just surrendered their most valuable prisoner. When Edmure enters, he and the Blackfish share a look before Edmure goes up to the top to tell the guards to lay down their arms and lower the bridge. Jaime rides in with his forces. Edmure orders his men to find the Blackfish, put him in irons and hand him over to the Freys.

In the basement, Brienne and Pod are escaping in a boat, led by the Blackfish. He won’t leave with them, stating he ran during the Red Wedding, but won’t run again.

A guard tells Jaime that they found the Blackfish, but that he died fighting. Jaime watches as he sees the boat with Brienne and Pod going down the river, with Brienne and Jaime sharing that tortured look, waving goodbye to each other.

My Thoughts

It is truly all culminating towards an epic last two episodes. My biggest takeaway from tonight was: what was Cersei and Qyburn talking about? What old rumor had she had him looking into? It can’t be good. Also, someone just needs to kick some sense into Edmure. I could only shake my head at that whole scene. I truly hope the Blackfish isn’t really dead; they never showed his body so it’s possible.

I am so looking forward to the next episode of GAME OF THRONES on June 19th at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and HBO Canada.

GAME OF THRONES Preview: Let the Anticipation Begin

game of thrones

If you caught last week’s GAME OF THRONES, you will feel as if momentum is building, rushing us toward the harrowing last few episodes this season. We found out the Hound is still alive, and bent again on taking up the axe; Margaery is not brainwashed but playing her own game (but does Tommen know this? Is he in on it?); and that it looks like the Waif got the better of Arya…or did she?

The GAME OF THRONES sneak peek for this week hurtles us forward:

Cersei. Her old lover/cousin-turned-zealot sparrow Lancel is with a group of other sparrows in what looks like the Red Keep, as Cersei, the Mountain and Qyburn approach. He tells her to order her men to step aside or there will be violence and, in true don’t-mess-with-me resting face Cersei style, she replies that she chooses violence. During a brief flash later in the preview, it looks like the Mountain has a sparrow on the ground, pulling his head back.

Riverrun. The long-awaited reunion of Jaime and Brienne happens as it looks like Jaime asks Brienne to talk to the Blackfish about surrendering. She explains to him that should the Blackfish not agree, and should Jaime and his men attack the castle, that honor compels her to fight him. The next scene, not sure if he’s still talking to her because I can’t tell from the outline of the person he’s talking to, but he says that he loves Cersei and will slaughter every Tully he has to in order to get back to her.

Arya. Brief shot of Arya, still in Braavos I’m taking it, as you also see a brief shot of the Waif. You see Arya running through a crowded street and jumping off of a balcony either in pursuit of or fleeing from the Waif.

Sandor. Another teasing brief shot of the Hound wielding his axe at some unfortunate’s neck.

Tyrion. I just haven’t seen enough of Tyrion this season, though I get it. I miss him though. And you only get a peek of him in this preview as he is following with his eyes what looks like could be fire-breathing dragon above his head.

Now, it doesn’t show in the previews, but the synopsis for this episode includes “Bran learns a great deal.” I am tentatively hoping that Bran has a vision back to the Tower of Joy and we ALL learn a lot tonight; or at least verify what we’ve been saying all along about Lyanna’s death and Jon’s parentage.

Be sure to tune in for the next episode of GAME OF THRONES tonight (June 12) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and HBO Canada.

GAME OF THRONES 6.07 Recap: The North Doesn’t Seem to Remember


More surprises start us off on tonight’s GAME OF THRONES as we see a group of men building some sort of tower out of wood. One of them men is carrying a heavy, impressive log all by himself and when he drops the log and turns around, lo and behold it is the Hound whom we all thought Arya left to die.

The leader of this group of people, a red priest, gives a speech on non-violence as a group of three men ride up. The priest walks over to them and tries to strike up a conversation. The men who ride up asking what all they have, but the priest tells them they have nothing. The men smirk as they ride away.

As the Hound finishes up some firewood chopping, he hears screams coming from the camp. He runs back only to find everyone dead, including the priest who had been hanged. The Hound looks pretty mad as he grabs an axe and stalks off.


Well, Margaery is at the sept reading the holy books, though she has the crown on her head; pretty simple dress on, though. The High Sparrow and Margaery have another long, deep conversation about faith. And apparently Tommen told the High Sparrow that Margaery has not shared his bed since their reunion and Margaery tells him she has had no desire. The High Sparrow tells her she must do so as their must be an heir. He also encourages Margaery to convince the Queen of Thorns to join them for he cannot guarantee her safety.

Margaery goes to see Olenna and tries to convince her to join them or leave. Margaery had a septor with her whom Olenna threatened to have her head bashed in. Margaery grabs Olenna’s hand and tells her she must go home. Looks like Margaery is playing the game as I’d hoped, as Olenna got the note that Margaery slipped in her hand: a drawing of a rose.

Jon and the Wildlings

The wildlings are balking at following Jon, while Tormund encourages them to fight as none of them would be alive if it weren’t for Jon. Tormund shames them by reminding them that Jon died for them and if they aren’t willing to die for Jon then they are all cowards.

Later, Jon and Sansa arrive at Bear Island. Lady Lyanna is in charge at Bear Island; she’s like 10 and very rude to both Jon and Sansa. Davos has to step up and try to convince Lady Lyanna to commit her allegiance and fighters to taking back Winterfell. Davos lets her and her counsel know that the dead are coming. Lady Lyanna commits her allegiance to House Stark.

And Jon and Sansa go to House Glover to get their allegiance. Lord Glover balks at fighting with wildlings. He walks away and Sansa yells after him that his House is pledged to House Stark. He tells her House Stark is dead to him.

Later, Sansa, Jon and Davos ride into their camp. Jon tells them that they need to march on Winterfell as soon as possible. Sansa spots a crow and takes to write a scroll with the Stark stamp on it.


Cercei goes to bid Olenna farewell and seems shocked that Olenna will leave with Tyrell still sitting in a jail cell. Olenna gives Cersei a speech on how they are all there because of Cersei and her stupidity. Cersei agrees, but tries to sweet talk Olenna by telling her that they need each other. Olenna is having none of it and gives her yet another tongue-lashing.  It was brilliant.


Jaime marches up to Riverrun with an army as far as the eye can see; and with Bronn sitting on a horse right by his side! So happy to see Bronn again! Jaime convinces Bronn to become his right-hand man. Lord Edmure has a rope around his neck outside the castle walls as a Frey yells out to the Blackfish to yield the castle. The Blackfish just watches as another Frey threatens to cut Edmure’s throat. The Blackfish walks away telling him to go ahead then.

The Frey brothers and Jaime have some words as Jaime tells them he is now in charge. He orders that Edmure get bathed and fed. Jaime tells Bronn to get word to the Blackfish that he wants to parlay.

Jaime meets the Blackfish on the moat bridge to Riverrun. The disdainful look between both of the men made my heart skip. Brynden inquires after Arya and Sansa, about the promise he made to Catelyn. Of course, Jaime doesn’t have them. He orders Brynden to surrender Riverrun, but Brynden tells Jaime that as long as he’s standing, the war is not over. He gloats to Jaime that they have provisions for two years.

Theon and Yara

Brother and sister are sitting in a brothel/bar somewhere in the GAME OF THRONES world, with Yara making out with a prostitute. Theon is uncomfortable being there. She tells him they are going to sail to Meereen, make a pack with Daenerys and then take back the Iron Islands.


Arya strolls along the waterfront and finds a captain who’s leaving for Westeros. She gives him bags of money and tells him she wants to book passage home. She tells him they leave at dawn. As Arya walks over a bridge, an old woman approaches her, calling out to her. As Arya smiles at her, the woman pulls out a knife and cuts her across the stomach, then grabs her and stabs her at least two more times in the stomach. The mask comes off and we see it is the Waif. Arya pushes her off and then falls over into the water. Arya surfaces near the steps and is hurt pretty badly. She walks along the marketplace but no one helps her.

My Thoughts

As much as I used to hate the Hound, I sure am glad to see him back. I’m not sure when he redeemed himself in my eyes, but gosh darnit I’m hoping he meets up with Arya somewhere along the way. Now, Sansa and Jon going and begging the Northerners to commit…funny how everyone was balking at helping and Lord Glover was just nasty about it.

My shocker came when the Waif went all ninja knife on Arya. I read an interesting theory that the Waif and Arya were one and the same so I tried to think like that when I was watching. Doesn’t it seem odd that no one at all helped this girl walking in a busy marketplace with blood pouring out of her stomach? So, I don’t know, is she really hurt then? Is it all in her head? I’m not sure what is going on with Arya anymore.

Maybe we’ll get some answers on the next episode of GAME OF THRONES on June 12th at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and HBO Canada.