Good News: TNT has greenlit a new David E. Kelley medical series entitled MONDAY MORNINGS featuring an all-star ensemble including Ving Rhames (Pulp Fiction), Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2), Jamie Bamber (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA), Jennifer Finnigan (BETTER WITH YOU), Bill Irwin (CSI), Keong Sim (GLEE), Sarayu Rao (Lions for Lambs), and Emily Swallow (SOUTHLAND). Bad News: The 10-episode first season doesn’t premiere until… wait for it… Summer 2013. [Source] [Read more…]

Good News, Bad News: Charlie Sheen, J.J. Abrams & Jerry Seinfeld

Good News: Charlie Sheen is going to jail! Bad News: His 30 day sentence, which is expected to be reduced to 15-17 days for good behaviour, will in no way interrupt production of the upcoming season of TWO AND A HALF MEN. [Source]

Good News: The first twenty pages of J.J. Abrams highly-anticipated new NBC series UNDERCOVERS has been spotted online. Bad News: We can’t read Italian. [Source]

Good News: Jerry Seinfeld is headed to Broadway. Bad News: Make that off-Broadway, were he’ll not so much perform, but to direct Colin Quinn’s one man show. [Source]

Commercials Done Right

seinfeld bee movie commercials

Jerry Seinfeld’s BEE MOVIE TV JUNIORS remind this TV Addict of two things. One, there wouldn’t be a need for DVRs, PVRs and TiVos if all television commercials were that entertaining and original. And two, between last week’s appearance on 30 ROCK and this week’s BEE MOVIE interstitials, Jerry Seinfeld is sorely missed on Thursay nights. Here’s hoping that once he conquers the big screen, he’ll take a second stab at the small screen. Putting an end to those ‘Seinfeld Curse’ rumors forever.