Nicole Gomez Fisher Previews Her New HBO Film SLEEPING WITH THE FISHES


Nicole Gomez Fisher produced, directed, and wrote SLEEPING WITH THE FISHES. The film features Alexis (Gina Rodriguez) on a trip home to NY for her aunts funeral. While home she discovers a lot about herself and about life. This marks the directorial debut for Fisher who based a lot of the film on her own life. I caught up with Fisher about her inspirations, casting Gina Rodriguez, (JANE THE VIRGIN) and what’s next for her. [Read more...]

Funny Business: Zach Woods Talks VEEP, SILICON VALLEY and PLAYING HOUSE


Zach Woods look familiar? That’s probably because you’ve seen him on one of your favorite comedies all throughout this year. Whether it’s on VEEP, SILICON VALLEY, THE OFFICE, or PLAYING HOUSE, Zach is everywhere and he’s always making us laugh. I spoke with Zach about his latest role on PLAYING HOUSE, last weeks SILICON VALLEY episode, and which character his personality is most like. [Read more...]

We Shine the Spotlight on VEEP Star Matt Walsh

matt walsh veep

Matt Walsh stars on the hilarious HBO political comedy VEEP. Walsh plays the hysterical and sometimes not so useful, communications director, Mike McLintock. We talked about his training at the Upright Citizens Brigade, what will happen if Selena wins the presidency, and what ever happened to Mike’s boat. [Read more...]



You don’t have to be a genius working at one of the top computer companies in the country to see how awesome SILICON VALLEY is. The new HBO comedy debuted last week and has received great reviews, and for good reason. The nerd fueled comedy centers around Richard’s (Thomas Middleditch) web design for a program called “Pied Piper” Richard was offered millions for this design but opted for the deal that offered him creative control over his company. The problem is Richard has no clue how to run his company, the only thing he does know is who he wants working on it, his friends. Richard’s team includes Erlich, (T.J. Miller) Gilfoyle, (Martin Starr) Dinesh, (Kumail Nanjiani) Big Head, (Josh Brener) and Jared. (Zach Woods) [Read more...]