For Your Consideration: Michelle Forbes Talks THE KILLING

Has the mystery surrounding who killed Rosie Larson left you scratching your head? Well, rest assured, you’re not alone. Michelle Forbes, the talented, and if we may be so bold, Emmy-worthy actress, who plays grieving mother Mitch Larson on AMC’s meticulously crafted and beautifully-shot freshman series, THE KILLING, is too. Or at least that’s the distinct impression the affable actress left us with during a recent one-on-one in which Forbes took the time to discuss the year’s most addictive new series, the toll playing television’s most honest portrait of grief takes on a person, and why the resolution of spring’s most talked-about mystery may just leave viewers with more questions than answers!  [Read more…]

TRUE BLOOD’s Michelle Forbes Talks Maryann, the Statue and What’s Next


Direct from Toronto’s Polaris Convention and just in time for this evening’s return of TRUE BLOOD, HBO’s deliciously addictive vampire series (that as it turns out, is a about a whole lot more than just blood suckers) comes this TV Addict’s new interview with Michelle Forbes, who plays the mysterious Maryann Forrester.

The TV Addict: Earlier in your career, it was widely reported that you turned down a series regular role on STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE because you didn’t wish to commit to a series regular role on television at that point in your career. Why the change of heart with TRUE BLOOD?
Michelle Forbes: Alan Ball [TRUE BLOOD’s creator]. He’s such a wonderful man to work for and I don’t think I’ve ever run into anyone who is not a fan of his. And, after DURHAM COUNTY and IN TREATMENT, I really wanted to do something light and fun. And while TRUE BLOOD is a very technically difficult show and there is a lot of depth to it, it’s illegal how much fun we’re having on the show. Which for me, was really important, to go and do something that was fun for a bloody change as supposed to being tortured all the time. Even though I was tortured on the show by having to face a few fears.

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