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Kristen Bell Returns To TV, Advantage Showtime

The fight for your disposable income between pay-cablers HBO and Showtime just got that much more interesting thanks to today’s news that has newly-minted Showtime President of Entertainment David Nevins giving the greenlight to two new series. HOUSE OF LIES, based on the tell-all book of the same name is a new half-hour comedy created
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Biggest Surprise: Despite the fact that the first half of SHAMELESS’ season had us wishing those poor Gallagher kids were more of a “Party of 6,” not-quite-father-of-the-year-candidate Frank deserves some serious credit for owning up to sleeping with son Lip’s not-quite-girlfriend Karen by taking his “golden shower” like a man. Best Blowoff: After Ina Garten
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This Just In: A Reason to Hold Off on Cancelling Your Showtime Subscription Now that DEXTER is Done for the Season!

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Review: WEEDS Season 6

As one of the proud, the ardent, the remaining TV Addicts to have stuck by WEEDS throughout all five of its somewhat uneven seasons, it pains us to say that tonight’s sixth season premiere — which has the Botwin clan hastily making a run for it after youngest son Shane channels his inner Dexter Morgan
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Review: THE BIG C

From the network that brought you WEEDS, NURSE JACKIE and the UNITED STATES OF TARA comes THE BIG C, a tale about 42-year old Cathy Jamison (Laura Linney) who after receiving life changing news, decides to make drastic and long overdue adjustments to the way she is living her life. Now, before you let out
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Does Showtime’s THE BIG C Make the Grade?

Who says Cancer can’t be funny? Certainly not Showtime, who is so confident that THE BIG C, their newest series starring Laura Linney, Oliver Platt and Gabby Sidibe warrants a big “A,” that they’ve teamed up with to give viewers a sneak peak of the first episode prior to the series August 16 premiere.
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You Be the Critic: NURSE JACKIE

Summer reruns and reality already getting you down? Meet NURSE JACKIE; Your guaranteed cure for the post-May season finale blues. But don’t take our word for it, you be the critic by checking out the season premiere of JACKIE prior to its June 8th bow on Showtime. (After the jump)

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First Look: WEEDS Season 5

Is Nancy Botwin really pregnant with her Mexican lover/ druglord’s baby? “Expect the unexpected,” is all star Mary Louise Parker is saying. Which is why it’s up to this TV Addict to say — well, show a little more, courtesy of these photos from the upcoming season premiere of WEEDS (June 8, 10PM on Showtime)
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By: Aleks Chan UNITED STATES OF TARA opens to the title character looking somber and peeved. And in the next scene, she’s T, a rowdy, horny, and suggestive teenager who proudly wears her thong outside her jeans isn’t afraid of thrusting her hips in the air while supporting herself on the kitchen counter. Sometimes she
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Dissecting DEXTER: What’s Working, What’s Not… And How To Fix

As the old saying goes; When you’re at the top of your game, there’s no where to go but down. Which is why, following two excellent seasons that culminated in a thrilling face off between Dexter Morgan and Sergeant James Doakes, the downfall of DEXTER was inevitable. Cue our painfully gruesome analysis after-the-fact. If this
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