BILLIONS Preview: Damian Lewis Introduces His Character


Damien Lewis is returning to showtime in BILLIONS this January. But instead of playing a conflicted, undercover terrorist, he’s going to play another bad guy: an unscrupulous hedge fund manager.

Bobby Axelrod is a “competitive, alpha male billionaire,” teases Lewis as his character asks “when did it become a crime to succeed in this country?” in a new preview. Apparently U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhodes (Paul Giamatti) thinks Axelrod’s the perpetrator of several financial crimes and that his business isn’t entirely on the up-and-up. It’s Rhodes’ determination that pits these two powerful men against one another. But which side will come out on top: the government or the nouveau riche?

Don’t miss the premiere of BILLIONS on Sunday, January 17 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.

Funny Business: Showtime Releases Key Art and First Trailer for HAPPYish


Press Release: Today, SHOWTIME unveiled the poster art for its new half-hour comedy series HAPPYish, which premieres on Sunday, April 26th at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT. HAPPYish stars Oscar® and Golden Globe® nominee Steve Coogan, Kathryn Hahn and Emmy® winner and Golden Globe nominee Bradley Whitford. The series is a comedic, soul-searching examination of our pursuit of happiness and why it continues to be so elusive. Currently in production in New York, HAPPYish also features guest stars Emmy and Tony® Award winner Ellen Barkin, Emmy Award winner Carrie Preston, Molly Price and Andre Royo. To view the trailer, see below [Read more...]

Exclusive: Kathleen Rose Perkins Contemplates Her ‘Episodic’ Strokes of Luck


In the Matt LeBlanc-fronted “Episodes,” the real star is Kathleen Rose Perkins.

As Carol Rance, head of network programming at the fictitious, unnamed network that airs “Pucks,” the show within a show starring LeBlanc, Perkins portrays a high energy yes man who never seems to land a win. In season four of the Showtime satire (premiering Sunday at 10:30 p.m.), Carol comes no closer to landing her dream gig as head of the network. In fact, she’s passed over for another woman, Helen Bash (Andrea Savage), who may or may not have a bone to pick with her.

I spoke with Ms. Perkins earlier this afternoon about the season she calls the best one yet. “It’s… messier,” she told me. We also spoke about some of her recent film roles. [Read more...]

Photo of the Day: Your First Look at PENNY DREADFUL Season 2


Press Release: SHOWTIME is giving viewers the first look photo from the highly anticipated second season of the network’s drama series, PENNY DREADFUL currently in production in Dublin, Ireland for a 2015 debut on the network.

John Logan, series creator and executive producer, says, “This season Vanessa (Eva Green) and Ethan (Josh Hartnett) face new challenges, and old enemies, and turn to each other for solace. Their intimacy grows as they are forced to confront their demons together.” [Read more...]

Recap: THE AFFAIR is Rocked By a Larger Scandal

the affair

Noah doesn’t want to think of Alison as his mistress, or as Oscar so delicately puts it, “some married yuppie’s summer slut.”

Alison doesn’t want to think of herself as a drug dealer, or a concubine. For her, Noah is more than just a fling. He’s a way out of a century’s old drug smuggling business operating behind closed doors at Blue Water Taxi Dispatch.

In episode six of “The Affair,” Noah and Alison’s relationship fizzled out, and the ongoing tension between Oscar and the Lockharts was finally explained by the brothers’ shady entrepreneurship. [Read more...]

The Business of Show: Showtime Renews HOMELAND and THE AFFAIR

homeland season 4

Press Release: LOS ANGELES, CA – November 10, 2014 – SHOWTIME has picked up a second season of the critically-acclaimed new drama series THE AFFAIR and a fifth season of the Emmy® and Golden Globe®-winning hit series HOMELAND, to air 10 and 12 new episodes respectively in 2015. The announcement was made today by David Nevins, President, Showtime Networks Inc. Season-to-date, HOMELAND season four is averaging six million weekly viewers across platforms – steadily building momentum and growing in each of its last three weeks. On pace to be the network’s most time-shifted original series, THE AFFAIR is averaging 3.9 million weekly viewers across platforms. The series has grown consistently every single week since its premiere, with 87 percent of the show’s audience tuning-in after the original Sunday 10 p.m. telecast. Both series currently air on Sunday nights starting at 9 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME. [Read more...]

THE AFFAIR Recap: Inn and Out

the affair

On “The Affair,” the interrogations have come to an end, but the mystery of who killed Scotty Lockhart is only just getting underway.

At the end of the summer, Cole’s younger brother will succumb to his tragic demise, and Detective Jeffries doesn’t believe in accidents. Oscar might seem like the obvious suspect, but Noah makes a case for himself, not only by asking Jeffries why an accident had already been ruled out, but by assuring the detective that he had never heard of The Inn, the very hotel on Block Island where he and Alison first consummated their relationship in episode four. [Read more...]

THE AFFAIR Recap: The Idealist and His Insider


In Montauk, the ocean is mean, and summer people like Noah Solloway have a fantasy of what life is like for citizens like Cole and Alison Lockhart. For Cole, Montauk is a little piece of Heaven under God, and recently, it has been exposed to “people who come out here [that] think they’re in East Hampton.”

In episode three of “The Affair,” Noah and Alison have yet to wake to the realities of their relationship, and its eventual significance for both the regulars and the ‘summer people’. [Read more...]

Recap: THE AFFAIR Won’t Split Off Like a Tangent


Noah hasn’t learned from Bruce’s mistakes. Just like his aristocratic father-in-law, our male protagonist finds himself bewildered by temptation. His need for a little ‘me time’ is just a desire to further his iniquitous tryst with Alison.

Alison, on the other hand, succumbs to Noah’s advances whilst appearing to be on the cusp of a mental breakdown.

Their flirtation blossomed into a full blown make out sesh in episode two, though the tales of how they got there continued to differ greatly. [Read more...]

Review: Showtime Has an AFFAIR to Remember


Showtime’s “The Affair” tells two very different stories about its titular affaire de coeur.

Noah (Dominic West) looks back upon his summer at the beach and recalls nearly succumbing to Alison’s (Ruth Wilson) advances. An incurious Alison recounts the tale of an obsessive family man who had every intention of making something happen. In both cases, each party seems to be hiding something, and as the title would suggest, an affair will take place.

At this point, it’s simply a matter of when. [Read more...]