Former LIFE UNEXPECTED Star Shiri Appleby Dishes on Her New Webseries DATING RULES FROM MY FUTURE SELF

Debuting last week, the hot new webseries DATING RULES FROM MY FUTURE SELF has already taken off like wildfire.  As seen in the first webisode, Lucy is on the verge of getting married and out-of-the-blue gets these text message warning her to not go through with it.  Unsure who exactly is sending the messages, Lucy is uncertain whether to take the advice being offered.  But as the series continues, even more adventures are to be had as Lucy discovers that she is receiving text messages from a future-version of herself.  Sounds like a sci-fi show, but in reality, this webseries is a fun comedy about a young woman trying to make the right choices in her life.  Taking a few minutes in an exclusive interview with, the vivacious star and producer Shiri Appleby gave the inside scoop on the series and what is really going on with the mysterious text messages that her character Lucy is receiving from the future. [Read more…]


Most Unexpectedly Real Reality-TV Moment: We went from laughing at THE BACHELOR’s Madison to respecting her when she removed her faux fangs and admitted to realizing that by staying, she’d be robbing another woman of their chance to find love with Brad.

Worst Decision, Daytime Division: News that GENERAL HOSPITAL was firing Rebecca Herbst — who has played nurse Liz since 1997 — was such a shock that she actually wound up a “trending topic” on Twitter!

Best Guest Appearance: Lucy Lawless looked flawless and was wildly funny during her bits on THE SOUP.

Worst Guest Appearance: While Rob Lowe may perfectly encapsulate the American ideal of a political operative on PARKS AND RECREATION, his complete and utter lack of comedic timing has us wishing we could vote him out of office… and STAT!

The First Annual “Have Our Cake And Eat It To Award” Recipient: MTV’s version of SKINS set out to push the envelops… then feared it had gone too far and re-edited scenes from a yet-to-air episode.

Best Accessory: With apologies to Vince Faraday’s somewhat versatile cape, Robin Sherbatsky’s vice-filled purse on Monday’s heartbreaking HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER would most certainly be our accessory of choice. Particularly after a week like this one, R.I.P. LIFE UNEXPECTED.

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Finale Unexpected: Our Take on the LIFE UNEXPECTED Series Finale

Despite the fact that we’re hesitant to kick a good show when it’s down — or effectively canceled by the CW as the case may be — we do feel the need to get a few things off of our chest with regards to last night’s LIFE UNEXPECTED series finale.

THE GOOD: While not exactly how we would have liked to have seen the series end, we are unabashed suckers for flash forwards that wrap up storylines in a neat and tidy bow. Particularly ones that involve Cate and Baze’s tearful reaction to Lux graduating high school, Lux finally calling Cate and Baze “Mom” and “Dad,” and a clever nod to the show’s original title that saw the writers slip “Light Years” into Lux’s Valedictorian speech. Which brings us to…

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Go Behind-the-Scenes of Tonight’s LIFE UNEXPECTED Series Finale

Tis better to have watched and lost than never to have watched at all. Which is why, rather than remain bitter and resentful over the CW for YET AGAIN putting one of our favorite shows on “early hiatus” — over a measly .3 of a ratings point no less — we thought we’d take the high road by reminding everyone that tonight marks the season, nay, series finale of LIFE UNEXPECTED. Will Baze, Cate, and Lux get their respective happily ever afters? There’s only one way to find out! Tune in tonight at 8PM on the CW. And until then, enjoy these never before seen behind-the-scenes photos, more of which can be found after the jump.

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First Look: The LIFE UNEXPECTED Series Finale

Before the CW can bid adieu to LIFE UNEXPECTED, creator Liz Tigelaar has quite a bit to answer for. Thankfully for the show’s small, albeit very passionate fan base, she’ll have two-hours to attempt to give Baze, Cate, Lux and Ryan their respective happily ever afters. And here with your first look at “Teacher Schooled” and “Affair Remembered” airing back-to-back starting at 8PM this Tuesday January 18 on the CW is More first look photos of which can be found after the jump.

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Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Shows That Actually Live Up to the “Must See TV” Moniker This Week*

Despite what some of our television viewing habits might suggest, we are in fact not a 13 year old girl. And as a result of having almost no familiarity with the Nickelodeon smash hit iCARLY, we honestly didn’t know what to expect from Tuesday’s episode featuring special guest star Miranda Cosgrove. So you can imagine our surprise when Cosgrove, stepping into the shoes of Sloane — a teenage starlet accused of injuring a woman with her car while under the influence — amounted to one of the most entertaining episodes of an already stellar sophomore season. Adding to our enjoyment of the ripped-from-the-headlines story was the not-so-subtle shot from the CBS/Viacom owned GOOD WIFE at rival Disney that had Sloane blaming her bad behaviour on trying to “climb out of the Disney Ghetto thing,” her gratuitous use of twitter that had the actress channel her inner “Lohan” by tweeting from the trial, as well the show’s now trademark penchant for incorporating such real-life technology du jour as the infamous Taiwanese news animations into the show. That, and we seriously cannot get enough of Alan Cumming’s slithering Eli Gold who has quietly usurped Kalinda as our favorite non-Florrick character on the show.

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Is LIFE UNEXPECTED Really Over? We Get to the Bottom of Things with Creator Liz Tigelaar

This just in: With Deadline Hollywood breaking the disappointing, albeit somewhat expected news late last night that the CW has opted against picking up LIFE UNEXPECTED for a full 22-episode second season, it has officially not been a good Fall for TV Addict favorites (See: LONE STAR, LIFE UNEXPECTED and [soon-to-be] RUNNING WILDE).

That said, rather than wallow in self-pity for the latest in a long string of CW shows that we’ll no doubt continue to point to for years as examples of what could have been (see: EVERWOOD, JACK & BOBBY, GROSSE POINTE), we thought we’d do something constructive by providing you with actual answers to some burning questions that have been flooding our inbox since late last night. Just what does LIFE UNEXPECTED’s failure to get a back-nine mean for your (and our) favorite little-show-that-unfortunately-couldn’t? Here’s what creator Liz Tigelaar had to say when we pre-emptively posed a few questions to find out just that during our recent one-on-one.

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Good News: The CW has given full-season orders to freshman dramas NIKITA and HELLCATS as well as veteran sudser ONE TREE HILL. Bad News: For LIFE UNEXPECTED, which was conspicuously absent from the network’s plethora of pick-ups despite a recent order for two additional scripts. [Source: Ausiello]

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This Just In: Hollywood Hates the Environment…

… but on the plus side, reports are flooding in throughout the internet that ABC has ordered additional scripts for NO ORDINARY FAMILY, OFF THE MAP and BROTHERS & SISTERS. While over on the CW, LIFE UNEXPECTED, fresh off its highest rated episode of the season that saw it attract 1.7 million viewers, also received an additional script order for two more episodes. But hey, what’s an acre or two of forest when it comes to your favorite TV shows, really?!