HAVEN Star Eric Balfour On A Duke Spin-off, Playing Nathan and The Series Finale


Fans of FOX’s smash hit 24 will remember Eric Balfour as CTU analyst Milo Pressman but his fanbase has grown immensely since starring alongside Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant as Duke Crocker, the criminal with a heart of gold, in SyFy’s HAVEN. In an exclusive interview, the actor tells me about his favorite Trouble, his new project, and why Duke chose to stay in Haven.

How do you imagine Duke’s life in Haven would’ve turned out if he never involved himself with the Troubles?
Eric Balfour: Probably drunk on a beach in the Maldives combating a urinary tract infection while presiding over a small clan of wild gelflings. Look up the dark crystal if the word gelfling means nothing to you.

Other than Duke’s, what was your favorite Trouble?
The one with a Bridge Over Water…

Did you wear contacts while filming the scenes where Duke’s eyes changed or was that CGI?
No, a grip wore a green screen suit and painted my eyes with washable Crayola markers and then we CGI’d the grip in the green screen suit out…

Why did Duke choose to stay in Haven after everything he’s been through?
Gas prices and a lack of decent public transit in the US.

Justine, who was an extra on the show, wants to know did you take time to relax after Haven wrapped?
You meet like a foot massage or manicure? My wife made me get a pedicure once but I found the whole thing rather uncomfortable and didn’t appreciate all the women in the salon staring at me like I didn’t belong. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have dressed so slutty.

You’ve changed your hair every season. What length do you usually prefer to have it?
I’m honestly just trying out different styles until I can get an appointment with Chase Cusero who does Jared Leto’s hair.

Melanie on Facebook wants to know how do you feel about the fans wanting a Haven spin-off about Duke?
I just frickin love those guys and would totally be into a Duke spin-off as long as DJ Qualls, Alison Brie, and Tony Manero were in it…

Which role reversal scenario did you enjoy acting out most: Detective Crocker or Nathan? By the way, Lucas told me that he was more handsome as Duke and that you’re stunning.
Definitely Nathan because just like the song says, “When I think about you I touch myself.” Or himself as it were…

Do you have any new projects in the works, and if so, what can you tell me about them?
I’m creating a one man show about a guy… That’s pretty much all I’ve got so far.

How do you think fans will feel about the finale?
I think they all better have plastic sheets on the couch ’cause there’s going to be a lot of peeing. I bet you thought I was going to say crying didn’t you??? Moded!

It’s no secret that Lucas enjoys pancakes, but what is your favorite food?
A place in Seoul called the Win Cafe.

HAVEN airs Thursdays at 10PM on Syfy. Sundays at 8PM on Showcase in Canada

BUFFY Star James Marsters On His New Album, Upcoming Television Project and Working With Joss Whedon Again


Actor James Marsters is best known for his role as Spike the vampire on the hit classic series BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, but many fans may not know that he is also the lead singer of a rock band called Ghost of the Robot. In a exclusive interview, James talks about his upcoming album, Bourgeois Faux Pas, his favorite BUFFY episode, and the possibility of working with Joss Whedon again.

I had the chance to listen to your new single and it was great. What inspired you to write the song?
I was ending yet another complicated relationship when I read an article that said, “If a woman has a good relationship with her Father then it will be easier for her to have good relationships with me later on in her life.” The next day I noticed a woman named Katie standing in line for lunch. She had a large tattoo that said, “Dad” on the back of her neck. The back of the neck is not a painless place to get a tattoo, nor is it subtle. Only a badass gets a tattoo on the back of their neck. I asked her about it, and she said that she got the ink because she has an awesome Dad whom she loves a lot. I took it as a sign from the Gods that I try to date this beautiful, kind, badass. To seduce her I wrote the song ‘Katie’. I wanted it to be the most innocent love song ever written, so I wrote the chorus from the perspective of a 7 year old!

“Katie, come out and play,
I’ve got a present for you today,
It’s got your name on it,
I hope I spelled it right”

How long after you released your last album did you begin working on ‘Bourgeois Faux Pas?’
The song writing has been going on for year for ‘Bourgeois Faux Pas.’ We have three principle song writers in Ghost of the Robot: Charlie, Sullivan, and me. Between us we have about four albums worth of material for future projects. I guess we took a year off after we came out with ‘Murphy’s Law’ before we gathered as a band and started sifting through all those songs. We wanted to return to the hard driving Rock sound that we debut with on ‘Mad Brilliant’, and incorporate all that we’ve learned about sound production. The result is an album that screams, and also shimmers.

When do you plan on performing your next concert?
Touring has always been the challenge for the band. When we got together, three of us were still in high school, and a year after that, college. Today, our newest member, Sullivan, is at a University in Washington State. School is super important sooo… We have a major tour in the Summer. This year it was France, Spain, and Italy. Last year it was Germany, England, and France. Then we do shows during the holidays, but it all has to fit around school. Next Summer, I’m pushing for the Americas – US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Costa Rica.

Can you tell me anything about your upcoming television/film projects?
I’m waiting to see if HBO is picking up a pilot I filmed for Jennji Kohan and Gus Van Sant called, ‘The Devil You Know.’ Jennji created ‘Orange is the New Black,’ and Gus is one of my favorite directors of all time having helmed ‘Good Will Hunting,’ and ‘My Private Idaho.’ It’s a daring, inventive, controversial take on the Salem witch trials.

Many fans are dying to know what was your favorite Buffy episode to film?
My favorite BUFFY episode to film was the musical ‘Once More With Feeling.’ The cast was terrified. We thought the show was jumping the shark. We thought Joss had gone insane and needed professional help. We all pleaded, and lobbied, and whined to try to stop him, but he was undeterred. At some point we stopped resisting and got to work. In the face of certain doom we knuckled down, stopped complaining, screwed our courage to the sticking place, and decided to go out swinging. And then it worked! Joss was right all along. When he gets this look in his eyes, I’ve learned to go with it and enjoy the ride.

Are you open to the idea of working with Joss again?
Yes, of course, I would work with Joss again! I can’t wait to see what he does next. I’m hoping that he will create a world from scratch again. I love it when he winds up his own universe. I told him years ago that if he had five lines, or five hundred, I would come for them. That has not changed. He’s the ballsiest storyteller I’ve ever met. He’s willing to offend his audience. He’s willing to hurt them. All in the name of Love.

We Shine The Spotlight On CASTLE Star Sunkrish Bala


You may know Sunkrish Bala from his recurring role as Dr. Caleb Subramanian on AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD but fans of ABC’s CASTLE now know him as Vikram Singh, a tech analyst who also shares history with Stana Katic‘s Beckett. In an exclusive interview, the actor discusses his character and his experience working with the cast.

Your character, Vikram, has a past with Beckett. What kind of intentions does he have?
Well, we are running for our lives. Beckett and I are painted into this corner because of our connection to the AG’s office. Our intentions are to survive, and to root out this evil.

Even though you spend the most time working with Stana Katic, what was your experience like working with Nathan Fillion?
Nathan’s great! It’s so amazing to work with the whole cast. They’ve been playing these roles for eight years now and to be thrust into such a well-fleshed-out universe is definitely daunting, but everyone has been so welcoming. Nathan had a lovely note and gift waiting in my trailer when I first got here. You just get a sense of how happy everyone is to be working on this show.

Aside from having a past with Beckett, your character is also a tech analyst. Do you consider yourself to be a tech expert?
I’m an Indian guy who grew up in Silicon Valley. Tech should be in my blood. Much to the disappointment of my family, it isn’t.

Which of the cast would you say is the funniest?
I feel like Seamus would like me to say Seamus.

What would you like to see happen for your character?
Honestly, I’m enjoying so much having my character join the NYPD. I love being part of the team and working on cases with characters I’ve watched on television for years!

CASTLE airs Mondays at 10PM on ABC (CTV Two in Canada)

We Shine The Spotlight On DR. KEN Star Krista Marie Yu


Krista Marie Yu has guest starred on hit shows such as AGENT CARTER and PARENTHOOD. Now she has landed a lead role on ABC’s DR. KEN playing Molly, the daughter of Ken Jeong‘s character. In an exclusive interview, the actress discusses her experience working with Ken Jeong and filming the show.

What made you want to be a part of DR. KEN?
Krista Marie Yu: Ever since the audition, I wanted to be a part of DR. KEN. It was evident it was a special project because of the energy and inner-fire Ken and the producers were investing in the auditions alone. The character of Molly is personally special to me because she represents an Asian-American teen girl, something that we don’t see as often on television.

Did you feel a bit nervous about portraying a character that’s based around one or both of Ken’s daughters?
Actually, Ken’s twin daughters, Alexa and Zoe, are both way sweeter and much more well-behaved than Molly. They are also much younger. Ken and his wife, Tran, are both incredibly supportive and loving of them both.

What have been some of your most memorable moments so far from filming?
The live show nights are always so memorable. To see Ken come alive in front of the audience is so exhilarating. The supporting audience fuels and ignites an electric energy for the show. On extremely special occasions, Ken and comedian/creator Mike O’Connell will give a crazy and wild pre-show performance. Come see a live taping for free!

What has it been like working with Ken?
The most wonderful dream. Ken pours his heart into making the show the best it can be. I’m non-stop laughing, but also non-stop learning, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

Are there any scenes or lines that you may have improvised?
Yes! We rehearse each episode for a week, in which there is opportunity to play and improvise to find a solid script for show night!

You’ve guest-starred on both comedic and dramatic series. What type of genre do you prefer to act in?
I think both are a lot of fun for different reasons. I definitely feel incredibly lucky to be on this show because it feels like a firsthand lesson in comedy working with Ken Jeong, Dave Foley, Suzy Nakamura, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Jonathan Slavin, and Kate Simses, whom are all comedic geniuses. Albert Tsai is a fantastic TV brother as well. The whole cast and crew are really becoming a family that laughs and laughs and laughs all day long.

DR KEN airs 8:30PM on Fridays on ABC

‘MasterChef Junior’: Finalist Josh Reisner On Oona, School Lunches and That Adorable Voice 

josh Reisner masterchef junior

By Sean Daly
Special To TheTVAddict.com

It’s a mystery voice box challenge!

The parents of “MasterChef Junior” finalist Josh Reisner admit doctors are still trying to figure out what is causing the sixth grader’s voice to constantly squeak and crack.

“The more he speaks during the day, the more it cracks,” his father, Brad Reiser, says.  

“It has been this way pretty much since he started talking.  We have had the doctor check it out and this is just kind of his voice.”

Though the Queens resident is not in any pain, “we have had a lot of people contact us saying, ‘You should check that out,’” Reisner says.  “So we are probably going to have it checked again.”

Josh, 11, is one of eight contestants remaining on the Fox cooking competition.

“It has been such a great experience,” the aspiring chef and food critic tells me.  

“I have gained so much confidence and I get to brag that I have cooked for some of the greatest chefs in the world.”

Josh — who one day hopes to open a restaurant called Josh’s Comfort & Bistro — shared more about the show, his life and what he really thinks of school cafeteria food in our exclusive interview. [Read more…]

We Shine the Spotlight on THE NEWSROOM Star John Gallagher Jr.


John Gallagher Jr. is one of the most exceptional, humble, and sensational actors of our time, and you’ve probably never even heard of him. Hopefully, that’s all about to change. Gallagher isn’t just a one-stop shop for talent; his skills range from Broadway, to film, to music, and beyond. His boyish charm and gritty roles set him apart from other young actors working today. His attention to detail and ability to attack any role he takes on and make it completely original is astounding. His most notable work, Jim Harper on THE NEWSROOM is by far his best yet. From the first episode I (and I’m sure many others) wanted to know anything and everything about Jim.

There are many moments throughout the shows run where I though Gallagher shines, but there was one scene during the shows freshman season where I was completely in awe. It’s a small scene; Maggie (Alison Pill) is standing outside of a restaurant when she see’s a SEX AND THE CITY tour bus stopped out front. She shouts a couple things up at the bus until an embarrassed and confused Jim stands up from his seat. I adore that scene for a number of reasons but the main one being, we weren’t supposed to fall for this character. He’s dating Maggie’s best friend, Lisa (Kelen Coleman) and has secretly fallen for Maggie. In that moment I didn’t care who he was with, who’s heart he was about to break, all I thought was “I hope this character gets his happy ending.”

In Short Term 12 he gave the kids the perfect blend of tough caretaker and compassionate father figure. Gallagher’s work opposite Brie Larson in that film was breathtaking and something more people should be aware of.

In his latest venture, he’s tackling music. He’s performed on Broadway stages in the past and now hopes to show us a new side to him. Music is a big part of his life and a big part of how he was raised. It’s safe to say his album will be a true testament to the spectacular artist he is.

I caught up with the gifted actor about his work on the acclaimed indie film, Short Term 12, the final season of the THE NEWSROOM, and what’s next with his music career. [Read more…]

THE OFFICE Star Gets BENCHED: Oscar Nuñez Previews His New Gig on His Hilarious New USA Network Comedy


One show that has been receiving a lot of buzz recently is the HAPPY ENDINGS-esque new USA Network comedy BENCHED by comedy geniuses, Michaela Watkins and Damon Jones. The comedy follows Nina; a hotshot lawyer whose life slowly starts falling apart right after her boyfriend breaks up with her. She loses her job as an attorney and finds herself fighting minor cases as a public defender. The show features a lot of fresh faces and some funny favorites. Definitely think this pilot will be a hit and something a lot of people will enjoy the show is funny and quirky and has a lot of heart. Oscar Nuñez plays Carlos on the freshman comedy. I caught up with Nuñez about his time on THE OFFICE, what drew him to BENCHED, and what we can look forward to on tonight’s premiere. [Read more…]

FINDING CARTER Scoop: Kathryn Prescott Talks Whether Carter Is Ready for Romantic Love and A Ready-Made Family


A TV show about child abduction is not expected to one of the most heart-felt and charming shows on television. But under the helm of Emily Silver (“Bones”), FINDING CARTER takes a difficult subject and finds a way to introduce a fractured family who is reunited with a young teen girl who had been abducted 13 years before. The twist is that the teen girl, Carter Stevens (Kathryn Prescott), did not know she was an abducted child and grew up thinking of the woman who took her as her mom and all she wants now is to be reunited with the one person she knows and loves — and not stuck with a family she does not remember. FINDING CARTER has achieved a very rare feat by managing to humanize everyone involved and remind us that there are two sides to a story.

In an exclusive interview, star Kathryn Prescott talked about her amazing role as Carter and the challenges that comes with portraying a young woman whose life has been blown apart and how she struggles to figure out where she fits in this new life that is sprung upon her. [Read more…]

HEMLOCK GROVE Scoop: Madeline Brewer Talks Her New Character Miranda and the Trouble She Brings to Season 2

madeline-brewer-hemlock grove

A newcomer to HEMLOCK GROVE, Madeline Brewer portrays Miranda Cates, a girl just passing through that gets inexplicably involved in the deepest mysteries hovering over the town. One would think that Miranda would just be an innocent bystander that gets in over her head, but as the series goes on, everyone will start to see that perhaps Miranda is someone who has brought a little bit of trouble with her. So do not let her carefully constructed facade fool you. She has a much bigger part to play than any of them expected.

In a press interview from the set, Madeline Brewer talked about who Miranda is, what role she has to play and just what is up with all those amazing tattoos all across her body. [Read more…]