SUPERNATURAL Photos: Werewolf Hunting with the British Men of Letters

Sam told Dean that he’s working with the British Men of Letters in the last episode of SUPERNATURAL and his older brother took the news surprisingly well. After all, the BMOL are doing a good job…for now. But if things go sideways with this organization, Dean wants to make sure the boys have an exit strategy.

SUPERNATURAL is going on a little hiatus, but when the show returns the Winchesters will learn about a werewolf case. Dean is convinced that it’s nothing more than a “milk run”, so Mick Davies invites himself along. While investigating the case the men stumble upon Claire, who is also working the hunt. But Claire ends up bitten and the brothers race against the clock to save her before she is turned. Will Mick try to kill Claire or will he learn a valuable lesson about how dealing with monsters isn’t always black and white?

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SUPERNATURAL Sneak Peek: Hunting Hellhounds


Sam and Dean Winchester go on a good old-fashion Hellhound hunt on this week’s SUPERNATURAL.

In “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell” it looks like a guy made a deal with a crossroads demon and then got dragged off to Hell when his bill came due. The brothers go talk to his girlfriend and they come to realize that Hellhounds are responsible for several deaths. With a little help from Crowley they put on their trusty glasses and go Hellhound-hunting.

Meanwhile, Lucifer is still being kept captive by Crowley, who is enjoying taunting the Devil. But as photos for the episode show us, Crowley’s secret prisoner will be discovered by two of his demons and it looks like Lucifer might be free of his shackles soon enough.

Finally, Castiel is on the hunt for Kelly Kline and her nephilim baby.

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SUPERNATURAL Photos: Hellhounds Return

Hellhounds have had a long history on SUPERNATURAL and the invisible creatures are returning in the next episode. The first time we really “met” these creatures was all the way back in the season 2 episode “Crossroad Blues” and they really came into play when they killed Dean and dragged his soul to Hell in order to fulfill his crossroads deal. Always invisible, the Winchesters realized they could actually see these creatures using some special glasses that had been doused with holy oil fire.

In “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell”, a hellhound attacks visitors at a campsite and the Winchester brothers investigate the case. Meanwhile, expect Crowley’s big secret (ie. the fact that Lucifer is his prison) to be found out by two of his personal demons. Will they try to free the devil? If they do, will Crowley be able to get him back into his cage? Finally, Castiel is still on the hunt for Kelly Kline and Lucifer’s baby, but will he run into Dagon, who has now taken an interest in protecting Kelly and the nephilim?

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SUPERNATURAL Recap: Vigorously Vanquishing Vampires


Mary tries to make her case on this week’s SUPERNATURAL. The episode picks up right where the last one left off, with Mary trying to explain why working with the British Men of Letters (BMOL) is a good idea. But Dean and Sam aren’t happy to learn about her team-up, or the fact that the Ramiel debacle from a few weeks ago happened as a result of her keeping secrets.

Some time later, Mary is back to hunting with Mr. Ketch and the pair end up at the BMOL’s base of operations in the U.S. Soon we go back and forth between Mary in the BMOL HQ and the argument she had with her sons — Dean was furious that his mother abandoned them and lied to them and then he told her to leave. She’s been unsuccessfully trying to text him ever since. Meanwhile, Ketch reiterates to Mick that they don’t need Sam and Dean to help them — they already have the “best Winchester”. But apparently the “old men” back in London insist the Winchester boys join their cause so that other American hunters will as well.

Back at the bunker, Dean wants to find a case, but Sam wants to talk about Mary instead. Dean isn’t ready to forgive her, but Sam decides to give his mother a chance when he gets a text from her saying they need to urgently meet. When they reunite she explains that she’s doing all this so they can have a world where her boys don’t have to hunt anymore and she wants him to go inside their HQ and check things out. Sam isn’t happy to meet up with Mick again, but he’s mildly intrigued when Mick talks about them exterminating “every last vampire in America”. How will they accomplish their plan? The BMOL have been eradicating the various nests thanks to some patience and research and they’ve been wildly effective.

Enter the Alpha Vampire (remember him?!) who is stopping by to visit some of his vampire children — the next ones on the BMOL’s target lists.

Dean, meanwhile, is back at home now, and finds a note from Sam saying he’s gone out. Then Ketch stops by and wants to chat. Since he’s come with expensive scotch, Dean lets him in. Things are awkward and Ketch honestly tells Dean he doesn’t want to recruit him, but his bosses do. And joining the team means that Dean will be able to regularly satisfy his killing urges — starting with the group of vampires Ketch is heading out to kill.

Back at HQ, Sam meets another American hunter, Pierce, who is working with the BMOL. And Mick lays the recruitment pitch on thick. At the same time, Dean decides to accompany Ketch to a a vampire nest, but it’s empty. Soon it becomes clear that the vamps Ketch thought he was going to kill have been mobilized by the Alpha against the BMOL and they’re headed straight for HQ. Although, one vampire was left behind at the best and Ketch gets to questioning her, but Dean doesn’t like his tactics, so he asks nicely and finds out where they’re headed.

The BMOL soon realize they’re in trouble and they start locking HQ down. Sam and Mary immediately head out to start killing the vampires, while other members of the BMOL take shelter. One of them is captured and reveals that the Alpha Vampire was the one who told them about the BMOL. Sam isn’t happy that the Alpha is back and he wants to know if Mick has any contingencies. So it’s time for some good old-fashioned actual hunting, but most of the BMOL aren’t equipped for that. What they do have, however, is the Colt and Sam has the instructions on how to make the special Colt bullets (courtesy of Bobby). As the hunters head out to the armory for more weapons, Mick and his team get to bullet-making.

Meanwhile, Dean and Ketch are racing to HQ when Pierce reveals that he’s been working with the Alpha, who quickly vanquishes two of Mick’s employees. And the Alpha isn’t happy now that the BMOL have come stateside. What he wants is for Mick and the BMOL to clear out of the country entirely. But that little plan is interrupted when Mary and Sam storm the room and Sam points the Colt at the Alpha. He wants to make a deal — the Alpha will let Sam and Mary go and the Alpha can take Mick. Cue Mick attacking Sam, but that whole ruse was really just to get Sam the bullet he needed.

And then Sam kills the Alpha Vampire.

The attack is soon over, but there are a few casualties for the BMOL and Mick is shaken. Ketch and Dean arrived after the action was done and Ketch and Mick fight over who is responsible for this debacle. Across the yard the Winchesters have reunited and Dean admits he ran to help to save Mary. She is his mother, after all, and he knows she’s going to make her own choices, even if he doesn’t agree with them.

All of this leads to Sam accepting Mick’s proposal to join forces. The BMOL are changing the world and he wants in. And he thinks he can convince Dean to help.

Hellhounds return in the next episode of SUPERNATURAL airing on Thursday, March 9 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

SUPERNATURAL Sneak Peek: Sam and Dean Debate Mary’s Choices


Has Mary Winchester lost her sons’ trust on SUPERNATURAL? At the end of the last episode the Winchester matriarch confessed that she has been secretly working with the British Men of Letters to eradicate monsters in the U.S. Sam and Dean were understandably upset by this turn of events. After all, the British Men of Letters — or at least one of their “rogue” members — had tried to kill Sam.

This week we’re going to see more fallout from Mary’s decision in her new hunting buddies and her decision to confess this arrangement to her boys. In an early scene from the episode we see Dean bringing a proposed case to Sam, who doesn’t think it’s their kind of death. Frustrated, Dean demands that Sam find them something to investigate — and something for Dean to hit. But Sam wants to talk about their mother instead, because it looks like they’ve been giving her the cold shoulder for several days. Sam clearly feels more forgiving towards Mary. After all, she’s family and she’s also the mother he never got a chance to know. But Dean feels betrayed by her choice and her secrets.

Based on the producer’s preview below and the photos for the episode, it looks like Dean might be sitting this week’s case out, but Sam appears to join Mary and the British Men of Letters to help eradicate the vampires in the country. The Alpha Vampire, however, returns and has other plans for his “children” and clearly the eradication plan goes horribly wrong.

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SUPERNATURAL Photos: Winchesters vs. Vampires

Vampires have been a staple on SUPERNATURAL since the end of the first season when the Winchester boys (including John) first came up against them. Since then Sam and Dean have had run-ins with vamps many times — and Dean even became one for a short period of time.

Next week we’re going to see the brothers go up against vampires once again. In “The Raid”, Mary and the British Men of Letters are on a hunt to take out an entire nest of vampires. Unfortunately, the appearance of the Alpha Vampire (once again played by Rick Worthy according to the preview below) means the tables are turned on the Winchester matriarch and her band of British friends. At the same time, the British Men of Letters are doing their very best to recruit the Winchester boys thanks to Mary’s confession that she’s been working with them. In fact, Mr. Ketch is allowed into the bunker for a meeting with Dean. But are the boys prepared to help the interlopers from across the “pond” after their protests at the end of the last episode?

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SUPERNATURAL Recap: An Awkward Family Reunion


We begin this week’s SUPERNATURAL in Massachusetts, with the mysterious death of a woman.

Back at the bunker, the Winchesters recap that Kelly Kline is still in the wind, so Sam suggests they investigate a case (involving the death of a teacher at a museum). Was a witch to blame? Dean suggests they call up Mary for some help. But she’s busy using some newfangled technology to kill monsters, courtesy of her new BFFs, the British Men of Letters. And when Dean calls, she declares herself “too tired” to help the boys.

Meanwhile, Crowley has Lucifer (in Nick’s old meat suit) locked up and we learn how Crowley captured Lucifer after the others thought they had sent him back to Hell for good. He also explains that they found poor old Nick years before so that Lucifer could continue to inhabit his old meat suit (and Mark Pellegrino could continue to play the role).

As the brothers head out to investigate the case they find more victims online and Dean seems suspicious about Mary’s excuse. The boys also soon realize that the case is connected to the Star, the ship Gavin (Crowley’s son) was supposed to die on.

Back in Hell, Lucifer and Crowley are having a chat about Kelly and Lucifer insists that his baby is still alive (which Crowley didn’t know). When called, Crowley refuses to help the brothers find Gavin and expresses anger that they let Lucifer’s baby live.

The boys turn to Rowena instead for help and they soon greet Gavin at a bus station. They introduce Gavin to his grandmother, Rowena, and she seems genuinely pleased to meet him. They head to the museum and Gavin recognizes a locket that he was going to give to his girlfriend, Fiona, before they were going to board the ship. Sam and Dean quickly conclude that the killer ghost must be Fiona, but the locket is missing from the exhibit. They try to track it down and discover that the ghost gave it to someone at a nearby all-girl’s boarding school.

All manner of ghostly things start happening at the school and two teachers are attacked. The Winchesters rush in — all hero-like — and save the day, at least momentarily. They’re joined by Gavin and Rowena and Gavin tries to talk to Fiona’s spirit (assuming it’s her). The ghost reveals herself and it is, indeed, Fiona. The pair discuss the night Gavin disappeared and she reveals how she became an angry spirit.

The Winchesters’ only solution is to send Gavin back in time so he can protect Fiona, prevent her from becoming an angry spirit, and die. Rowena is initially unhappy about this plan, but Gavin is fine with it. Crowley, however, pops by to say this is never going to happen. But Gavin is insistent and he had called Crowley to say goodbye. “He’s not like us, he believes in things. Let him do what he believes is right,” Rowena tells Crowley, just before she freezes Crowley so he can’t stop Gavin from leaving. Back at the bunker the boys prepare the spell to reunite Gavin and Fiona and soon Gavin is gone.

Throughout the episode we also see that angels are tracking Kelly and looking to kill her, but she’s got some help from one demon in particular: Dagon (a.k.a. Ramiel’s sister). After saving Kelly from the angels, Dagon takes a moment to educate her on the politics of Heaven and Hell and explains why the angels want her dead.

Elsewhere, Mary is hanging out with Mr. Ketch, who continues to be interested in the Winchester boys. But he tells her to “disengage from them a bit”. He tells her she’s weaker when she speaks to them, but when she’s hunting she’s strong.

As the boys realize that their plan worked, Mary stops by with burgers and beer and she makes a startling confession: she’s been working with the British Men of Letters. But Sam and Dean refuse her suggestion to work with the BMOL, so she begs them to hear her out.

Crowley confronts Rowena at the end of the episode, saying that what Rowena did wasn’t right because he believes she did it out of spite. Rowena insists that Gavin was a lovely boy and she cared for him in her own way, but the whole thing was really payback for Crowley making her kill Oskar to remove the Mark of Cain.

Throughout a montage we see Mary trying to convince her boys, Crowley brooding, Kelly accompanying Dagon to parts unknown, and Lucifer whispering for Dagon. Will Kelly’s baby daddy be reunited with her soon enough?

The next new episode of SUPERNATURAL will air on March 2 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Watch a preview below.

SUPERNATURAL Sneak Peek: Is Dean Getting Suspicious of Mary?


There’s a lot of complicated family relationships happening in this week’s SUPERNATURAL.

First, Crowley’s family is going to be complete when his son — Gavin — reappears. Gavin, of course, was brought into the present by Crowley and has remained here ever since, which meant he didn’t die in the past as intended. This week, Sam and Dean investigate a case related to the Star, the very ship Gavin was originally supposed to die on. Once they discover that they ask Rowena to help locate her grandson so they can get some information from him.

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Meanwhile, at the beginning of the episode we find the boys heading to their case before they’re really aware of Gavin. They’re discussing the fact that Mary has passed on helping them with this case because she was “too tired”. Sam seems to buy the excuse — after all, hunting is a tiring profession. But Dean seems suspicious that his mother is hiding something from them. Of course, we know the fact that she’s working with the British Men of Letters is the exact thing she’s hiding, but her boys don’t know about that yet. How long before they find out? And will they consider it a betrayal?

A new episode of SUPERNATURAL airs on Thursday, February 23 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

SUPERNATURAL Photos: Crowley’s Complicated Family

Gavin MacLeod (a.k.a. Crowley’s son) has appeared twice on SUPERNATURAL. The first time we met him was back in the season 6 episode “Weekend at Bobby’s”, when he told Bobby and the Winchester brothers the location of Crowley’s bones, thus giving the men an advantage over the self-proclaimed King of Hell. We saw him again in the season 9 episode “King of the Damned”, when Abaddon brought him into the future to use as a pawn against Crowley. After Crowley refused to send his son back into the past to die, Gavin remained in the present.

In an upcoming episode of SUPERNATURAL it looks like Gavin will resurface. The Winchester brothers will investigate a murder at a museum and they learn that a ghost from a merchant ship that sunk in 1723 may be at the heart of the mystery. In fact, this specific ship — “The Star” — was the ship that Gavin was originally supposed to die on. Armed with this information, Sam and Dean ask Rowena to track down Gavin.

Elsewhere in the episode, Kelly Kline is still pregnant with Lucifer’s child. When an angel attempts to kill her, she takes refuge with a demon.

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SUPERNATURAL Recap: Princes, Lances and Liars


This week’s SUPERNATURAL, a nod to the Tarantino style of films, begins with Mr. Ketch, asking someone to tell him a story. Then it’s 5:20 p.m. and Dean is flirting with a waitress while sitting at a restaurant with Sam, Mary, Cas and a hunter named Wally. The waitress, however, is into Cas and soon Mary directs the conversation into something more pressing — Wally called the others to help him with a demon problem. While Mary assures Wally that everything will be fine we launch right into the next scene, where Cas is bleeding out and being carried by Mary, Wally is soon dead and the brothers are fighting some demons.

The episode, which jumps around (so bear with me), flashes back to earlier, when the brothers first meet up with Wally, Mary and Cas. Then we’re back at the restaurant where they are finally going over the plan. Later, Cas is keeping watch outside the house, while the others are setting traps inside. Cas pops inside for a moment and Mary gets a call from Wally that the demon is returning early. Everyone inside the house is anxiously waiting for the whistling demon to enter and Dean immediately puts a bullet into him. But it has little effect. Sam goes after him next, but the demon pulls Ruby’s blade out of him with little effort. Cas is his next victim and then the demon goes after Mary with weird glowing eyes. The group is soon separated as more demons approach and the brothers join Wally in fighting them, while Cas is crawling away from the original demon.

Then we’re back at Wally’s death, while Cas gets stabbed in the side with a spear. Mary temporarily saves him and brings him to a nearby barn, but he’s in bad shape. And she tells the boys as much when she calls them with her location.

It’s 9:05 p.m. now and the brothers reunite with their mother and tell her of Wally’s death. Mary wants to know if her boys saw the demon’s yellow eyes and Sam wonders what she got them into.

At 10:07 a.m. we see Mary sitting in a car with Wally while spying on a demon and we learn that she recruited Wally as a cover — she wanted to tell her boys they were called to help Wally, not her. And she’s praising the British Men of Letters, telling Wally about all the monsters they’ve killed together since they recruited her.

It’s 8:23 p.m. and the group is first pulling up to the house, prepping for the battle that will come later. And we learn that Mary covertly went into the basement soon after. Behind a painting she finds a safe and inside she finds a magical glowing box. She takes something out of it and then closes up the safe and heads back upstairs.

Then we’re at 9:03 p.m. and Mary is texting her BMOL contact, who is telling her to split because they had bad intel. Cas is groaning in pain, while weird black veins are spreading all over him. He thinks he’s dying, but Dean says he just needs some time to heal.

Enter Crowley: “You idiots, you’re all going to die”.

Sam correctly guesses that the demons were friends of Crowley. “Do you know what you’ve done? Does the name Ramiel mean anything to you?” It doesn’t to the humans in the room, but Castiel knows Ramiel as the “Prince of Hell”. Cas insists the princes are all dead and Crowley explains that was just a story. Apparently the Princes of Hell are the first demons turned after Lilith. In fact, they have Azazel’s yellow eyes.

We’re back to six years ago now and we see the demon we now know as Ramiel meeting Crowley for the first time. He’s introducing himself as King of the Crossroads who has been sent by Hell and he comes bearing gifts: the lance of Michael, the archangel. This is the same lance/spear that later stabs Cas. The second gift is the same thing we later saw in the glowing box (although we still don’t know what it is). And his third gift? The Throne of Hell. Back then Lilith and Azazel were dead and Lucifer was back in his cage, so Crowley offers up the crown. But Ramiel suggests that Crowley take it instead. “You seem ambitious enough, conniving enough, slimy enough. So take it. Go for the glory, kid,” Ramiel says to Crowley. Ramiel’s only request is that Crowley will ensure that no one ever bothers a Prince of Hell again.

In the present, Crowley explains that the lance is what got Cas and he’s sure to rot away. The brothers suggest they trap Ramiel to find a cure for this, but Crowley doesn’t think they have enough time. He splits soon after.

It’s 9:07 p.m. and the Winchesters are prepping for Ramiel’s arrival (he helpfully whistles so they can hear him). Crowley wants to ensure Ramiel doesn’t go into the barn, but Ramiel throws him through the barn door instead.

It’s earlier again, back when Crowley first left the barn. Cas is telling the brothers that they’ve helped changed him and that they’re his family. “I love you. I love all of you,” he says. “Just please, please don’t make my last moments be spent watching you die. Just run. Save yourselves. And I will hold Ramiel off as long as I can.” But the Winchesters refuse to leave, so now we have Ramiel trapped in a ring of holy fire. Sam and Dean are demanding a cure, but Ramiel says one doesn’t exist. He also demands what they stole from him, but Dean says they doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Then Ramiel has Michael’s lance and he starts fighting the Winchesters. Sam manages to stab and kill him as black goo starts coming out of Cas’ mouth. Crowley picks up the lance and then….Cas is healed. “Magic’s in the craftsmanship,” Crowleys says, remembering what Ramiel said when he first received the lance.

Cas is now healed and they all dismiss what Ramiel said about someone stealing from him. The group heads home.

But there’s one last thing: we’re back with Mr. Ketch, who is actually listening to Mary recount what happened. She’s upset about them sending her after a Prince of Hell and she says she’ll burn everything down if they try to fool her like that again.

“Is that a threat?” he asks. “It’s a promise,” she replies.

He apologizes for them making a mistake and her anger dissipates. “Can I see it?” he asks of what she took. She pulls it out of her pocket and hands over what she took from the safe.

What is it?

The Colt!

And Crowley is now desperately trying to find the gun. Someone inside a cell is taunting him, telling him the brothers don’t care about him. “They kill your kind, it’s in their blood. You know it’s only a matter of time until they come for you.”

“Shut your mouth, you dog,” Crowley says.

“That’s not my name”,” says the red eyed creature (a.k.a. Lucifer).

Watch a preview below for the February 23 episode of SUPERNATURAL airing at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.