Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Final-Episode Shout-Outs To ONE TREE HILL’s Past

I have absolutely no shame in admitting that last night’s ONE TREE HILL finale reduced me to tears at several points. For fans of the show, the episode did what the show had always done best (and what often brought scorn and ridicule from folks who didn’t get the appeal): It embraced its own predictability and cheesiness and while wrapping viewers in the warm and comforting embrace of a world where dreams come true and good almost always triumphs over evil. Like almost no other, HILL was a show which not only remembered its past, but knew that fans did as well and regularly rewarded them with references to events — big and small — to characters, moments and jokes from previous seasons. Here are our five favorites from last night’s finale. [Read more…]

We Celebrate Tonight’s Series Finale of ONE TREE HILL By Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane

In recognition of ONE TREE HILL’s remarkable 9 year run coming to a close this evening on the CW, thought it might be fun to give you an idea as to how far we have come by taking a brief back at what was permeating the television landscape when the show premiered way back in September 2003. See for yourself after the jump. [Read more…]

Morning Static: GLEE, AWAKE, ONE TREE HILL & More!

• The Big Tease: Amy Sherman-Palladino’s BUNHEADS.
• First Look: Matt Bomer and Darren Criss get their GLEE On!
• Let the Healing Begin: COMMUNITY creator apologizes for publicly playing Chevy Chase’s voicemail.
• The Business of Show, David Letterman and Craig Ferguson will stay with CBS through 2014.
• Mark Your Calendars: AWAKE gets a two-hour finale date.
• ONE TREE HILL creator Mark Schwahn: The series finale will acknowledge the fans.


Best Funeral: Sorry, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, but when it came to remembering a lost (fictional) loved one, the grieving of Robin Scorpio-Drake’s GENERAL HOSPITAL loved ones was far more moving than the service for Mike Delfino.
Best Funeral, Runner Up: Nope, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES didn’t come in second either, thanks to ONE TREE HILL baddie Dan Scott finally meeting his maker… and, in the afterlife, the brother he killed several seasons ago.

Most Fun Marathon: Logo will host a “24 Hour Salute To Great American Cinema” by running Showgirls on a 24-hour loop… on April Fool’s Day.
Coolest Show: Too bad Discovery didn’t save the incredible seven-part series FROZEN PLANET for summer. It’s icy locals might have helped cool us down during the hotter months! [Read more…]

Today’s TV Addict Top 5: ONE TREE HILL Cast Members Reflect on Their Favorite Episodes

With tonight’s episode of ONE TREE HILL continuing the countdown to the season finale, we thought now might be as good a time as any to take a trip down memory lane with select members of the cast. Out of an astounding 176 episodes, do actors Sophia Bush, Paul Johansson, James Lafferty, Stephen Colletti or Lee Norris have a favorite? Find out for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

Previewing ONE TREE HILL’s Last Hurrah With Tears, Laughter and a Heart-Breaking Mystery

Is ONE TREE HILL looking to go out with a bang or a pretty wrapped bow as it ends its 9th season?  From all indications from the two-minute teaser which jump-starts this final season, and from the cryptic remarks of the cast and creator, fans better be prepared to break out the Kleenex.  The body under a white sheet in the morgue make be the best clue, but given the number of tears shed at a special sneak peek screening of ONE TREE HILL’s 9th season opener by the cast last week, one of the show’s beloved characters is not going to make it through the season. [Read more…]


Grossest Manipulation: “I’m not trying to sell a story,” said BACHELOR PAD’s Kasey to fellow contestants. “But just know the money is necessary for my grandmother to live.” Kudos, dude. You’ve finally proven yourself to be just as disgusting as your fame-whore girlfriend, Vienna. Enjoy yourself while you can, buddy, because the race is on to see whether your relationship or your time in the spotlight ends first.
Best Crossover: Holy Wrestlemania! A special Tuesday-night edition of SMACKDOWN featured stars from both this WWE franchise and its sister show, RAW, giving Syfy a nice ratings boost and fans of the genre an extra night of carnage.
Why Geeks Wet Themselves This Week: The New York Post reported that a sixth version of STAR TREK is in the works and will soon be pitched to CBS.
The “Well What Else Did He Have To Do” Award Goes To…: Chad Michael Murray, who, having all but squandered the buzz he had a few years back, will return for the final season of ONE TREE HILL. [Read more…]

Ask the Addict: Spoilers for DEXTER, GLEE, BONES, GREY’S ANATOMY & More!

Any word on how Colin Hanks is going to fit into the new season of DEXTER? — Dave
The TV Addict: Words, we’ve got plenty. What’s more, they’re not just a random collection of ambiguous ones strung together in a desperate attempt to leave readers with the impression we know far more about the upcoming sixth season of DEXTER than we actually do. Rather, they’re from the former good guy himself, Colin Hanks, who was kind enough to make up for interrupting our one-on-one with HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER’s Jason Segel during last week’s CBS/CW/Showtime Party by dropping a few hints about what fans can expect from his character. “Here’s the problem. So much of the show is a secret that they’ve sort of engrained in me to not ruin the secret and when you sign a legal binding document it sort of makes you not want to do that. What I can say is that my character Travis restores ancient artifacts and he has a relationship with a Professor Gellar that’s played by Eddie Olmos,” said Hanks, of his character who is sprinkled in throughout the season. “It’s amazing and I want to tell the world about it but I can’t. Here’s the one thing I can say, there are a few instances this season where we are doing things that the show has never done before that will make all the DEXTER-heads flip out!”

Is there any truth to the rumor that GLEE is going back to its first season roots this year? — Drew
The TV Addict: Indeed there is. So much so that fans will be thrilled to discover that when GLEE does return for its much-anticipated third season this Tuesday September 20th at 8PM on FOX (Global TV in Canada), it will do so in a very familiar fashion. Teased star Lea Michele during last week’s FOX TCA Party, “This is the only top secret information that I can give you. I was really hoping that in this upcoming season I would get no slushies, no mess and whatever and then… like page two of script one I’m already a mess! Obviously they’re doing it on the first script because we’re coming back from the break happy and well rested. Had they put that in mid season we all would definitely have said no, I’m not looking forward to that.” [Read more…]

Is this the End of the Road for SUPERNATURAL, ONE TREE HILL and GOSSIP GIRL? CW President Mark Pedowitz Answers All!

For those fans worried that this upcoming seventh season might mark the end of the road for your beloved Winchester Bros. well, you can stop worrying now. “It’s not intended to be the last season,” said newly-minted CW President Mark Pedowitz during this morning’s executive session from the 2011 Television Critics Press Tour at the Beverly Hilton. “We’ll see where the ratings go. We hope the show keeps going.” Adding, when asked what he credits the longevity of the show too, “the love between two brothers, two really good looking guys that transcend the supernatural elements at the end of the day.”

For those fans worried that this upcoming ninth (!) season really will mark the end of the road for the town that responsibility parenting forgot, well, we’ve got some bad news for you. “At this point, it’s the final 13,” said Pedowitz. “Again you never want to say never, because you don’t know what happens, but n our conversations with [creator] Mark Schwahn we have said it’s the final 13.”

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…
… not Superman. That said, fans of the superhero genre will be happy to learn that the network — thanks to their parent company (Time Warner’s) ownership of DC Comics is actively looking to a superhero series next season, if the right superhero comes to be. Cooler still, Pedowitz was quick to point out that Tom Welling would be welcome back into the fold with open arms should he ever wish to return to series television. [Read more…]