SUPERNATURAL Photos: Locked Away

Sam and Dean were arrested by the Secret Service in the winter finale of SUPERNATURAL. When we next meet up with the Winchesters, six weeks will have passed since they were thrown in some type of Guantanamo-type prison.

But first the episode seems to pick up where the last one left off and we’ll see the brothers arrive at their “new home”. Then, weeks later, Mary and Castiel seem to mount a rescue attempt. But are they needed to save the brothers or will the boys make it out themselves? And will the British Men of Letters — who recently lended the Winchesters a hand — step in to help break them out of prison?

Browse through the photos above and don’t miss the return of SUPERNATURAL on Thursday, January 26 at its new time of 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

SUPERNATURAL Fall Finale Recap: The Next Phase in the Lucifer Saga


Lucifer was back to jumping from vessel to vessel in the fall finale of SUPERNATURAL. First there was a CEO, then an archbishop (which was particularly ironic). The CEO was toast, but the Winchesters soon came to learn that the archbishop might be possessed. They headed out to track him down, while Castiel and Crowley continued to impersonate FBI agents and follow their own leads.

The brothers headed out to investigate the archbishop/Lucifer and found that he went on a slaughtering spree before the devil dumped the priest’s vessel. But Lucifer wasn’t sad because he soon found a much better vessel — the President of the United States. It turned out the man is deeply religious and misguided, because he said “yes” to Lucifer without really realizing what it would mean. Lucifer killed one of his Secret Service agents as his first official presidential action, but found himself a bit lost when his staff asked him to guide them in a prayer for their fallen comrade and then perform the actual duties of President. His staff didn’t seem to catch on and certainly not the aide we learn he’s secretly sleeping with. After all, she’s talking about them going public with her relationship and having a child.

After Crowley reached out to a contact, he stopped by the bunker with some information: he knew the identity of Lucifer’s newest vessel — the President. Sam debated calling Mick for help and started tracking the President, while Crowley headed out to recruit Rowena in case they could get to Lucifer. Fortunately for Crowley, her latest boyfriend had been seeing another girlfriend on the side, so Crowley literally exploded him in revenge (which was a big bonding between mother and son).

Back at the bunker, Cas started hearing a plethora of voices over Angel Radio — the announcement that a nephilim (an angel-human hybrid) had been created. This hybrid is said to be incredibly powerful, so the Winchesters and Cas headed out to find Lucifer’s new girlfriend/mistress/hooker. But they got sidetracked by the Secret Service, who were warned by President Lucifer that two men were trying to assassinate them.

Enter Mr. Ketch, who announced his arrival with a grenade launcher aimed at the Secret Service SUV. He then told Cas to wipe the memories of the agents and introduced himself to the brothers. He explains to the the guys that Mick and the British Men of Letters strongly want them to join forces and revealed that Sam called them (although he hung up before he could speak to them). He understands things are different here, but he insisted they just want to collaborate. Plus, they’ve got a lot of cool toys they can introduce to the Winchesters and the other American hunters! And one of them might even be helpful in trapping Lucifer.

But first they need to trap Kelly, the President’s girlfriend. Which is where Crowley comes in, because he kidnaped Kelly and brought her to the others. They decided to tell her the truth and Cas revealed that her baby is an abomination (who sets bibles on fire with her touch). So she agreed to help them and lured the President to a motel.

Sam managed to use one of Ketch’s toys to partially suck Lucifer out of his vessel (which weakened him) and Rowena started her spell, sending the devil back to Hell for good. Which is the good news. The bad news is that Rowena, Cas and Crowley headed out, but the Winchesters were both arrested for attempted assassination of the President, who managed to survive. Soon after we saw Kelly escape Cas while the pair were in a diner, taking her abomination of a child with her. She then called Cas to say she doesn’t want to get rid of her baby and he can’t stop her.

Now SUPERNATURAL leaves fans with two major cliffhangers for the next six weeks: the arrest of Sam and Dean and the disappearance of Lucifer’s spawn child.

SUPERNATURAL returns with all new episodes on Thursday, January 26 at its new time of 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Watch a sneak peek for the January return below. It looks like the Winchesters are thrown into a black site prison, while Mary and Castiel try to figure out where they’ve gone.

SUPERNATURAL Sneak Peek: Words With Friends


Dean has fully embraced apps in tonight’s SUPERNATURAL….and so has his mother.

In a new scene from “Rock Never Dies”, we learn that Dean has been playing Words with Friends with Mary while she’s away. He even introduces her to the word “twerking”. Sam, however, is annoyed that his brother has been playing games while he’s been searching for information about the British Men of Letters, but once he learns about the Mary connection he’s less upset. On the other hand, he does think it’s fundamentally unfair that Dean is playing WWF with a woman who didn’t know what a cell phone was until a few weeks ago.

And then we learn that Mary is a quick learner, because she schools Dean in top scoring words.

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Elsewhere in the episode, Cas and Crowley call the Winchesters when they get a lead on Lucifer. This eventually leads the group to a concert where Lucifer (still in Vince Vicente’s body) has gathered together a large group of fans so that he can slaughter them.

Watch a sneak peek below for an all new episode of SUPERNATURAL airing tonight (December 1) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. When you’re finished with the clip go check out a behind the scenes tour of the SUPERNATURAL sets, props room, wardrobe department and more!

SUPERNATURAL: Go Behind the Scenes with Production, VFX, Wardrobe and Props

There’s a lot of interesting things to see behind the scenes if you visit the SUPERNATURAL studios. There’s the endless rows of flannel shirts, the gleaming Impala, the cool Men of Letters bunker, the multitude of props and the VFX trailers on the side of the main building.


SUPERNATURAL Winter Finale Photos: Lucifer Enters Politics

Will the devil enter the political arena on the winter finale of SUPERNATURAL?

The episode, titled “LOTUS” (the meaning of which will soon become clear) involves our heroes still chasing Lucifer (a quest that begins in episode 12.07). Lucifer may be bored with Hell, but he’s determined to amass as much power and influence in a vessel as possible on earth. That search takes him to the White House, where the President of The United States (guest star David Chisum) unknowingly makes a deal with the devil. Yikes, Lucifer as President?!

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Meanwhile, as Lucifer messes with the political sphere, Sam and Dean team up with Castiel, Crowley and Rowena in an attempt to take down the devil.

Browse through photos above for the December 8 episode of SUPERNATURAL airing at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


SUPERNATURAL: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins Tease Lucifer’s Return


Lucifer may have been banished to the depths of the ocean by Rowena, but the devil will be returning to SUPERNATURAL this week. As photos for the episode show us, his decomposing vessel approaches some witches for a makeover and Vince Vicente is restored to his aging rockstar glory.

But his quest for power is not over. Upon realization that Vincente has a multitude of fans, Lucifer decides to throw a VIP concert as his vessel and then kill all of his fans. This prompts Castiel to reunite with the Winchester brothers to try and stop Lucifer from commiting mass murder.

During a visit to the set of SUPERNATURAL, we spoke with Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester), Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) and Misha Collins (Castiel) about Lucifer’s return.

Collins said that “for much of this season, Castiel’s arc is he’s hunting for Lucifer and trying to hunt him down and yes, he’s banished, but he’s not out the picture and he does — he does come back into play pretty significantly.”

When we last saw Castiel he had teamed up with Crowley to find Lucifer and from the looks of a preview for the episode, they’re still together when Cas calls the Winchesters to let them know he might have a lead. When asked about the new Castiel and Crowley partnership, Collins said “it’s funny because initially they were talking about like a buddy cop comedy thing and I was like ‘oh, come on, that’s not gonna work,’ but we’ve had some funny moments with it that actually did work. They’re both – particularly Cas, Cas is reluctant to be working with Crowley. But we’re muscling through and there’s a lot of eyerolling, which is something that I’ve perfected.”

Padalecki said that he enjoyed the Lucifer storyline overall “even though this season was kind of about going back to the simple things, going back to family. We just had God and his sister the Darkness, and Lucifer [last season]. It was so big at the end of season 11 that we weren’t going to go bigger, so we kind of brought it down without really losing the world we know a lot of and probably wouldn’t choose to ignore. And I like that SUPERNATURAL was able to do that and I always love the Lucifer storylines. I always feel a kindred connection as I’m sure Misha does [as well], having played Lucifer for [a number of] episodes.”

What we do know, however, is that the confrontation between the Winchesters and the devil will be quick. We know, according to the photos, that it happens, but Ackles said that “Let’s just say that we didn’t really get a chance to work with Rick [Springfield] much because most of the time it was spent tracking down Lucifer, so unfortunately we didn’t really get the pleasure of working with him that much. There is a little bit of work with him, but it certainly wasn’t much to talk about because it was so quick.”

Don’t miss an all new episode of SUPERNATURAL on December 1 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

SUPERNATURAL Preview: The Devil is a Rock Star


The Winchester brothers headed to Jody’s house for a visit in this week’s SUPERNATURAL. But that visit was cut short when Jody got news that a friend and fellow hunter — Asa Fox — had died on the job. Along with the boys, she headed to Manitoba, Canada to pay her respects to her friend. Mary Winchester also stopped by unexpectedly and we learned that she had saved young Asa many years ago and started him on the hunter path. Dean was upset that Mary had been avoiding them for so long, but she was apologetic. When the group realized that they had been trapped in the house by a crossroads demon who was picking them off one by one, they tried to figure out what to do, eventually splitting off to track the demon. Dean, meanwhile, had ventured outside for some air before Billie stopped by to reap a fresh soul and threw him back inside at his request.

The demon possessed Jody before being exorcised and revealed a big secret about one of the hunters: he was responsible for Asa’s death. In the end, Billie told Mary that she didn’t belong on Earth and gave her a chance to go back to Heaven, but Mary declined the offer. She wasn’t ready to come back to the bunker yet, but she did enjoy a nice breakfast with her boys.

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SUPERNATURAL is on hiatus for a week, but when the show returns in early December, Vince Vicente will have resurfaced (quite literally) from the depths of the ocean. Once he gets his deteriorating vessel fixed, he’ll realize that rock stars can get their fans to do almost anything. Determined to put on a special VIP concert and kill his fans, the devil will find resistance in the form of the Winchester brothers, Castiel and Crowley, who are determined to put a stop to Lucifer’s devious plan.

Watch a sneak peek below for an all new episode of SUPERNATURAL airing on December 1 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

SUPERNATURAL Photos: Reuniting with Lucifer

When we last saw Lucifer on SUPERNATURAL he had been (presumably) banished to the bottom of the ocean by Rowena, who wasn’t happy being his prisoner. She sent him away after causing his vessel to start deteriorating rapidly.

But you can’t keep the devil down for long. In an early December episode Lucifer will be returning and he’s still in the vessel of Vince Vicente. He also comes to the realization that as a rock star he can convince his fans to do whatever he wants. Bored with ideas of the apocalypse, Lucifer instead decides to abuse his rock star power. So he organizes a secret VIP concert in order to kill his fans.

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Naturally, the Winchester brothers aren’t happy about this. So Sam and Dean team up with Castiel to venture into the music world and stop him.

Browse through photos above for an all new episode of SUPERNATURAL airing on December 1 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

SUPERNATURAL: Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles Look to the End of the Show….A Very Long Time From Now


SUPERNATURAL has become the longest-running scifi series in the U.S. at this point. Now in its twelfth year, the show has surpassed 250 episodes in terms of filming.

But how much longer can it go on? Quite a bit longer if stars Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) and Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) have anything to say about it (and it looks like they do because CW President Mark Pedowitz has repeatedly said that the show will continue as long as Ackles and Padalecki want to keep doing it).

During a recent discussion with the SUPERNATURAL stars in Vancouver, Ackles and Padalecki talked about looking ahead to episode 300 and why even that might not be the end for the show.

In fact, fans should think about 300 episodes as “the next milestone,” Ackles explained. “We kind of have our eyes set on getting there. And then we’ll see….I mean, [Padalecki] keeps talking about another number that I don’t want to mention.”

“It used to be just one step at a time,” Padalecki explained. “Now we’re like just one, one and a half season stretch at a time. 45 more episodes at a time. Eric Kripke, way back in the day — I think in season 3 or 4 — he mentioned like 5 seasons or something. And everybody’s like ‘you’re going to end it after 5 seasons?’ And he was like ‘no, just taken out of context. I just think if we can at least get that far’. I think he legitimately was like ‘I’m just trying to like keep on pushing the ball so they keep on saying yes’. And there are a few numbers…I don’t think it’s going to be a number. I think we’ll all know it when we know it. It’s going to be hard to swallow.”

“I think that as long as they’re still staying true to the show and the characters are still being written in a way that we still get inspired to play them, then I don’t know that there is a number necessarily,” Ackles said.

“I think the number should be 666,” Misha Collins (Castiel) piped up.

“That’s in like 18 years!,” Padalecki pointed out.

“Alright, GUNSMOKE, you’re on,” Ackles challenged.

Don’t miss an all new episode of SUPERNATURAL tonight (November 17) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, Jr.’s KINGS OF CON Debuts Today


If you’re a SUPERNATURAL fan you probably know about the show’s conventions. Held across the US and Canada (as well as in a few other countries around the world), the conventions bring fans together and give them an opportunity to see their favorite actors and actresses from the show.

Rob Benedict (Chuck/God) and Richard Speight, Jr. (Trickster/Gabriel) are recurring guest stars on SUPERNATURAL and they’re also regulars on the show’s con circuit. Speight serves as the emcee for most conventions, while Benedict is a panel member and leader of the house band, Loudain Swain. The pair’s repeated convention experiences inspired them to create a new series called KING OF CONS.

Originally funded through Kickstarter, the show is a single camera comedy starring Benedict, Speight and a slew of well-known SUPERNATURAL faces. Speight is Rich, a thrice-divorced former actor who enjoys the faux fame he experiences at the hands of a gaggle fans who still think he matters. Benedict is Rob, a a divorcee-to-be who is back on the circuit to cover the costs of his failed marriage and stalled career.

The show follows the pair as they travel from convention to convention, desperately trying to hang on to their fame.

KINGS OF CON is available in the U.S. on Comic-Con HQ. The first two episodes will drop today, followed by a new episode every Tuesday until the end of the season. There will also be a live aftershow every week.

Speight and Benedict also announced that some international viewers will be able to watch the show as well. According to the show’s Facebook page, viewers in the UK, Canada, Australia and Germany can watch the show via iTunes, Google, Playstation, Xbox, Vimeo and Amazon. Check their page for more details.