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Laugh Break: Shonda Rhimes Shares SCANDAL Season 3 Bloopers with Jimmy Kimmel

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SCANDAL Scoop: Darby Stanchfield Dishes on Abby’s Adventures and Life on the Sizzling ABC Series

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I spoke with incredibly talented actress, Darby Stanchfield about her role on ABC’s political powerhouse, SCANDAL. Darby describes her audition for the role of Abby, her opinion on Quinn joining B-613, and what we can look forward to in tonight’s episode.

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Best Breakdown: Cyrus losing it while informing the White House press corp that James’ killer supposedly had been caught reduced a whole lotta SCANDAL fans to tearful puddles. Most Predictable: Bickering sisters forced to work together. Fat kid who rises to the challenge. Meek dude who’s actually a mastermind. CRISIS has as many clichés as
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Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Best Lines From This Week’s SCANDAL

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Honestly, even when the plot twists are over the top or ludicrous, nearly every word uttered on SCANDAL is worth repeating. The show’s writers love to shower the audience with gorgeous dialogue and challenge the actors to somehow cram all the lines into the allotted time frame. So while we’d love nothing more than to
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SCANDAL Previewpalooza: “Ride, Sally, Ride” Sneak Peek!

This just in, new episode photos and previews from the Thursday February 27th episode of SCANDAL. Direct from ABC “The White House deals with a bombshell announcement from Sally Langston. Meanwhile, Olivia finds herself in a challenging new role,.”

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SCANDAL: Katie Lowes and Guillermo Diaz Talk the Huck/Quinn Relationship in the Torture Aftermath

Right smack in the middle of its third season, ABC’s political drama SCANDAL took a deeper look into the murky spy world that Olivia Pope’s father runs. B13 is not just creating, trapping, blackmailing and coercing people into doing its dirty work, it also keeps them locked up for decades if it suits their purposes.
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SCANDAL Scoop: Jeff Perry Reflects on How Badly Cyrus’ Honey-Trap Backfired!


It is said that politics makes strange bed-fellows, but truly Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) never expected that it would be a literal prophecy. In the drama series SCANDAL, the third season has taken an unexpected detour as we have seen how horrifically political maneuvering can destroy marriages, friendships and personal relationships. As the White House
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Dispatches From The Couch: GREY’S ANATOMY, SCANDAL, MASTERS OF SEX & More!


  Anybody else feel like, between GREY’S ANATOMY and SCANDAL, it wasn’t a particularly thrilling week in Shondaland? Granted, even at their worst, both shows are better than a good 90 percent of what’s on television, but this week… well, let’s discuss those shows and a few other things, shall we?

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It’s Raining Gladiators! Your First Look at the Cast of SCANDAL Season 3


If for no other reason than we can’t wait for what promises to be a scandalous third season of SCANDAL (Bowing Thursday October 3 at 10PM on ABC/CityTV in Canada), proudly present the show’s just released collection of sizzling season three cast photos.

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