SUPERNATURAL Comic-Con Press Room: The Cast and Producers Tease the Devil’s Son, Alternate Realities and More


After a SUPERNATURAL panel that included a live performance by Kansas, actors Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins joined producers Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb for the show’s press room, which gave us an opportunity to learn more about Lucifer’s son, how Mary will survive in the alternate world, the upcoming SUPERNATURAL spin-off and what’s to come for Sam and Dean Winchester in season 13.

Jack and the Winchesters. How will the brothers deal with their new Hell-spawn ward? “No big deal,” Jensen Ackles joked. “[It will be like] Two Men and a Baby. We pick up right where we left off and essentially Dean’s lost everybody aside from his brother. He doesn’t really know how to respond to that or emotionally process what just happened. But what he can do is go shoot someone in the face. So that’s what he tries to go do. It doesn’t happen. Sam stops him and tries to talk some sense [into him]. But that’s the mission that happens in kind of the first episode. Because that’s what he knows he can do and that’s something he can do right there. Dealing with what just happened, he’ll deal with that once they neutralize the threat. But of course the kid gets away and now it’s a bit of a manhunt.” Ackles also said that the alternate universe is “one thing that keeps Dean from just opening fire [against Jack. He opened the other world so] if he did it once, what’s to say he can’t do it again. Maybe he can do it again and maybe he can try to get Mom back. There’s possibilities, but Dean is going to treat it like ‘keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer’ type of thing.”

Meanwhile, when asked whether Jack is really their foe or if the brothers just don’t understand his intentions, Jared said it’s “a little bit of both. So Dean, I think, sees Jack as a foe. Jack is like same song, different verse [in terms of bad guys]. We’ve seen this before where we think this is going to be fine. There was the demon Ruby and there was this and that. But it always comes back to bite us. So I think Dean as we might have guessed is like ‘let’s shoot first and figure out later’. Whereas Sam, I think for a lot of reasons — one being trying to figure out what happened to Mary — wants to try and nurture [Jack]. I think Sam sees a lot of himself in Jack. Sam was supposed to be evil. Sam had demon blood [in him] before he was one year old. And I think he’s trying to convince himself that nurture is more powerful than nature. Sam is human, but I guess you could also argue he’s part demon [but] he’s kept it at bay for a while. I think he’s getting getting flustered at Dean without really saying ‘hey man, you want to kill me too?'”

Winchester Conflict. There will be some disagreement between the brothers this season, although it won’t necessarily be as bad as what we’ve seen in the past. Ackles said. “it’s not so much the brothers are head-to-head like it’s been in the past seasons. It’s more of [a situation where] Dean wants to go this route, Sam wants to go this route, but they will both eventually end up in the same place. Dean will acquiesce to Sam and be like ‘we’ll try it your way, but if anything happens we do things my way’. So it’s more like that.”

Sam as a Leader. We really saw Sam step up and take the lead in the fight about the British Men of Letters at the end of last season and Jared explained that he thinks “Sam has always been kind of ultimately powerful. He’s been Lucifer. He’s been so full of demon blood that he started the apocalypse. So Sam is a thinker and he knows that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely….[This leadership role for him is going to] continue as much as it can and it needs to. Obviously the British Men of Letters problem [is gone but] there’s another task at hand. And he certainly has taken the lead and he has taken the lead with Jack. So maybe that was awakened in him at the end of season 12.”

The Search for Mary and Her Life in the Alternate Reality. When asked how the brothers will try to retrieve their mother Jared said “I think Sam is going to be doing the only thing that he logically can do, which is try to figure out how the universe opened up in the first place — which I think we know it rhymes with ‘Jack’ — and seeing if he can help guide Jack to a place where he could do it again. Even though Jack didn’t do it consciously; he didn’t knowingly open up a rift to another universe, it just happened when he was born. But I think Sam is really going to be trying to figure out how to nurture Jack into a place where he can tell us where Mom is.”

Singer also explained that Mary “does try to run away from [Lucifer] first thing [in the alternate reality], but it doesn’t turn out as well as she might hope. We visit there, but we don’t live in that universe for a whole long time. It’s always there in episodes but the majority of the time is spent in this world. Whenever we do visit there and we meet some characters there — some that we know and new ones — it’s just really not a pleasant place. I think a little bit of that is going to go a long way. A lot of the emotional stuff about what the season [is about] is that Dean is convinced that once Mom went through that rift with Lucifer [it] was curtains for her. Sam is of the opinion that [they have] this kid and he opened the rift once, let’s go see for ourselves. If she’s alive, let’s try to save her. That causes a certain bit of head-butting among the two guys. And that’s part of this idea of the family being torn apart, that they have sort of different takes about this. Dean gets a little dark about that.”

Jack as a Hunter. Will Jack be riding around and accompanying Sam and Dean on cases? “In the beginning, without getting too specific, he doesn’t have much control over his powers,” Singer explained about Jack. “I guess he’s a little bit like the Hulk in that regard, in that he can do things but he does them involuntarily. Part of him, because he’s half-human, doesn’t want to hurt people. He knows he has this thumb drive that his mother left him talking about [the fact that] he can be what he wants to be. And he has this angel looking over him. So he’s aware of all this. But he can’t control himself. So it’s really about how do you get that balance? He’s interested in the hunter world but he has a couple of mis-steps early on and, again, what Dean feels about him in the beginning of the year as opposed to what Sam wants to do with him, they’re really worlds apart. So there’s a lot of conflict between the guys there and this kid is kind of caught in the middle. But good drama is conflict so that’s what we try to do every year.”

Season 13’s Bid Bad. Don’t think of Jack as the biggest threat in season 13, according to Dabb. “Jack is not the biggest threat they are dealing with. The biggest threat they’re dealing with — I will not tell you who it is [but] but I will say it’s an old — let’s call him friend — who we have not seem for many years and who will create many, many problems for our guys. And he probably is not currently in our world. He was from the alternate world.” When asked whether the big bad might be Michael Dabb replied “I’ll plead the fifth on that one.”

Familiar Faces Will Return. “I think that’s the great thing about SUPERNATURAL is we have supporting characters that we think are so strong we want to give them their own TV show,” Dabb said. “We have other people out there that are coming back for us. And I think in the alternate reality — look, we don’t want to play the game where it’s like every week and here’s alternative version of character X from season 3. We don’t want to play that game. I think that game gets boring very quickly. But we have some characters who are very sorely missed on our show coming back in interesting ways. And in ways that you do not necessarily expect. Certainly [they won’t always be] the character we knew, but it’s still the character we know who’s been through a lot of horrible, horrible things.”

Going Through Loss. “[The brothers losing their family recently] is really kind of a devastating blow,” Singer said. “How one reacts to that is what makes people different. I think you’ve seen where a family member will die and some people will show their emotion, or they’re trying to get their stuff out, [while others] become withdrawn and don’t deal with it. They don’t deal with their own emotions. I think that latter one is a little more where Dean is at. He kind of gets darker as the first few episodes go on. He begins to [question] ‘what is this all about and what am I doing?'” How will the brothers react to losing Cas? That will be part of this feeling of loss “Even to a certain extent Crowley is gone. He was a frenemy but he basically gave himself up for them. It’s pretty devastating. It leaves them in a really strange place and if they just had to deal with it alone, so be it, but now they’ve got this kid, this man-child that they have to deal with. It’s a lot of complication. We did that intentionally, but it’s a season based on emotion, not on big stuff…..Last year was very big with the British Men of Letters and the whole organizational thing and all that. This year we made a conscious effort that we want to go a little smaller and more personal. So with Mom and apocalypse world, with Lucifer and the boys have to deal with Satan’s son, there’s a lot of emotional possibilities and that’s kind of what we wanted to play with this year. Last year was about bringing family back together, this is what do you do when your family gets blown apart.”

Cas’s Self-Doubt. “I think that Cas goes through varying [and] different stages — varying and different degrees of self-loathing over time,” Misha said. “So a lot of his actions end up being motivated by him trying to sort of pay penance for past failures that he perceives himself having made. He carries baggage with him. Like when he screws something up he just doesn’t let it go. So that has been a big motivating factor for him for a long time — trying to do the right thing because he feels like he has failed in the past. And I think we saw that at the end of season 12 — he can’t forgive himself. I think he gets a little bit of a reset at the beginning of season 13, by which I mean he’s dead. But he gets a little bit of a reset because I think the circumstances as they unfolded at the end of [season 12] felt like they weren’t really anybody’s fault. Although I suppose Castiel could find a way to blame himself in some way. But so far in what I’ve seen he isn’t blaming himself too much. And I think that now we’re also sort of uniting around a common purpose ultimately.”

Which Cas Will Return? Misha was a bit vague when asked whether the version of Cas we know would return, so it’s a bit up in the air right now: “Well, we’re going to see different iterations of….well, yeah. The Cas that comes back is not like a totally different Cas.”

Cas and Jack. “It takes along time for them to actually come together in the show,” Misha explained of Jack and Castiel’s first meeting. “I don’t think we have scenes together until episode 6. But, in a way, I think Jack sort of thinks of him as a surrogate father or something like that. There’s some sort of strange imprinting that may have happened even though Cas was dead.” Is Jack on their side though? “I think that’s a big question for everybody.”

The Spin-Off. With the news that Donna, Alex and Claire would join Jody in the SUPERNATURAL spin-off WAYWARD SISTERS today, Dabb explained that we’re going to see the official backdoor pilot in “episode 10, so it’ll be our first episode back from our midseason break. And I will not give away plot secrets, but I will say it’s about putting together this team of really, really excellent characters — four that we know and two that we will meet this season, the first in episode 3 and the next in episode 9 — and allowing them to kind of kick some ass. And tell a story that I think [feels like it’s] in the SUPERNATURAL universe, in the SUPERNATURAL sphere, but will feel and play [a bit different from] SUPERNATURAL.”

The spin-off is “something that we have been talking about internally really since we re-introduced Claire Novak to the show, which I believe was season 9,” Dabb said. “And the idea that Jody had already taken in Alex Jones [we thought] oh, this might be an opportunity to make this happen. It’s something that simmered for us and fans really latched on it in a way we never could have expected and in a really awesome way. And then for us it was like last season because of the British Men of Letters and because of [Mary], it didn’t feel right [to introduce it]. This season it feels right. And the way it’s going, as you’ll see as you watch the show in the first half of [season 13], it evolves I think very organically out of the first half of the season in a way that we were able to do because we had such a high amount of lead time. It feels, unlike the first spin-off we did — which was, by design, meant to not feel like SUPERNATURAL — this is meant to feel like SUPERNATURAL but a different set of stories in that world, but very much the same sensibilities, the same driving forces and the same core themes, which [is] family.”

Missouri Moseley, who has not been seen since season 1 of the show, will be returning and she’ll be connected to the spin-off. Singer said that “she is the grandmother of Patience, who will be the third [young] girl in [the spin-off]. [Missouri] reluctantly has actually passed down through generations her psychic skills. [Patience’s] father wants her to deny those and not give in to this world. Circumstances dictate that she has to and that’s how she ends up at Jody’s.” We’ll see Missouri in episode 3.

SUPERNATURAL returns for an all new season on October 12 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.



Warner Bros has announced additional casting for the SUPERNATURAL spin-off WAYWARD SISTERS. Kim Rhodes’ presence as Jody Mills was already announced, but now additional characters (known and unknown) have been confirmed.

Here’s what you need to know about the show’s leading ladies.

Leading the group is Sioux Falls Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes – Colony, Kings of Con), an associate of Bobby Singer, who has grown to be one of Sam and Dean Winchester’s most trusted friends and allies. A foster mother to Claire Novak, Alex Jones and new character Patience Turner, Jody’s greatest challenge will be to prepare them for the battles ahead.

Lending Jody a hand will be series fan-favorite Sheriff Donna Hanscum (Briana Buckmaster – Arrow, Frequency), a relative novice to the hunter’s life, but a close friend who Jody can confide in.

Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton – Big Little Lies, Manchester by the Sea) was introduced to the supernatural world when her father became the vessel for the angel Castiel (series star Misha Collins). Now, a gifted hunter, she lives with Jody, but struggles against her rules.

Also taken in under Jody’s wing, Alex Jones (Katherine Ramdeen – The Tall Man, Almost Human) was rescued by the Winchesters from a family of vampires who used her as a lure for unsuspecting humans. Traumatized by the violence, she has resolved not to hunt…until a threat emerges in Sioux Falls that threatens her new family.

A new member of the Wayward Sisterhood is the character Patience Turner (Clark Backo – Designated Survivor), a high school over-achiever whose life is turned upside down when she discovers she’s a powerful psychic, a gift she inherited from her estranged grandmother (and season one Supernatural character) Missouri Moseley. Hunted by dark forces for her power, Patience finds refuge with Jody and her wayward family.

The spin-off will be introduced in an episode of SUPERNATURAL. WAYWARD SISTERS is written by Andrew Dabb and Robert Berens, who will executive produce along with Robert Singer and Phil Sgriccia.

SUPERNATURAL Comic-Con Panel: The Cast and Producers Tease Season 13


Three characters were killed in the last season finale of SUPERNATURAL and Sam and Dean Winchester were left with the spawn of Satan, while Mary and Lucifer were trapped in an alternate dimension. In other words, everyone is in the trouble — including the world itself. Lucifer and Kelly’s son, Jack, aged quickly after killing his own mother with his birth and now the Winchesters will have to deal with a being of immense power while reeling from the deaths of their friends and allies, as well as their mother’s disappearance.

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and executive producers Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb came to San Diego Comic-Con to tease season 13 of SUPERNATURAL and what the Winchester brothers will be dealing with next season.

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10.35 – Jared and Jensen filmed a cute little intro to the panel talking about heading to Hall H and Kansas came out to perform “Wayward Sons” live! (watch the video below).

10.41 – Richard Speight Jr and Rob Benedict came on stage to moderate the panel.

10.45 – Did they really kill Castiel? Singer said “we have to go with the story takes you” and the writers thought that perhaps Castiel’s time had come. As he said that Misha dragged his own little chair out on stage.

10.48 – Singer confirmed that Misha will be returning to the show.

10.49 – Dabb said that leading into season 12 the guys had the happiest situation they could have — their mom was back, they saved the world without having to sacrifice each other, and their friends were alive. But in season 13 “we just murder”, he joked.

10.54 – Jared and Misha recall the twitter pranks they’ve played on each other, including posting rude/embarrassing tweets on each other’s phones.

10.55 – How will Dean and Sam react to Jack? “Differently,” Jensen said. With their mom and Cas being gone, the brothers now have this person/thing/entity and “in Dean’s mind [he] just simply has to go”. But because Jack is half-human Sam wants to handle him differently and not simply kill him.

10.57 – Jensen jokes “why would anyone want to see how it turns out?” if they let Jack live. Jared reiterated that the Jack situation is a “nature versus nurture” argument. Sam, ever the optimist, wants to try to figure out how to handle Jack because he’s still Kelly’s son and Kelly was a good person. Dabb said that Sam is a character who was destined to do “very bad things” and he can put himself in Jack’s shoes a bit better. And Jack will struggle with his situation in their version of “Hell: My Two Dads”.

10.59 – Dean thinks that Mary is gone, that she went through the rift with Lucifer and then the rift closed. Singer says that Dean is convinced their mother is lost to them forever. While Dean is upset he’s prepared to accept it. But Sam thinks that Mary could still be alive — after all, the boys have traveled to other dimensions and returned. It will be a problem between the guys because Sam’s mission is “let’s find Mom” and Dean thinks they have bigger fish to fry. But Mary is definitely not dead. “Dean is kind of a debbie-downer at the beginning of the season,” Jared joked.

11.01 – Dabb said that it took Mary a while to find her footing with the world and her sons after she came back. But Mary made the sacrifice to kill Lucifer and go into the rift knowingly and she comes to terms with that, even if she’s still being active. The world she’s gone into is worse than the world where her sons are. Jack is the key to getting Mary back — but is opening that rift really something the brothers want done? It could threaten their dimension.

11.03 – The end of last season was about other people helping the Winchesters after the Winchesters helped so many people (such as Jody and the other hunters).

11.04 – We also saw Bobby in the other world. Could we see other characters in that world? “Am I coming back?” Benedict joked about God’s possible return. Singer said that there is definitely a good chance other characters could come back. Dabb says characters will come back in both our world and the alternate world. Missouri Moseley and Jody will both be back. In the other world characters who are “long dead on our show” are less dead in the other world. And they will be very different characters.

11.08 – Jensen likes that they’re never telling the same stories twice. There’s always new characters and new stories to tell. “We’ve had great seasons we’ve had maybe not so great seasons” but he’s always proud to be part of something that has lasted this long. Jared agreed and said that for him as well, life can has its ebbs and flows, but it’s wonderful. And to look out at the crowd after 13 years and see how many fans they have blows him away.

11.22 – “Baby is not a prop. Baby is a part of me,” Jensen said in response to a question about favorite props. He said that the weight of the angel blade really calls to him because he’s always spinning it in his hand and it’s like the “OG fidget spinner”. Meanwhile, Jared’s favorite prop is the demon blade. He said that it was actually put together incorrectly when it first appeared on camera. He found that out early on and whenever he has to handle it he’s conscious of that because when he pulls it out the blade is facing the wrong way.

11.25 – What fear would they die from if the curse in “Yellow Fever” was true? Misha joked his would be “being up on stage in front of a large number of people with my friends making fun of me”. Jensen said “about 13 years ago [being in this situation] probably would have killed me.” He thinks that being in front of a large crowd like this is “daunting”. He’s been able to face that, but years ago that would have been one for him.

11.29 – The final fan at the microphone asked which character would make the most interesting spin-off? Dabb said that they have a lot of strong female characters on the show, such as Jody, Alex and Donna and he thinks they would make a great addition to the SUPERNATURAL universe. Casting for the spin-off WAYWARD SISTERS was also announced today.

SUPERNATURAL returns for an all new season on October 12 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.



It appears that SUPERNATURAL is taking another shot at the spin-off game. Several years ago the show attempted a spin-off titled BLOODLINES which wasn’t well-received and never proceeded to series. But it seems that this time around the show’s producers might be basing a spin-off around a well-known SUPERNATURAL character: Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes). Warner Bros has declined to comment on this story, so the news is speculative, but it sounds like a new spin-off is in the works.

Titled WAYWARD SISTERS, the rumor is that the new series will be introduced as a backdoor pilot during SUPERNATURAL’s upcoming 13th season and will focus on Mills and a group of troubled young women who have all been orphaned by supernatural tragedy. Together the women would come together to create a monster-fighting force. There’s no confirmation yet on which other characters might join the spin-off, but there have been several SUPERNATURAL characters connected to Jody (including Claire Novak, Alex Jones and Sheriff Donna Hanscum) that would fit in with this world.

If the series proceeds, Andrew Dabb and Robert Berens would serve as writers and would be joined by Phil Sgriccia, Robert Berens as producers.

It’s likely we’ll hear official confirmation about this in the near future — perhaps even at San Diego Comic-Con, which kicks off on July 19.

SUPERNATURAL: Let’s Speculate About Season 13


The season 12 finale of SUPERNATURAL had quite the body count (read our recap). Normally I’m not one to deal with speculation — I much prefer facts and spoilers — but this finale had the potential to be more of a game changer than we’ve seen of SUPERNATURAL for many, many years. And so with months to go before we get confirmation of what will happen, it might be fun to speculate on what’s to come.

Before we go on let me be very clear: I do not possess any spoilers that you, dear reader, don’t know. Everything I say from this point forward is 100% pure speculation on my part. It is entirely possible that I may be absolutely, completely wrong about this theory. But if I was writing this show, this is how I would do it.

So with that in mind, let’s begin with the facts….

What We Know

The British Men of Letters are, essentially, dead in America. It’s clear that at least part of the vast organization still exists in the UK, but I suspect that we won’t see them again, or at least for a long while. I think that story is concluded (for now).

Rowena is dead. We didn’t see Lucifer kill her, but it seems as if she is definitely gone. Her possible return is probably the most uncertain part of this speculation. Then again, they didn’t even bring Ruth Connell back to kill off her character, so if we never see some version (we’ll get to that soon) of Rowena again I would be extremely disappointed.

Crowley is dead. In some ways, the character had a bit of a redemption arc. He went out in perfect Crowley style — having proven his “loyalty” to his unlikely frenemies, the Winchesters, but not allowing Lucifer to best him one last time, even if he had to kill himself to do it. Crowley, in other words, went out on his own terms.

Castiel is dead. Unlike Crowley, Cas is a far more tragic figure in death. It’s clear now that he wasn’t really brainwashed by the nephilim, but he was shown a future he hoped would come to fruition. And in the end he died trying to stop Lucifer, but he didn’t achieve his purpose and so there’s a certain amount of tragedy to his demise. The interesting thing is that, despite the fact that the scene was quite dark, it seems very likely that you could see Castiel’s burnt and broken wings on the ground after his death once the camera panned up to the overhead shot. Frankly, they look different from the full wings we used to see of angels before the “fall”.


I think this is important because back in 2015 while visiting the SUPERNATURAL, we spoke to the VFX department about why we hadn’t seen burnt angel wings in recent seasons at that time. VFX Supervisor Mark Meloche explained that the showrunner at the time (Jeremy Carver) had made the choice not to show the wings any longer. Now we have a different showrunner (Andrew Dabb), but it’s interesting that he chose to bring back the burnt wings for this particular moment. Was it to prove that Castiel was, indeed, dead?

A multi-verse exists in the SUPERNATURAL universe. I’m always happy to see Jim Beaver return to the show, but what was the purpose of this alternate world? (Let’s call it Earth 2 for simplicity’s sake). Was it just a place to temporarily lock up Lucifer and Mary? If what was the case, then why show us an Earth 2 version of a beloved character? Was it for expository purposes only? Was that world going to try and spill over into the existing SUPERNATURAL world a la the MORTAL KOMBAT movie?

E2 Bobby was also very clear — there exists no copies of our show’s two lead characters in this alternate reality. There is no Sam or Dean and both Winchester parents are dead on Earth 2. Why specifically address that fact if that wasn’t going to lead somewhere? I think it was crucial to understanding this speculation. But what we know is that Earth 2 exists and that it is possible that different versions of some characters who have died in the normal SUPERNATURAL reality could exist, much like E2 Bobby.

Mary and Lucifer are trapped on Earth 2. Neither of them are dead, but right now there seems no hope that they might return to their Earth unless Jack were to open up another portal. There exists no alternate version of Mary in Earth 2, but I suppose there could be an alternate version of Lucifer there.

Kelly is dead and the nephilim (Jack) has been born. Whether or not Jack is evil remains to be seen. His ultimate purpose (whether it’s to destroy like Lucifer or bring peace to the world as Cas had hoped) is unknown. The powers he possesses are also unknown. Let’s assume, however, that Jack does not have the power to supernatural beings back to life, as only God/Chuck seems to possess that power and he has headed out on vacation with his sister.

Let’s go on a short tangent here because I know what you’re going to say — angels have the ability to bring people back from the dead. Dean, Sam and Charlie were all resurrected thanks to angels. Here, however, is the difference — in each of those cases their souls were returned to their (healed) bodies. Angels do not have souls. That’s been made clear to us. Presumably when an angel dies they are simply gone. God, having created everything, could bring back angels (much like he did with Cas) because he created them in the first place. But there’s been no confirmation that an angel, an archangel or even a hybrid-archangel such as Jack could resurrect an angel, so how could someone like Jack simply bring Castiel back to life? That would blatantly violate everything we know about the show’s canon.  In addition, every time Cas has died in the past it was because he was exploded. He’s never experienced death the way that other angels have — by being stabbed with an angel blade and seeing his burnt wings. Angels don’t come back from that (and yes, there’s been a hint that maybe Gabriel survived but that hasn’t been proven and it’s speculation up until this point).

Meanwhile, demons are slightly different than angels as they are souls that were twisted into evil. Technically Crowley could possibly be brought back to life, but I think that the history of the show dictates that it’s unlikely. There has to be a reason they showed both Castiel and Crowley “fizzling” out as they died and why these are the deaths those two species experience. The fizzling out essentially indicates that their essences — the things that make them “alive” — are obliterated.

So that brings us to the speculation portion.

Is This What Season 13 Has in Store for SUPERNATURAL?

In order for this speculation to proceed we have to assume something extremely specific: that the versions of both Crowley and Castiel as we know them are truly dead and they will not be returning. However, I think it’s unlikely that both Mark Sheppard and Misha Collins are actually gone from the show permanently. How, then, do you bring one or both of them back?

In addition, let’s see what Andrew Dabb told EW before the finale: “There are some things that happen that impact strongly and directly on the [Winchester brothers], while at the same time, we are starting a new chapter in the show, [though] not in a way of erasing what’s come before,” Dabb says. “I think it’s something that will be a natural progression of what we’ve done but also cool and different and hopefully give us a lot of energy going into season 13.”

How does one start a whole new chapter if one or both of Castiel and Crowley are simply resurrected somehow (even if it takes work to make that happen)? That seems like the same old chapter to me.

Again, this is pure speculation on my part — but what if the new chapter involves the Earth 2 versions of Castiel and/or Crowley? What if, somehow, these supernatural creatures have inhabited the same vessels (that seems a bit farfetched in a world where the through-line from point A to B is completely different, but let’s assume it’s the case). What if Mary and Lucifer somehow come across one or both of these alternate versions of Castiel and Crowley at some point early on in season 13?

And what if the Winchesters find a way to open up the portal once again (with or without Jack’s help) and out comes Earth 1 Mary and Lucifer and Earth 2 Castiel and Crowley? Then E2 Cas and/or Crowley need to figure out a way to live on E1…

Such a situation would shake up the dynamics of the show. The Earth 2 versions of Castiel and/or Crowley could be entirely new characters in a way that Demon Dean or Soulless Sam weren’t. It’s the ultimate nature versus nurture argument — there will likely be some similarities to the characters that we know, but they would have gone through an entirely different set of circumstances. They live in a world where the apocalypse happened. They have never met Sam and Dean and have never been affected by their friendships with them. They are how to introduce entirely new characters while still utilizing the same actors. What we know of Earth 1’s Castiel and Crowley does not disappear (in other words, Dabb is not “erasing what’s come before”), but we would be starting a new chapter with semi-new characters.

If this doesn’t happen and somehow Cas and/or Crowley is simply resurrected using Jack’s powers or there’s another explanation (like one or both of them were inexplicably switched somehow with their counterparts and didn’t actually die), then that would be the worst storytelling choice the writers could make. Bringing back the same characters is not new. It’s not bold. It’s a cop out of the cheapest order and it would be cowardly for the writers to fall back into old, stale patterns. The show needs a shake up and this would be the best way to do it without resetting the whole mytharc. Earth 2 would also give the writers the opportunity to return other deceased characters in new ways and to show us how these characters would be different for not having had Dean and Sam in their lives.

SUPERNATURAL has a limited shelf life left. Eventually the show has to come to an end in the next few years. It’s simply inevitable. If we assume that there’s a clock ticking down somewhere, Dabb can opt to continue the status quo for another few years. But I wonder if he chose a different route instead. Again, this is pure speculation, but it would breathe a new shot of life into the show’s supporting characters and find a way to shake things up.

UPDATE: Mark Sheppard (Crowley) has announced that he is leaving the show after the season 12 finale, which means that original Crowley will not be returning and it looks like E2 Crowley will also not be making an appearance. Meanwhile, Misha Collins (Castiel) also said at a recent convention that he will be returning, although he did hedge his words a bit and said “I do think we’ll see a version of [Cas] again”. There seems to be no indication with respect to Castiel whether this speculation is correct, but I’m hoping I’m right. If not, as I mentioned above, simply healing him would fly in the face of canon and just return us to the status quo (except minus Crowley).

SUPERNATURAL will return this fall for season 13. Hopefully by the time Comic-Con rolls around we’ll get some indication of whether this speculation is completely off base or if it’s possible.

In the meantime, what do you think? Is this speculation completely off base or do you agree? Or do you have some thoughts of your own?


SUPERNATURAL Season 12 Finale Recap: A Child to Save the World….Or Destroy It?


The Winchester brothers had to deal with a brainwashed mother, a murderous British Men of Letters (BMOL), and Lucifer and his possibly evil spawn in the season finale of SUPERNATURAL. Thankfully it was two hours long, which was plenty of time to deal with the multiple bad guys they had to vanquish.

But did they vanquish them? Read on to find out.

Before we get to the vanquishing, we have to deal with the aforementioned brainwashed Mary Winchester, who is slaughtering her fellow American hunters left and right and ready to take orders on who to kill next.

Back in the bunker, Toni manages to convince the brothers to keep her alive long enough to de-program Mary. But before that can happen they need to figure out a way out of the bunker. They get to work, searching through their various books to find a spell that could help. They managed to get the lights to flicker, but the first spell fizzled out and Toni announced that magic wouldn’t work. As the boys got to work trying to get through a concrete wall, the air started to go thin and Sam realized they probably wouldn’t get out. Enter the grenade launcher. After all, Dean’s been dying to use it.

Fortunately that worked and Dean managed to get out and reverse what Ketch had done to the bunker last week. They quickly headed to Jody’s house where Mary had attempted to kill her. Fortunately, Alex and Jody managed to knock Mary out. The boys ordered Toni to fix their mother, but Mary insisted there was nothing Toni could do — Mary’s programming was permanent.

While they tried to figure out what to do about their mother, Jody called in some reinforcements — the two American hunters who had killed Sam and Dean back in the season 5 episode “Dark Side of the Moon”. With a rousing speech, Sam managed to convince their little group that they should take the fight to the BMOL.

Dean opted to stay behind because he had injured his leg while using the grenade launcher. So he asked Toni to help him save Mary as Sam headed off with his merry band of hunters. Back in their bunker, Dean established a psychic link to Mary and found himself in the old Winchester house, along with young Dean and baby Sam. Mary was taking care of her boys, oblivious to the outside world and to Dean’s pleas to snap out of it.

“I hate you,” he told her bitterly. “You lied to me. I was a kid. You promised you’d keep me safe. And then you make a deal with Azazel.” He recounted how Azazel went to Sam’s room because of the deal Mary made and how their family suffered as a result of what she had done. “I hate you. And I love you,” Dean said. “You’re my mom and I understand because I have made deals to save the ones I love more than once. I forgive you. I forgive you for all of it. Everything. On the other side of this, we can start over, ok? You, me, Sam. We can get it right this time. But I need you to fight.”

That got through to her. Unfortunately, Ketch burst through the psychic bubble by killing Toni and attacking Dean, ripping him out of Mary’s head. Dean fought Ketch, but he was already injured and seemed to be losing. Enter Mary, who woke up and killed Ketch.

Meanwhile, Sam and his fellow hunters stormed the BMOL bunker, shooting their way inside. One by one they picked off the BMOL mercenaries. Hess managed to lock herself in a safe room, but Sam burst through. And back home in Britain, the big boys refused to help extract Hess. But Hess explained to Sam that Lucifer was back and they shouldn’t be so quick to kill her. After all, he might need the BMOL’s help.

“Pass,” Sam said. A few seconds later Jody killed Hess.

Back at the bunker Mary apologized to Dean for her part in this mess. But Dean explained that everything she did had made them who they are — kickass hunters who save the world. Sam walked in just as Mary said she was worried he could never forgive her, leading to a family hug.

Seriously, a *family hug*. It was beautiful. I may have shed a tear.

And that was the end of part 1.

At the start of part 2 we see that Kelly and Cas have been hiding out in a cabin by a beautiful lake. Kelly was frantically trying to put the baby furniture together, while Cas was promising to raise the baby when Kelly died. Later, as Kelly and Cas returned home from some baby shopping we see Kelly start to have contractions and, somehow, a bit of her baby’s essence escapes and flitters through the air.

Back at the bunker, Sam brings Mary and Dean up to speed on the Lucifer situation and we get confirmation that Crowley wasn’t dead — he had just been hiding out in a rat. Fortunately he had found his old vessel and reanimates it. As Sam tries to call Rowena for help, he learns that Lucifer had killed her and then answered her phone. He insists the boys ccan’t kill him and now they can’t put him back in his cage with Rowena gone. The only possible solution they have is to keep Kelly and Cas moving so Lucifer can’t find them. Fortunately, the baby would bring some biblical plagues to herald its own birth, so all the boys had to do to find Cas and Kelly was follow the signs.

Cue Cas touching that piece of the baby’s essence outside the cabin, which instantly transports him to some mysterious place with a creature that attacks him. Fortunately he was saved by …

Well, we don’t know yet. Because he returns to Kelly before the figure’s identity is revealed.

Back at the bunker Crowley stops by for a chat and Dean is furious that Crowley had let Lucifer out. But Sam suggests he might be able to help them with a spell now that Rowena was dead. Crowley laments about how much he hats his job but offers his services. “Whenever there’s a world-ending crisis at hand, I know where to place my bets. It’s on you,” he tells the boys. And he offers to close the gates of Hell once they get rid of Lucifer this time. So the Winchesters continue to search for a lead and figure out where Cas and Kelly are hiding. As they head out Dean stabbs Crowley through the hand and tells him to stay where he is.

At the cabin Kelly tells Cas that the baby was coming and Cas recounts what he saw to Kelly when the nephilim showed him the future. “I saw a world without pain, war, hunger or want. I saw the world that this child, that your child, will create. Maybe it is a world without fear and without suffering and without hate. I saw paradise,” he tells her.

The Winchesters arrive at the cabin and Cas is shocked to hear that Lucifer is back. Dean tells Cas they have to get moving, but Kelly is already in labor. Sam goes to double-check the warding and sees the glowing portal (“a tear in space and time,” Cas says) in the backyard. It’s an alternate reality, he explains. The baby’s power is puncturing the fabric of the universe, but Sam just wants to know what’s on the other side. “You don’t want to know,” Cas warns. But Dean insists they need to know and so Cas takes them there.

They find themselves in the same dusty land that Cas was in. This alternate world was caught in a war between angels and demons and the few humans that remained were trapped in between them. But Cas insists the baby could close this door. “I have faith,” Cas says before Dean calls him a dumbass.

Then that mysterious figure returns and….it’s Bobby Singer! But he doesn’t know Sam and Dean because this a world where Sam and Dean had never been born and, thus, had never saved the world. As the brothers and Cas return to our reality Crowley shows up and insists he is the answer to their problems.

Sam and Dean prepare for the big showdown with Lucifer as Cas tries to reassure Kelly that everything will be fine. “Remember….paradise,” Cas tells her.

Sam, Dean and Cas head outside to confront Lucifer, who has arrived at the cabin. Sam tells Lucifer that God will stop him just like he did before, but Lucifer just laughs that off. Cas charges first, but easily gets swept aside, so Sam and Dean take off running and head to the alternate reality. Lucifer quickly follows and Dean confronts him with the angel killing bullets Alternate World Bobby had been carrying. Nearby, Crowley is setting up the spell to lock Lucifer away. He interrupts Lucifer beating Dean as the Winchesters head closer to the portal.

“I hate you, deeply, truly,” Crowley tells Lucifer, before taking his own life because a sacrifice was needed for his spell to work. Then Cas bursts through the portal and heads toward Lucifer. He manages to stab Lucifer, but it doesn’t seem to do much. As Lucifer and Cas head back to the right side of the portal Lucifer kills Cas and Mary starts to beat on Lucifer. But she and Lucifer fall into the portal just before it closes, trapping them in there.

Sam and Dean are heartbroken and Sam rushes inside as he sees a light coming from Kelly’s bedroom. He finds Kelly dead and then sees bloody footprints on the floor in the hallway.

Cue the creepy glowing eyes of the nephilim, who seems to be much larger than a baby.

Holy moly, the body count of this Supernatural finale. Is that it? Are Crowley and Castiel really dead? Will Mary ever make her way back to her own world? Is Lucifer gone for good?

We’ll have a long time before we find out.

SUPERNATURAL will return this fall for season 13. The show will also be doing an animated crossover episode with SCOOBY DOO next season.

SUPERNATURAL Sneak Peek: Trapped In the Bunker


At the end of the last episode of SUPERNATURAL it was revealed that the British Men of Letters had successfully managed to brainwash Mary Winchester. When faced with her pleading sons, she turned her back — and her gun — on them. Now the Brits are planning on take down all of the American hunters and they’ve locked Sam and Dean in their own bunker to slowly run out of air and die. Toni Bevell — newly returned from England — also made an apperance. But Ketch seems determined to get rid of her so that he can rise through the ranks of the organization and locked her in there with the Winchester brothers.

Now the boys are faced with finding a way to escape their home and save their mother from her brainwashing. Dean suggests they kill Toni to buy themselves an extra day of air, but she tells the boys that she’s the only one who can successfully un-program their mother. Of course, the only way to even get Mary back is to get out of the bunker and in order to do that the boys are going to start digging to see if they have any items or spells in there with them that could help.

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Meanwhile, in the second hour of the finale the brothers do make their way out of the bunker and come up against Lucifer, who seems determined to ensure that his child is born.

The two-hour SUPERNATURAL season finale airs tonight (May 18) beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. And if you didn’t hear the news coming out of the network’s Upfront presentation, SUPERNATURAL will be doing an animated SCOODY DOO episode in season 13.

SUPERNATURAL Will Do an Animated SCOOBY DOO Episode in Season 13


SUPERNATURAL is getting….animated?

Today at The CW’s Upfront presentation, SUPERNATURAL stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles went on stage to announce that the show would be doing a SCOOBY DOO episode — complete with animated Sam and Dean Winchester (see photo below). No further details are known at this time, but we’re sure more news will come out of Comic-Con this summer.

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SUPERNATURAL will air this fall on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW (see The CW’s full fall 2017 schedule).


Photo courtesy of Michael Schneider (@franklinavenue)

SUPERNATURAL Two-Part Season Finale Photos: The Final Showdown with the British Men of Letters and Lucifer

It looks like things are coming to a head with the British Men of Letters in the two-part finale of SUPERNATURAL

In part 1 Sam and Dean are caught in a dangerous situation. Leading out of this week’s episode, we know that the brothers are trapped inside their own bunker — along with Toni — and will die if they don’t manage to escape. Meanwhile, Mary has been brainwashed and turned on her own sons. But it looks like we’re going to see an ultimate showdown between the Winchesters/their fellow American hunters and the Brits. Will this be the end of the British Men of Letters or will they turn tail and live to fight another day?

Meanwhile, in the second part of the finale Kelly returns and starts going into labor. It appears we’re also heading into a showdown with Lucifer over the fate of the nephilim.

Browse through photos above for the two-part season finale episode of SUPERNATURAL airing at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

SUPERNATURAL Sneak Peek: The Hunt for Mary


Have the British Men of Letters messed with the wrong family on SUPERNATURAL?

At the end of the last episode we saw Mary had discovered that the BMOL were targeting American hunters, including the Winchesters. She managed to leave a voicemail for Dean indicating that they had a problem, but she was tied up by Ketch and Toni (remember her?) when she tried to escape their clutches. Now Mary is going to get a working-over by Toni (see photos from the episode).

This week, Dean and Sam learn that American hunters are dying in mysterious circumstances all over the country, so with Mary’s voicemail in mind they head to her last known address. They find her motel room empty (obviously), so Dean calls Ketch to see if he knows where Mary is. When Ketch announces he hasn’t seen Mary in a week, both Dean and Sam suspect Ketch of lying. Will all of this lead to a showdown between the Winchesters and the BMOL?

Watch a sneak peek below for the May 11 episode of SUPERNATURAL airing at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.