SCANDAL Sneak Peek: Will Mellie & Susan Bow Down to a Political Powerhouse?


Fans will be meeting Governer Baker of Florida on this week’s SCANDAL and apparently she has the state “on lockdown”. This political powerhouse would be a very influential endorsement for one of the Republican candidates…but which one? Olivia and her team is encouraging Mellie to suck up to her, while Liz is encouraging Susan to do the same. Apparently the governor has invited Mellie, Susan and Hollis Doyle to a dinner as a sort of “contest” to convince her to endorse one of them. So Abby and Olivia are engaged in a spin war over that endorsement, but that could prove disastrous for both of their candidates.

Meanwhile, Cyrus will be faced with a big decision — one that could drastically alter his future.

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SCANDAL Sneak Peek: Did a Fling Turn Into a Pregnancy Scandal?


Remember all the way back in season 1 when there was a rumor on SCANDAL that Fitz had impregnated a woman during an affair? The President may no longer be married, but he’s about to be hit with a second pregnancy scandal in this week’s episode.

Abby has been having Lillian Forrester followed and she goes to Fitz with some news: Lillian has been visiting a medical facility and Abby believes that she’s pregnant. Is Fitz the father?

Elsewhere in the episode, “The election is in full swing, which means everyone is doing their best to take down their opponents, but when a potential leak threatens several candidates, they have to work together to keep their secrets safe. Boundaries are pushed and lines are crossed as we find out just how far some people are willing to go to protect themselves.”

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SCANDAL: Watch Mellie Grant’s Campaign Commercial


There’s an election heating up on SCANDAL. Vying for the Republication nomination is Vice President Susan Ross, Senator Mellie Grant and businessman Hollis Doyle (SCANDAL’s version of Donald Trump).

Mellie has Olivia managing her campaign behind the scenes and she’s attempting to make Mellie a “woman of the people” after focus groups concluded that Mellie was too snotty and a know-it-all. Unfortunately, that plan backfired spectacularly in the last episode. But now Olivia has decided to let Mellie be herself.

ABC put together a mock campaign commercial for Mellie, which stresses her recent filibuster for Planned Parenthood funding (a spectacular showing of her character, if I do say so myself), and her caring nature.

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SCANDAL Sneak Peek: Will Cyrus’ New Project Be Exposed?


Cyrus has found himself a new presidential hopeful on SCANDAL. As both Mellie and Susan run for the Republican nomination, Cyrus has attached himself to Democrat Vargas and has manipulated Vargas’ life to ensure that he will throw his hat into the election and hire Cyrus to run his campaign.

But apparently all of this hasn’t exactly been under the radar. At least not where Abby is concerned. She confronts Cyrus in a sneak peek from this week’s SCANDAL and tells him that she’s been monitoring his calls and his travel and knows that he’s been spending an inordinate amount of time with Vargas. Instead of confessing his plan (because why would anyone ever tell the truth on SCANDAL?) Cyrus immediately goes on the defensive, accusing Abby of spying on him and threatening her job.

Elsewhere in the episode, Mellie and Susan both feel pressure as their respective campaigns heat up and Olivia continues to spy on the newly-engaged Jake while her employees are left to fend for themselves.

ABC also warns that “a blast from the past surprises everyone”. Based on the clip below and the discussion of the return of Hollis Doyle, could he be the “blast from the past”?

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SCANDAL Teasers: Scheming, Trysts and the Secret Service


Olivia and the team take on some Secret Service agents as clients in this week’s SCANDAL. Meanwhile, Cyrus continues his plan to manipulate Vargas into becoming a presidential candidate, Susan Ross debates getting Fitz’s endorsement, and Fitz is enjoying life as a single man. Here are some teasers about this week’s SCANDAL.

Unofficially. Liv continues to make it clear to Mellie that she can’t run her campaign publicly…but that doesn’t mean she can’t give her some advice behind closed doors. Case in point: Mellie wants to know how to handle running against Susan Ross. The solution? To get Fitz to endorse Mellie. Or, more specifically, to ensure that he *doesn’t* endorse Susan. Naturally, you can imagine how likely Mellie thinks that will be. Then there’s David and Elizabeth, who keep trying to encourage Susan to seek the President’s endorsement in order to get ahead in the campaign.

Dalliance. Fitz is enjoying the single life and he’s even willing to let Abby protect his reputation and his image as he….entertains women in the White House Residence.

New Candidate. Cyrus is lunching with the Governor of the hour — Vargas — who seems curious as to why Cyrus is out with a Democrat. Cyrus insists he’s just dining with an American hero, but it’s clear that he’s carefully laying the groundwork to become Vargas’ confidante. But Vargas is a tough nut to crack and, shockingly, he seems to have a great deal of integrity. He’s definitely not Fitz 2.0…or is it just too early for that? We’ll have to wait and see. But oh, the political machinations happening in anticipation of the coming election. It’s delicious.

A Little Out of Hand. Abby’s going to reach out for Liv and her former co-workers’ help when she gets word that something unseemly happened during a private party with Secret Service members. The problem? A woman is dead. Cue the gladiators and their amazing ability to solve even the messiest of problems.

Obsessed. In between advising Mellie and working, Liv is also following Jake and his new girlfriend around. Although, this time she’s bringing Abby along for the ride. Liv insists she can’t figure out the angle here, but Abby wonders if there’s no angle at all — maybe Jake just genuinely likes this woman.

Together Again. All of the subterfuge, dalliances and political machinations lead to a momentous scene: a reunion between Fitz and Liv. Well, a meeting between them. And a lot of issues are brought to the forefront during this talk.

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SCANDAL Sneak Peek: A New Partnership


Jake and Rowan threw Olivia for a loop on last week’s SCANDAL when the two men orchestrated Jake’s rise to the head of the NSA. But as both Sally Langston and Rowan pointed out: the only thing that really matters is power. Olivia had it when she was dating Fitz and she walked away from it.

But Olivia may be working on getting it back. Last week Mellie came to Olivia and asked her to read her autobiography manuscript. In a sneak peek below, you’ll see that Olivia is fine with the book — but she wants it to have more of an impact. She wants Mellie to lay herself and her choices bare and make a splash…so that she can basically run for President when the time comes (and Olivia, presumably, can gain power via Mellie). And while Mellie seems eager to do whatever it takes, she may not truly be prepared for baring it all.

Elsewhere in the upcoming episode, Liz decides to back a new candidate and tries to convince Susan Ross to run for President. And in the White House, Abby and Cyrus are butting heads when a profile piece on Fitz comes into question.

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SCANDAL Sneak Peeks: New Clients and New Campaigns


It’s been six months since Olivia and Fitz broke up when SCANDAL returns from its winter hiatus and there’s some new developments. Olivia has a new client (the head of the NSA), Mellie is trying to get Olivia to run her presidential campaign and coming out with a new book, and Rowan is having a nice dinner with his daughter and confronting her about giving up the power of the Oval Office when she walked away from Fitz. According to him, ”you’ve tasted blood. You know what it’s like. You want it.”

In other words, Rowan is basically insinuating that Olivia has tasted power and wants more. But will she herself run in order to get it? And could that put her at odds with Mellie? Or will she help Mellie in order to attach herself to the next president?

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SCANDAL Sneak Peek: Who is OPA’s New Client?


Olivia and Fitz broke up in the SCANDAL winter finale and now, when the show finally returns from its winter hiatus, six months will have passed since that big event. Both of them are “handing their newfound freedom in very different ways,” according to the network.

Meanwhile, the Pope and Associates team are taking on a new client — one that could lead to a national crisis. And Huck is the one to stop by Olivia’s apartment to deliver the news of the new client. Why didn’t he just call? Well, the identity of the client isn’t exactly something you want to say over the phone so that the NSA can listen in. Because the client is the head of the NSA.

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SCANDAL Recap: Unhappy for the Holidays


As Christmas approached on SCANDAL, not everyone was in the holiday mood. At the White House, Olivia was getting increasingly frustrated by her “First Lady” duties, Quinn was worried about Huck’s whereabouts and Mellie decided to filibuster a Senate vote just before the holidays.

Let’s begin with Olivia, who was growing increasingly disillusioned with her new position, despite Fitz and Abby’s happiness that she was becoming better received by the American people. As she told Abby, she is very good at this job, she just doesn’t seem to want to do it.

On the Senate floor, Mellie decided to take a stand to support funding for Planned Parenthood. While going through the enormous funding bill line by line, she angered her fellow Senators but appealed to Olivia’s sense of justice. In fact, Olivia arranged for Susan to make an unexpected visit to the Senate floor to give Mellie a chance to leave the floor and take a bathroom break. And when she saw Olivia in the bathroom she actually thanked her for her help. Mellie admitted that she might be done, but Olivia told her “you’re the biggest bitch I know. Don’t tell me you can’t do this.” As Mellie eventually yielded the floor she received boos and cheers from those still inside the building, but she had succeeded.

Meanwhile, Huck wasn’t missing. He was babysitting Rowan, who was enjoying taunting the former B-613 operative with talk about his family. Despite being provoked, Huck backed off before he could kill Rowan. Instead, he turned the tables on the man and pointed out his own failings as a father. Jake, on the other hand, was trying to find out more about Lazarus. He confronted Franklin, who said he just wanted to bring B613 back to the way it used to be. But Jake shot and killed Franklin, just as Huck told Rowan he was going to head back to his own family.

Olivia, on the other hand, skipped out on the Cabinet Christmas dinner to visit a doctor (was she getting an abortion?). When she finally made her way back to Fitz the two of them fought over Olivia’s role. And it seems like Olivia has snapped from making amends to Fitz for letting her father go. “You’re worse than Mellie,” Fitz spat at her. So Olivia shot back “There is no us! There is no future, not anymore.” And then after more hurtful words were flung between them, Fitz lamented that they had tried. “We did,” Olivia agreed. Is the tumultuous love story of Olivia and Fitz coming to an end?

Huck dropped off Rowan at home with a cheerful “Merry Christmas”. And Jake greeted him, telling him that he knows he wasn’t Lazarus. “Welcome home, son,” Rowan said to his former employee and invited Jake in. Over at Quinn’s apartment, Charlie stopped by with a little festive tree just as she was getting in to the booze. And Olivia’s new couch arrived as Mellie enjoyed Christmas with her kids and Fitz remained alone.

In the end, Olivia sat on her new couch with a glass of wine and a bowl of popcorn. And she smiled.

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SCANDAL Winter Finale Sneak Peek: Family Taunting


Jake and Huck are continuing the hunt for Rowan in the winter finale of SCANDAL and it looks like they’ll find him. In the sneak peek below we see Huck watching over Rowan while Rowan taunts him about his family. But does he really want Huck to end his life?

Meanwhile, at the White House, Abby seems happy that the public is more accepting of Olivia, but Olivia is feeling more and more frustrated as she takes on more “First Lady” responsibilities.

Don’t miss the midseason finale of SCANDAL on November 19 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. SCANDAL will return with all new episodes on February 11.