STAN LEE’S LUCKY MAN: Episode 1 airs in the UK to rave reviews

The latest adventure to come from the brilliant mind of 93 year old Stan Lee has aired in the UK for the first time, and it’s seems the show didn’t need any luck to be a success. An estimated 600,000 people tuned into see the first episode, which might not sound like a lot but it makes it the biggest launch of a drama UK satellite channel Sky1 has seen in years.

James Nesbitt, known from cult British TV series Cold Feet and his role of Bofur in The Hobbit films, stars as police officer DI Harry Clayton in the show. The lead character at the start of the show is your traditional British bobby on the beat who is down on his luck after a number of things in his life have gone wrong. A chance encounter with a mysterious woman who gives him an ancient bracelet changes everything, and he goes on the hunt for a wanted criminal that could rival a Hollywood film for its thrilling action sequences through the stunning London backdrop.

The moment DI Harry Clayton really just how much control he has over his luck is when he’s at the roulette table and places all of his chips on black 10. There’s a tense moment when we think the ball is going to land in red 5, but the ball bounces out and of course lands in black 10. The great thing about this show is that it explores a concept that many of us would love to know, what it would be like if you were the luckiest person in the world. One thing for sure is if we could all control our luck like Harry, then there’d be a lot more of us playing casino games. This show is coming out at the perfect time as the idea of luck is something many people are considering after the popularity of online casino games has sky rocketed recently. More and more people are playing online blackjack from the comfort of their homes on websites like Lucky Nugget Casino. It makes you ask yourself if black 10 was lucky enough to win Harry thousands of pounds, when it comes to online blackjack will 21 be a lucky number for you?

The reviews for the first episode were all quite complementary. The general census from the critics is whilst the casting, characters and the cinematography are incredible, the storyline lacks a lot. The Guardian said that together Stan Lee and James Nesbitt had created an engaging and unusual detective that they want to see more of. That’s a great sign that the audience figures could stay as high or even build once word of mouth has got out for the 10 episodes of the first series. The only thing many reviews could find fault with was the plot, which The Telegraph said became increasingly sillier as the first episode went on.

There are no plans for the show to be aired in Canada or US at the moment. But with Stan Lee’s name in the title the show’s global appeal should mean that it’s becomes hugely popular. So keep an eye out for this show on a screen near you soon for a stunning, gritty drama based in the heart of London.

The Subtle Ways Your TV Addiction Shows

Think you aren’t addicted to TV? You might be surprised, it’s probably infiltrating your life in more ways than you might have imagined! But how, you ask? It’s not as though you think your favourite characters are real or anything (not yet, anyway…) but TV is probably affecting your life in more ways than you know!

The weird thing is that gaming is not what most people would initially think of when they think of television, and yet it’s spread across industries, too. For example, did you know that on, you can actually play slots in the theme of the popular show ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!”? Strange to imagine, but the show is popular and so it’s really no surprise! There are plenty of other slot games out there (like Slotzilla to name just one), but 32Red is pretty unique in that it caters to the shows that are right up to the minute. 

Your Work
Okay, this one isn’t as positive. You might think that TV isn’t affecting your work ethic, but there’s a strong chance it is. Okay, if you are in an office or a shop job, the chances are the TV isn’t too much of a distraction. But if you work from home, or you run a business, there’s literally nothing stopping you from watching TV all day and night and letting the time run away from you. It’s great that you can tell everyone who’s just won the X Factor, but it’s not so great when you suddenly can’t recall your client’s names at the next meeting, and you’ve also done zero prep.

Your Sleep
We absolutely promise that there’s no hate here; nobody is trying to get you to boycott your fave shows. But if you binge throughout the day, that Netflix addiction most likely often takes you through into the night. When you’re constantly saying to yourself “…just one more episode”, your energy will decrease and loads of areas of your life will be affected, eek! There are a few more productive things you can do.

Your Relaxation Time
This one’s good, promise. Sometimes sitting down to watch TV can be the best chance of relaxation that you’ve got. Providing you don’t get too carried away, it’s often so good to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself, forgetting about your real life. When you’re so busy worrying about something absolutely ridiculous like a dragon tribe coming to kill the village or the cast of a reality show making bigger messes of your life than you are, it is much easier to let your anxieties fade away!

Your Relationships 
Okay, nobody’s saying to leave your boyfriend or girlfriend or your husband or wife for that hot character on TV but there are actually a load of things you can learn about relationships in general, both romantic and otherwise.

For example, there will always be some storyline or other about an emotionally draining relationship. Now, in these situations it is obviously best to seek out professional help if it’s really happening in your life, but at the same time, seeing someone else walking away in your shoes can be really empowering and help you to visualise a positive life after you pluck up the courage to leave.

It can also help you appreciate the good people – TV dramas are so melodramatic that they can often make your own family seem really normal and like saints! 

Your Wallet
When you’re in the house watching TV instead of out at the pub or the club, you’re not spending that hard earned cash. Plus, if you’re addicted to Netflix or your favourite live guilty pleasures, you’re not spending on things that are otherwise bad for you.

Overall, TV transports us to another world, and makes us escape for a little while. It’s a bit like reading, except it’s accessible to basically everyone. TV can join people together, and it will rarely keep them apart! It’s a great tool for keeping the kids happy, families linked, and there are even TV shows about people watching TV these days! It’s a massive part of our lives, and as long as you separate fiction from reality, it’s a lot of fun!

Where Are The GAME OF THONRES Games?


HBO’s GAME OF THRONES will be back soon for a sixth season, and by now you’ve probably seen the teaser and read most of the juicy bits and pieces about the upcoming action. Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) is almost certainly alive in one form or another; Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) will be back; and some veteran pros like Max Von Sydow (as the Three-Eyed Raven) and Ian McShane (role unknown) are joining the cast. You can find all kinds of additional tidbits here, but as we await Season 6 of this one-of-a-kind fantasy epic, some fans are hoping for some additional GoT-related content in the form of a new gaming release or two.

TV-based video games aren’t exactly common. It’s not as if you could easily have a meth-cooking, drug-war game based on BREAKING BAD or a political-scheming adventure about HOUSE OF CARDS, after all. However, it’s been surprising how little focus there’s been on using the wildly adventurous story in GAME OF THRONES as the foundation for a major video game.

Actually, there is a new game coming out in the near future, according to this report. A second season of Telltale Games’ episodic GoT title is on the way. It’s essentially a point-and-click, story-based experience, and the game (simply called “Game Of Thrones”) is the biggest GoT title to date. It’s available for Xbox and Playstation consoles as well as Windows, OSX, and Android and iOS devices, and it received generally favourable reviews through its six-episode run. The follow-up is expected to be very similar, but we don’t yet know exactly when it’s going to be released.

Aside from this budding series, games based on GAME OF THRONES are few and far between, and there has yet to be an attempt at a major action/adventure title based on the show. The most well known option may be the “Game Of Thrones Ascent” app game by Disruptor Beam, in which you control your own Westeros adventurer pledging loyalty to the house of your choice and embarking on quests (there are over 3,500 of them). It’s a pretty large experience that will satisfy a lot of fans of both the show and the books, because there are just so many character and setting tie-ins that will be familiar. But again, it’s not exactly an action/adventure game like some would prefer to see for this series.

There’s also a fairly popular online GoT-based game that takes the form of a slot machine arcade. Describing the game, this page poses it as a chance to “set out on your GAME OF THRONES adventure by choosing which house to serve,” indicating the different stakes associated with the different houses and their symbols represented in the slot reel. It’s strangely true to the show (“the Baratheons award the most, a Lannister always pays his debts”) for an online casino game, and it’s surely an effective mechanism for attracting crowds of fans. But while it’s great as a creative option in the online casino genre, it still doesn’t satisfy that lingering need for an action-packed GoT experience.

So as of now, all we can do is imagine the sort of video game that GAME OF THRONES deserves. One of the great achievements of George R.R. Martin and the HBO show runners is the depth with which Westeros and the surrounding lands have been realised and brought to life. That same achievement would seem to serve as a perfect foundation for a massive, open-world adventure series. This show only seems to be gaining popularity heading into its sixth season, so here’s hoping such a game will be on the way before too much longer.

The Fuss over Eva Longoria’s CASINO

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The latest news from Hollywood is that Eva Longoria’s production company UnbeliEVAble Entertainment has sold a new drama to NBC called CASINO. Critics and TV fans alike are already salivating at the thought of this new show that has the potential to be as successful as Desperate Housewives, the show that made Longoria so famous. According to Deadline, the plot “centers on the aftermath of a mogul’s mysterious death when his young widow and illegitimate son have to join forces to save his famed casino, while circumstances surrounding his death come to light and threaten to take them both down.”

Over the years, casinos have been represented frequently in TV and film, and more often than not, to great critical acclaim. So why does this genre work so well?

It’s not hard to think of the reasons why casinos make such exciting viewing. The flashing lights, the sounds, the spectacular sprawling floors that house game upon game, the buzz of excitement as fortunes are won and lost, the glitz, the glamour, the place where dreams are made. The casino has it all. From circus freaks to supermodels, mobsters to midgets, gorillas, tigers, cheaters, sharks, clowns, stag parties desperately trying to find the missing stag – there is no limit to the potential characters and storylines surrounding a casino. And this is exciting viewing. It’s thrilling in real life, so why shouldn’t it be just as so when shown on the screen?

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Some viewers like it because it reminds them of the place they love. Some viewers watch because they have never visited a casino and are intrigued about what goes on in one. And because gambling isn’t available in some places, some viewers get a real rush from travelling to a casino. For all different types of audience, there is high appeal to storylines surrounding the casino. This is why even before the acting, filming and story is taken into account, Eva Longoria’s new TV show has the foundation to be successful.

What does the audience need to know before watching?
Some people who don’t have an extensive knowledge of gambling may be apprehensive about watching a show centered around a casino if they think they are not going to understand anything. Fortunately for these people, usually when a casino is shown on TV or in film, only a basic knowledge of what goes on is required. If the storyline centers around anything more complicated, it is explained. However, it might be a wise idea to familiarize yourself with a few of the most popular games like roulette and blackjack, and also to learn some of the casino lingo before the show gets underway. A bit of online research should provide a crash course in casino culture and phrases. You may already be familiar with some of the common casino phrases like on a roll” or “bet your bottom dollar,” but until now you may not have known what they meant.

Alternatively, to whet your appetite and get well on the way to becoming a casino expert, you could start by watching some of the popular TV shows and films that have already graced the screen. Before long you’ll be ready to “go for broke.”

TV shows
Las Vegas was a very popular drama about casinos that ran for 5 years, and could be where Longoria’s company got some of their inspiration. It followed the surveillance team that included James Lesure who more recently appeared in hit show, Blue Bloods. The team was based in a casino in the Sin City, where there was always a lot of work to be done. They constantly had to combat scammers, and the show gave viewers an idea about just how complex a machine the casino can be.

In 2006 there was a Canadian series called The Casino, which received good reviews but only lasted for one season. This was a social commentary on gambling. Perhaps a bit dated now, it wouldn’t really be applicable to the casinos of today. Even so, it is still worth a watch to see the casino from the gambler’s perspective.


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When thinking about casino in film, the first thing that springs to most people’s minds is Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece, Casino (1995). The slick gangster epic starred Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci who met on screen for the fifth time. This acting partnership has to go down as one of the greatest that cinema has ever seen. Not only were the performances astounding, the film was intense, dramatic, and gave the lay viewer a real insight into the running of a casino. There was also a fine supporting cast that included James Woods, who some may know as Sully Sullivan in Ray Donovan.  The way that De Niro’s casino was run may not be too accurate in the present day, but the film is unmissable nonetheless.

To get a better understanding of one of the most popular casino games, Blackjack, check out a film called 21. House of Cards star, Kevin Spacey, heads up a team of mathematicians who learn to strategize against the house. They take these skills to casinos to try and win large amounts of cash, but ultimately find themselves in a lot of trouble. Not so much of a classic as Casino, the film does still give viewers a good sense of the workings of a casino floor and the blackjack tables.

The release date for Eva Longoria’s new casino drama is yet to be confirmed, but it is looking like it will be worth the wait. Until then, there is ample time to refresh your casino knowledge and brush up on the entire book of casino phrases, why not even pop down to your local gambling house and roll the dice.

We Shine The Spotlight on QUANTICO Actress Anabelle Acosta


Anabelle Acosta stars on ABC’s breakout fall hit, QUANTICO. The show follows the lives of of the FBI’s newest recruits, the NAT’s. The show shifts between their early days training and present day, where Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) is suspected by the FBI as a national terrorist. Acosta plays Natalie Vasquez, a competitive and ruthless ex-cop, FBI trainee. I caught up with the talented actress about her character Natalie, what training scenes were the most fun to film, and what we can look forward to on tonight’s episode.

What was your initial reaction to reading the QUANTICO scripts? What drew you to Natalie as a character?

I loved the complexity of the writing, and flashbacks and flash forwards of the show. I was drawn to Natalie because of her strength and the layers she has as a character. She’s awesome to play.

Aside from Natalie, which character are you most excited to learn more about this season?

I’m excited to learn more about Caleb’s (Graham Rogers) character and what ends up happening with his relationship with his father.

Will we learn more about Natalie’s past? Will we learn more about her life as a cop, pre-QUANTICO?

Yes, things from Natalie’s past like the issue with her daughter and a boyfriend she had back in Laredo will be revealed as the season progresses. Some things about our characters stories we find out as we shoot and get scripts the writers and creators like to keep us in suspense.

What can you tell us about this week’s episode?

This week’s episode focuses on mostly surveillance. There’s also some steamy sexy scenes you don’t want to miss.

Which QUANTICO exercise scenes were your favorite to film. They look incredibly intricate and fun. Any stand out as your favorite?

The pool one was challenging. Being handcuffed underwater was really challenging yet fun at the same time.

What shows are you loving on TV right now?

I’m a big fan of THE LEFTOVERS on HBO.

You can watch Anabelle on an all new episode of QUANTICO tonight at 10:00 on ABC.

Calling all Pigpens! Save $5 on a PEANUTS Movie ticket


If you’re the type of TV Addict that looks forward to ABC’s lineup of “Charlie Brown” specials all year around (“It’s Your 50th Christmas, Charlie Brown” airs and A Charlie Brown Christmas air Monday November 30th on ABC), you’ve most likely already pre-ordered your tickets for the new PEANUTS movie. But, for those of you who haven’t, you can save $5 toward a ticket to see THE PEANUTS MOVIE when you spend $10 or more on any all laundry products! In theaters November 6. Click this link for offer details and receipt requirements.

MARVEL’S DAREDEVIL Casts Stephen Rider As Blake Tower


Matt Murdock’s newest ally is coming to Hell’s Kitchen. Deadline reports that Stephen Rider is joining the cast of MARVEL’S DAREDEVIL as Blake Tower and will be a regular throughout the second season.

Tower is a New York City District Attorney who passes along information to Daredevil to help him capture criminals. In the comics, Tower was responsible for helping Daredevil bring down Jester, Mind-Wave, and the Purple Man, who will be played by David Tennant in MARVEL’S JESSICA JONES. Rider joins a great ensemble cast featuring new additions Jon Bernthal as The Punisher and Elodie Yung as Elektra. While The Punisher and Elektra aren’t opposed to killing people for justice, Tower is an “avocado at law” like Murdock, so their moral codes are probably in sync.

Rider’s credits include a guest stint on SHOWTIME’s SHAMELESS earlier this year, and Admiral Rochon in the 2013 film Lee Daniels’ The Butler.

DAREDEVIL Season 2 is currently in production with plans to be released in 2016.

Watch The First 3 Minutes Of AMC’s FEAR THE WALKING DEAD


FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, the companion series to the popular AMC hit The Walking Dead debuts this Sunday, but you don’t have to wait that long to get a sneak peek of what’s to come. AMC’s Facebook page has released a three minute preview which sets up the opening of the pilot episode. View it here.

The show takes place in Los Angeles during the time that Rick Grimes is in his coma. While it focuses on the beginning of the outbreak, its origins will remain unexplained as on The Walking Dead. It will central around two schoolteachers, Travis (Cliff Curtis) and Madison (Kim Dickens), who both have children from different marriages.

In the clip, one of the core cast members, Nick (Frank Dillane), wakes up in a decrepit church in search of his girlfriend. After stumbling across a dead body, Nick does eventually find her but she’s feasting on what’s left of another corpse. At some point it’s safe to assume he will escape the church, as the first preview showed him fleeing from somewhere, while the rest of the city carries on as normal. For the time being.

The series premieres this Sunday at 9PM on AMC.

Televisions Best Sports Cameos

Sport stars don’t usually make for the best of actors but that doesn’t stop them trying. In fact, on the odd occasion, they actually make for decent television. Below are some of the best cameos from some of sport’s greatest players.

Tom Brady – Entourage

Photo Credit: Keith Allison

It has been a turbulent year for Tom Brady. The New England Patriots quarterback won his fourth Super Bowl but has also landed in trouble. His role in “Deflategate” has seen him banned for the first four games of next season. One of the only perks he will have from his time off is the ability to go and watch Entourage the movie. His cameo in the hugely popular TV series is one of the best of all time, especially when Johnny Drama absolutely destroys his custom-made driver. [Read more...]