BLINDSPOT: Comic-Con Video Hints at Promising Season 2


We are coming up on a new season of BLINDSPOT on NBC, and fans were treated to a tantalizing teaser video and star interviews at July’s San Diego Comic-Con, heating up excitement over the new story line to come. Are you ready?

All first season, we watched Jane Doe and Agent Weller and his FBI team puzzle out the intricate tattoos on her body. And little by little the code that was her body meshed into the vision of a conspiracy that we found out Jane Doe herself had plotted. Removed of her own memory, however, Jane Doe became a different person, and even when her own conspiracy was revealed to her, she wanted no part of it. She fought it. In the end, she killed her one contact within the conspiracy, her former lover, Oscar. On Weller’s side, it appeared that Jane Doe was his missing childhood friend Taylor Shaw, whom he missed so terribly that he wanted so desperately for Jane Doe to be, even deluding himself to believe despite mounting evidence that she wasn’t Taylor. In the final scenes of last spring’s season finale, he was confronted with the reality that Jane Doe actually wasn’t Taylor and he blew an emotional gasket. He arrested her. So what has happened to Jane Doe over our long summer?

As the official teaser video released at San Diego Comic-Con shows (see below), things haven’t gone terribly well for Jane Doe since we left her last season. “I’ve been in a hole for three months,” she says as a torture scene plays out. Season two begins brutally, and in other Comic-Con interviews, Jamie Alexander, who plays Jane Doe, reveals the questions left over from season one will be revealed and will lead us into a whole new season and in an exciting new direction, adding new cast members, the FBI team and Jane Doe digging deeper – into themselves and their relationships with each other – to find and take down the conspirators. Jane Doe desperately wants to make things right, but the team now has trust issues and quite frankly, it may be past making things right. Or is it?

Joining the cast in season 2 are Luke Mitchell as Roman and Michelle Hurd as another shadowy member of the stealthy organization that Jane Doe and Weller’s FBI Team must now hunt down. Also joining the cast is Archie Panjabi as the head of a secret division of the NSA that’s had its eye on Jane Doe from behind the scenes. Looks like the late CIA Assistant Director Carter wasn’t Jane Doe’s only interested third party.

Are we ready for a promising season ahead? BLINDSPOT returns to NBC for its second season on September 14 at 10/9c, before moving to its regular time period of Wednesdays at 8/7c the following week.

ONCE UPON A TIME Comic-Con Press Room: The Origin of the Savior, the Evil Queen and Hook’s Past


The cast of ABC’s hit show ONCE UPON A TIME, along with showrunners Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis, talked to journalists this past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con about what we can expect to see in season 6. With two villains in town, Storybrooke will now take front stage again, as the show returns to its roots for its sixth season. Lana Parrilla, Jared Gilmore, Emily de Ravin, Rebecca Mader, Colin O’Donoghue and Josh Dallas talked about what’s in store for their characters this season and how they are all going to have their hands full dealing with the Evil Queen and Hyde at the same time.

Adam Horowitz told us that this season will not be all about the Land of Untold Stories, as it was previously teased in the season 5 finale. This time, they are not going to a different land and stay there for the first half of the season, like they did for the past couple of seasons. “We are in Storybrooke and the characters from the Land of Untold Stories have arrived, and that is part of the story we’re telling. But the arc of this season will touch on a bunch of different things.” Horowitz teased.

According to the showrunners, these characters fled the Land of Untold Stories, so their stories wouldn’t play out. Now that they’re in Storybrooke, things will play out as they were supposed to and Emma will find herself again in the position of Savior, trying to help everyone find their happiness. Add to that the fact that both Hyde and a far more terrifying Evil Queen will be on the loose, so the heroes will most certainly not have time to take a break before the next crisis.

Origin of the savior. During the panel, we watched a sneak peek of the upcoming season, and found out that Alladin was a Savior. Eddie Kitsis mentioned that, this year, we are exploring the Savior mythology, and we will soon realize that Emma is not the first savior and that there is an origin story to that position of power. In the sneak peek, we saw that being a Savior has really taken its toll on Alladin and that it might be a glimpse of what is in store for Emma. “Last year, we saw Emma finally saying ‘I love you’ to Hook when there was no problem or death, so she was able to let in these new emotions. So one of the things we want to get into this year for Emma is what is it like to find your parents? What is it like to have the pressure of being the Savior and having to fight all those fights? Is she ever going to have a happy ending? I think the Alladin thing kind of showed you what happened to the Savior, right?” Kitsis teased.

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Regina vs Evil Queen. Lana Parrilla said that the Evil Queen is different than what she used to be. “Before, she was still part of Regina, and Regina has a conscience. We will see how the Evil Queen will fare without a conscience and how far she is willing to go to get her revenge. She is still hung up on Snow and getting her heart.” Parrilla teased.

She also mentioned that Regina is still trying to be a hero and she turns to Snow for advice. “Part of her feels that [what is happening] is karmic, but she is not going to let the Evil Queen win. She is going to battle against her and really fight for redemption and her happiness.”

Jared Gilmore also talked about how Henry is going to react to having three mothers now. When he was asked about how he is going to feel about the Evil Queen, Gilmore said that it’s complicated. “It’s hard to explain. She raised him for ten years, so he has some sort of feelings toward her. Even when she was still in Regina, he wanted to see the good in her, which means he also wanted to see the good in the Evil Queen. But now that that’s gone, it will be really interesting to explore.”

Robin’s death. Last season, we saw Robin perish when Hades used the Olympian Crystal on him. Regina hasn’t really had time to process what happened and Parrilla says there is so much going on with the characters, that we won’t see it right away. “Regina is very private. There is so much going on. As soon as we start the season, we have Hyde and Gold has given him Storybrooke, so we need to protect our civilians. That’s why I think these moments are more private. It’s talked about, but I think  the grieving happens behind closed doors.” she elaborated on how her character is dealing with Robin’s death.

Zelena. When asked about how Zelena is fairing when season 6 starts, Rebecca Mader said that there is a lot going on with her character. When we last saw her, she had just killed her first love in order to save her sister, so she is not in the best head space right now. “I had finally gotten a sister, and now I have two. So it’s a lot – dealing with Regina and the Evil Queen, and the baby and I just killed my boyfriend, so I made an appointment with Jimini Cricket for next week.” The actress laughed.

About how her relationship with the Evil Queen and with her own dark side that she is still trying to leave behind, Mader said that being a villain is like battling an addiction, so Zelena might slip up a little bit on her journey.

Belle and Rumplestiltskin. Emilie De Ravin told us that Belle starts off season 6 still inside the box – just as we last saw her in the season 5 finale. However, she says that Belle will most likely not stay there for too long. “The way she gets out of the box, that she’s extracted from it, and the characters involved in that – it’s really cool.” De Ravin commented. “It reveals a lot about her relationship.” She added.

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SHERLOCK Season 4 Trailer: Something’s Coming….


“Something’s coming,” Sherlock Holmes warns ominously in the new trailer for season 4 of SHERLOCK that premiered at San Diego Comic-Con. Something….or someone? Is it Moriarty? Sherlock doesn’t know, according to the video below. But he seems to think he can get ahead of the situation.

We see a government representative tell Sherlock that he was brought back to England to deal with it and they want to know how he’s going to handle this new threat. There’s also a lot of action coming in the new season, what with the helicopters, fights and infiltration scenes. And there’s also the small matter of Sherlock’s demons coming to collect him…and a rare moment of fear on his face.

In addition to the trailer, SHERLOCK creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss put together an amusing video with them trying to decide which cast members would be heading to Comic-Con.

SHERLOCK will return for its fourth season in 2017.

AMERICAN GODS: Watch the Full Comic-Con Panel

Ricky Whittle

AMERICAN GODS came to Comic-Con with its first trailer and a panel featuring Ricky Whittle (Shadow), Ian McShane (Mr. Wednesday), Yetide Badaki (Bilquis), Pablo Schreiber (Mad Sweeney), and Bruce Langley (Technical Boy).

You can watch the full panel below, but here is some of what we learned:

  • Neil Gaiman (the author of the book “American Gods”) was very involved in the series, including with regards to casting. Although, as the show has progressed he’s become a bit less involved.
  • Kristin Chenoweth has been cast as Easter in the series and was brought out in the panel. She said that “Easter is very, very pissed that Jesus took her holiday.”
  • Technical Boy is a bit of a chameleon and “you never see the same version of him twice.”
  • You won’t need to read the book before watching the series. But even if you have read the book, you’ll still see some surprises in the show.

AMERICAN GODS will premiere in 2017.

SUPERNATURAL Comic-Con Press Room: The Return of Mary, the Hunt for Sam and Lucifer and More


SUPERNATURAL stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Mark Sheppard and Misha Collins — along with executive producers Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb — spoke to reporters at Comic-Con about season 12. Guest stars Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester) and Ruth O’Connell (Rowena) also visited the press room.

The Hunt for Sam. The search for Sam takes over the first “couple of episodes,” Singer said. Sam is kind of going through hell with the British MOL. One thing they found interesting with this situation is that Sam thinks Dean is dead. “As far as he knew, the bomb blew up and that’s what saved the world. So he’s really excited to see Dean when Dean shows up.” Plus, Toni tells him his brother is dead. “That doesn’t take up too many episodes. We get that over with pretty quickly but I think [those episodes are] action-packed and all our characters are involved. Everybody has their own piece in those stories.” He thinks we get season off with a bang and will see everyone involved.

Dean Goes “TAKEN” When Sam Gets Captured. Dean doesn’t know what’s going on with Sam at first, but Sam thinks Dean is dead. Ackles said that Sam got shot at the end of the season and we see in the trailer for season 12 that he’s been captured. “[Sam] has no reason to believe Dean would even be coming for him. Dean’s got to figure out quickly what has happened, where [Sam[ is and it turns into a bit of TAKEN [the movie].” In fact, Ackles said the writers even kind of plagiarized a line from the TAKEN film. Not the “particular set of skills” line, but more like the “when I find you and I will find you” speech.

The Added Dynamic of Mary. Dabb doesn’t think that the introduction of Mary dramatically changes the the dynamics of the show as a whole because SUPERNATURAL has “always been about family and the show’s always about Sam and Dean.” There’s the “initial shock [of Mary’s return], of ‘Oh my God, Mom is back. What does this mean for us?’” But as that wears off, we’ll learn more about Mary as a person. She’s coming back into his world where her sons are adults and they’re adults doing the one thing she didn’t want them to do. The man she loves has passed away and changed a lot. “The John she knew was quiet, unassuming, [a] great guy, loving father. That’s not necessarily the John raising Sam and Dean. He was a very driven, very focused guy.” She feels a lot of guilt about that because if she hadn’t died, none of this would have happened. But from the point of view of Sam and Dean, “this isn’t a mistake. They’re heroes, they saved the world,” Dabb said. Smith also said that Mary’s return and the season is “all about family. About exploring the deeper dynamics of …. learning to be a mother to adult children and adult children learning what it’s like to have a mom that they never had. I think there will be a lot of soul-searching, layered exploration.” She went on to say that Mary is trying to absorb everything she can about this new world she’s in. She’s been dead for more than three decades and life is very different now. “And her children are adults and they were raised without her and her husband is gone.” It’s very much like a lot of noise is coming at her. “It’s Mary dealing with her stuff less than being at odds with either of her children.”

Exploring More About Mary’s Past. Dabb said that we’ll see Mary’s presence “for a while”. She’s not intended to be a one episode character and we will explore more about her “over the course of the season”. We will also learn more about parts of Mary’s history that we haven’t seen before. For example, we’ve been under the impression that once Mary married John she settled down and stopped hunting. “But we’re going to find out that that’s maybe not the whole story.” Expect to see flashbacks to explore this.

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Mary as a Hunter. We’re going to see Mary as a badass hunter. That’s who she was and who she will be when she returns, Smith said. She’s had to do fight training and weapons training to prepare for season 12. “[Mary] will be hunting, I will be fighting and participating. And that is not something that my version of Mary has done so far.” Smith thinks that it will be really “fun for the audience to watch as Mary finds her footing in the current life that she’s given.” Smith also said that the introduction of creatures like angels (which Mary didn’t know about when she was a hunter) is “something that we explore in the first episode.”

Sam’s Reaction to Mary? The brothers will both react differently to meeting their mother, Padalecki said. “For me, what’s most exciting for playing Sam with Mary back in the picture, [is that]…we never saw Sam be a son. We saw him with his dad…but it was contentious. So now we see Sam with him mom, who he doesn’t….he never really knew her and has no ill will towards her. He never really knew her and Dean knew Mom, albeit for four years. But [Dean] has memories of Mom, pictures of Mom. He remembers the sandwiches she used to make. Sam doesn’t know that. He just knows that this is his mother and he loves her. But he doesn’t know her. I think Sam feels towards Mary the way Dean feels towards Sam. He wants to keep Mary safe. I mean, he lost Mary, he never really knew her. But Mary’s a hunter” and if Sam and Dean are going off on a hunt, then their mother will want to go with them. But Sam just wants to protect her, even if he should trust her and her skills. Sam blames his father for all the hunting stuff, Padalecki went on to explain, but you could argue it’s really Mary’s fault or the fault of her lineage. That being said, the “boys know that this is their life, this is what they’re good at, this is the way they can best help the world. So I think it’s a double-edged sword, but they’re grateful they’re in this life because they can do it better than anyone else. But I think we’re going to see Sam probably not want his mom to go out and hunt.” There will be “a few cute moments where Mary’s like ‘well, I’m your mother, you gotta listen’. It’s weird, but it’s kind of right.”

Dean’s Reaction to Mary. Dean’s major reaction to Mary was shown in the sizzle reel from the panel, which happens “face down in the dirt because she flips him down,” Ackles teased. She’s his mother, but she’s also a stranger. He was a toddler when she died and they don’t know each other very well. “That adjustment is going to be very tricky. Mary is also coming back and finding out her two sons are not only grown up and live in a world she is completely unfamiliar with as far as modern technology, but they’re also living in a world that she tried so desperately to get out of when she was alive, which is the hunter world. So now to find out that both of her sons are, indeed, hunters, I think is going to be [a lot] for her to process.” For Dean as well, “the vulnerability of having his mother now is going to be tricky to navigate because essentially it’s another way to force Dean or Sam to do something. Usually Dean only had to worry about his brother, but now he’s really going to have to worry about his mother and his brother.”

Cas’ Pursuit of Lucifer. Cas has Lucifer “in his scopes,” Collins said, after the archangel was pulled out of Cas at the end of last season. “He is bound and determined to find him and he’s pissed off that he made such a sacrifice to Lucifier at the end of last season only to have that be ultimately fruitless. So he’s got a bee in his bonnet for Lucifer and he is going after him pretty hardcore. He’s being forced to make compromises once again in terms of his allies in the hunt for Lucifer.”

Cas Mojo. “He’s got his mojo more or less,” Collins said about Castiel’s powers. “His wings are still….I mean, we haven’t addressed the issue of his wings yet, so it’s possible that his wings are repaired. But as far as I know, he’s unable to teleport.”

The British Men of Letters. Padalecki said that the British MOL and the Winchesters didn’t start off on the right foot at the end of season 11. We’ll soon come to learn that the British MOL are much more regimented and structured. “They know certain parts about the Winchesters that are true, but look bad on paper (ie. they started the Apocalypse, but they also stopped it too) and the Brits aren’t happy about it. But I hope we can come to an understanding.”

The New Lucifer. As announced during the panel, Rick Springfield will be playing a Lucifer vessel. Singer pointed out that Lucifer needs the vessel to say yes to being possessed. “He’s very good at the con.” One of the challenging things about the situation is that Vince (Springfield’s character) starts off as a guy who is “pretty sympathetic and he’s lost his wife. He’s tortured. Once he accepts Lucifer, he is evil incarnate. As an acting exercise it’s pretty intense. He’s written as pretty evil. It’s a good part.” Singer also confirmed that Springfield will play a little guitar on the show.

The Aftermath of God and the Darkness. Collins said they’re largely taking the action back to earth in the first part of the season so they haven’t explored much about what’s happening in Heaven since the whole God and Amara thing.

Rowena’s Taking a Break From Power Plays. “I was very hopeful that the end of the season [11] had impacted her and changed her,” O’Connell said. “And sure enough, when I got the script for [episode 12.02] , it has. It will be interesting to see where that picks up and where it goes from there. Ultimately I would love at some point for her to really dig in deep and really find power and strength, but I don’t know if that happens.” O’Connell also said that it will be interesting to see Rowena’s continued family dynamics with Crowley and maybe even Gavin and to especially to see Rowena’s reaction as a grandmother.

The Return of the Thule. They have something really cool coming up in episode 12.05 – it will be the “triumphant or not-so-triumphant” return for the Thule, who have decided to bring back Hitler. But the SUPERNATURAL version of Hitler is described as a “psychotic Richard Simmons.” Apparently “Sam and Dean are going to find Hitler,” Dabb teased. “And I think that’s opening up some interesting doors for us just in terms of doing more crazy stuff.”

The Monsters of SUPERNATURAL. Singer said that there aren’t many big new monsters to tease for season 12. But there “a great demon in one of the early [episodes]. We do our best when you take monsters that the audience knows about and you give them personalities or you put a different spin on them. Eric Kripke used to say ‘every villain is the hero of his own story’ and that’s something that we try to do. To give them a story as well. And that’s what I think have worked for us best.”

SUPERNATURAL returns for its twelfth season on Thursday, October 13 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

SUPERNATURAL Comic-Con Panel: The Cast and Producers Tease Season 12


God and Amara made up in the season finale of SUPERNATURAL, putting aside millennia of family anger and heading off for some alone time. Meanwhile, Dean got a gift in the form of his resurrected mother, while an operative from the British Men of Letters may have shot Sam.  And Cas got banished by the operative, while Crowley found himself adrift after losing his throne to Lucifer.

SUPERNATURAL stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Mark Sheppard and Misha Collins — along with producers Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb — took to the stage at San Diego Comic-Con to tease what’s to come in season 12.

11.22 – We opened with a sizzle reel from last season, featuring amusing fan reactions to episodes.

11.24 – We were also treated to scenes from the premiere. Dean asks his mother if she’s real and as he approaches her, she takes him down to the ground. There’s a few scenes of Mary and Dean in the car and Sam tied up in the back of a trunk and being burned by a blowtorch. Cas is fighting with an angel blade on a road and Mary seems confused by cell phones. Mary also says “I never wanted this for you and Sam”.

11.30 – Moderators Richard Speight and Rob Benedict introduce Jensen as having launched his career on “The Bowlegged and the Beautiful”.

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11.31 – “You don’t get bigger than God,” Singer said. “We’re going to try to get back to basics a little bit. Tell smaller stories. Some good old-fashioned horror stories. We’ve set up the British MOL and they’ll be part of what we’re doing. [Also in] the first part of the season, there’s a hunt for Lucifer.”

11.33 – Padalecki said that “Sam Winchester is alive. Because he’s not a lose-chester”. We will find out more about Toni, who is part of the British MOL and more about their worldwide society. We’ll also find out more about what they want from Sam and Dean in the episodes to come.

11.35 – How will the boys respond to Mary’s return? Ackles said that it presents the show with a dynamic we have never had. When Mary died, Sam was a baby and Dean was a child. “Dean grew up and Sam just got larger,” he joked. The children that she know, they’re now men, so the relationship is “kind of non-existent. It’s going to be an interesting situation of them trying to bridge that massive gap that occurred over the past 30 some odd years”. But how will she plug herself into their lives? Will that leave the brothers vulnerable? For the longest time the best way to get to one of the brothers is to trap one and get the other to come running, but throwing Mary into the mix can make them vulnerable too. He doesn’t know exactly where it will take the boys, but he’s excited for it.

11.37 – Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester) joins the panel.

11.38 – Smith said that Mary’s sons are now “older and taller than [she] is.” She’s always loved Mary and now she gets a chance to experience her from a whole new perspective. And now she doesn’t have to pass through as a ghost, so she’s having a lot of fun. “It could go anywhere”.

11.39 – Padalecki said that one of the things that SUPERNATURAL has been able to do is to explore “both sides of the equation”. One of the biggest things about the show is family and it will be an interesting dynamic to see someone like Mary who is 100% of Sam and Dean’s blood, we’ll find out more about how family is formed and what it means. It’s about “exploring that dynamic between two brothers and two sons again. Sam always had an issue with John for obvious reasons probably. But he dealt with it. Now Sam and Dean with their mother is starting anew.” Does blood make you family or is it about more than just sharing DNA?

11.42 – Dabb said that Mary has been mythologized to the brothers. They’re meeting someone who they have some knowledge of, but they don’t really know her. “We didn’t want things to be super easy”. She was raised a hunter and walked away from it like Sam did. But now she’s getting back into it. This is something they deeply want, but they understand family can be a vulnerability. Cas knows how important Mary has been to Sam and Dean, so he has a specific response to her as well.

11.43 – Collins said that Cas is back to a little bit of “Cas from season 4”.  He thinks Cas’ wings are still broken, but he’s got a lot of his mojo. He’s angry and he’s got a fighting spirit and he’s after Lucifer.  Collins also joked that Cas is tattling a lot to Mary.

11.44 – Collins said there’s an interesting dynamic between Cas and Mary because “in a way we’re outsiders”.

11.46 – Benedict’s hamster makes a reappearance at this panel.

11.49 – Sheppard said there’s a hint that “my family dynamic might be returning in a slightly more expanded scale. I genuinely love Ruth, but I cannot stand Rowena”.

11.50 – Ruth O’Connell also makes an appearance at the panel. “Hello, Mother,” Sheppard says dryly.

11.51 – Will any old characters return? Jody and Donna will be back, as will Claire and Alex. Gavin (Crowley’s son) will be back as well.

11.52 – Dabb said Rowena had a big move this past season. She’s wanted to be the power behind five different thrones since we met her. In season 12 she’s taking a step back and we’ll meet her “in kind of a funny and cool mindset”.  But then she’ll be drawn back in. For Crowley, he’s been dethroned by Lucifer. Early on, revenge will be a driving force. In the future, Crowley’s relationship with the boys will keep developing.

11.54 – Singer said that Lucifer is going to try out a few different vessels, but he needs a strong one. The first vessel that he feels comfortable with is a rock star who is trying to make a comeback. His name will be Vince and we’ll see him in a few episodes early on. Vince will be played by Rick Springfield (he shot his first scene on Friday)! Dabb said that ruling Heaven or Hell lacks an appeal now. But being Lucifer comes with baggage, so he’s trying to take a bit of a vacation.

11.58 – Collins said that Cas became Lucifer because he was really down on himself (a bit of self-loathing and self-sacrifice).

11.59 – Padalecki said that he and Ackles “walked into a restaurant and someone said ‘Damn, are you here to kill ghosts or something?’ He seemed genuinely concerned.” He said sometimes when the light flickers or it gets cold, he says “it’s OK, guys, I got this”. Ackles said that the paranormal would probably be smart enough to steer clear of two guys who have played hunters for over a decade. “That being said, if we ever do run into an issue, I feel like I could handle myself”.

12.05 – In a surprise move, a questioner asks his girlfriend if she’ll marry him. The cast applauds.

12.07 – Ackles says the other day he asked his 3 year old daughter if Padalecki’s sons are her friends and she said “no, they’re my boys”. He assumes their kids are going to want to “stay in the family business”.

12.09 – Padalecki says that we have never seen the brothers have a proper dynamic as “being sons”. They get a chance to be boys again with Mary.

12.11 – Ackles says he’s looking forward to seeing the hunter side of Mary and the similarities in how she deals with the supernatural and how the boys deal with it.

Stay tuned for more from the SUPERNATURAL press room!

SUPERNATURAL returns for its twelfth season on Thursday, October 13 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


ARROW Comic-Con Panel and Trailer: The Cast and Producers Tease Season 5 and Reveal New Footage


Season 4 of ARROW ended on such a bittersweet note. We lost Laurel and Team Arrow has been disbanded, following the events of the finale. Dahrk was defeated, but Diggle and Thea begged off the team in order to heal their wounds and rethink  their life choices. Oliver and Felicity were the only ones left standing and, with Oliver starting his new job as Mayor of Star City, we are all so curious to find out how everything is going to play out.

ARROW stars Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Willa Holland, Paul Blackthorne, and Echo Kellum — along with executive producers Wendy Mericle and Mac Guggenheim — took to the stage at San Diego Comic-Con to tease what’s coming up in season 5.

Thanks to a new preview for season 5, we know that Oliver will be training new vigilantes. We were also told that the new big bad for the year will be known as Prometheus, but it’s not the Prometheus from Justice League. He will fit into the theme of “legacy” for the year.

Other highlights:

  • Katie Cassidy will be appearing in episode 5.01 of ARROW. She is also not gone from the DC universe and will be appearing in ARROW, FLASH and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW in the future.
  • Amell said there was an extreme version of Oliver in season 1 and a reactionary Oliver in season 2 after the death of Tommy. But now Oliver is back to the mission of honoring what his father asked him to do and protect Star City. It might not be the end of the show, but it’s the end of a five-year journey. And if they do this year right, they can start anew in season 6.
  • The 100th episode will be episode 5.08 and it will be chapter 2 of the three-part crossover. And then episode 5.09 will be the mid-season finale.
  • Rickards said that Felicity will be dealing with a lot of bottled-up emotions in season 5. She’s holding on to the guilt of killing 10,000 people and trying to deal with that.
  • At the beginning of season 5, Diggle is with special forces in Chechnya. He misses the team, but he’s still dealing with the tragic death of Black Canary and the death of his brother. During THE FLASH panel they also revealed that he will be affected by the Flashpoint storyline.
  • We’ll be finding out a lot more about Curtis this year, especially with respect to his marriage. He wants to become a vigilante and start fighting crime. At the same time, he’s got this husband at home who will start to notice something is up and it’s going to raise some questions.
  • In season 4, Thea went through a lot and in season 5 she’ll be helping Oliver out in different ways, according to Holland. He’s a vigilante moonlighting as a mayor, so it sounds like Thea will be helping Oliver at City Hall. Amell said that Oliver’s focus is on being a vigilante and Thea is carrying all the water as mayor.
  • Malcolm will be wearing a lot of different hats across the DC shows next season.
  • What’s in store for Oliver and Felicity in season 5? “It’s still a partnership,” Mericle said. Their relationship is a bit ambiguous, but the fans will find out more.

ARROW will return on Wednesday, October 5 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. 

THE FLASH Comic-Con Panel: The Cast and Producers Tease Season 3 and Reveal New Footage

the flash

Earth-1 will not be the same again, after last season’s jaw-dropping cliffhanger. It all seemed to be going to turn out just fine – after all, they had finally defeated Zoom and all was well again – but a grieving Barry decided to act recklessly, after his father was murdered, and ran back in time to save his mother. That single action will most likely have so many catastrophic repercussions, because Barry managed to erase an entire timeline, and has no idea what kind of present (future?) he has created.

THE FLASH stars Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Keiynan Lonsdale — along with executive producers Todd Helbing and Aaron Helbing — took to the stage at San Diego Comic-Con to tease what’s coming up in season 3. Tom Felton (who is joining the cast as Julian Dorn) also made an appearance on the panel.

Thanks to a preview for season 3 (watch it below), we know a lot of things changed when Barry saved his mother. His mother and father are alive, Cisco is filthy rich, Iris and Barry don’t know each other and Reverse Flash is back and trapped. How big are the changes? “This is something that is going to ripple throughout the whole season,” the producers said. And several characters will have different relationships with different characters.

The Flashpoint paradox will also be affecting ARROW. One of the effects is with Diggle himself, although they wouldn’t go into any details.

Other highlights:

  • There will be two big bads this season. One is a speedster that they will reveal later. The other (spotted in a mask in the preview for season 3) is Dr. Alchemy. He’s a bad guy and will be a formidable adversary to the Flash and everyone else on the team for the season.
  • Barry doesn’t realize how big the changes are. He’s unaware of the other changes beyond his parents being alive, Gustin said. When we find him, he’s been living in the Flashpoint timeline for three months. Joe, Iris and Barry are just acquaintances. But there’s hope for Barry and Iris, because the producers said that in any timeline Barry and Iris will find one another.
  • Valdes says Flashpoint Cisco is an “ostentatious billionaire”. His specialty? “Making money. He’s always flexing how much money he has.” But there will still be quips and he’s still an engineer at heart.
  • In the new timeline, Joe is “very unhappy,” Martin said. He’s having big issues with his daughter and it “doesn’t seem solvable. So Joe becomes quite depressed about it. It starts to affect his life and starts to affect his work.” Apparently things get so dire that Barry is the reason Joe still has a job because it seems like Barry is covering for Joe.
  • Lonsdale says that Wally West/Kid Flash has a “young, light-hearted cockiness to him” that can sometimes be his downfall. But he’s never been “more sure of himself”.
  • Felton teased that there will be “friction” between Barry and Julian early on in the season and Julian will be stepping on Barry’s toes in terms of Barry’s role as a forensic expert.
  • Harrison Wells isn’t around in the Flashpoint timeline, so there’s no indication how Cavanagh will return yet.
  • The Helbings said that Felicity would appear on THE FLASH this season.

THE FLASH will return for its third season on Tuesday, October 4 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Comic-Con Panel: The Cast and Producers Tease Season 2

legends of tomorrow

The legends defeated Vandal Savage at the end of LEGEND OF TOMORROW’s first season. With their immortal enemy defeated, Kendra and Connor headed off together to live their lives free of Savage, while the others boarded the Waverider to help Rip protect the timeline now that the Time Masters have been defeated.

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW stars Arthur Darvill, Brandon Roth, Caity Lotz, Victor Garber, Franz Drameh, and Dominic Purcell — along with executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Phil Klemmer — took to the stage at San Diego Comic-Con to tease what’s coming up in season 2. Newcomers to the cast Nick Zano (who plays Dr. Nate Heywood) and Maisie Richardson-Sellers (who plays Vixen) also joined the panel. Everyone who was on the panel today was confirmed as the full line-up for season 2.

The big cliffhanger at the end of season 1 was the appearance of a member of the Justice Society of America (JSA). The JSA is about the golden-age generation of superheroes, Klemmer said. For the team, it’s about the current generation meeting the older generation.

Which JSA members will we see in season 2 of LEGENDS OF TOMORROW? Guggenheim teased that Dr. Midnight, Stargirl, Obsidian, Commander Steel (not to be confused with Citizen Steel) and Vixen will be making an appearance.

Other highlights:

  • We will see new and old characters “right out of the gate” in season 2. Stephen Amell will be appearing as Mayor Oliver Queen at the beginning of the LEGENDS OF TOMORROW season premiere. Fans will also see Damian Darhk in LEGENDS in the 1920s.
  • Jonah Hex will be returning in episode 2.06.
  • Rory will be even more outrageous in season 2, according to Purcell. Particularly now that the looming shadow of Snart is gone and no longer reigning him in.
  • Darvill says that Rip is like a disappointed parent with the team. But we get a “big twist” early on that “changes everything” for him.
  • Zano says that Nate and Sara will clash a bit. On the flip side, Vixen will be getting along with Sara and clashing with Rory.
  • The question for season 2 is “if the Legends don’t belong here, where they do belong?” They’re almost “victims of their own success” after their achievements at the end of season 1, Klemmer says. So what is next for them? By destroying the Time Masters, time has been left unguarded. So now time criminals are running rampant and the Legends are in charge of guarding “all of history”.
  • What big threats will the Legends be facing this year? In the pilot last year we knew everything about the big threat. Season 2 is more about little mysteries, Klemmer said. Instead of one bad guy, there will be multiple bad guys. The team will be responsible for fixing “aberrations” — people who are messing with the fabric of time.
  • If you’re going to have a team of superheroes, you need a team of super villains. So they’re going to start with Matt Letscher as Eobard Thawne (who will be a series regular) and also Damian Darhk — who are two members of the new “Legion of Doom”. Sara in particular will be eager to get her hands on Darhk in order to get her revenge for Laurel’s death.
  • Wentworth Miller will be returning as Captain Cold, thanks to time travel! He’ll be part of the Legion of Doom.
  • John Barrowman made a surprise appearance at the panel, which means Malcolm Meryln will also be part of the Legion of Doom.
  • Guggenheim says that we still haven’t seen the full story of the Hawks yet, so while there’s no set story right now, chances are they will revisit the characters in the future.

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW will return for season 2 on Thursday, October 13 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

LEGION Preview: Trailer Released for New FX/Marvel Series


Marvel and FX released a trailer for LEGION at Comic-Con this weekend. According to the cable channel, “LEGION follows David Haller, a troubled young man who may be more than human. Diagnosed as schizophrenic, David has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for years. But after a strange encounter with a fellow patient, he’s confronted with the possibility that the voices he hears and visions might be real.” The series stars Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Jean Smart, Katie Aselton, Jeremie Harris, Amber Midthunder – with Bill Irwin and Aubrey Plaza.

LEGION debuts in early 2017 on FX.