Trailer Park: SHAMELESS Season 7


Can’t wait to find out how Fiona and the family pick up following what may have gone down as the most disastrous wedding finale in television history? Stop wondering and start watching. Specifically, the official SHAMELESS season seven trailer that just dropped.

As per a Showtime press release, “The seventh season picks up a month after last season’s finale, with the Gallaghers ready for another sizzling summer on the South Side of Chicago. The Gallaghers have always scraped by, but this season finds some of them finally getting a leg up, with more changes than the currents of the Chicago River. When Frank (Macy) awakens from a coma to learn that his loved ones tossed him in the river, he declares war – Gallagher vs. Gallagher. But Fiona (Rossum) is too busy improving her own life to worry about Frank’s. After last season’s devastating betrayal, she’s now moved on, a warrior, and nothing is getting in the way of her new life as manager of Patsy’s – including her family. Gallagher Golden Boy Lip (White) finishes up his time in rehab, and emerges with a new outlook on alcoholism and a grim vision of his future, whereas the once-unstable Ian (Monaghan) is now thriving as an EMT and in a comfortable relationship. Debbie (Kenney) is still figuring out how to be a good mom to young Franny, while Carl (Cutkosky) has some big decisions to face as he enters manhood. With Fiona’s new determination to make something of herself, will the rest of the Gallaghers fall apart without Fiona there to pick up the pieces?”

SHAMELESS Season 7 premieres on Sunday, October 2nd At 9 PM (TMN in Canada)

The Gallaghers New Groove: Your First Look at SHAMELESS Season 6!


Press Release: SHOWTIME unveiled the poster art and first teaser for the sixth season of the network’s number one comedy series, SHAMELESS, which will now premiere on Sunday, January 10th at 9 p.m. ET/PT. SHAMELESS stars Oscar® nominee and Emmy® winner William H. Macy as patriarch Frank Gallagher and Golden Globe® nominee Emmy Rossum as daughter and family leader Fiona. This season, the Gallaghers are hitting a new groove as major changes attempt to pull the tight-knit clan apart. To watch and share the first look at the season six SHAMELESS teaser, below.

SHAMELESS season six picks up a few months after last year’s finale, as the Gallaghers prepare for yet another long Chicago winter. This season will see more than just the arctic Lake Michigan winds whipping through the Southside. Change is hard and the Gallaghers are as surprised as anyone at how life is turning out for them. But the question remains, as they come into their own and find out who they are, is it really possible that the Gallaghers could grow apart for good? The series stars William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum, along with Jeremy Allen White, Ethan Cutkosky, Shanola Hampton, Steve Howey, Emma Kenney, and Cameron Monaghan. Based on the long-running hit U.K. series, SHAMELESS is executive produced by Emmy Award winning television and film producer John Wells, Andrew Stearn, Christopher Chulack, Davey Holmes, Nancy M. Pimental and Krista Vernoff. Wells developed the series for American television. Paul Abbott serves as executive consultant. SHAMELESS is produced by Bonanza Productions Inc., in association with John Wells Productions and Warner Bros. Television.

Emma Kenney Preview’s Tonight’s SHAMELESS Season Finale Shocker, Reflects on Debbie’s Biggest Season Yet


Emma Kenney has had quite the season playing Debbie Gallagher on Showtime’s addictive, over-the-top, comedy, SHAMELESS.  We’ve seen her character grow so much this season, whether it’s embracing her independence or having her first real relationship, our little Gallagher is growing up.  I chatted with the talented young actress about her character’s growth this season, Bianca and Sammie joining the show, and what we can look forward to in tonight’s season finale. [Read more…]

The TV Addict’s Top 10 Television Shows of 2014


While they may not have been the year’s most critically acclaimed or the country’s most popular, each the following shows made this TV Addict’s Top 10 of 2014 for the simple reason that they left us jonesing another fix. You know those people who say “less is more?” Yeah, they’re totally wrong. As the following programs prove, too much is never enough.

MANHATTAN (WGNAmerica, CraveTV in Canada – Binge-watched)
WGN America’s second foray into scripted fare may have been about the development of a bomb, but the series itself was anything but [Thank you, thank you, we’ll be here all night! Remember to tip your waiters!] Flawlessly crafted and beautifully acted, the show’s story, set against America’s race to beat Germany to the development of the world’s first atomic bomb was an absolute joy to watch. So much so that knowing the end thanks to, umm… well, history books, didn’t detract in the least from this immensely compelling series. [Read more…]

Counter Culture: Your First Look at SHAMELESS Season 5

shameless season 5 poster

Press Release: Today, SHOWTIME unveiled the season five key art for its hit comedy series SHAMELESS, which premieres on Sunday, January 11th at 9 p.m. ET/PT. SHAMELESS stars Oscar® nominee and Emmy® winner William H. Macy as pickled patriarch Frank Gallagher and Golden Globe® nominee Emmy Rossum as daughter and resilient Gallagher leader Fiona. SHAMELESS kicks off the SHOWTIME triple-header block of comedies, leading into HOUSE OF LIES at 10 p.m. ET/PT and EPISODES at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT. The trio of powerhouse comedies are all led by Emmy nominees for their roles, William H. Macy, Don Cheadle and Matt LeBlanc. [Read more…]

SHAMELESS Scoop: Emma Kenney Talks Growing Up Gallagher!

By: Victoria Nelli

I spoke with the wise-beyond-her-years, gifted, and adorable young actress Emma Kenney, who stars on Showtime’s Sunday night hit SHAMELESS. Kenney plays Debbie Gallagher, the once young and innocent daughter of the crazy family, now turned rebellious teen. She spoke to me about what it’s like on set, her characters drastic changes, and what it’s like balancing high school and Hollywood. [Read more…]


PRESS RELEASE: After record-setting premiere ratings on the network’s Sunday night line-up and continued year-to-year audience growth, SHOWTIME has picked up brand new seasons of SHAMELESS, HOUSE OF LIES and CALIFORNICATION for 2014. The announcement was made today by David Nevins, President of Entertainment, Showtime Networks Inc.  Season-to-date, all three series are pacing above their prior seasons across platforms. The third season of SHAMELESS is up 22 percent, currently averaging 5.4 million weekly viewers across platforms (vs. second season average of 4.4 million), and up 63 percent versus its first season (vs. 3.3 million). The second season of HOUSE OF LIES is averaging 3.2 million weekly viewers across platforms, up 10 percent from its freshman season (vs. 2.91 million), and the sixth season of CALIFORNICATION is averaging 3.1 million weekly viewers, up 21 percent versus season five (vs. 2.5 million). Production for the new seasons of all three series will kick-off in Los Angeles later this year. [Read more…]

Your First Look at SHAMELESS Season Three

shameless season 3 cast

Now that Showtime has wrapped up the respective seventh and second season of DEXTER and HOMELAND with two fantastic season enders this past Sunday, attention can finally be paid to what is hands down one of our most anticipated returning shows of 2013. Yes, the family that puts the fun into dysfunctional is back for a third season of hilarious hijinx starting this January 13th at 9PM and here with your SHAMELESS first look at some of the craziness that awaits the Gallagher family and their extended brood is See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]