Today’s TV Addict Top 5: CW President Mark Pedowitz Dishes on Ratings, RINGER, THE L.A. COMPLEX & More!

On what went wrong with RINGER
Despite CW President Mark Pedowitz’s assertion that he loved being back in business with Sarah Michelle Gellar, a combination of story complexity and poor performance in both the online digital and social spaces was too much for RINGER to overcome. Said Pedowitz, “Sarah Michelle Gellar and I have had many discussions since Spring and the one thing we did come away with, when she’s ready, is that we’d love her to come back to The CW as an actor or a producer.”

On The CW’s sagging [overnight] ratings
Cementing our long-held belief that Nielsen ratings have never been more obsolete, Pedowitz was quick to defend his Networks viewership levels. As expected, more people than ever are tuning into The CW, they’re just doing it on the likes of, and the Network’s iPad app. To that end, Pedowitz recently made the decision to roll our a rebranding campaign this August that replaces the Networks’ dated tagline: TV to ‘talk/blog/tweet about,’ with ‘TV Now.’ [Read more…]

TV Bubble Watch 2012: We Irresponsibly Speculate On Which of Your Favorite CW Shows Will Live to See Another Season

With the Network’s traditional May UpFronts just around the corner, thought now might be as good a time as any to take a closer look at the potential fates of your favorite shows.

You Take the Good: Despite lacking its timeslot lead-ins penchant for generating buzzy tabloid headlines, ratings for this throwback series continue to outperform GOSSIP GIRL, not to mention much of the Network’s primetime schedule. Also working it HART OF DIXIE’s favor, WIlson Bethel has break-out star written all over him.
You Take the Bad: In the same way in which LIFE UNEXPECTED was unceremoniously handed its walking papers, HART OF DIXIE’s achilles heel remains its lack of built-in-brand name (Think: 90210, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES) that might better translate to big sales overseas.
You Take Them Both and There You Have… Our Prediction: Since newly-appointed Network President Mark Pedowitz most certainly would like to avoid seeing the entirety of his first primetime lineup deemed a colossal failure, we’re fairly confident in a HART OF DIXIE second season renewal. [Read more…]

RINGER Redux: Where We Last Left Off and Wild Speculation About What’s Really Going On

When RINGER went on winter hiatus last November, we were already pretty confused about what was really going on; and the intervening two month break has not done much to illuminate the overall mystery since the show has been notoriously close-lipped about spoilers.  So here is what we have been able to piece together and what we hope to find out more about as the series picks up Tuesday night with Episode 11 of this increasingly murky, mystery story. [Read more…]

Winter TCA Press Tour 2012: “The Bad-Ass Boys of The CW” Live Blog

3:02PM: This afternoon’s panel highlighting the “Bad-Ass Boys of the CW” includes NIKITA’s Shane West, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ Joseph Morgan, GOSSIP GIRL’s Ed Westwick, SUPERNATURAL’s Jared Padalecki, HART OF DIXIE’s Wilson Bethel and RINGER’s Kristoffer Polaha.

3:05PM: “For the moment he has tunnel vision and a one track mind to get his girl Blair Waldorf,” says Ed Westwick when asked if he misses playing up Chuck’s devious side. “So hopefully we do see his devious side, the devil within.” Interjects RINGER star Kristoffer Polaha, “Wait a second, you’re British?”

3:09PM: Rather than answer a question about what’s in store for Sam in the second half of SUPERNATURAL’s seventh season, Padalecki jokes that he’s distracted by the enormous photo of a shirtless HART OF DIXIE star Wilson Bethel that is currently being projected on the screens within the hotel ballroom.

3:11PM: “I was shocked,” says Kristoffer Polaha, referencing not so much the shocking turn of events during RINGER’s midseason finale, but rather his inclusion on this “Bad-Ass” panel.

3:12PM: Does THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ Joseph Morgan ever worry that his character of Klaus might become too soft to remain on the show? “Yes, I do worry about the writer’s making him softer or too good,” admits Morgan. “But I think they can make him more human and relatable without taking away any of his bad-assness. I think it’s possible to be somewhat of a relatable anti-hero while still tearing out hearts and breaking necks.”

3:14PM: “I’m faking it,” says a half-joking Shane West when asked about the bad-ass fighting skills he brings to NIKITA.” Maggie [Q] is kind of a phenom, it’s just embarrassing how good she is at what she does so you kind of have to live up to those expectations. I spend a lot of time in the gym and at the gun range.”

3:15PM: “I’m pretty confident that it will be a bad sign for my career when they tell me to stop taking off my shirt,” says HART OF DIXIE star Wilson Bethel when asked if he expects to take off his shirt each and every episode. “I’ll take it that my time on the CW is short-lived. Thankfully, they told me to take the cowboy hat off which I don’t think was my look.” [Read more…]

Pick-Up-Palooza: HAVEN, BOARDWALK EMPIRE & RINGER All Get the Go-Ahead For More!

Question: What do the likes of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Steve Buscemi and Eric Balfour all have in common? Answer: They, among with an entire slew of cast and crew both in front and behind the camera all have a reason to smile today thanks to the news that HAVEN, BOARDWALK EMPIRE and RINGER have all been given the go ahead for more episodes. [Read more…]

RINGER First Look: Jason Dohring Returns to the Network that Put Him on the Map

If for no other reason than we’re still not over the unceremonious cancelation of VERONICA MARS, wanted to be the first to share with you a sneak peek at Jason Dohring’s return to the CW in RINGER. Scheduled to kick off the first of what has been reported to be a multi-episode arc, the October 18th episode of the Sarah Michelle Gellar nighttime sudser entitled “Maybe We Should Get a Dog Instead” sees the artist formerly known as Logan Echolls press pause on his bad boy image by stepping into the shoes of Mr. Carpenter, a teacher who intervenes when Juliet (Siobhan’s step-daughter played by Zoey Deutch) struggles with being bullied at her new school. More first look photos of which cane be found after the jump. [Read more…]


Most Welcome Return: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, whose writers not only continue to amaze us with their seemingly never-ending array of methods in which to extract blood from an ever-expanding cast of beautiful people, but surprise us with jaw-dropping twists following some surprisingly unexpected vampire-werewolf-hookup-hawtness.

Understatement Of The Week: Upon finding out in front of a studio audience that his former fiancé — whom he’d been hoping to win back — had gotten engaged to another man, BACHELOR PAD’s Michael uttered, “I’m sorry, that’s super awkward.” He then added, “Really? Here, though, is where everyone… they find out? Even like a letter would be great, or an E-mail prior!” 
Reason 5,432 We Are Jealous Of “Real” Entertainment Reporters: Oh, to be part of the annual tradition in which press corps members compete against one another on an actual SURVIVOR challenge.
Easiest Way To Spot A Financially-Troubled TV Personality: Tune in to any of the REAL HOUSEWIVES franchises, where Adrienne Maloof is the latest “star” reportedly having money problems. [Read more…]

From Harvard to Hollywood and Everywhere in Between: 10 Questions with RINGER Star Nestor Carbonell

Over the course of its six seasons on the air, much has been made about the magical properties surrounding the mysterious island that was central to LOST’s mythology. And while the ambiguous nature of the show’s finale may-or-may-not have provided the desired closure depending on your point of view, one thing we believe fans will be hard-pressed to argue with is that the island did posses one undeniable power: That of career-booster. Just ask Nestor Carbonell, the hard-working and talented actor who can currently be seen opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar in the hit CW show RINGER. We did, and here’s what he had to say about his time in Hawaii, his latest project that sees him portrayer Fugitive-style FBI agent Victor Machado on RINGER and the unique journey that took him from the hallowed halls of Harvard to Hollywood. [Read more…]

You Be the Critic: RINGER

After months of hype fueled in part by an uncharacteristically aggressive marketing campaign on behalf of The CW Network, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s much-anticipated return to your living room became a reality courtesy of the series premiere of RINGER. But did the decidedly grown up series live up to your lofty expectations? Is double the Gellar thanks to a dual role that sees her playing twin sisters Bridget and Siobhan really double the fun? And most importantly when it comes to any new series, did this dark and twisty tale offer up enough of a tantalizing tease to ensure you’ll be tuning in for more? Now would be the time to let us know in both the poll and the comments below. [Read more…]

We Delve Into the Mysterious World of RINGER with Stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nestor Carbonell, Kristoffer Polaha, Ioan Gruffudd & More!

When bad-twin Brigit takes on the identity of her good-twin Siobhan, she finds out that the phrase “out of the frying pan and into the fire” takes on a whole new meaning when it not only involves you, but a loved one as well.  She had no idea that her sister, Siobhan had so many secrets, nor that she also was looking for a way to escape her life.  But Siobhan’s escape plan is a lot more deadly than Brigit would have dreamed up.  Suddenly caught in a web of lies and world of deceit and treachery, Brigit has a lot to learn – fast! – about the twin she thought she knew.  It is a race against time, a race from the past and neither is waiting patiently on the sidelines.  Brigit’s life is on the line and she has literally no one to trust.  She only thought it was a good idea to slip into her sister’s “slippered” shoes.
While attending Comic-Con this summer, the stars and creators of RINGER shared with press what drew them to this complex story of two twins, both on the run from a dark past.  Sarah Michelle Gellar portrays both Brigit and Siobhan; Nestor Carbonell plays the FBI agent Victor Machado hot on her trail; and Kristoffer Polaha and Ioan Gruffudd play the many loves of Siobhan – one, Brigit’s lover and one, Brigit’s husband. Life is indeed a bit complicated for a girl just trying to find a safe place to hide. [Read more…]