PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: Freeform to Air Tell-All Special After Series Finale

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Immediately following the two-hour series finale, PRETTY LITTIE LIARS stars Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse, as well as executive producer I. Marlene King, will sit down for an hour long unbarred and uncensored tell-all after show to discuss all of the series’ tightly held secrets, behind-the-scenes insights, and top moments, Freeform announced today.

The tell-all, which will premiere immediately after the two-hour series finale, will allow viewers the
chance to digest all the drama that happened in the finale alongside the main cast and I. Marlene
King. Burning fan questions will be asked and answered, and the audience will get the all the scoop
on the ins and outs of A.D. and the #PLLEndGame. The after show will serve as a retrospective
celebration of the past seven seasons and as a way for the fans to say goodbye to the show.

The final 10 episodes of PRETTY LITTIE LIARS will air beginning in April 2017. Season seven will continue to be filled with homecomings and reunions, bringing back old characters as it has already done in the first half of the season, including Wren Kingston (Julian Morris), Pastor Ted Wilson (Edward Kerr), Jenna Marshall (Tammin Sursok), Paige McCullers (Lindsey Shaw) and Sydney

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS to End With Season 7


Freeform has confirmed that the current season of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS will be the final one. The final 10 episodes of season 7 will premiere in April 2017 and will culminate in a two-hour series finale. The current summer finale will air on Tuesday, August 30.

“The final season will continue to be filled with homecomings and reunions, bringing back old characters as it has already done in the first half of the season, including Wren Kingston (Julian Morris), Pastor Ted Wilson (Edward Kerr), Jenna Marshall (Tammin Sursok), Paige McCullers (Lindsey Shaw) and Sydney Driscoll (Chloe Bridges). A #PLLWedding for one of the Liars is also in store for the latter half of the season. To conclude the series, the season seven finale will be a two-hour, drama-filled television event.”

“Through brilliant storytelling, compelling characters and social media phenomena, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS paved the way for television shows, writers and cast to interact and engage with audiences on a national and global scale like never before, which led the series to unparalleled success,“ said Karey Burke, executive vice president, Programming and Development, Freeform.

“It’s been an honor to work with such a talented cast and crew over the last seven years. We are a family, and it will be hard to say goodbye to a show that has made such an impact on young audiences and been a mouthpiece for cultural change. I’m excited for fans to finally have all of their questions answered, and I believe they will be satisfied with the wild ride that is our last ten episodes,” remarked I. Marlene King.

I. Marlene King’s new series FAMOUS IN LOVE will premiere following the spring premiere of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Season 7 Premiere Recap: Did Hanna Survive?

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What happened to Hanna? The season premiere of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS began four days after the events of the last season finale, with the girls burying a body. And then we flashed back to four days earlier to the night that Hanna disappeared. The girls noticed Mary Drake walking into the police station to report a break-in at the Lost Woods Resort (which she now owns) and Toby learned who she was before reporting back to the others.

Thanks to a message from A.D., the group figured out that Hanna was in the church bell tower and rushed to save her. But it turned out the body they found was wearing a Hanna mask and wasn’t really a body at all. Instead, A.D. told the girls that they had 24 hours to find Charlotte’s real killer or Hanna would die.

The next morning, the group assembled at the Hastings house to figure out Charlotte’s murder. They believed that Mary Drake was A.D. and were determined to solve this mystery. It soon became obvious that Alison seemed like the #1 suspect in Charlotte’s death. Aria thought back to the night Charlotte died and hypothesized that she and Ezra had actually seen Ali that night. Mona suggested that Alison snapped, while Spencer put forward the theory that Alison killed Charlotte in self-defence. With the clock still ticket, the group split up: Mona, Caleb, Spencer and Toby headed to spy on Mary Drake, Emily went to visit Alison, and Ezra and Aria went to the DiLaurentis house.

Hanna, meanwhile, was stuck in a wooden shack, begging to be let out….a fact that her friends were soon aware of when her photo was texted to them.

At the hospital, Emily told Ali’s husband about Mary Drake (someone the fans know is actually his partner, as we learned in the season 6 finale). He, in turn, told her that Alison was suffering from tremendous guilt, which made Emily suspicious that Ali was Charlotte’s killer.

Back at the Lost Woods Resort, Spencer and Toby searched Mary’s room and found her very full passport. At the DiLaurentis house, Ezra and Aria were forced to hide in the closet when Elliot came home and they spotted him taking something out of a locked chest. Later that night, Mona and Toby followed Mary to Spencer’s house. As they waited outside, Spencer invited Mary in for tea. Mary told Spencer that she and Jessica didn’t get along and that Jessica had poisoned everyone against her. “I was born first and she was born jealous,” Mary said of her sister.

At the hospital, Emily went in to confront Alison. She told her sleeping friend that she needed to know the truth about Charlotte and was shocked when Ali suddenly woke up, asking God to forgive her.

In the midst of all this murder talk, Aria told Ezra that she needed time to think about their possible renewed relationship. And when Aria met up with Emily again, Emily lied and said she hadn’t been able to talk to Ali after all. It soon became obvious that Emily believed Ali was guilty and was torn about what to do.

Meanwhile, Aria headed to a bar near Hollis to track down an associate of Mary’s who was chatting with her on the phone. She came up with nothing, but when she heard a familiar song she went to Ezra’s house to be with him.

Soon after, Emily snuck into the DiLaurentis house and visited Ali’s room. She was conflicted about what Alison may have done, remembering the good times they had. She also noticed a box that Alison had set aside for Goodwill and found the red jacket that Ali may have worn the night Charlotte died. “Oh, Ali, what did you do?” Emily asked.

Back in the shack, Hanna dreamt of Spencer, who was really her subconscious prodding her to find a way out. Hanna remembered this when she awoke and started looking for the exit. “If there’s a way in, there’s a way out,” she said.

Spencer updated the others about Mary’s history just before Emily arrived to tell them that she suspected Alison had killed Charlotte. She also whipped out the red coat.

With 36 minutes left, the group discussed whether they should hand over Ali to save Hanna. Caleb stole the jacket and dropped it off at the Lost Woods Resort in order to save Hanna. Exactly 24 hours after issuing his/her ultimatum, Uber A arrived back at the shack to find Hanna gone. It turned out that she had escaped and was currently running through the woods. She spotted a car, but it just kept driving…at least until it turned around and Hanna spotted Mary Drake behind the wheel. Of course, she didn’t know who she was.

Meanwhile, someone grabbed and bagged the red jacket, while Elliott visited Alison to drug her again. “I know you killed Charlotte,” he whispered to her. “Just like you, Alison, karma can be such a bitch”.

In conclusion, Hanna is alive, but she’s not yet reunited with her friends. To find out what happens next, tune in to an all new episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS on June 28 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.


PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Sneak Peek: Coming Face-to-Face with Mary Drake

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Photos from the season 7 premiere of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS showed fans that Mary Drake would reveal herself to Spencer. And now, thanks to Freeform, we have a video sneak peek of that meeting.

It’s immediately apparent that Mary is playing dumb when it’s coming to Spencer and pretending that she doesn’t really know her. Of course, we know that’s a giant lie because Mary has been manipulating Spencer and her friends for a while now. But Spencer is friendly and invites her inside for tea. The question is: is Spencer playing Mary so she can get more information or is she genuinely unaware of Mary’s dark motives?

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS returns for its seventh season on June 21 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Season 7 Premiere Photos: Mary Drake Comes Out of the Shadows

Hanna has been abducted by Uber A. That was just one of the big cliffhangers in the PRETTY LITTLE LIARS winter finale (the other, of course, was the reveal that Jessica DiLaurentis has a twin sister — Mary Drake — who is Charlotte’s birth mother and is now tormenting the girls).

The girls (and guys) know that someone looking like Jessica is alive, but they don’t know she’s Mary. They may come to realize that soon enough, however, because it appears that Mary Drake reveals herself to Spencer by visiting her house in the season 7 premiere, according to photos released by Freeform. The photos also reveal that Emily will visit Alison in the psychiatric hospital, but will she realize Ali has been set up? And can she break her friend out?

The girls are on a race against time to save Hanna from Uber A in the season 7 premiere. To do that, they are being forced to hand over evidence of Charlotte’s real murderer. But to hand over the information, the “girls must decide what blatant lines they are willing to cross that they have never breached before; and once they cross that line, there is no turning back.”. A preview for the show’s return gives a glimpse at the terrible lines they’ll have to cross.

Browse through the slideshow above and tune in to the return of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS on June 21 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Season 7 Preview: Is This the End?


We might be coming up on the end, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS fans. The show will soon return for its seventh and possibly final season, but whether it ends with season 7 or not, it will be the end of the show as we know it.

At the end of the sixth season, fans learned that Mrs. DiLaurentis had an identical twin named Mary Drake who was actually Charlotte’s birth mother. Mary was working with Elliot (Alison’s current husband, but apparently an old flame of Charlotte’s) and trying to take the girls down. The girls themselves don’t know all of this, but they did see a woman who looked just like Mrs. D on some security footage, so you can imagine that they’re a bit surprised.

Oh yeah, and Hanna was kidnapped.

Producer I. Marlene King promised that this upcoming season will have reveals “almost every week”, so be prepared for a summer full of answers! But will the girls save Hanna?

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS returns for its seventh season on June 21 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: Andrea Parker Returns to Season 7 as a Series Regular

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The season 6 finale of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS delivered up quite the twist: Andrea Parker (Jessica DiLaurentis) had returned….only she wasn’t Jessica anymore, she was actually Jessica’s previously unknown twin, Mark Drake. And Mark was also the biological mother of Charles/CeCe/Charlotte, who had given her then-son up for adoption to her sister and Jessica’s husband while she was in Radley. Not only that, but it was revealed that Mark was working with Dr. Elliott Rollins to drive Alison crazy and have her commit herself to a mental institution so that the pair could get revenge for Charlotte and take over control of the Carissimi Group.

Whew. It was a pretty big finale. Given what happened, it should come as no surprise that Freeform has confirmed that actress Andrea Parker will be returning to season 7 as a series regular and will be playing Mary Drake for the foreseeable future. Executive Producer Marlene King appeared with Parker in a post-finale Facebook video and shared a few teasers for the upcoming season.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS will return this summer on Freeform.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: I. Marlene King Reveals Four Teasers for Season 7

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(Warning: spoilers are coming…)

Following the PRETTY LITTLE LIARS season 6 finale (read the recap), creator I. Marlene King took to Facebook to confirm that Mary Drake is Charlotte’s biological mother and is Jessica DiLaurentis’ twin (although that was pretty obvious to everyone since Andrea Parker played both roles). The Executive Producer also offered up four teasers for season 7:

(1) This it the beginning of the end of PLL “as you know it”. Marlene King has promised that next season will have a reveal “almost every week/episode”.

(2) “A. D. is Uber A”, Marlene confirmed.

(3) Season 7 will be “the most romantic season ever of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS”.

(4) The PLLs will “make their biggest mistake of their lives and Uber A is going to use it to fuel A’s final, final game”. Yikes!

Check out Marlene’s video below. PRETTY LITTLE LIARS will return this summer on Freeform.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Winter Finale Recap: A Plan to Expose Uber A

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Hanna made a bold play in the winter finale of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, confessing to Charlotte’s murder in an effort to trap and expose Uber A. We opened this week just moments where the penultimate episode ended and Uber A responded to Hanna’s texts, telling her not to go to the police. This would be between the two of them. When Hanna asked for one more day, Uber A warned her that it would be her last.

Ali had returned home to Rosewood and encouraged Elliott to head out to his conference, leaving her alone (and vulnerable). Spencer, meanwhile, was showing Toby the Radley plans and they had roped him in in an attempt to figure out what Sara Harvey was trying to find in the former sanitarium. Despite Spencer’s protests to the contrary, he was determined that the two of them would find a way in to the secret room together the next day after the election.

Ezra seemed to be having some sort of breakthrough when he confessed to Aria that he had admitted to himself he would never see Nicole again. Over at the DiLaurentis house, Alison weirdly heard her music box playing in an otherwise empty room while she saw a flash of her dead mother. Who then called her to creepily ask her daughter “did you miss me?” Later, Ali invited Emily over to tell her what she had seen, but both girls wondered if the visions were just a result of the pain killers.

Over at the Hastings house, the campaign team was gearing up for the election when Mona stopped by and offered to help. Naturally, Spencer was suspicious. But she eventually handed over a phone for Mona to make some calls to voters. As Caleb and Hanna prepared their trap for Uber A, Toby told Yvonne he couldn’t make the post-election party because he had to help Spencer — naturally, Yvonne wasn’t happy about that.

An old romance was rekindled when Ezra told Aria that their editor loved their booked and the pair kissed…then jumped into bed with each other. And Hanna told Caleb that she had never stopped loving him, leading to a kiss between the pair.

Ali, meanwhile, continued to have strange visions. Next she dreamt that Det. Wilden was in bed with her (creepy!) and continued to see visions of her dead mother. She soon disappeared on Emily, who had just stepped out to vote. As it turns out, she had headed for the church where Charlotte was killed. We soon saw Ali shaking and crying inside the church, which is where Emily found her. “I deserve it, this is my punishment,” Ali said of the ghosts she believed were haunting her. She then headed to a psych hospital to freely commit herself, insisting that she needed help. While Emily suggested they wait until Elliott returned home, Ali believed she was doing the right thing.

Deep in the bowels of Radley, Toby dug out his tools and he and Spencer got to work to get into the secret room. But they were soon interrupted by Mona, who eventually went into the room with them. In there they found a file for a patient named Mary Drake, who was at Radley 25 years ago. She had a child named Charles who was adopted by Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis. So….Charlotte was adopted and she was basically the same age as Jensen. But who is Mary Drake? And did she go to such great lengths to hide this file?

Back at the Lost Woods Resort, Hanna texted Uber A and laid the trap. Uber A lured the others away from the cabin as Uber A took Hanna via a secret floor hole. As the Hastings celebrated Veronica’s election win, Spencer got word of Hanna’s disappearance. She grabbed Toby (while Mona followed) and they all gathered at the cabin. As they went through the security footage they spotted a long-haired woman on the screen (who looked like Mrs. D — to us and to them). And then Uber A texted the girls to say thanks for handing over Hanna and signed their text “A.D.” Soon after, we saw Hanna’s body getting dragged to the top of the church bell tower.

Then we got a crazy reveal: Mary Drake was Jessica DiLaurentis’ twin and Mary is definitely alive! She is also working with Elliott, who was apparently the only man Charlotte/Charles ever truly loved (and who now controls 51% of the Carissimi Group thanks to some papers Ali signed). He had befriended and married Alison, dressed up as Wilden and worked with Mary to convince Ali she was going crazy so that she would commit herself. Remember how Charlotte/Charles used to be named CeCe Drake? That makes more sense now, doesn’t it?

Talk about a twist! While you wait months for new episodes, check out Marlene King sharing four teasers for season 7.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS will return with all new episodes this summer on Freeform.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Teasers and Photos: Collateral Damage, a Counterattack and the Winter Finale

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Emily was nearly killed by someone that she believes isn’t Uber Bad in the most recent episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. Now there’s only two more episodes until the winter finale, but before that happens Caleb will be dealing with some collateral damage, Hanna avoids her personal life, the girls plan to fight back and Spencer and Toby will team up to to catch Sara.

Here’s what’s to come in the last three episodes of the winter season…

Episode 6.18 “Burn This” (March 1): “After the stalker nearly killed Emily, the Liars begin to take the threats more seriously and attempt to keep their mouths shut to prevent any further harm. Caleb must deal with the collateral damage of taking the blame for the leak about Yvonne; Spencer tries to comfort him and get him to tell the truth. Emily goes on a mission to track down who came after her. Aria and Ezra move forward with the novel. Meanwhile, Hanna avoids dealing with her personal life.”

Episode 6.19 “Did You Miss Me?” (March 8): “After Alison is confronted with a sudden, mysterious jeopardy, the Liars decide to take things into their own hands for a counterattack. Hanna and Caleb work together to develop a plan to come face-to-face with the tormentor. Emily and Spencer team up to investigate if Mona had any involvement with the murder. Aria and Ezra continue to work on the book though it might be more difficult than anticipated. Meanwhile, Ali encounters an unexpected visitor.”

Episode 6.20 “Hush, Hush, Sweets Liars” – Winter Finale (March 15): “With the stalker threatening to kill all of them if they don’t divulge Charlotte’s killer by the election, the PLLs and company, at wit’s end, must boldly fight back. As Spencer and Toby work together to catch Sara Harvey, Yvonne wonders where Toby’s true affections lie. Ezra finishes the last chapter of his book, finally ready to say goodbye to Nicole; Aria comforts him during this emotional time and old feelings bubble to the surface. While Caleb works intently on his plan to protect Hanna, they reflect on what could have been. Meanwhile, Alison experiences strange visions and starts to question her sanity; Emily keeps tabs on her to make sure she’s okay.”

Browse through photos below for the last three winter episodes. PRETTY LITTLE LIARS airs on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

Episode 6.18 “Burn This”




Episode 6.19 “Did You Miss Me?”



Episode 6.20 “Hush…Hush, Sweet Liars”

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