Separated at Birth: POLITICAL ANIMALS’ Carla Gugino and ONCE UPON A TIME’s Lana Parrilla

On account of our inexplicable need to point out actors who remind us of, well, other actors comes the latest instalment of our popular ongoing “Separated at Birth” series inspired by USA Network’s POLITICAL ANIMALS. Is it just us… or does ANIMALS’ intrepid reporter Susan Berg played by Carla Gugino look strikingly similar to that of ONCE UPON A TIME’s Evil Queen/Mayor Regina Lana Parrilla? Discuss.

Separated at Birth: American and Canadian TV Audiences!

As Canada prepares to kick off its annual UpFront week in the heart of downtown Toronto today, Networks north of the 49th parallel (Namely, CTV, Shaw and CityTV) spent the better part of yesterday afternoon inundating our inbox with press releases touting their network’s dominance. Yet rather than bore you with the meaningless numbers — after-all, we believe one of the great thinkers of our time put it best when he* stated, “People can come up with statistics to prove anything.14% of people know that,” we thought readers on both side of the border might get a little bit more out of a comparison: Are American and Canadian viewing habits really as different as our taste in french fry toppings might suggest? The surprising, and somewhat depressing answer can be found in our side-by-side comparison charting the Top 20 shows (in total viewers) of this past broadcast season, after the jump. [Read more…]

Separated at Birth: HAPPY ENDINGS’ Adam Pally and STARGATE UNIVERSE’s David Blue

On account of our inexplicable need to point out actors who remind us of, well other actors comes the latest instalment of our popular ongoing “Separated at Birth” series inspired by last night’s premiere of HAPPY ENDINGS on ABC. Is it just us… or does ENDINGS’ star Adam Pally look strikingly similar to that of STARGATE UNIVERSE’s David Blue, another actor who coincidentally enough found their way onto Hollywood’s radar playing an atypical gay character on ABC’s UGLY BETTY. Discuss.


Just when you thought Hollywood couldn’t get any lazier… brace yourself for the latest installment of our popular ongoing “Separated at Birth” series. Today’s targets — CBS’ UNDERCOVER BOSS and ABC’s SECRET MILLIONAIRE — both of which are not only based on already popular UK formats, but feature remarkably similar structures that see successful American business people leave the comforts of their own home and/or office behind them in order to go undercover and work with those less fortunate. What’s more, both BOSS and MILLIONAIRE culminate in an emotional reveal in which the aforementioned business person discloses their true identity and rewards the hard-working people that have touched them. Agree… disagree… still trying to wrap your head around the idea that programming executives are now ripping off shows that have already been ripped off from other countries!? Post away in the comments below.

Separated at Birth: American and Canadian TV Audiences!

Canada has a new ruler and his name is Sheldon Cooper! No really. Since moving to Thursday at 8PM, THE BIG BANG THEORY has not only consistently won its time slot in the United States, but has quickly established itself as Canada’s most popular import, attracting a whopping [in Canadian terms] 3.44 million viewers the week of November 1-7. A statistic which naturally got us thinking: With THE BIG BANG THEORY officially cementing its status as Canada’s most watched show (not to mention, most popular sitcom since FRIENDS), is it possible that we can now add “better taste in television” to a growing list of awesome things about Canada that also happens to include free health care and poutine?

Well, after a little research that saw our crack research staff us rank the top 25 weekly TV shows via total viewer from both Canada and the United States, we have unequivocally come to the conclusion that No — as luck would have it — Canadian and American viewing patterns are exceptionally (and disappointedly) similar. Both countries love generic procedurals, worship their respective national pastimes (Football in the US, Hockey in Canada) and Andy Rooney. But hey, don’t take our word for it, see a side by side comparison for yourself after the jump. [Read more…]

Separated at Birth: 90210’s Jennie Garth and Abbie Cobb

If imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery, VAMPIRE DIARIES’ executive producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson will be thrilled to discover that 90210 has just added a Jennie Garth doppelganger to the cast!

Or at least that was our initial reaction upon getting a first look at Abbie Cobb (JONAS, STARSTRUCK), who according to Michael Ausiello will be moving into America’s most infamous zip code in the recurring capacity of Annie and Dixon’s spotlight-hungry-boy-crazy cousin Emily. Which is to say, fans should expect Emily to sink her teeth into Liam starting this January.

Update: Even Abbie’s co-stars can’t believe the resemblance! Find out how Michael Steger (Navid Shirazi) reacted the first time he laid eyes on her.

Separated at Birth: OUTSOURCED and SCRUBS

To those who say originality in Hollywood is dead, we’ve got two words for you, “Darn Right!” At least as evidence by the latest edition of our popular recurring “Separated at Birth” series, in which we can’t help but notice a striking resemblance between logos for two of NBC’s comedies both past and present. Suffice to say, if imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery, the designers behind the SCRUBS logo should really feel quite good about themselves right about now! As for the designers behind the OUTSOURCED logo — well, we’d say that we hope this total lack of creativity isn’t indicative of what’s in store for viewers of NBC’s latest addition to their Thursday “Comedy Night Done Right” lineup — but unfortunately we’ve already seen the pilot.

Separated at Birth: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS’ Diego Diego Gonzalez and Alex O’Loughlin

After almost two years of sharing with our readers our inexplicable need to point out celebrities who, well look like other celebrities it finally happened: A reader submission! “When I was watching PRETTY LITTLE LIARS last week one of the girl’s new boyfriends looked really familiar and I couldn’t figure out why,” emailed frequent stopper-byer known as ‘Ace’ in the comments. “And finally it hit me, Diego González looks exactly like a young Alex O’Loughlin. Heck, his character’s name is even Alex!” Agree, disagree, offended that we’d even date to indirectly call Alex O’Loughlin old!? Have your say in the comments below.