Separated at Birth: POLITICAL ANIMALS’ Carla Gugino and ONCE UPON A TIME’s Lana Parrilla

On account of our inexplicable need to point out actors who remind us of, well, other actors comes the latest instalment of our popular ongoing “Separated at Birth” series inspired by USA Network’s POLITICAL ANIMALS. Is it just us… or does ANIMALS’ intrepid reporter Susan Berg played by Carla Gugino look strikingly similar to that of ONCE UPON A TIME’s Evil Queen/Mayor Regina Lana Parrilla? Discuss.


FALLING SKIES second season finale is this Sunday. Any idea how it ends? — Jason
The TV Addict: Boy do we ever! Unfortunately, to reveal the seriously cool scene on which the spectacular second season ends would probably not be in our best interest of a website proprietor who very much welcomes TNT’s penchant for dropping off screeners at our door! Thus, we’ll simply say this: Not only will FALLING SKIES cliffhanger of an ending leave fans bug-eyed by offering up a sequence of events that they’ve yet to see before, it sets up what sure as heck looks like a very interesting third season.

Despite the fact that the word “BlueBell” covers up far too much of Wilson Bethel for my liking, let me be the first to say how much I enjoyed your recent self-made promo for HART OF DIXIE. Now that you’re good and buttered up, how about a little scoop? — Skylar
The TV Addict: Would you believe that there is a serious downside to living in a small town like Bluebell? As luck would have it, everybody knows everybody’s business. Case in point, we have it on fairly good authority that one of Blue’s most notable bell’s recently spent an afternoon perusing the aisles of the local grocery store for household essentials. You know, stuff like potatoes, plums and PREGNANCY tests. Oops… we may have already said too much!

The only thing more exciting than the recent report that has John Barrowman jumping on board The CW’s ARROW would be if you could shed some light on the character he’s playing. Spill! — Jamie
The TV Addict: Since we don’t actually know who the artist formerly known as Captain Jack Harkness will be playing, we hope some irresponsible speculation will suffice. Speculation that involves a recent casting notice that found its way into our inbox for ARROW’s fifth episode of the season that has the production searching for a thirty to forty year old male named Edward who is described as the clean-shaven soldier and leader of a unit that captures Oliver. Think Christoph Waltz in Inglorious Basterds. [Read more…]

State of the Union: Creator Greg Berlanti Opens Up About the Chances of Seeing a Second Season of POLITICAL ANIMALS

Despite being billed as a ‘limited series event,’ a second term for USA Network’s sizzling summer series POLITICAL ANIMALS remains a distinct possibility. Or at least that was our takeaway from a recent one-on-one with creator Greg Berlanti during this week’s Television Critics Association Press Tour that saw us muster every ounce of journalist integrity (Read: Refrain from gushing over EVERWOOD and JACK & BOBBY with the brains behind two of our all-time favorite shows) to ask a serious and far more pressing question. [Read more…]

Dirty Sexy Politics! James Wolk Dishes on His Sizzling New USA Network Miniseries POLITICAL ANIMALS

The new television event from USA Network is the six-part series POLITICAL ANIMALS.  With its third installment about to air this Sunday, the political drama is only ramping up the tension between the various Hammond factions.  This is no ordinary family, each is motivated by political and personal aspirations that infuse the very blood in their veins.  In part two last week, we watched with interest and shock as Elaine Hammond’s son, Douglas, sold out her secret plan to re-run for President of the United States to a tenacious investigative reporter.  Whether he is acting on his mother’s orders or in her best interest, it is still incredible to watch as the layers upon layers of political intrigue unfold.  In a recent press conference call, co-star James Wolk shared some insight into the inner mind of Douglas Hammond, the “good” son. [Read more…]


Any scoop I can sink my teeth into to tide me over until THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ October return would be very much appreciated. — Marnie
The TV Addict: Move over SAVED BY THE BELL, Season Three of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES might as well be subtitled “The College Years!” At least in terms of Bonnie’s life, who according to reports will get a little too close to a brilliant and charming Professor (aren’t they all?) whose sad history drives an obsession with the occult, all things supernatural, and as luck would have it, a certain witch.

What is up with Kal and Tariq on THE L.A. COMPLEX? Tuesday’s season premiere was off-the-hook! — Luke
The TV Addict: Well, hold on to your hats, because the fun is just getting started. This Tuesday’s episode not only sees Abby in yet another ridiculously awkward situation on the set of Alan Thicke’s little-too-close-for-comfort family, but may in fact serve as somewhat of a turning point for Tariq and Kal. The latter of whom will finally come out to somebody. Of course, this being THE L.A. COMPLEX, that certain somebody is most certainly not who one would expect.

After this past weekends Comic Con in San Diego, I’m not sure I can wait until ARROW’s premiere. Any Scoop? — Nick
The TV Addict: Suffice it to say, when ARROW does premiere this Fall, star Stephen Amell will have his hands full. Case in point, the show’s third episode ominously titled “Lone Gunman” that sees producers currently casting for a thirty something assassin with a fondness for tattooing the names of the men he has killed over his body. Ouch! [Read more…]


This has not been the most fantastic of seasons for TRUE BLOOD. There are too many storylines unfolding at the same time to give the show an incredibly chaotic feel… and not in the good sense. That said, last night’s may have been the best of the season, thanks in large part to the awesome and unexpected cliffhanger. Denis O’Hare’s Russell Edgington — the unapologetic vamp — is quite possibly the best character in the history of the show and he was, once again, used perfectly in the final moments. Another highlight of the past few weeks has been the relationship between Pam and her bratty bloodchild, Tara. The same can’t be said for the smoke monster — er, sorry, that was LOST — fire monster that is trying to kill Terry and his former army military buds. The story sounds like one of those things where someone in the writer’s room said, “Oh, hey, what about Terry and Arlene. We need something for them to do!” Oh, and for those who didn’t pick up on the fact the folks out killing “sups” were wearing Obama masks this week, Alan Ball (who scripted this week’s outing) had one of them shout, “Yes we can!” in what felt kinda like a desperate attempt to court controversy. [Read more…]

Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Favorite One-Liners From Last Night’s POLITICAL ANIMALS Series Premiere

Thank God for cable television. While the networks are happy to let reality and reruns rule the airwaves, outlets such as HBO, TNT and USA are giving us not just scripted programs, but ones that are better than a whole lot of what the big guys have on tap. Last night’s POLITICAL ANIMALS featured a great cast delivering some top-notch dialogue. Wanna listen in on a few snippets? Here are five of the many, many great lines uttered during the pilot! [Read more…]


The tale may sound familiar, and in fact, the new series POLITICAL ANIMALS is eerily reminiscent of a well-known former president and his wife.  But where the television series differs from its real world counterpart tale is its humor and charm.  Lovingly and cleverly crafted by Greg Berlanti (EVERWOOD, BROTHERS & SISTERS), the series POLITICAL ANIMALS takes viewers into a world where politics is not just in one family’s blood, it is a calling of the noblest order.  Rather than try to rely on such a pretentious theme, the show is smart enough to realize that what makes it so relatable and addictive is its willingness to poke fun of itself and the absurdity of what it seeks to portray while laced with a layer of poignancy that compels us to keep watching.  [Read more…]

First Look: USA Network’s POLITICAL ANIMALS (Yes, Washington Never Looked This Good!)

Are you wondering why we’ve already marked down the evening of July 15th as appointment viewing when it comes to POLITICAL ANIMALS, USA Network’s politically charged miniseries event from Greg Berlanti (EVERWOOD, JACK & BOBBY) that pulls back the curtain on the “polished facade of a former first-family as they navigate the complex world of political and personal ambition?” You sure as heck won’t be after you get a load of these just released first look photos featuring a bevy of familiar faces including Sigourney Weaver (The former first lady and current secretary of state!), Carla Gugino (The journalist!), Adrian Pasdar (The current President!), James Wolk (The responsible son!), Sebastian Stan (The not-so responsible son!) and Ellen Burstyn (The family matriarch!). See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]