Photo of the Day: Parting Is Such SHAMELESS Sorrow

shameless cameron monaghan

With television talent both in front and behind the camera making a habit of tweeting photos ranging from spoilerific to hilarious, thought it might be fun to introduce a new feature to the site that we’ve not-so-cleverly decided to call “Photo of the Day.” Today’s subject, courtesy of SHAMELESS star Cameron Monaghan (@cameronmonaghan) comes a behind-the-scenes look at the final day of filming SHAMELESS season three. Tweeted Monaghan, “Last day of filming in LA. I think we’re taking it pretty well. @ethancutkosky”

Photo of the Day: Blood Brother

With television talent both in front and behind the camera making a habit of tweeting photos ranging from spoilerific to hilarious, thought it might be fun to introduce a new feature to the site that we’ve not-so-cleverly decided to call “Photo of the Day.” Today’s subject, courtesy of SHAMELESS star Cameron Monaghan (@cameronmonaghan) comes a bloody intriguing tease with regards to the much-anticipated third season of the hit Showtime series. Tweeted Monaghan, “The set was covered in blood today. Bet you’re wondering why.”

Photo of the Day: Brotherly Love

With television talent both in front and behind the camera making a habit of tweeting photos ranging from spoilerific to hilarious, thought it might be fun to introduce a new feature to the site that we’ve not-so-cleverly decided to call “Photo of the Day.” Today’s subject, courtesy of SHAMELESS social media maven Emmy Rossum (@emmyrossum), comes a behind-the-scenes look at two of your favourite Gallaghers brothers moments before they shoot a scene. Said Rossum,” Cameron Monaghan and Jeremy Allen White waiting for their cue.”


FALLING SKIES second season finale is this Sunday. Any idea how it ends? — Jason
The TV Addict: Boy do we ever! Unfortunately, to reveal the seriously cool scene on which the spectacular second season ends would probably not be in our best interest of a website proprietor who very much welcomes TNT’s penchant for dropping off screeners at our door! Thus, we’ll simply say this: Not only will FALLING SKIES cliffhanger of an ending leave fans bug-eyed by offering up a sequence of events that they’ve yet to see before, it sets up what sure as heck looks like a very interesting third season.

Despite the fact that the word “BlueBell” covers up far too much of Wilson Bethel for my liking, let me be the first to say how much I enjoyed your recent self-made promo for HART OF DIXIE. Now that you’re good and buttered up, how about a little scoop? — Skylar
The TV Addict: Would you believe that there is a serious downside to living in a small town like Bluebell? As luck would have it, everybody knows everybody’s business. Case in point, we have it on fairly good authority that one of Blue’s most notable bell’s recently spent an afternoon perusing the aisles of the local grocery store for household essentials. You know, stuff like potatoes, plums and PREGNANCY tests. Oops… we may have already said too much!

The only thing more exciting than the recent report that has John Barrowman jumping on board The CW’s ARROW would be if you could shed some light on the character he’s playing. Spill! — Jamie
The TV Addict: Since we don’t actually know who the artist formerly known as Captain Jack Harkness will be playing, we hope some irresponsible speculation will suffice. Speculation that involves a recent casting notice that found its way into our inbox for ARROW’s fifth episode of the season that has the production searching for a thirty to forty year old male named Edward who is described as the clean-shaven soldier and leader of a unit that captures Oliver. Think Christoph Waltz in Inglorious Basterds. [Read more...]


Any scoop I can sink my teeth into to tide me over until THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ October return would be very much appreciated. — Marnie
The TV Addict: Move over SAVED BY THE BELL, Season Three of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES might as well be subtitled “The College Years!” At least in terms of Bonnie’s life, who according to reports will get a little too close to a brilliant and charming Professor (aren’t they all?) whose sad history drives an obsession with the occult, all things supernatural, and as luck would have it, a certain witch.

What is up with Kal and Tariq on THE L.A. COMPLEX? Tuesday’s season premiere was off-the-hook! — Luke
The TV Addict: Well, hold on to your hats, because the fun is just getting started. This Tuesday’s episode not only sees Abby in yet another ridiculously awkward situation on the set of Alan Thicke’s little-too-close-for-comfort family, but may in fact serve as somewhat of a turning point for Tariq and Kal. The latter of whom will finally come out to somebody. Of course, this being THE L.A. COMPLEX, that certain somebody is most certainly not who one would expect.

After this past weekends Comic Con in San Diego, I’m not sure I can wait until ARROW’s premiere. Any Scoop? — Nick
The TV Addict: Suffice it to say, when ARROW does premiere this Fall, star Stephen Amell will have his hands full. Case in point, the show’s third episode ominously titled “Lone Gunman” that sees producers currently casting for a thirty something assassin with a fondness for tattooing the names of the men he has killed over his body. Ouch! [Read more...]


Last Sunday’s penultimate SHAMELESS of the season was off the hook! Any idea if we’ll ever see Ian’s very-random hook-up again? — Nick
The TV Addict: Funny you should ask, because we just so happened to have finished watching Sunday’s fantastic second season finale and can assure you that Ian’s one night stand doesn’t just come back to haunt him, but does so in a way we didn’t — but probably should have — seen coming. Cooler still, unlike the SHAMELESS’ first season, which ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger, Sunday’s second season ends on more of a positive note for those already dreading the interminable nine month wait until Season three.

Any word on when poor Erica will finally kick the bucket on PRIVATE PRACTICE? — Jenn
The TV Addict: While we’re hesitant to pinpoint an exact end date for poor Erica and the nightmarish time spent on PRIVATE PRACTICE this season, we can let you in a little something interesting courtesy of a source close to production. In the upcoming fifth season finale, a character will, in a court of law no less, be accused of “pulling a Kevorkian!” Read into that what you will.

Are Barney and Quinn seriously going to move in with one another on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER? — Dylan
The TV Addict: Yes. And it’s gonna be Legen… wait for it…. Oh, who are we kidding! The only thing we’re sure of when it comes to what the future holds for HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is that when the show finally does return from its traditional hiatus (March Madness, indeed), it will do so with an episode that has all the trappings of one destined to become a classic. After-all, nothing says Legen… wait for it… Dary like an episode that sees Ted, Marshall and Barney embark on another “trilogy time” in which they get together every three years to watch the “Star Wars” trilogy and envision what their lives will be like in another three years. [Read more...]


Any scoop about the serial killer that has arrived in Mystic Falls? Vampire, human or spirit? — Abby
The TV Addict: Since narrowing it down would ruin all the fun for you VAMPIRE DIARIES fans, you’re going to have to trust us when we say that the Mystic Falls Murderer (Trademark, is absolutely the last person you would suspect. No word of a lie, our head is still ringing from the chorus of “Nooooooooooos” that emanated from last week’s PaleyFest panel celebrating the hit CW series!

Any chance Castle and Beckett will step-it-up during Monday’s episode involving a murder during a DANCING WITH THE STARS-esque competition? — Madison
The TV Addict: As much as we’re rooting for both Castle and Beckett to do the mambo of both the actual and the horizontal variety, both Castle and Beckett’s feet remain planted squarely on the floor during Monday’s episode. That said, if it’s any consolation, the March 19th episode does pay homage to one of our favorite syfy sci-fi shows, thanks to a mysterious murder that will have you wondering if you’ve accidentally stepped into an alternate universe.
Based on the previews for BONES much anticipated return, it looks as though Brennan may be giving birth in prison. Please tell me this blessed event doesn’t take place behind bars?! — Lisa
The TV Addict: Never fear! Despite what the promos might have you believe, the smarter-than-your-average-showrunners have whipped up a far more tender and touching scene for the birth of Booth and Brennan’s bundle of joy that we can pretty much guarantee will have you reaching for that box of kleenex that you keep next to your couch for very-special-episodes like this. And speaking of behind-bars… [Read more...]

Ask the Addict: Spoilers for GLEE, THE GOOD WIFE, SHAMELESS, DEGRASSI & More!

Any scoop on Sunday’s episode of THE GOOD WIFE?
The TV Addict: Having recently had the pleasure of sneaking a peek at Sunday’s episode (And yes, we’re well aware how awesome our job can be!) we can assure you that this weekends much-anticipated return of hit CBS series is sooooooo worth the wait. And while we’re not about to spoil the outcome of Wendy Scott-Carr’s increasingly intrusive investigation into Will Gardner’s on court activities, we will alert you to the fact that sparks will fly. Specifically between Alicia and Peter, who have exchange so tense, it would make Jackie blush! Also of note for fans of Archie Panjabi is a confrontation between Kalinda and Monica Raymond’s Dana that gets a little physical. Read into that what you will.

Cannot express how pleased I was to see jump on the SWITCHED AT BIRTH bandwagon earlier in the week. Gushing aside, any clues as to how serious Daphne and Wilke are going to get?
The TV Addict: Serious enough that the sources close to the production have let it slip that Producers are currently on the lookout for an actor to play Wilke’s dad! That’s the good news. With the bad news beings that whomever snags the part of Wilke’s dad may very soon be on the receiving end of a very upsetting phone call. Gulp! [Read more...]

Spoiler Alert: The Cast of SHAMELESS Dishes on What’s In Store for Season 2

With SHAMELESS’ fantastic second season about to kick into high gear, thought now might be as good as any to preview what’s in store for fans of the funniest small screen family this side of the Dunphey-Pritchett clan. But just what did Emmy Rossum, Justin Chatwin, Jeremy Allen White, Laura Slade Wiggins and Executive Producer John Wells have to dish about what’s ahead for their delightfully dysfunctional family. Find out for yourself, after the jump. [Read more...]


Thanks to your recent post pointing to a free download of the series premiere, I’m officially hooked on SMASH. Which begs the question as to whether or not you have any scoop as to which actress the producers are going to reward with the coveted title role in Marilyn the musical? — Amanda
The TV Addict: Despite the fact that this by no means indicates whose name — be it Megan Hilty’s Ivy or Katharine McPhee’s Karen — will actually appear on the marquee when the Broadway musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe actually does premiere, we can assure you that the answer to your question will be known by SMASH’s second fantastic episode of the season.

Any scoop on the best show nobody’s watching, you know, PARENTHOOD? — Dave
The TV Addict: This just in, there is a downside to success. Especially when the much-deserved notoriety Adam and Crosby are earning for restoring the luncheonette into a state-of-the-art recording studio brings with it a life-changing offer that the twosome may-or-may-not be able to refuse.

As much as I’m enjoying Booth and Brennan’s storyline this season with regards to their about-to-be-born baby on BONES, I can’t help but feel that the producers have done a really poor job of dealing with Parker. Are there any plans to address how Booth’s oldest son is dealing with the new addition to the family?
The TV Addict: In short: Yes! Or to be more specific, when Booth and Brennan aren’t busy solving yet another gruesome murder in BONES upcoming tenth episode of the season, they will be busy debating how to deal with Parker, who begins to act out to the tune of lying and possibly stealing in response to their newest bundle of joy. [Read more...]