MASTERCHEF JUNIOR Interview:  Jenna Kloner Can Cook — And Golf!

jenna kloner
By: By: Nick Edsall

Jenna Kloner is a force to be reckoned with in the MASTERCHEF JUNIOR kitchen — and on the golf course.

When she isn’t whipping up restaurant-worthy meals in her family’s New York City home, the culinary whiz kid enjoys hitting up the greens with her father and brother.

“I am really into golf,” she reveals in an exclusive interview with

“It is just a whole family thing.  It is a really great way for me and my family to spend time together.  And I am not that bad at it either!”

Jenna — and eighth grader from New York City — is one of 19 culinary cuties featured on the third season of chef Gordon Ramsay’s kiddie cooking competition.

“Ever since I was little, I was always watching cooking shows and saying “Why don’t they have one for kids?’” she says. 

“I swear I said that!  And I was like, ‘I just want to grow up so I can be on one of those.”   Then I saw MASTERCHEF JUNIOR, so I found the casting website and I signed up.”

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Catching Up with MASTERCHEF JUNIOR finalist Abby Major

Abby Major masterchef junior

How adorable is MASTERCHEF JUNIOR finalist Abby Major?

She loves jellybeans (who doesn’t?), hates missing school and spends her free time helping animals.

“I just started an elephant and rhino protection club,” she revealed in an exclusive interview with 

“I made the sign up sheet this morning so it is kind of a new one. We are going to raise awareness about elephants and rhinos by maybe doing some bake sales and other fundraisers.”

The fourth grader from Winchester, Virginia is among the six young cooks still competing in chef Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen

“I have been in the kitchen my whole entire life, but I really got into cooking when I started watching cooking shows [on TV],” she says. CHOPPED was always my favorite show to watch.”

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‘MasterChef Junior’: Finalist Josh Reisner On Oona, School Lunches and That Adorable Voice 

josh Reisner masterchef junior

By Sean Daly
Special To

It’s a mystery voice box challenge!

The parents of “MasterChef Junior” finalist Josh Reisner admit doctors are still trying to figure out what is causing the sixth grader’s voice to constantly squeak and crack.

“The more he speaks during the day, the more it cracks,” his father, Brad Reiser, says.  

“It has been this way pretty much since he started talking.  We have had the doctor check it out and this is just kind of his voice.”

Though the Queens resident is not in any pain, “we have had a lot of people contact us saying, ‘You should check that out,’” Reisner says.  “So we are probably going to have it checked again.”

Josh, 11, is one of eight contestants remaining on the Fox cooking competition.

“It has been such a great experience,” the aspiring chef and food critic tells me.  

“I have gained so much confidence and I get to brag that I have cooked for some of the greatest chefs in the world.”

Josh — who one day hopes to open a restaurant called Josh’s Comfort & Bistro — shared more about the show, his life and what he really thinks of school cafeteria food in our exclusive interview. [Read more…]