We Shine the Spotlight on SCANDAL Star Joshua Malina


Major networks like ABC don’t give 3 hour block’s of television to just anyone, and they certainly don’t focus all of their airtime and marketing to advertise that three hour block.  That is, unless, you’re Shonda Rhimes the powerhouse behind three of the most successful shows currently on the air.  Rhimes has been a power player in the ratings game for many years now, even so, no show has commanded social media or generated as much buzz as her political drama SCANDAL has.  Forget Kim Kardashian, SCANDAL has been breaking the Internet weekly since it’s premiere in April of 2012.  While all of the shows stars have had their fair share of juicy roles and successful and acclaimed series/ films, Joshua Malina stands out among the rest.  Beginning his career in A Few Good Men and eventually moving on to highly regarded series such as, TRACEY TAKES ON, SPORTS NIGHT, IN PLAIN SIGHT, and most notably THE WEST WING.  Malina has had an outstanding career, but his most recent work on SCANDAL is what I believe helped America fall in love with him.  Sure, most of the time we can’t stand David Rosen, the cutthroat, attorney general who is always testing Olivia. (Kerry Washington)  But let’s be honest, he’s grown into one of the strongest and most intense characters on the show, and one of our favorite live-tweeters.  He is crucial to the SCANDAL universe, having some of the most jaw dropping scenes (It’s still too soon to talk about Episode 313, “No Sun On The Horizon.”) Rosen is constantly overlooked; you could say he is the underdog of this addicting and wonderful show.  Malina soars on the Thursday hit, his character is memorable and his presence is necessary.  I had the privilege of interviewing the gifted actor about his work with Aaron Sorkin and about his work on SCANDAL.  Don’t miss the mid-season finale of SCANDAL tonight! [Read more...]

SCANDAL Scoop: Darby Stanchfield Dishes on Abby’s Adventures and Life on the Sizzling ABC Series

darby stanchfield scandal

I spoke with incredibly talented actress, Darby Stanchfield about her role on ABC’s political powerhouse, SCANDAL. Darby describes her audition for the role of Abby, her opinion on Quinn joining B-613, and what we can look forward to in tonight’s episode. [Read more...]



Best Breakdown: Cyrus losing it while informing the White House press corp that James’ killer supposedly had been caught reduced a whole lotta SCANDAL fans to tearful puddles.

Most Predictable: Bickering sisters forced to work together. Fat kid who rises to the challenge. Meek dude who’s actually a mastermind. CRISIS has as many clichés as it does castmembers.

Why Are Fingers Are Crossed So Tight They Hurt: In the wake of a Slate article suggesting HBO should consider bringing back the one-season wonder that was 2005’s THE COMEBACK, buzz has it that the net is considering doing exactly that! To paraphrase Lisa Kudrow’s Valerie Cherish, “Note to self: I do want to see that!”

Best Rule Breaker: You can’t kill children on television… unless you’re THE WALKING DEAD, which offed two adorable tots in one episode!

Better Than Nothing: It looks as if USA’s WHITE COLLAR will return, but only for six episodes. Hey, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!

Least Likely To Succeed: After airing only one poorly-received episode, A&E pulled the pug on BREAKING BOSTON, a show about… eh, what does it really matter? [Read more...]

Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Best Lines From This Week’s SCANDAL

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Honestly, even when the plot twists are over the top or ludicrous, nearly every word uttered on SCANDAL is worth repeating. The show’s writers love to shower the audience with gorgeous dialogue and challenge the actors to somehow cram all the lines into the allotted time frame. So while we’d love nothing more than to just print a transcript of the entire script, here are our five favorite lines from last night’s episode, “No Sun On The Horizon.” [Read more...]

SCANDAL: Katie Lowes and Guillermo Diaz Talk the Huck/Quinn Relationship in the Torture Aftermath

Right smack in the middle of its third season, ABC’s political drama SCANDAL took a deeper look into the murky spy world that Olivia Pope’s father runs. B13 is not just creating, trapping, blackmailing and coercing people into doing its dirty work, it also keeps them locked up for decades if it suits their purposes. Watching Olivia’s mother Maya working with OPA to find the perfect escape out of the country was trepidatious and stomach-churching. But for long-time fans, the real story was what was going on with Huck (Guillermo Diaz) and Quinn (Katie Lowes).

With Huck discovering that Quinn was working with B13, he was not about to go easy on her to find out what she knew and what she was doing that could hurt those he loves. Not for one second did we ever believe that Huck could truly hurt Quinn, but within just a few minutes of the episode opening, we knew that presumption was wrong. Two teeth later, blood on the floor and Quinn a sobbing, terrified mess, our worlds were shattered. In the SCANDAL-world, this simply should not be happening. Even Charlie (George Newbern) was flabbergasted to find Quinn tied up, naked, and bleeding all from Huck’s hands. That episode was a turning point. We would never look at Huckleberry Quinn the same again. They were no longer mentor-mentee, BFF’s or even co-workers. A line had been crossed and trust and hearts everywhere was shattered. [Read more...]

SCANDAL Scoop: Jeff Perry Reflects on How Badly Cyrus’ Honey-Trap Backfired!

It is said that politics makes strange bed-fellows, but truly Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) never expected that it would be a literal prophecy. In the drama series SCANDAL, the third season has taken an unexpected detour as we have seen how horrifically political maneuvering can destroy marriages, friendships and personal relationships. As the White House Chief of Staff, it is Cyrus’ job to always be in control of all the behind-the-scenes schemes and do everything to protect the President and keep him in office. Yet in Cyrus’ haste to quash Vice President Sally Langston’s (Kate Burton) independent bid for the presidency, he out-maneuvered himself — Cyrus put his own husband unwittingly in a “honey trap” and once James (Dan Bucatinsky) realized it, he turned the tables on Cyrus and took the honey-trap too far. [Read more...]