SCANDAL Sneak Peek: Who is OPA’s New Client?


Olivia and Fitz broke up in the SCANDAL winter finale and now, when the show finally returns from its winter hiatus, six months will have passed since that big event. Both of them are “handing their newfound freedom in very different ways,” according to the network.

Meanwhile, the Pope and Associates team are taking on a new client — one that could lead to a national crisis. And Huck is the one to stop by Olivia’s apartment to deliver the news of the new client. Why didn’t he just call? Well, the identity of the client isn’t exactly something you want to say over the phone so that the NSA can listen in. Because the client is the head of the NSA.

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SCANDAL Recap: Unhappy for the Holidays


As Christmas approached on SCANDAL, not everyone was in the holiday mood. At the White House, Olivia was getting increasingly frustrated by her “First Lady” duties, Quinn was worried about Huck’s whereabouts and Mellie decided to filibuster a Senate vote just before the holidays.

Let’s begin with Olivia, who was growing increasingly disillusioned with her new position, despite Fitz and Abby’s happiness that she was becoming better received by the American people. As she told Abby, she is very good at this job, she just doesn’t seem to want to do it.

On the Senate floor, Mellie decided to take a stand to support funding for Planned Parenthood. While going through the enormous funding bill line by line, she angered her fellow Senators but appealed to Olivia’s sense of justice. In fact, Olivia arranged for Susan to make an unexpected visit to the Senate floor to give Mellie a chance to leave the floor and take a bathroom break. And when she saw Olivia in the bathroom she actually thanked her for her help. Mellie admitted that she might be done, but Olivia told her “you’re the biggest bitch I know. Don’t tell me you can’t do this.” As Mellie eventually yielded the floor she received boos and cheers from those still inside the building, but she had succeeded.

Meanwhile, Huck wasn’t missing. He was babysitting Rowan, who was enjoying taunting the former B-613 operative with talk about his family. Despite being provoked, Huck backed off before he could kill Rowan. Instead, he turned the tables on the man and pointed out his own failings as a father. Jake, on the other hand, was trying to find out more about Lazarus. He confronted Franklin, who said he just wanted to bring B613 back to the way it used to be. But Jake shot and killed Franklin, just as Huck told Rowan he was going to head back to his own family.

Olivia, on the other hand, skipped out on the Cabinet Christmas dinner to visit a doctor (was she getting an abortion?). When she finally made her way back to Fitz the two of them fought over Olivia’s role. And it seems like Olivia has snapped from making amends to Fitz for letting her father go. “You’re worse than Mellie,” Fitz spat at her. So Olivia shot back “There is no us! There is no future, not anymore.” And then after more hurtful words were flung between them, Fitz lamented that they had tried. “We did,” Olivia agreed. Is the tumultuous love story of Olivia and Fitz coming to an end?

Huck dropped off Rowan at home with a cheerful “Merry Christmas”. And Jake greeted him, telling him that he knows he wasn’t Lazarus. “Welcome home, son,” Rowan said to his former employee and invited Jake in. Over at Quinn’s apartment, Charlie stopped by with a little festive tree just as she was getting in to the booze. And Olivia’s new couch arrived as Mellie enjoyed Christmas with her kids and Fitz remained alone.

In the end, Olivia sat on her new couch with a glass of wine and a bowl of popcorn. And she smiled.

SCANDAL returns with all new episodes on February 11 on ABC.

SCANDAL Winter Finale Sneak Peek: Family Taunting


Jake and Huck are continuing the hunt for Rowan in the winter finale of SCANDAL and it looks like they’ll find him. In the sneak peek below we see Huck watching over Rowan while Rowan taunts him about his family. But does he really want Huck to end his life?

Meanwhile, at the White House, Abby seems happy that the public is more accepting of Olivia, but Olivia is feeling more and more frustrated as she takes on more “First Lady” responsibilities.

Don’t miss the midseason finale of SCANDAL on November 19 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. SCANDAL will return with all new episodes on February 11.

SCANDAL Sneak Peeks: Letting the Devil Out of His Cage


Olivia has unleashed the devil on SCANDAL. In a desperate attempt to save Fitz from impeachment in last week’s episode, she asked Mellie to help get her father released from prison. Mellie was initially horrified at the thought of letting the man she knew was responsible for several deaths free, but then she realized she could use the situation to her own advantage. Rowan did stop the Senate Committee from impeaching Fitz and forcing Olivia to testify, but now the diabolical man is free to wreak havoc once again.

In this week’s episode, Fitz is working hard on winning back the truth of the American people, but that is all derailed when he learns that Olivia’s father was released from prison. And while Olivia is pretending she knows nothing about the situation, it’s clear that Abby is suspicious about what her former boss did to stop the impeachment trial.

Finally, Elizabeth North was recently outed from the White House when Fitz invited Cyrus back, but don’t count her down just yet. She’ll be setting her sights on a new agenda.

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SCANDAL Sneak Peek: The Only Way Out


Olivia’s confession that she is Fitz’s mistress and the subsequent media frenzy on SCANDAL has put the lovebirds into an awkward position — and a legal one. Now that Congress is looking to impeach Fitz, their affair could cost both parties a great deal.

Fitz took a smart first step and re-hired Cyrus as his Chief of Staff in order to ensure the fact that he invaded West Angola to save Olivia’s life will remain secret. But what’s the next step? Cyrus’ crazy plan that Olivia and Fitz get married to ensure that she won’t have to testify before Congress (of course, it will be interesting to see how many hoops they have to jump through in order to get Fitz and Mellie a quick divorce and get Fitz and Olivia married before she’s called to testify).

Meanwhile, Susan Ross turns to David for advice and the Gladiators at OPA continue to defend Olivia.

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SCANDAL Sneak Peek: A Frantic Search


The news of Olivia and Fitz’s affair exploded in the last episode of SCANDAL and Olivia fled D.C. to work a case in order to escape the scrutiny that came with being the President’s mistress. As Abby tried to get a handle on the situation, she decided to downplay the affair and told the press that Fitz and Mellie’s marriage was still solid. And then she told the President that she didn’t believe Olivia would want to live this life, so Fitz invited Mellie back to the White House and decided to keep his affair a secret once again.

But, shockingly, Olivia decided to face her fears and admitted to about 10 million reporters that she was, in fact, the President’s mistress. At the same time, Fitz and Mellie were preparing for an interview to play up their sham of a marriage and deny any existence of an affair.

Now ABC has released a sneak peek for next week’s episode that shows Abby desperately trying to find the President. Has she gotten wind of Olivia’s statement and is shutting down the First Couple’s interview so she doesn’t turn Olivia into a liar? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out!

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SCANDAL Scoop: Katie Lowes Talks Season Five, B6-13 and “Huckleberry Quinn”

katie lowes quinn perkins

Boy, what a difference four years makes! When we first met Quinn Perkins, she was a fresh-faced, driven and puzzling new member of Pope and Associates. Of course, this being Shonda Rhimes’ SCANDALous world — where happily ever afters don’t exactly add up to compelling television — Quinn Perkins has gone through quite the transformation over the past few seasons. Which is why, as SCANDAL kicks off its much-anticipated fifth chapter, Perkins has grown into a compassionate albeit complex and dare we say terrifying person on Team Pope. Yup, we’re just going to say it, Quinn Perkins isn’t just our favourite Gladiator, she is one of the strongest characters of television right now. Credit for which goes to her portrayer, Katie Lowes, who has infused her character with an intimidating prescence, while at the same time not taking away her heart and human flaws.

I caught up with Lowes about this week’s episode, her thoughts on Quinn joining the likes of B6-13, and how she feels about Huckleberry Quinn.
We ended last week where the media knows about Liv (Kerry Washington) and Fitz’s (Tony Goldwyn) relationship. How will that affect their relationship? 
Katie Lowes: I mean, it’s not going to be good that’s for sure! There’s not much I can say, but it’s definitely going to unfold itself. I think for Quinn it’s really important because the media finding out about Olivia and Fitz greatly impacts Olivia Pope and Associates and the business we run.
How do you think it will be for Mellie (Bellamy Young) especially with Fitz trying to get a divorce and now with the media all over this scandal? 
I think this is one of the worst things that could have possibly happened because it’s very hard for Liv, Fitz, and Mellie to come back from something this catastrophic. The media finding out about their relationship affects Mellie’s career, her personal life, and how the public perceives her.
What was your initial reaction to finding out Quinn was going to get involved with B6-13 last season?  Were you shocked that your character took that turn?
I was really, really, really, really, really excited!  First of all, all of the actors that are involved in B6-13: Papa Pope, Jake Ballard, Charlie, Huck they are some of my favorite characters on the show, I was so excited to work with them. Also they are some of my favorite people so I was pumped!  But was I shocked, yes.  Watching Quinn’s arc, season one, season two, season three, season four it’s just so cool and such a testament to Shonda Rhimes writing. Her characters are never stuck, they’re always changing, evolving, learning, and contradicting themselves. It’s what makes them human. 
How do you feel about Quinn and Huck’s relationship? 
Huckleberry Quinn is one of my favorite things ever but of course I’m biased because Guillermo Diaz is one of my favorite people on the entire planet, he’s one of my best friends.  I think their relationship is so awesome, but you can tell from the season finale last year things are really bad between them, the worst they’ve ever been. Unfortunately, I don’t know how they can come back from that, he’s responsible for killing seventeen people. I don’t know if Quinn is going to find it in herself to be okay with that.
I think there is a running theme where all of these characters are facing their worst fears.  Quinn’s worst fear is that she’s not going to have any help because she can’t trust Huck or work with him anymore because he is a cold blooded killer. He’s killed seventeen people, this isn’t something we should take lightly, I know everybody loves Huck as a character I do too, but he did a really messed up thing.  Similarly, like Quinn, this is Fitz, Liv, and Mellie this is their worst nightmare, having their relationship come out.  It jeopardizes all of their working relationships for sure and their careers.
Aside from Quinn whose storyline are you most excited to watch unravel this season?
I’m really interested to see what’s going on with Cyrus (Jeff Perry) because I just can’t imagine a world where he’s kicked out of the White House.  Cyrus lives, breathes, dies for the Fitz administration so I am so interested to see how he is going to exist in this season.
Obviously there have been a lot of crazy moments throughout the shows run so far. Were there any that you remember seeing the fans on Twitter go crazy with? 
Oh my God, remember when we found out that Joe Morton was Liv’s dad?  I felt like every technological device that I had, my iPhone, iPad, computer blew up and shutdown, it was totally insane.  Similarly, every time that Huck and Quinn lick each other the fandom and twitter world go absolutely insane. 
You can watch Katie on an all new episode of SCANDAL tonight at 9PM on ABC (City in Canada)

SCANDAL Season 5 Premiere Sneak Peek: Sally Attacks Fitz


Are we going to have a full-blown scandal on our hands when SCANDAL returns for its fifth season? We certainly could, considering at the end of season 4 Fitz threw his wife out of the White House, fired Cyrus from his Chief of Staff position and then reunited with Olivia.

When the show returns, the President will be making up for lost time with Olivia by engaging in some vigorous lovemaking and inviting her to state dinners. But will their secret relationship be discovered? Sally certainly seems to be on the war path and is attacking Fitz’s morals in her most recent TV segment. But is she talking about the affair or is this just some classic misdirection?

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SCANDAL Season 5 Premiere Photos: A New Chapter for Olivia and Fitz


Will Fitz become a divorced President in season 5 of Scandal? That was the big question on everyone’s mind when he kicked his wife out of the White House and then shacked up with Olivia at the end of last season.

When Scandal returns next week, Olivia and Fitz have reunited and are enjoying every moment they have together now. Meanwhile, Cyrus, Mellie and Huck are all dealing with the ramifications of helping Command. And Mellie is back at the White House to ask her husband to reunite with her, but he’s having none of it, telling her he’s going to be divorcing her.

Meanwhile, the Olivia Pope and Associates case-of-the-week involves a visit from the Queen of Caldonia, which ends in a tragedy involving her and her family. So Olivia is hired to make sure that the royal family’s private life actually stays private.

Don’t miss the season premiere of Scandal on Thursday, September 24 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.






Photo of the Day: Lights, Camera, Gladiators!


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