Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Our Favorite Second ‘Ships! (feat. ARROW, LOST, VERONICA MARS & More!)

By: Kelly Thompson

Most shows establish who fans are suppose to root for fairly early on in their run but what I think is the most interesting thing that can happen is a pairing that viewers (and sometimes even the writers) don’t see coming. Shifting relationships can be great plot devices (the CW has basically based their whole network on this theory) and I find myself surprised when a character shifts their romantic intentions and gets together with someone other than the initial “ship.” A horrible example of this would be when the Friends writers tried to make Rachel and Joey work (and shockingly, it didn’t even work a little bit). Below are my Top 5 “Second” Couples.

Mui< *Note: I want to be clear that this list won’t span back decades because I’ve only lived for over 2 decades but I’d love to hear more ideas so sound off below! [Read more…]

Lessons from LOST: Why TV Show Finales Matter

[Editor’s Note: Due to the controversial nature of the following, the TV Addict (Daniel Malen) would like to clarify that the opinion expressed in the post below are solely that of West Coast Correspondent Tiffany Vogt (@tvwatchtower)! #TeamLindelof]

The Following post contains spoilers pertaining to the end of BREAKING BAD so if you haven’t watched Sunday’s spectacular series finale, stop reading in 3… 2… 1… This has been a momentous week in television as the AMC series BREAKING BAD ended its five-season run with a record 10.3 million viewers watching live. It was illegally downloaded another 500,000 times and who knows how high the ratings will rise once the DVR numbers are factored in. It was not only the number of viewers that was impressive, but the critical acclaim that accompanied it as fans and critics seemed aligned in heaving a collective sigh of relief that the show ended well. Everyone had been holding their breath, worried that the show would flop in its finale; that it would try to top itself and reveal that the entire five seasons had been Walt having a bad dream during a cancer-fueled fugue. Instead the show honored its anti-hero and gave him a good death — one that he rightly deserved. [Read more…]

SCANDAL! LOST! FRINGE! Henry Ian Cusick Admirably Evades All Of Our Probing Questions!

Having spent the better part of five seasons on LOST, a series known for being shrouded in mystery, actor Henry Ian Cusick knows a thing or two about keeping a secret. Luckily, what Cusick — who can currently be seen in the increasingly addictive Shonda Rhimes sudser playing gladiator in a suit Stephen Finch — lacks in specifics, he more than makes up for by dropping a handful of tantalizing teases in terms of what audiences can expect in the coming weeks from both his role on SCANDAL and his upcoming guest spot on FRINGE. See for yourself after the jump. [Read more…]

Lessons from LOST to ONCE UPON A TIME: Have Television Writers Been Given Too Much Creative License?

In the after-math of LOST, an interesting trend has begun to emerge in television viewing patterns:  viewers are now gun-shy of investing in serialized television.  Viewers are no longer willing to invest their time and energy into a show that may take them some place they do not want to go. 
For LOST not only dared to kill off its principal characters, it ultimately killed off 9 of its 13 principal characters: Boone, Shannon, Charlie, Jack, John Locke, Sayid, Jin, Sun, Michael – leaving Kate, Sawyer, Hurley and Claire ambiguously alive, and who were revealed to be dead in the final episode. It also killed off a majority of its supporting characters, including Daniel Faraday, Charlotte, Danielle Rousseau, Alex, Juliet, Libby, Ana-Lucia, and Eko. 
LOST became the “gold standard” in story-telling because it achieved the remarkable feat of luring in nearly 24 million viewers and ran 6 successful seasons, winning numerous awards along the way.  But, in the end, there was a significant amount of “viewer fatigue.”  Pulling in only 8 million viewers by its final episode, LOST is also a great example in how to disenfranchise an audience. 
LOST secured its initial amazing viewership numbers because it offered an array of fascinating characters, so much so that viewers could not wait to learn more about each of them.  The breadcrumbs LOST offered were eagerly snatched-up and analyzed and it become part the cultural zeitgeist and popculture. 
But it also became a television teaching-tool; it taught viewers that steadfast devotion is not necessarily rewarded in the end.  LOST broke too many hearts, upset its core fan-base and became a “shell” of its former self by the end.  The fact that it ended with the reveal that a large number of its characters were living in a version of purgatory awaiting their chance to “move on” as their fellow comrades joined them one-by-one in the after-life was thoroughly discouraging.  [Read more…]

Has the Phrase “Game Changer” Jumped the Shark?

“Game changer” just does not mean what it used to.  In fact, it means virtually nothing these days simply because the over-use of the term has diluted the very meaning of it.  When did the phrase “game changer” turn into such a snooze-fest? Back in the good ole days, when you heard that a television show was going to air a “game changer” episode, it meant something so much more thrilling — something so significant and unexpected that viewers were shocked and could not believe their eyes.  A “game changer” used to mean that a key character was being killed-off, someone was coming back from the dead, or there was going to be so mind-blowing that you could not foresee it happening.  But nowadays, it could mean anything from the addition of a new character, a character losing their job, or even less gasp-worthy, a character getting pregnant.

Great examples of “game changers” were LOST, 24 and TORCHWOOD’s willingness to kill off key characters.  Another show particularly adept at game-changers was the J.J. Abrams’ series ALIAS, such as when it took down SD-6 with one swift blow during the second season or when it surprised viewers with the 2 -year time jump.  Game-changers are risk taking and shocking.  The viewer should be sitting on their sofa wondering why the world felt like it had just tilted.

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No Ordinary Guest Star! Rebecca Mader Reflects on Her Incredible Journey Thus Far

What’s luck got to do with it? When it comes to the trajectory of Rebecca Mader’s career — who will follow up succumbing to the most notable nosebleed in the history of the television with a three episode guest stint on NO ORDINARY FAMILY starting night — very little. Or at least that’s what we took away following a fantastically candid conversation with the actress who touched upon everything from what brought her to America, her mysterious new role on NO ORDINARY FAMILY, and of course, what it’s like to be associated with the remarkable legacy that is LOST.

Despite the fact we promised ourselves we wouldn’t start off this interview with a LOST-related question, something recently happened that we simply must get your reaction to: The LOST lottery numbers…
Rebecca Mader: Were they all the exact same numbers?

They were two off!
I’m so pissed off I didn’t play those numbers! It did cross my mind and then I was in such a rush because I was on the set of NO ORDINARY FAMILY on Tuesday and we were all like, “Come on, we have to wrap and go get lottery tickets.” So me and Michael Chiklis were plowing through the scene, I ran to 7-11 and I didn’t have time. I thought about the LOST numbers that morning but I didn’t have time so I said, “Sod it,” and did a 20 dollar quick pick, which of course didn’t have anything that was remotely close to what the numbers were, and then I saw it on twitter the next day and was like, “$#*! that crossed my mind!” Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to make my own millions!

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The Oh No They Didn’t of the Week: Is it just us, or is BROTHERS & SISTERS coming perilously close to jumping the proverbial you-know-what by pairing Kevin and Scotty up with the most adorable adoptee since the gang from GROWING PAINS adopted Leonardo DiCaprio?

Funnest — If Most Difficult To Explain To Those Who Don’t Watch The Show — Twist: On CASTLE, Laura Prepon played an actress researching Beckett so she could play the big-screen version of our hero’s fictionalized take on his partner. (Trust us. It was a blast.)

Most Disappointed Producers: Clearly, the folks behind the scenes at THE BACHELOR hoped that having Brad confront the women he’d dumped last season would result in the kind of train-wreck they’d created during last season’s sit down with Brad and Vienna. Sadly for them, it was yet another indication of just how big a mistake giving the dumb lug another platform really was.

Best Farewell: Sure, we wish they’d have aired the episodes over five weeks instead of all at once. But Syfy’s marathon of the final CAPRICA’s gave viewers a bit of closure while at the same time setting up the world in which BLOOD & CHROME — the much-discussed pilot that will be set post-CAPRICA but pre-BATTLESTAR GALACTICA — will take place.

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Our Top 10 TV Shows of 2010

While they may not have been the year’s most critically acclaimed or the country’s most popular, each the following shows made this TV Addict’s Top 10 of ’10 for the simple reason that each week, they left us jonesing another fix. You know those people who say “less is more?” Yeah, they’re totally wrong. As the following programs prove, too much is never enough.

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Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Fan-Made Credit Sequences That Are Way Better Than The Ones Used By The Show

This morning, our friends over at For Starters — a site devoted to TV’s credit sequences — posted a fan-made GOSSIP GIRL opening so good we were blown away. More importantly, we were inspired to shine the light on some openings made by fans that not only blow the real ones away, but prove that there are a whole lotta people out there who — like us — love a good intro.

While there’s no denying that that the words “You know you love me, XOXO” have become this show’s signature, this fan-made opening does a far better job of welcoming you to the world of Manhattan’s elite. Plus, bonus points for the Blake Lively hair-flip. Every truly-classic opening needs at least one amazing hair-flip. (This is, in fact, a little known law, known in many circles as SSFC, as it was named after Susan Sullivan’s toss-your-hair-as-you-whip-around-to-face-the-camera moment in the FALCON CREST credits.)

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