ONCE UPON A TIME Recap: The Evil Within


Last night’s ONCE UPON AT TIME took us back to its roots. In one of the most solid episodes we have had the pleasure of watching in at least a season and a a half, “Strange Case” had an old school kind of vibe and it felt so much like a season 1 episode. It was well balanced, had plenty of action and drama and just the right amount of screen time for its ever expanding group of characters. But mostly, it was just fun.

Back to school. Finally we got to see an interesting storyline involving Snow White. She has basically been in the back burner for a couple of seasons now, mostly going along for the ride, but we saw Snow taking control of her own life again and making an effort to have things go back to normal – or as normal as they can be when one is a fairytale character and lives in Storybrooke. But we got a really awesome glimpse of the Charmings family life in the beginning of the episode, with Charming being an endearingly obnoxious jealous dad and the family just having breakfast together, which was just great to watch.

That first scene was just so incredible and light and it made me smile so big, because this is what they have always wanted. The entire family together as Emma, Snow, Charming, Baby Neal and Henry gathered in the kitchen as they got ready for the day. Not even Regina’s arrival with Jekyll broke the spell of that entire feel good first moment of the episode. That one scene has been six years in the making and it was incredibly overdue and such a joy to watch.

But when Snow gets to school, things aren’t as they used to be. For starters, little Henry is now a teenager and even has a girlfriend, so that was her first reality check. Time has passed and things have changed. When the students don’t respond to her lesson as they used to, she is crushed. It takes Jasmine – and hey, we all knew that was Jasmine, right? I can’t even remember the name she used right now – telling her that she needed to let go of the past and adapt to the new normal, for Snow to get in the groove of how things are now. Embracing her true self is liberating and she delivers a kickass lesson to her students as badass Snow White. Brilliant subplot, brilliant delivery and brilliant dialogue. I loved every single thing about this plot and I can only hope they keep it up.

Jekyll, Hyde and the Evil Queen. First of all, the Evil Queen is delightful. Can we please keep her forever? Lana Parrilla is doing such an amazing job at separating both characters and she is just plain funny as a full on evil villain. There is a lightness to her voice and every single line that completely contradicts the despicable things she is capable of doing and it’s just amazing. Standing ovation to Parrilla for her outstanding performance.

Now, let’s talk about the abrupt end of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde storyline. Although, now that it’s over and it’s clear that they couldn’t really go any further than that, I admit I’d had the impression that they would play a larger role at least until the midseason finale. However, their story served its purpose to highlight that Regina is pretty much screwed. Despite having separated the evil and good parts of herself, this particular storyline showed us that there is no way to separate both parts completely. Jekyll was still capable of evil, just like Regina will have to live with the possibility of the evil within her rearing its ugly head again.

What became clear, however, is that there is no way to defeat the Evil Queen – at least not without losing Regina as well. The serum that Jekyll created was lost forever and it took Hook killing him for Mr. Hyde to die as well. When Jekyll turned on Belle, she asked for Killian’s help using a mermaid shell he had given her earlier that day. As it turns out, the good scientist was also a villain and tried to kill Belle in order to exact his revenge against Rumplestiltskin. When Hook pushed him into a spear that ran him through, his doppelganger, Mr. Hyde, also perished. That only showed them that in order for the Evil Queen to die, Regina will have to perish as well.

That led to an incredibly touching moment between Emma and Regina, where they mirrored the request Emma made at the beggining of season 5 – Regina asked Emma to sacrifice her, if push comes to shove. Emma promised her that she will do everything in her power to prevent that from happening because that’s what family does. This was just so beautiful and touching and it showed us how far these two amazing women have come.

Rumbelle. Look, it hurts me too. While I was never a Rumbelle fan, the child in me mourns for one of my favorite princesses. This relationship has come to a point that it’s completely toxic and abusive and I can’t see any way for them to even think about getting back to the way they were. Even though Rumple might be trying to change, he just can’t. He goes about it all wrong and, in an effort to protect Belle, he traps her in the Jolly Roger with magic, so she can’t leave. But that wasn’t the main problem here.

That final scene between them – after Hook has saved her from Jekyll – where Rumple is basically threatening her that she will go back to him whether she likes it or not, that was the final nail in this ship’s proverbial coffin. Because you know what – that is not okay. If you love someone, you don’t use threats or force or anything that may harm them to make them get back to you. What Rumple is doing has all the telltale signs of an abusive relationship. And when Belle tells him she will never go back to him because she has always seen who he really is and apparently he can’t change, he tells her that she will get back to him no matter what.

I’m sorry, but I can’t get behind a ship that promotes this kind of behavior. At this point, I don’t think Rumplestilskin can be ever be redeemed because – even though he tries to put his love for Belle first – he will never give up his power. And no matter what happens, he will always put that power first and that is not what a healthy relationship is supposed to be about. I really, really hope that Belle stays as far away from him as possible and that Emma and Regina can help her protect her baby boy when he’s born.

Jasmine. So we all knew it was her, right? While we only caught a glimpse of what their storyline is going to be about, I admit I am so curious to watch this unfold. So Jasmine apparently is looking for Alladin in Storybrooke, so that opens so many exciting possibilities – especially for Emma to understand what being a Savior is all about. Also, it has been a solid twenty years since I last watched Alladin, but is there a possibility that the Oracle is actually Jafar? Have you taken a look at that staff she keeps walking around with? I saw that theory last night on Twitter and I actually think this could be a possibility.

Overall, though, this was such a great episode. It had been a while since I finished an episode of this show and had that omg, I want more feeling.

A new episode of ONCE UPON A TIME airs next Sunday, October 23, at 8/7c on ABC (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

ONCE UPON A TIME: Learning More About Dr. Jekyll’s Serum


Dr. Jekyll’s serum is a big focus of this week’s ONCE UPON A TIME. In flashbacks we learn that Jekyll is working on his serum in the past — the serum to separate a man’s personality into two: good and evil. He wants admission into the Scientific Academy in his land in order to finalize his work, but one of the high-ranking members doesn’t seem eager to grant it, despite the support of the man’s daughter. Apparently the members of the Academy think that Dr. Jekyll’s work is too dangerous and should be stopped. So Jekyll turns to Rumplestiltskin for him in completing his work. But as with everything involving Rumplestiltskin, Jekyll learns that his help comes with a hefty price.

Meanwhile, in modern day Storybrooke, the Evil Queen and Mr. Hyde continue on their quest to steal Jekyll’s serum. They head to Mr. Gold’s shop (where he debuts his new hair-do) and Hyde asks him for a cameo necklace. Mr. Gold wants to know what he’ll get in return, but Hyde responds “nothing”. And that’s when Gold learns something very important — Hyde can’t be killed. At least not with Gold’s magic. Which could mean he’ll be forced to help him.

Elsewhere in the episode Snow looks forward to her first day back in the classroom as a teacher. We’re also going to meet Karen David’s new character (see photos below). She’ll be playing Princess Jasmine/Shirin and it seems that in Storybrooke she’ll be working alongside Snow at the school. Meanwhile, Emma looks forward to Hook moving in with her, but Hook finds that he has to protect Belle from Mr. Gold, who has made sure she can’t leave the confines of the Jolly Roger. Will this put a crimp in Hook and Emma’s?

Don’t miss an all new episode of ONCE UPON A TIME tonight (October 16) at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

ONCE UPON A TIME Recap: Long Live The Queen?


The Evil Queen is back.

And that was easily one of the very best parts of last night’s episode. She is funny, sassy and ruthless in all her evil glory. “A Bitter Draught” told the story of the Count of Monte Cristo, who – in this tale – was hired by the Evil Queen to kill the Charmings back in the Enchanted Forest.

Consumed by his need for vengeance, he was an easy pawn in the Evil Queen’s hands, but before he could fulfill his contract, he escaped to the Land of Untold Stories. Now that he is in Storybrooke, however, his story will inevitably play out – especially with the even more evil version of the Evil Queen holding his heart captive.

Craig Horner played the role of the vengeful Count perfectly, which just made me miss LEGEND OF THE SEEKER even more. He arrives at Granny’s and leaves a note with Henry, addressed to the Charmings. It seems like an innocent enough invitation, but Regina immediately recognizes the Count’s M.O. And that started a running gag that was present through the entire episode, with Regina apologizing for having hired him to murder Snow and Charming in the first place. Their delivery was so on point in every scene that it had me laughing out loud every single time.

To make a long story short, the Evil Queen has the Count’s heart and has ordered him to finish his job and kill Snow White and Prince Charming. Even though the Count has already seen the error of his ways, he doesn’t have the strength to fight against the Evil Queen’s bidding and he has no choice but to keep trying to murder them. In the end, it all boils down to Regina saving them – and was that the ultimate irony/character development at its best or what? The woman who had dedicated her entire life to killing Snow White is the person who ends up saving her. Granted, she doesn’t have the Evil Queen inside of her anymore, but I don’t really think that matters.

Because it was like the Evil Queen herself said – no matter how hard she tries to fight it, there is darkness in all of us. So it’s impossible for one to be all good or all bad. That said, we need to take a moment to appreciate the wonderful job Lana Parrilla is doing at playing both characters flawlessly. They are the same person and yet they’re not. She plays the nuances between the characters perfectly and I absolutely love how sassy she has made the Evil Queen to be. Every time she was on my screen, I just had a huge smile on my face – even though the Queen was doing despicable things – because she was just plain funny.

While part of me is rooting for the heroes, I admit I just want to see the Evil Queen prance around town wreaking havoc in the best way possible.

Now, while all that was happening, Hook offered Belle his Jolly Roger as an accommodation – in order to protect her from Rumplestiltskin. He is trying to atone for his sins of the past and I just want to hug him really tight, because he has become such a wonderful, wonderful man. Emma has really done wonders for this character and it’s truly remarkable to see how love has changed him for the better.

However, speaking of Emma, can we please talk about what the hell is going on with her? What happened in this hiatus that made her take ten steps backwards in her character development? I get that she’s conflicted and she doesn’t want to worry her family, but come on, Emma. You’re a team! If you can’t trust your own family with your issues, then who are you going to trust to help you? You can’t go at it alone.

And if you don’t want to worry your parents, then at least tell your significant other, who is your freaking true love and would do everything in his power to keep you safe and help you figure out why this is happening to you. At least she’s seeing Archie and I am seriously keeping my fingers crossed that he will break doctor-patient confidentiality and tell at least Hook what is going on with Emma. But I doubt that’s going to happen anytime soon, so we will just have to deal with the fact that Emma is lying to everyone she loves.

What is it with these tortured characters and their need to keep life-altering secrets to themselves?

Now, I know she told Archie that she’s afraid Regina might be the one under that hood and, ultimately, the one that kills her, but I don’t think that’s it. That would be way too easy of a guess and they would never just spring this on us at the beggining of the season.

My guess? The person under the hood is Emma herself and she’s fighting her own worst fear.

Too out there? I’ve been watching a lot of ARROW lately and that was something I saw last night and that I think could really be the case here. It would be fitting, really.

What do you think?

A new episode of ONCE UPON A TIME airs next onOctober 9 at 8/7c on ABC.

ONCE UPON A TIME Sneak Peek: The Evil Queen Recruits an Ally


The Evil Queen is back on ONCE UPON A TIME and she’s eager to make her mark on the world. One of our big villains for the season didn’t actually show her face until the end of the season premiere last week, but it appears like she’s gearing up for something big now that she’s back.

In this week’s episode, the Evil Queen convinces Zelena to let her into Regina’s vault, which has been sealed with blood magic. She steals some of Regina’s magical artifacts and then insists to Zelena that she’s just here to teach Regina a lesson. She tells Zelena that if she manages to convince Regina that she can’t escape her more evil nature then Zelena will gain a sister just like her. Is this enough to convince Zelena to keep quiet about the Queen’s plans?

Elsewhere in the episode, a mysterious man from the Land of Untold Stories pops up in Storybrooke. He’s got a past with the Evil Queen so David, Snow and Regina team up to try and neutralize the threat. Belle, meanwhile, turns to Hook to find a safe place to hide from her husband, Mr. Gold, while Emma resumes her therapy sessions with Archie and shares her terrifying vision of the future.

Don’t miss an all new episode of ONCE UPON A TIME tonight (October 2) at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

ONCE UPON A TIME Season 6 Premiere Sneak Peeks: Unexpected Visitors Land in Storybrooke


Rejoice, ONCE UPON A TIME fans! The summer hiatus is finally over and we are only a few days away from reuniting with our favorite fairytale heroes. Opening its sixth season, the ABC hit show is introducing another fan favorite – Alladin.

We will get to see Jasmine, Jaffar and Alladin himself, who – as it turns out – has something very important in common with Emma Swan. The season premiere, titled “The Savior”, will pick up right where we left off in the season 5 finale, with the Evil Queen roaming free and a whole world of trouble for our heroes to sort through.

ABC has released a few clips to keep us going until tonight, and it looks like Hook and Emma still can’t get a moment alone without some kind of threat interrupting them. Apparently a flying contraption from the Land of Untold Stories crosses over to our realm and kind of crash-lands in Storybrooke.

Meanwhile, Gold is seeking out Morpheus’ help in order to save Belle from the sleeping curse.

ONCE UPON A TIME returns tonight, September 25, at 8/7c on ABC (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

ONCE UPON A TIME Season 6 Premiere Photos: A Ship in the Woods

New villains are coming to Storybrooke in the upcoming sixth season of ONCE UPON A TIME and our heroes are going to war.

Hyde is one of the biggest issues of the premiere and our heroes set out immediately to stop him. But Emma develops a mysterious side effect and the town starts being invaded by refugees from the Land of Untold Stories. In photos for the episode (which can be viewed in the slideshow above), we see our heroes explore a crash site courtesy of Mr. Hyde’s fellow refugees. And Raphael Sbarge will be returning as Archie Hopper.

The Evil Queen is also lurking about town, which is going to be problematic for everyone. Elsewhere, Regina and Zelena grow closer and the pair decide to become roommates, while Ruple is still trying to free Belle from the sleeping curse.

Finally, the flashbacks in the premiere will focus on the land of Agrabah, where Jafar confronts Aladdin and an important secret about The Savior is revealed.

In addition, ABC will be airing the special “Once Upon a Time: Evil Reigns Once More” on Sunday, September 25 at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. The special will look back at the last five years of the show and then ahead to what’s coming next.

ONCE UPON A TIME returns for its sixth season on Sunday, September 25 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

ONCE UPON A TIME Teasers: New Roommates, Mysterious Side Effects and Another Savior


The sixth season of ONCE UPON A TIME is nearly here and in addition to the spoilers dropped at the Comic Con panel and press room, ABC has dished out a few more teasers about the season as a whole and the premiere specifically.

Here’s a few teasers about what’s to come:

  • The Evil Queen is a big villain for season 6. According to ABC, “the Evil Queen is back and ready to leave a trail of destruction in her wake.” Meanwhile, Regina will learn that destroying her dark side won’t be that easy.
  • Emma will learn a life-altering secret “that could have serious consequences for her family and loved ones”.
  • Henry welcomes the new arrivals from the Land of Untold Stories by pledging to help them complete their tales. But when Snow White, Prince Charming, Regina, Captain Hook and Zelena become entwined in these untold tales, they find themselves haunted by their own unfinished pasts.
  • In the season premiere episode, “The Savior,” as our heroes set out to stop Hyde, Emma develops a mysterious side effect, and Storybrooke becomes a haven for refugees from the Land of Untold Stories.
  • Regina and Zelena embrace their newfound sisterhood by becoming roommates in the premiere.
  • Rumple continues to try and free Belle from the Sleeping Curse with “the help of a stranger”.
  • In the premiere flashbacks, “Jafar confronts an afflicted Aladdin in Agrabah, and a secret about the Savior is revealed”.
  • In addition to meeting Aladdin (Deniz Akdeniz) — a former Savior who may be able to offer Emma just the help she needs, — and Jafar (Oded Fehr), we’ll also see Princess Jasmine (Karin David), the Count of Monte Cristo (Craig Horner) and Morpheus (Giles Matthey).

ONCE UPON A TIME returns for an all new season on Sunday, September 25 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

ONCE UPON A TIME Comic-Con Press Room: The Origin of the Savior, the Evil Queen and Hook’s Past


The cast of ABC’s hit show ONCE UPON A TIME, along with showrunners Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis, talked to journalists this past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con about what we can expect to see in season 6. With two villains in town, Storybrooke will now take front stage again, as the show returns to its roots for its sixth season. Lana Parrilla, Jared Gilmore, Emily de Ravin, Rebecca Mader, Colin O’Donoghue and Josh Dallas talked about what’s in store for their characters this season and how they are all going to have their hands full dealing with the Evil Queen and Hyde at the same time.

Adam Horowitz told us that this season will not be all about the Land of Untold Stories, as it was previously teased in the season 5 finale. This time, they are not going to a different land and stay there for the first half of the season, like they did for the past couple of seasons. “We are in Storybrooke and the characters from the Land of Untold Stories have arrived, and that is part of the story we’re telling. But the arc of this season will touch on a bunch of different things.” Horowitz teased.

According to the showrunners, these characters fled the Land of Untold Stories, so their stories wouldn’t play out. Now that they’re in Storybrooke, things will play out as they were supposed to and Emma will find herself again in the position of Savior, trying to help everyone find their happiness. Add to that the fact that both Hyde and a far more terrifying Evil Queen will be on the loose, so the heroes will most certainly not have time to take a break before the next crisis.

Origin of the savior. During the panel, we watched a sneak peek of the upcoming season, and found out that Alladin was a Savior. Eddie Kitsis mentioned that, this year, we are exploring the Savior mythology, and we will soon realize that Emma is not the first savior and that there is an origin story to that position of power. In the sneak peek, we saw that being a Savior has really taken its toll on Alladin and that it might be a glimpse of what is in store for Emma. “Last year, we saw Emma finally saying ‘I love you’ to Hook when there was no problem or death, so she was able to let in these new emotions. So one of the things we want to get into this year for Emma is what is it like to find your parents? What is it like to have the pressure of being the Savior and having to fight all those fights? Is she ever going to have a happy ending? I think the Alladin thing kind of showed you what happened to the Savior, right?” Kitsis teased.

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Regina vs Evil Queen. Lana Parrilla said that the Evil Queen is different than what she used to be. “Before, she was still part of Regina, and Regina has a conscience. We will see how the Evil Queen will fare without a conscience and how far she is willing to go to get her revenge. She is still hung up on Snow and getting her heart.” Parrilla teased.

She also mentioned that Regina is still trying to be a hero and she turns to Snow for advice. “Part of her feels that [what is happening] is karmic, but she is not going to let the Evil Queen win. She is going to battle against her and really fight for redemption and her happiness.”

Jared Gilmore also talked about how Henry is going to react to having three mothers now. When he was asked about how he is going to feel about the Evil Queen, Gilmore said that it’s complicated. “It’s hard to explain. She raised him for ten years, so he has some sort of feelings toward her. Even when she was still in Regina, he wanted to see the good in her, which means he also wanted to see the good in the Evil Queen. But now that that’s gone, it will be really interesting to explore.”

Robin’s death. Last season, we saw Robin perish when Hades used the Olympian Crystal on him. Regina hasn’t really had time to process what happened and Parrilla says there is so much going on with the characters, that we won’t see it right away. “Regina is very private. There is so much going on. As soon as we start the season, we have Hyde and Gold has given him Storybrooke, so we need to protect our civilians. That’s why I think these moments are more private. It’s talked about, but I think  the grieving happens behind closed doors.” she elaborated on how her character is dealing with Robin’s death.

Zelena. When asked about how Zelena is fairing when season 6 starts, Rebecca Mader said that there is a lot going on with her character. When we last saw her, she had just killed her first love in order to save her sister, so she is not in the best head space right now. “I had finally gotten a sister, and now I have two. So it’s a lot – dealing with Regina and the Evil Queen, and the baby and I just killed my boyfriend, so I made an appointment with Jimini Cricket for next week.” The actress laughed.

About how her relationship with the Evil Queen and with her own dark side that she is still trying to leave behind, Mader said that being a villain is like battling an addiction, so Zelena might slip up a little bit on her journey.

Belle and Rumplestiltskin. Emilie De Ravin told us that Belle starts off season 6 still inside the box – just as we last saw her in the season 5 finale. However, she says that Belle will most likely not stay there for too long. “The way she gets out of the box, that she’s extracted from it, and the characters involved in that – it’s really cool.” De Ravin commented. “It reveals a lot about her relationship.” She added.

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ONCE UPON A TIME: Watch a Sneak Peek of Aladdin and Jafar From Season 6

ouat copy

ONCE UPON A TIME has tackled many Disney characters in the past, including Peter Pan, the FROZEN sisters, Ariel and many more. But now the show is bringing in the characters from ALADDIN for the upcoming sixth season.

As a special bonus for the fans attended the Comic-Con panel, the cast and producers screened the first scene from the upcoming season 6 premiere.

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We open with someone on horseback riding across an open field. And we pan up to see another man riding a magic carpet and throwing lightening bolts at the man.  The man arrives at a house to ask for help from “the Saviour” and in walks Jafar (played by Oded Fehr). Jafar disintegrates the man from the horse and then goes to attack the Saviour….a.k.a. Aladdin (played by Deniz Akdeniz).  Jafar taunts the mighty Saviour who has fallen so far and then a Saviour never lives “happily ever after”.

Watch the sneak peek from the season premiere below.

ONCE UPON A TIME returns on Sunday, September 25 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

ONCE UPON A TIME Comic-Con Panel: The Cast and Producers Tease Season 6

once upon a time

Hades was defeated at the end of ONCE UPON A TIME’s last season — at the cost of Robin Hood’s life — but a new villain emerged when Regina split off her evil half and killed the Evil Queen. Only the Evil Queen didn’t die and it looks like she’ll be wreaking havoc for our heroes next season. There’s also the matter of Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde roaming around Storybrooke.

ONCE UPON A TIME stars Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Colin O’Donoghue, Emilie de Ravin, Jared Gilmore and Rebecca Mader — along with executive producers Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis — took to the stage at San Diego Comic-Con to tease what’s coming up in season 6.

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One of the biggest questions for season 6 is how the split between Regina and the Evil Queen will work.  Parrilla says that Regina is still sassy, even being split from her evil core. But the Evil Queen is slightly different “than she used to be, I think.  She is now without a conscience, so she’s pure evil. And a lot of fun. Regina is desperate to really be this hero and be happy internally and that’s really what she wants for herself. She has this beautiful family now. And her sister. So it’s going to be an interesting journey this year to see how the Evil Queen and Regina co-exist.”

Parrilla thinks that Emma and Regina have grown over the years and become best friends, but how will the appearance of the Evil Queen change that dynamic? “They’re working together and I think Emma has helped Regina get to this new place in her life,” Parrilla said. She sees them continuing down that path, but the Evil Queen is a different entity. Morrison thinks that Emma wants to believe in Regina, but she also knows she needs to protect everyone she loves (including Regina) from the Queen. How do you separate the two mentally? “I think it’s going to be complicated, like it always is,” Morrison said.

Other highlights: 

  • What is the draw for Belle with Rumple? de Ravin thinks that at the end of last season, Belle is now is acknowledging that part of that pull is him being a bad guy. She likes that, even if deep down she sees the good in him.
  • Are there any consequences about Hook returning from the dead? Has he changed? O’Donoghue thinks he’s “pretty much the same Hook.” But now that he knows it’s true love with Emma and Hook, they’re trying to figure out how to navigate being together. “We might find out a few things about his past,” he teased cryptically. Horowitz confirmed there’s more of Hook’s past that we dig into and more secrets will be revealed.
  • The one thing the Evil Queen wanted was Snow’s heart and that “will not stop,” Kitsis said. But Regina and Snow have become friends over the years. Regina will have a group of people supporting her this time, while her evil alter ego will just be trying to kill everyone. Horowitz said that Regina and Snow’s relationship will definitely continue being explored in season 6.
  • Gilmore thinks that now that Henry is the Author, he’s realized he’s a hero now and he can help people by giving them their stories and help them figure things out. He thinks that “Henry has found his place. He believes that now he’s a part of the heroes and I think he likes it. He loves it.”
  • We will get to see Hook and Charming together in “a fun arc,” Horowitz teased.
  • Mader thinks that being pregnant and having a baby really changed Zelena, along with Regina giving Zelena her trust even if she didn’t deserve it.
  • Can Zeus intervene in internal matters going forward? Kitsis thinks that was a one-time-only Zeus interference, so don’t expect to see him again anytime soon.
  • What’s happened in the Underworld since Hades left? The cast and producers screened an amusing video featuring Cruela and a guest appearances by James Marsters (from BUFFY) and she told us that King Arthur is running the Underworld now.

ONCE UPON A TIME returns on Sunday, September 25 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).