Breaking TV News: AMC Announces a Fifth and Final Season of HELL ON WHEELS


Press Release: AMC today announced that “Hell on Wheels” will be returning for a fifth and final season of 14 episodes on AMC. Seven new episodes will air next summer, with the final seven episodes of the series following in the summer of 2016. The Western period drama opened up a new night of original programming for AMC on Saturday and in its current season is delivering an average of 3.4 million viewers on the most challenging night of the week for television.

“With season five of ‘Hell on Wheels,’ we are proud to bring our trans-continental journey to conclusion for the large, loyal audience that has traveled with Cullen Bohannon and his crew for so many years,” said AMC President Charlie Collier. “We look forward to appropriately honoring ‘Hell on Wheels’ in this final season. Enormous thanks to the terrific writers, cast and crew for all they have achieved and for all that lies ahead in the Wild West.” [Read more…]

TCA 2013: 10 Newsy TV Tidbits We’re Already Excited About!

This week,’s Senior West Coast Correspondent extraordinaire Tiffany Vogt [Pictured above] has the unenviable task* of covering the summer portion of the bi-annual 2013 Television Critics Association Press Tour. Which means, when she isn’t busy hobnobbing at an endless array of cocktail parties and pressing the flesh with some of your favorite (and what the networks and studios certainly hope are soon-to-be-favorite) shows, she’s busy “working.” Case in point, this just filed report direct from the ballroom at the beautiful Beverly Hilton Hotel [Editor’s Note: It’s tough work, but somebody’s gotta do it!] See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

The Top 10 Television Shows of 2012

Top 10 lists are tricky things.  It can be absurdly hard to narrow down anything to a select group of ten.  It’s like being asked to choose your favorite child and you just want to wail, “But I love all of them!”   This is particularly true in television.  Each year I commit to nearly 100 television shows that air throughout the twelve-month period.  Thus, to pare down to the few that were truly outstanding, it can be exceptionally difficult.   But there are always a deserving few who manage to do the impossible:  sustaining a high caliber of performance and be equally captivating entertainment.  As a caveat, there will always be better shows, but sometimes those shows just didn’t manage to be as consistently entertaining. Addictiveness plays a large part of what makes television shows successful.  It is a quality that is rare and elusive and can be dependent upon the personal tastes of the viewer.   However, when you simply cannot wait to see what comes next, then you know there is something special about that show.
Accordingly, these were the Top 10 TV Shows that I found myself counting down the minutes and hours of each week anxiously awaiting the next episode: [Read more…]

10 Television Shows We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving 2012

It is that time of year again where we take a day to celebrate all that we are thankful for in our lives – our health, our family, our friends, our jobs, and everything that brings a bit of happiness into our lives. For those of us who enjoy television, this is a quick look at a few of the TV shows that have brightened our days and nights in 2012: [Read more…]

Summer TV Preview: Welcome to HELL ON WHEELS Season Two, A Purgatory From Which No One Escapes

The second season of the AMC drama series HELL ON WHEELS takes us back to the post-Civil War era at the dawn of the industrial era.  Railroad barons were obsessed with nation-building and the race across the continent in order to secure the future of the United States as a country worthy of competing in the global market.  No longer hindered by in-fighting after surviving a bloody civil war that nearly tore the nation apart, it was a time of blossoming freedom and unfettered greed.  Yet with the wounds fresh on their bodies and hearts from the recent bloodshed, it was also a time of healing.  Everyone wanted to forget the war and move on, but it was a burden everyone bore upon their souls. [Read more…]

10 TV Shows To Be Thankful For

While Thanksgiving is an American holiday and perhaps not celebrated globally, this seemed like an opportune time to give a warm shout-out to 10 television shows for which I am thankful this year. 
One caveat, with the Year End 2011 Top 10 lists about to be unleashed from every corner of the TV blog-o-sphere which will trumpet and laud TV shows that are proclaimed to be the best-of-the-best, these are just a some of shows that consistently bring a smile to my face and make me glad that they created these glorious fictional worlds for us to enjoy. [Read more…]

Ask the Addict: Spoilers for CASTLE, HOMELAND, DEXTER, THE CLOSER, HAVEN & More!

With Monday’s episode of CASTLE entitled “Kill Shot,” I’m only slightly concerned that one of my favorite members of the NYPD will find themselves on the wrong end of a sniper’s sight. Any chance I might trouble you to alleviate my worries? — Kelly
The TV Addict: Considering we would hate to be the one to spoil the fun, not to mention the intense pulse-pounding excitement that you’ll undoubtedly experience while watching a city in chaos when a sniper goes on a terrifying killing spree, there is absolutely zero chance that we will alleviate your fear! That said, what we will only be too happy to do is fill you in on a little secret: The insanity surrounding Monday’s fantastic episode of CASTLE won’t be for naught, particularly for those of you who have been patiently waiting for a certain member of the NYPD to see the light.

Anything you can tease for this CASTLE crazed fan with regards to Monday’s episode? — Madison
The TV Addict: While Beckett’s increased moments of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) will most definitely take center stage in an episode that has “For Your Emmy Consideration” written all over it in terms of Stana Katic’s stellar performance, fans of both Alexis (Molly Quinn) and Esposito (Jon Huertas) will be pleased to discover that the talented twosome play an integral role in the hunt for the killer.

Love me some Mark Pellegrino. Any chance we’ll be seeing more of him on THE CLOSER? — Alison
The TV Addict: According to CLOSER producer James Duff, who we recently had the pleasure of interviewing, the in-demand actor will be appearing as the deliciously scene-stealing Gavin in at least two of the upcoming episodes starting November 28th. What’s more, you’re not the only one who loves them some Pellegrino, as Duff let it slip that they are feverishly working to find the time between the actor’s 423 (approx.) other projects to bring him back next summer as well! [Read more…]

HELL ON WHEELS Invites Viewers into the Wild West for a Tale of Vengeance

AMC’s new post-Civil War drama HELL ON WHEELS is a lush, visually stunning and, at times, graphic account of revenge and retribution.  In 1865, America was uneasily settling into a routine where the North and South had put aside their differences.  But old tensions were still bubbling beneath the surface; and battle wounds, scars and seething rage were testament to the recent civil war.   The lure of the open West and money to be made through the ambitious pursuit of building a railroad across America brought men together so long as they could leave the past behind.  While the old plantation owners, former slaves, and retired military officers could see the sense of turning their backs on the past and looking to the future, the only ones not to quick to jump on the bandwagon to modernize were the Indians.  Greed and power were pushing the railroad barons to race to build a railroad to bring prosperity across the land, but with time working against them, funds running low and a hostile indigenous population, it is not going to be easy. [Read more…]