RIVERDALE: The Cast and Producers Tease Season 2


Fred Andrews was shot at the end of RIVERDALE’s first season but the identity shooter is a mystery to Archie and the fans. In fact, that’s going to be a big mystery in the second season, much like Jason Blossom’s death was in the first season.

The cast and producers of RIVERDALE came to San Diego Comic-Con to tease what’s to come for this sleepy — and murderous — little town.

An Extended Season. Season 2 of RIVERDALE has been extended to 22 episodes, giving the show a full season next year. Because the show has a huge cast and couldn’t focus in on several characters in season 1, executive producer Robert Aguirre-Sacasa says that we’re going to see more of Kevin and Josie and the Pussycats in season 2.

Fred’s Fate. We’re going to find out Fred’s ultimate fate by the end of the season 2 premiere. The first episode is Archie and the gang sitting and waiting to see what happens to Fred. Archie will also be dealing with his father being shot and “there’s almost a switch that goes off”, leading us to see a different side of Archie, according to K.J. Apa. In the midst of all this uncertainty, however, expect to see what the producers call the show’s “sexiest scene” between Veronica and Archie.

Jughead’s New School. In season 2 Jughead is put in the middle of two worlds that are going to “collide and erupt”. But as the season goes on he’ll be forced to pick a side, which will make things difficult for him as he’s a morally grey character according to Cole Sprouse. With Jughead always a bit of an outsider, we’ll see that continue even more in season 2 when he’s physically away from the rest of his friends by going to another school. We’ll also start seeing him stand out at Southside High, which could actually lead to some trouble for him. Aguirre-Sacasa also hinted that they’re trying to cast actors to play Jughead’s mother and sister for the second half of the season and hope they can introduce those characters later in season 2.

Jughead and Betty. Lili Reinhart says that Jughead’s new school and gang activities will scare Betty a lot, leading to a bit of a Romeo and Juliet situation for the pair. Their relationship will be tested according to Sprouse and Jughead in particular will be tested the “most by the world around him”. Betty will be put in a position whether she will have to decide whether to be with Jughead or “call it quits for the betterment of herself”.

Dark Betty. Reinhart said that season 1 featured “dark Betty” but season 2 is more of a “tortured soul Betty”. We’ll be exploring a lot more of her darkness and watching her come to terms more with it instead of just “covering it with a black wig”. But who will she lean on through this journey? She’ll find a lot of comfort in Archie, Betty and Jughead, but we’ll see more of Archie and Betty’s friendship in particular in season 2. Aguirre-Sacasa also hinted that we’ll see Betty “loosen her ponytail a bit more this [coming] season”.

The Lodge Family. Camila Mendes said that Mark Conseulos really slid into the role of Hiram Lodge for season 2. He’s been a very smooth businessman, but Mendes says that Veronica doesn’t really trust her father. He apparently is trying to be a better person, bit Hiram and Hermione are definitely keeping secrets from Veronica and she’s desperate to be let in. We’ll also see Archie and Hiram interacting in season 2. But a really big problem for Veronica is the fact that we’re going to see another man coming into her life — her ex-boyfriend from New York City will be coming and he really brings out Veronica’s dark side.

Girl Power. Episode 2.05 is a big episode of “girls sticking together”. Veronica’s ex-boyfriend will be causing a lot of trouble for both Veronica and Cheryl and it sounds like the girls band together to combat his brand of trouble.

A Chilly Cheryl. “Cheryl gets colder and meaner in season 2, but she takes the reins back from her parent and starts taking control of her life a lot more,” according to Madelaine Petsch.

A New Face. We’ll be seeing a new character – Toni Topaz — from the Archie comics. She’s a student at Southside High and is a Southside Serpent. She’ll be Jughead’s guide into the Serpent world and Aguirre-Sacasa jokes that she’s “like a female Jughead”. But she’ll also be trouble in terms of getting Jughead deeper into this gang. Will she be bisexual like in the comics? Yes, according to the producers.

New Relationships. Kevin will be dealing with the heartbreak of his boyfriend leaving at the end of season 1, but Casey Cott hints that Kevin will get another boyfriend in season 2. Ashleigh Murray also hinted that Josie might be “batting her eyes” at Reggie Mantle.

A Taste of the Supernatural. Apparently the producers have been discussing a “prominent supernatural character from the comics” and it was hinted that they might be making an appearance next season.

RIVERDALE will be returning on Wednesday, October 11 on The CW.

RIVERDALE Renewed for Season 2

riverdale cast

The CW has renewed RIVERDALE for a second season. The freshman drama, which debuted at midseason, is averaging averaging 1.2 million viewers and a 0.5 in the demo.

RIVERDALE is the eighth CW renewed for the 2017-2018 season. The network already announced the renewals for ARROW (Season 6), CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND (Season 3), DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW (Season 3), THE FLASH (Season 4), JANE THE VIRGIN (Season 4), SUPERGIRL (Season 3), and SUPERNATURAL (Season 13).

Currently the fate of THE 100, THE ORIGINALS, FREQUENCY, iZOMBIE and NO TOMORROW are up in the air.

RIVERDALE Preview: Gangs, Drive-Ins and the Mysteries of Miss Grundy’s Past


Jughead is trying to save his beloved drive-in movie theatre on this week’s RIVERDALE. The young writer becomes upset when he learns that the drive-in has been sold and is scheduled to be demolished, so he tries to figure out who the new owner is and stop the project from going forward. At the same time, he organizes one last screening there for the town. We’ll eventually learn how important this drive-in is to Jughead and the reason behind his desperation to save it. In addition, expect to learn more about the history between the Jones and Andrews families.

Meanwhile, Betty is suspicious about Miss Grundy and her motives towards Archie. In fact, she’s supicious about Miss Grundy period. And when she sees the music teacher out for a bite with both Fred and Archie (trust me, it’s awkward), she becomes more determined than ever to figure out who Miss Grundy is. When she sets up a fake interview with the teacher to learn more about her, she discovers a strange connection to Jason Blossom. While Betty is playing detective, her mother is on a mission to expose Archie’s golden boy image and she’s not afraid to user her daughter’s diary to do it.

Finally, Hermione has settled in to her new job as a waitress at Pop’s and both she and Veronica are taking their fall from riches in stride, although Cheryl is being a total snob towards the Lodge women when she discovers Hermione’s new profession. Later, she spots Hermione talking with a shady character — specifically, a member of the Southside Serpent gang — and this sets off alarm bells, both for Cheryl and for Veronica when she gets told about it.

Don’t miss an all new episode of RIVERDALE tonight (February 16) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

RIVERDALE: Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart Tease a Jughead & Betty Team-Up


New information about Jason’s death comes to light in this week’s RIVERDALE and Cheryl Blossom’s shocking confession at the end of the last episode means that all eyes on her. Meanwhile, Alice Cooper has been enjoying sensationalizing Jason’s death for newspaper sales, but Betty thinks she should just focus on the facts instead of trying to explot Jason. Alice suggests that she come work for the town paper, but Betty goes in another direction: she decides to revive the school’s paper — the “Blue and Gold”. And to do this, she asks Jughead for some help in investigating Jason’s death.

During our visit to the RIVERDALE set in Vancouver, we spoke to Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart about a Jughead/Betty team investigative team-up.

“Betty also has a storyline with Jughead where they kind of team up together to uncover more about Jason’s murder mystery,” Reinhart said. “Because they think the sheriff and the Blossoms are hiding something or trying to twist something. So they’re trying to figure [things] out, from an insider’s perspective. Betty, at first, is an outsider to the murder. She wasn’t involved. The only connection that she really has to the murder is that Polly was dating Jason. That’s kind of her only real connection. As the season progresses, she realizes that her family may be more involved than she thought. That’s why she and Jughead team up to get to the bottom of it. Because everyone is hiding secrets from everyone. her own parents are even lying to her. So that’s why she kind of takes it upon herself and Jughead to figure out what’s actually happening.”

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Sprouse thinks this team-up works because “Betty has the journalistic resources from her parents in the background of her lineage and Jughead is an objective character on the outside of their school society and of their society at large. It gives him an interesting angle to approach writing about the town, writing about the students, writing about how people treat him and, by association, treat the rest of their classmates and the citizens of this [version of] Riverdale. It’s pretty obvious that Betty [and] her relationship to the journalism of the show is very much driven by her relationship with her mother. Whereas Jughead, without saying too much, has a different angle for it…a lot of his motivation, in my opinion, is driven by him trying to figure out quite a bit about himself and how he stands in society and where he fits in and how people are treating him. It’s the classic, if you’re a bully in school that’s probably because the person is hurting a bit at home [thing]. Jughead is trying to figure out other people, or he’s being quite cynical to other people, he’s pushing away from other people because he doesn’t understand himself and I think a lot of that writing is going on through that.”

In addition to this journalistic team-up, which will continue over several episodes, tonight’s episode will also feature Veronica getting slut shamed by a football player (Chuck Clayton) which eventually leads to other girls revealing that they too have been systematically shamed by various Riverdale High football players. So Betty and Veronica team up to make sure these women get justice.

Don’t miss an all new episode of RIVERDALE tonight (February 9) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

RIVERDALE: The Cast Talks Episode 2, the Group Dynamics and Unlikely Friendships


It’s clear that the gunshot that Archie and Miss Grundy heard in the premiere of RIVERDALE is weighing heavily on the ginger high school student as we move into the second episode. Tormented, he’ll be reaching out to BFF Betty, who isn’t that happy to talk to him after his recent rejection. When he starts insisting to Miss Grundy that they should tell the police about what they heard, she puts the kibosh on that quickly, afraid that they’ll both be punished for their illicit affair.

Meanwhile, Betty is licking her wounds after the event of the pilot — upset that Archie didn’t return her declaration of love and annoyed at Veronica for her little closet kiss with Archie. Her mother, Alice, feels vindicated because she’s convinced that she was proven right about Veronica, Cheryl (who orchestrated the closet stunt) and Archie. Both Archie and Veronica are trying to repair their relationship with Betty in episode 2, but is Betty ready to forgive and forget?

During a visit to the set of RIVERDALE in Vancouver, we spoke to the cast about the group dynamics between the kids and more of what’s to come on the show.

Archie’s Guilt. “[Archie] and Miss Grundy, obviously with the whole murder of Jason Blossom…. everyone is a suspect. That is a big storyline for me and Sarah [Habel], who’s playing Miss Grundy,” KJ Apa (Archie Andrews) said. “Archie is so torn with this guilt that he needs to tell someone about it, and at this point it’s just him and her who were there at Sweetwater River when they heard the gunshot. He just feels really isolated in that sense, and it’s just him talking to her about it, and she’s like ‘You can’t tell anyone.’ Then eventually he just can’t handle it, and he breaks down in a few episodes, like episode 3 and 4 you really see him finally….he just has enough and he just breaks down about it all. It’s a lot for him to handle.”

An Unlikely Truce…For a While. Beginning in tonight’s episode, we’re going to see Veronica (who stood up to the Queen B in the premiere) actually show some sympathy towards Cheryl as she publicly grieves her brother. Camila Mendes (Veronica Lodge) said that the two girls will come together occasionally….though usually only for a short time: “I think it’s one of those things where we will be friends sometimes, but that’s only going to be so short-lived. We’ll probably always resort back to the rivalry.”

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Integrating Herself With the Group. In addition to occasional truces with Cheryl, Veronica will be making herself at home in Riverdale, according to Mendes: “She kind of jumps in pretty quickly, in terms of making new friends, and already feeling [like she’s] a part of the gang, you know. We’re on Episode 7 now, and I already feel like she’s already immersed herself entirely in the friend group, and you know, she’s Veronica, she’s popular, it’s easy for her to make friends. Because especially, in this version of Riverdale, she has made herself very likable.” We’re also going to see an interesting friendship develop between Veronica and Kevin, according to Mendes: “I love her friendship with Kevin. I don’t know what really to say besides that it’s just a friendship that works. Their characters really understand each other, and whenever Betty’s too busy dealing with all of her family drama, me and Kevin come together, and we kind of have our own little stuff.”

Lonely Cheryl. Cheryl may rule Riverdale High with an iron fist, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t lonely. Losing her twin brother allows viewers to see a vulnerability in Cheryl and other than her interaction with Veronica and Betty, we’re going to see that Cheryl doesn’t have a lot of genuine friends according to Madeline Petsch (Cheryl Blossom): “She’s kind of a standalone character, and she kind of pops in and out as she pleases and just causes trouble wherever she can. But you do get to see a really beautiful opening of her parents’ relationship with her, and it is very eye-opening to why she is who she is and why she hates half of her life.”

Pop’s as HQ. Cole Sprouse (Jughead Jones) said that we’re going to see Jughead writing at Pop’s in a lot of the establishing shots for each episode, but he’s not the only person who will use the diner as an HQ. “Pop’s is not just Jughead’s haunt. Pop’s has really become the main set in terms of….it’s a comfortable place and it’s well lit and in contrast to some of the darker tones and the darker sets that we have on this [show], to have this well-lit familiar diner location is a nice way to bring the audience back to a more comfortable palette cleanser of the tone. And I think that’s what we’re using Pop’s as.”

Reggie Mantle, High School Jock. We met Reggie briefly in the RIVERDALE pilot and while Moose will be more prominently featured in episode 2 as a result of his tryst with Kevin Keller and their discovery of Jason’s body, we will see Reggie again as well and he has a strong opinion about who may have killed Jason. Sprouse explained that “Reggie Mantle right now has been a kind of complicated character to pursue in my opinion. He is played by basically our favorite guy, Ross Butler, but Ross is a talented working actor on another show, so we don’t want to sacrifice him playing that character and it’s kind of been a juggle between when he’s available to come on to the set to play Reggie and when he’s not. He’s still very much an antagonizing character. He’s wealthy and large and imposing and he certainly doesn’t like Jughead because Jughead is quick-witted, and that has never really been Reggie’s strong suit. So, we play that a little bit. As of now, he’s not really been a primary antagonist — because Reggie, from what I’ve read of the digests and of the comics, Reggie’s not a hated character. I know that Ross is going to eventually going to wrap the season of the other project that he’s working on and that’s going to free him up for some more time on this show, which I think is going to be nice.”

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The Musician and the Rich Girl. Josie and Veronica didn’t interact in the pilot, but their budding friendship will get some attention as the show goes on. “I think it comes down to the fact that both have daddy issues, and they bond over that. It’s actually one of my favorite scenes in the show — the scene with me and Josie at Pops, and it’s a really sweet girl talk. It’s really nice,” Mendes said. Ashleigh Murray (Josie) went on to explain that “It starts to develop a little later on and it’s interesting how they kind of come to be. As Veronica was kind of an elite back in New York and came to this small town, those type of people kind of gravitate to each other. It’s fun to see how it develops. I don’t want to give anything away because it’s actually very sweet and interesting. It’s like if Barbie was in a town with Kate Beckinsale and they’re both super different and super spectacular and everyone else around them is incredibly plain. They just kind of fall into each other and wouldn’t normally under other circumstances be friends. But they find out they’ve got a lot in common.”

Jason’s Killer. Alice Cooper’s position as the editor of the local paper comes up in this episode as she tries to get to the bottom of Jason’s death by bribing city officials to get information before it’s released to the public. And, as Jughead teased at the end of the pilot, someone will be arrested for Jason’s murder in episode 2. Of course, given that we’re so early on in the series it’s unlikely that the crime has been solved so easily, but what we learn does change our perspective on how Jason actually died.

Don’t miss an all new episode of RIVERDALE airing on February 2 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

RIVERDALE: The Cast Dishes on the Archie-Betty-Veronica Love Triangle


In the Archie comics, the titular character was always torn between two girls: Betty and Veronica. The same is true in RIVERDALE, although the show has complicated matters even further by bringing another person into the love triangle (or is it quadrangle?): Miss Grundy. As we learned in the series premiere, high school student Archie Andrews had engaged in an illicit romance with his music teacher over the summer. And even though the pair seem to be split right now, her presence could complicate the already-complicated triangle between Archie, Betty and Veronica. Another factor that seems to be causing problems is the fact that Veronica and Betty seemed to genuinely get along in the pilot and Veronica encouraged Betty to tell Archie about the crush she has on him. That backfired, unfortunately, and now — thanks to some interference by Cheryl Blossom — the trio are all a terrible mess of complicated feelings.

During a visit to the set of RIVERDALE in Vancouver, the cast talked about the love triangle and what’s next in terms of romance.

Suppressing the Attraction. Veronica was interested in Archie from the first moment the two met, but she was happy to step aside once she learned that Betty had a major crush on him.  Camila Mendes (Veronica Lodge) said that this behavior will continue: “I think she will start to suppress it a bit, especially for the sake of her friendship with Betty. But we’re always getting a scene here and there, where Veronica and Archie do connect, and you can feel the electricity between them. But they’re doing a really good job of letting that build rather than kind of rushing it. Like, we all know the triangle’s coming, so we’re trying to gradually get there rather than just starting it with the triangle.”

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Throwing Another Woman in the Mix. Miss Grundy, Betty and Veronica won’t be the only women in Archie’s life. KJ Apa (Archie Andrews) hinted that “Archie ends up having a girlfriend who is not either Betty or Veronica, which also causes some conflict between him, and Betty and Veronica.” Mendes went on to explain that this new relationship “stalls the triangle [a bit]….So for a few episodes, it’s like, Veronica or Betty can’t really get to Archie, because he’s distracted, and I think that part of what makes Archie Archie is that he wants everyone. It’s not even just Betty and Veronica. He wants Cheryl, he wants whatever, any girl that comes his way that gives him any slight bit of attention, he’s going to want to receive it.”

That’s right, folks, while no one confirmed that Cheryl would actually be Archie’s girlfriend, Madeline Petsch (Cheryl Blossom) did say “you don’t see a lot of [interaction] between Cheryl and Archie in the beginning, and as [the season] unfolds they’re having a couple scenes where you see her kind of flirting with him, testing the waters, seeing if there’s even an interest there. And then I’ve heard whisperings that there will be a lot more of that as the season continues.”

Friends or Foes? Despite the rocky love triangle and the potential it has to wreck Betty and Veronica’s budding friendship, the cast assured us that the girls are trying hard not to let a man come between them. “Episode 2 is entirely about us trying to be friends again, and Veronica desperately trying to apologize, and recognizing her mistake, and Betty trying to come to terms with that as well,” Mendes said. “I think throughout the entire season, they’re always going to be working on their friendship, and whatever rivalry happens, it’s going to happen because of Archie, but it’s never really going to get in the way of the essence of their friendship.”

Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper) elaborated that “At the end of the day we wanted to make sure they were friends. We don’t want to [pit] these women against each other, that was important to us. We didn’t want to make it seem like these women had nothing better to do than fight over a man, especially one that in the comics picks one one day and the other the next. We’re definitely not falling into that. But at the end of the day Betty and Veronica are friends and very supportive of each other. At the beginning they do have a rift between them as Veronica’s the new girl and she’s kind of attracted to Archie and really interested in him. But she finds out Betty has feelings for him and obviously you guys saw the pilot. Veronica kisses him and it kind of breaks Betty’s heart but at the end of the day Betty is very very forgiving and understanding. She’s such a kind soul and you can’t force someone to love you. She kind of comes to terms with that, definitely. So Betty and Veronica are friends and you’ll see that.”

Don’t miss an all new episode of RIVERDALE on February 2 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

RIVERDALE: The Cast Teases What Comes Next (Hint: A Murder Mystery, Unlikely Friends & the Uncovering of Secrets!)


Riverdale is a town like any other town…until you look closer. As our narrator Jughead told us in the first moments of the new series, this is a story about a small town and the people who live in it….people with a lot of secrets.

RIVERDALE introduced us to modern versions of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and more — all of whom will become embroiled in the murder mystery involving the recently deceased Jason Blossom.

During a visit to the set of RIVERDALE in Vancouver, we spoke to the cast about what’s to come in the next episode and beyond.

The Scene of the Crime. The fact that the Blossom twins were out at the river at dawn is not a coincidence. Madeline Petsch (Cheryl Blossom) hinted that the reasons for this “will be clear later in the season. I wish I could tell you. It’s a major plot point.”

Two Queen Bs. We saw in the pilot that Veronica (a former mean girl herself) went toe-to-toe with Cheryl and come out on top….at least for a little while. But, like with Betty and Cheryl, the hostility between Veronica and Cheryl may start to fade according to Camila Mendes (Veronica Lodge): “I think there’s going to be some mutual respect for each other. They’re very similar in many ways. They both come from money. They’ve both been on top. But the difference between Cheryl and Veronica is that Veronica has come to her senses, and I think Cheryl still hasn’t. But I think Veronica relates to Cheryl, and actually, in some ways, is going to feel protective about her for that very reason.”

Trying to Solve Her Brother’s Murder. Fans would be remiss if Cheryl wasn’t their prime suspect in Jason’s death. After all, it seemed like she was the only person around him at the time of his murder. But Petsch said that Cheryl will start coming across less bitchy and more relatable as time goes by: “They want her to be a real person. So of course she’s psycho. I mean, her brother was murdered, and it’s been awful for her. But they really allow you to see not just like her psycho side, but her like emotional side of, her ‘I lost my brother’ side, and her real side, and her coming to people and saying, ‘What do you think happened? And what do you know?’ It becomes more of like this give-and-take between trying to be in charge and being the bitch and then also trying to get information out of people and getting them to understand where she’s coming from and trying to convince them that she didn’t do it.”

The Truth About Polly. “The Cooper family, I think, is the most interesting family in Riverdale,” Lili Reinhart (Betty Cooper) said. “God, there’s a lot going on there. There’s kind of a divide between Betty and her sister. Betty and her sister Polly are on one team and her parents are ganging up on one another. It’s a very divided household. Alice, Betty’s mom, cares about Betty so much and loves her so much and wants to keep her in this little bubble and not expose her to the evils of the world that she thinks Veronica is and Archie is. With her sister Polly….we know she’s in a group home because of something that happened between her and Jason [Blossom]. Betty actually doesn’t know what happened between them. As the season progresses she tries to dig deeper and find out what happened between Polly and Jason and why her sister got send away. Her parents are being so secretive about it and Betty does start to uncover that. It becomes a huge arc for Betty’s character. We just finished [filming episode] 1.06 and that was a big episode for Betty in regards to finding out more about what happened with Polly.”

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The Blossom-Cooper Feud. We saw a lot of anger between Betty Cooper and Cheryl Blossom in the premiere — which primarily revolved around a relationship between related between their respective siblings, Polly and Jason. But as Petsch explained, the situation may come to resolve itself: “It’s very interesting because it’s not just because of our siblings. It actually goes back a very long time with our families having a feud. So it’s not just that. And then it’s the fact that I’m so in love with Jason, and Polly kind of took him away from me. Then you see as the season unfolds that there’s a common interest that both of us have and in order to get to that goal, we have to work together. I think you’ll see more of a mutual respect between the two of them, because I’m certain Betty will start to understand where Cheryl’s coming from and she’s not just this bitchy villain. She kind of already does see that as the season is unfolding currently, and I think that will kind of help us work together in that moment.”

Meanwhile, Reinhart said that “Cheryl looks at Betty as the easy target, which she kind of is. She’s the nice girl and doesn’t really stand up for herself necessarily. Especially in the first episode, she kind of lets Cheryl walk all over her. But the dynamic changes once Betty uncovers more information about Polly and Jason’s relationship in Season 1. It kind of brings them closer together once Betty finds out more information and brings Cheryl into it. They’re trying to work together a little bit, even though they’re very different and Cheryl kind of hates Polly and the Cooper family, they do end up working together in a way.”

Not BFFs Anymore. One big twist on the RIVERDALE mythology is the fact that best-buds-forever Archie and Jughead aren’t really friends in the show. Or, at least, they were friends before something terrible happened. Cole Sprouse (Jughead Jones) explained that “the original treatment that I had read of the show – that didn’t happen. Apparently they were quite good [friends] at the beginning, but I think the creative [producers] thought would be more interesting to have either a a repairing of their relationship over time. It is stated in the show that Archie and Jughead were once very close best friends, just like the were in the digest and in the comics and so that still holds quite true for the origin stories as we would call them. But, we thought it would be more interesting if there was a little tension and we could talk about it and we could have a story to build off of that and that would be more fun. Episode 1.02 is a deeper exploration of why they’re upset at each other, what happened and what could happen in the future if they should choose to be OK and forgive and all of that.”

The Parents and Their Secrets. Thanks to the premiere, we know that there’s history between Fred Andrews and Hermione Lodge. Future episodes will also reveal a complicated relationship between Hermione and Alice Cooper. As Luke Perry (Fred Andrews) revealed to us, “Again, with Roberto [Aguirre-Sacasa, the executive producer] getting to create so much of the universe here in the show, all the parents went to high school together. And we were all in the same graduating class, or a year or so apart. So we’ve got all that stuff still cooking from the time we were in high school. And I guess what happens is some of these old high school rivalries and things….they never die, they never go away. Especially when you all stay in the same little town and you just kind of keep seeing them over and over and over. And I’m the kind of guy who…. I didn’t really think past Riverdale. Fred Andrews is absolutely and completely happy, everything I want need, or could ever think of is right here in Riverdale for me. So to be there with everybody that I grew up with is the curse and the blessing.”

Don’t miss an all new episode of RIVERDALE airing on February 2 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

RIVERDALE: The Cast Introduces the Characters and their Complicated Relationships

riverdale cast

The story of RIVERDALE begins the morning of July 4 as twins Cheryl and Jason Blossom drive out to Sweetwater River for an early morning boat ride. “Are you scared, Jason?” Cheryl asks (in a move likely to hint at more secrets to be revealed at a later date). Jason shakes his head and the pair head out. The the time we see the Blossoms, Cheryl is found soaking wet on the riverbank and Jason’s body is not found when they drag the river. Jason’s death is ruled an accident, but it’s later revealed there was nothing accidental about it.

Before we get to that, however, it’s clear that a lot of people in town don’t view Jason’s death as a tragedy. Some people, in fact, are very happy that he’s gone. We get to know a lot of the characters of RIVERDALE in the pilot as this murder mystery continues to serve as a through-line for the show. Some of the characters are less connected to Jason than others, but most of them are drawn in to the story, all while hiding their own secrets.

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RIVERDALE won’t be your typical team drama. Star Camila Mendes said that “It feels like a comic book, but it’s still real life, and I think we’ve done a great of balancing that, like balancing the darkness with the lightness. And also the idea that it really isn’t just teen drama, it’s not trivial drama that we’re dealing with. We’re dealing with really high stakes stuff, with our relationships with our parents, and balancing that with our relationships with each other. They’re going pretty deep.”

To get to know the characters of RIVERDALE, click the arrows below.

RIVERDALE premieres on on Thursday, January 26 at 9/8c on The CW.

RIVERDALE Preview: A Murder Mystery


High school students may be at the heart of the new RIVERDALE series, but all of these teens are dealing with a very grown-up problem: a murder mystery.

One morning, in the summer, twins Cheryl and Jason Blossom head out for a boat ride. But only one of them ever makes it back to shore. Several months later Jason’s body finally turns up, and the mystery of his death swirls around the town and the show’s main storylines.

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Caught in the middle is Archie Andrews, a senior at Riverdale High who also happens to be in a forbidden relationship with his music teacher, Ms. Grundy. And, from the looks of the preview below, she’s also forcing him to side something in relation to Jason Blossom’s death.

Don’t miss the series premiere of RIVERDALE on Thursday, January 26 at 9/8c on The CW.

RIVERDALE Preview: Not Your Typical Small Town

Riverdale is not like most other small, sleepy towns. There’s secrets in this town — and murder.

We open RIVERDALE (based on the Archie comics) with the tragic summer death of high school golden boy Jason Blossom. He went on an early morning boat ride with his twin, Cheryl, and only one of them returned alive. But, as we soon come to learn, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Cheryl is the killer.

A few months later, a new year of school begins. Archie Andrews, a student at Riverdale High, has come to the realization that he wants to pursue a career in music, not take over his father’s company. And Archie is hiding a secret of his own — his forbidden affair with his young music teacher, Ms. Grundy.

Then there’s Betty Cooper, who wants to start a relationship with Archie after years of them just being friends. But Betty’s home life has left her high strung, between her otherbearing mother, Alice, and the recent breakdown of her sister.

Enter newcomer Veronica Lodge, who arrives in Riverdale and shakes things up. She and her mother are running from New York after her father was arrested for stealing his clients’ money. Betty and Veronica become fast friends, but their mutual attraction to Archie might get in the way of their relationship.

And then there’s Cheryl Blossom, the school’s Queen Bee who enjoys nothing more than stirring up trouble amongst Archie, Betty and Veronica.

Browse through photos from the pilot above and don’t miss the series premiere of RIVERDALE on Thursday, January 26 at 9/8c on The CW.