ARROW Gets the SMALLVILLE Treatment: Who Didn’t Wear it Better?!

Hot on the heels of The CW releasing a trifecta of posters touting their new fall offerings, this TV Addict — who as regular readers can attest to has an inexplicable need to highlight Hollywood’s penchant for making us see double — finds ourselves with little choice but to ask the Fall’s first slightly awkward albeit painfully obvious question: Who didn’t wear it better in their respective series premiere posters, SMALLVILLE’s Tom Welling or ARROW’s Stephen Amell? [Read more...]

Today’s TV Addict Top 5: CW President Mark Pedowitz Dishes on Ratings, RINGER, THE L.A. COMPLEX & More!

On what went wrong with RINGER
Despite CW President Mark Pedowitz’s assertion that he loved being back in business with Sarah Michelle Gellar, a combination of story complexity and poor performance in both the online digital and social spaces was too much for RINGER to overcome. Said Pedowitz, “Sarah Michelle Gellar and I have had many discussions since Spring and the one thing we did come away with, when she’s ready, is that we’d love her to come back to The CW as an actor or a producer.”

On The CW’s sagging [overnight] ratings
Cementing our long-held belief that Nielsen ratings have never been more obsolete, Pedowitz was quick to defend his Networks viewership levels. As expected, more people than ever are tuning into The CW, they’re just doing it on the likes of, and the Network’s iPad app. To that end, Pedowitz recently made the decision to roll our a rebranding campaign this August that replaces the Networks’ dated tagline: TV to ‘talk/blog/tweet about,’ with ‘TV Now.’ [Read more...]

Could Michael Rosenbaum Be the Next Voice of Charlie? ANGELS co-creator Al Gough Spills All… Plus His Thoughts on the SMALLVILLE’s Controversial Series Finale

Could ABCs new trifecta of angels be answering the phone, “Good Morning Michael” this fall? They could if SMALLVILLE’s Michael Rosenbaum has anything to say about it.

“Rosenbaum keeps sending me tapes to be the voice of Charlie — seriously — he’s sent me three,” revealed CHARLIE’S ANGELS co-creator Al Gough when asked at this morning’s Television Critics Association Press Tour about the chances of seeing any of his former SMALLVILLE co-workers pop up on ANGELS now that they may-or have some time on their hands. “I think he might be a little young, but we’d obviously love to have any of them come on the show at some point.” [Read more...]

It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s Our One Teensy Little Problem with SMALLVILLE’s Super Finale

After 10 seasons of defeating a seemingly never-ending parade of evildoers, it should come as no surprise that Friday’s SMALLVILLE series finale had Clark Kent finally meeting his match. That said, what should come as a surprise was that he failed to overcome the most menacing, the most terrifying and the most powerful villain of them all: The Warner Bros. legal department (Who, in keeping with our somewhat super theme, we will be referring to from here on in as the “Over-Billers!” Terrifying, right?) Or at least that’s what we spent the better part of two hours thinking as we jumped back on board the bandwagon to celebrate the series finale of SMALLVILLE.

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Test Your Fandom Mettle By Placing This Piece of SMALLVILLE History

In celebrating of SMALLVILLE ending its momentous 10 year run this evening, executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson were kind enough to send our very own piece of SMALLVILLE history. Think you can place it? Take your best guess in the comments below and be sure to check back with us at 10PM (EST) — the precise time we predict Clark Kent will finally break his “No Tights, No Flights” policy — for the answer.

SMALLVILLE Scoop: Executive Producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders Discuss Tonight’s Epic Ending to a Remarkable 10 Year Journey

SMALLVILLE’s momentous journey from man-to-Superman has enthralled viewers for the past decade.  For any show, 10 years is remarkable by any measure, and for SMALLVILLE it is a simultaneous passing of the torch and the solidifying of a legacy.  Not wanting to leave the fans hanging or wanting for anything, executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson have made it their mission to jam-pack as much of the significant elements of both Superman-mythology and SMALLVILLE into this final season.  Then as the show came down to the wire, they tried to squish even more into the two-hour finale.  At a special sneak peek screening, members of the press were treated to a glimpse of what that finale will offer.  Suffice it to say, fans will be really happy.  In fact, there just might be shouts of joy and jubilation as each new surprise is unveiled.
In order to do justice to both the show, which spanned ten amazing years, Brian and Kelly took it upon themselves to re-watch not only the pilot episode, but also watched several other pivotal episodes to make sure that they hit all the right notes.  They wanted to ensure a heart-warming and promise-filled send off for a show that touched so many lives and provided countless hours of entertainment for the fans.  They also understood that it was not their job to conclude the Superman story, but rather to merge the worlds of SMALLVILLE and the overall Superman mythology.  Thus, their job was to build the bridge in the finale, not close the book.  The finale will be more of a hand-off between the two worlds – after all, the story of Clark Kent and Superman is just beginning.  So in the finale look for some long-lost familiar faces to pop-up and some long awaited iconic moments to finally be fulfilled.  That will be Brian and Kelly’s legacy and gift to the fans.  Blood, sweat and tears – all because they loved the show and the fans to make it as damn near perfect as possible.
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Ask the Addict: Spoilers for HOUSE, NIKITA, BONES, SMALLVILLE & More!

Any idea as to whether or not Tom and Lynette are actually heading for splitsville on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES? — Jennifer
The TV Addict: It sure looks that way doesn’t it! And while we don’t pretend to know if Wisteria Lane’s most stable couple will actually go as far as to commence those dreaded divorce proceedings, what we can promise is that you won’t have to wait all summer to find out. “I believe we gain some closure,” said Tom’s portrayer Doug Savant during a recent one-on-one with the TV Addict. “This marriage and relationships in general are an ongoing evolution, but fans will be relieved to know that there is some closure to this particular issue.”

Any clues as to who will be ripping a hole in BONES’ heart tonight? — Madison
The TV Addict: Yes. But since we sure as heck aren’t about to risk the wrath of fellow countryman Hart Hanson by spilling the beans as to which character will find himself on the wrong end of sniper Jacob Ripkin Broadsky sight (Seriously, have you seen a Canadian get mad?) we will only go as far as to reveal that it’s a character that fans will most certainly scream “Nooooo!” over… followed by a quick reach for the tissues. Oh, and on the off chance you’re stopping off at a store in-between work and home, it might behoove you to stock up on tissues as tonight’s key death sends shockwaves throughout the entire team. Watch for a casket, flowers and a very unexpected song that may-or-may-not haunt you until Friday.

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Lex Luthor Returns to SMALLVILLE: We Can’t See the Difference, Can You?

lex luthor smallville

When Michael Rosenbaum makes his long-awaited return to SMALLVILLE in the equally anticipated series finale this May 13, he will not be doing so alone. Helping him complete the transformation to Lex Luthor, Clark Kent’s most nefarious nemesis, will be a trusty bald cap. Now, we’re no Michael Westmore, but we can’t see the difference, can you? Let us know in the comments below.

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