SWITCHED AT BIRTH Series Finale Sneak Peek: Five Years Later

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The end is night, SWITCHED AT BIRTH fans. Tonight the series finale is upon us. Are you ready?

In the super-sized 90 minute episode, titled “Long Live Love”, Kathryn and Regina reminisce on the fact that it’s been five years in the show’s timeline since they first learned about the switch. As the women point out, they’ve come a very long way since that big discovery was revealed and now their families are closer than ever. Kathryn becomes very nostaglic after this talk, but this also leads to the discovery of a long buried family secret — stretching all the way back to the switch — that could change everything for this family.

Meanwhile, Daphne is competing against her ex-boyfriend Mungo for a coveted six-week paid internship in sports medicine. And Bay is struggling to prove herself as an artist to her father. Her boss suggests that she try to ink a celebrity so that her career can really start to take off.

And Toby will be meeting with a young woman named Amelia (guest star Lauren Potter, GLEE), who has Down Syndrome and really changes his perception about his son’s future. Finally, there’s Travis, who has offered a job in Japan at the end of the last episode. Will he take it and end his relationship with Bay?

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SWITCHED AT BIRTH Sneak Peek: Regina Makes a Big Decision and Toby Returns Home

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Regina is going to take a big step forward in her relationship with Luca in this week’s SWITCHED AT BIRTH. In the clip below she decides to tell the rest of the family about their relationship. But instead of springing it on them, she wants them to get to know Luca first so they won’t freak out about her dating a much younger man. Again, however, we’re reminded how much Luca actually has in common with Daphnie — will that impact Regina’s decision to tell the truth?

Meanwhile, Toby has been absent on this season thus far, but all of that changes when he and Lily return to the U.S. along with their baby. They make the announcement that they want to get married in the Kennish backyard, but a big fight before the wedding could lead to them breaking up.

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: Bay Gets a New Job and Daphne Suffers from a Scandal

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Mingo and Daphne’s photo from last week’s party blows up online in this week’s SWITCHED AT BIRTH. The photo goes viral on a local social media site, with quite a few people accusing them both of appropriating black culture. Daphne’s friend Iris is particularly upset and a petition starts circulating to remove Mingo from his position as RA. Daphne doesn’t seem to understand why they did something wrong and she takes her freedom of expression argument to the local paper via an op-ed piece.

Meanwhile, Bay approaches the city’s hottest tattoo artist for a job, but the lady doesn’t want to give her a chair, just an apprenticeship. Bay is understandably upset as this is a demotion from her job in China, but things become particularly hairy when a customer asks Bay to tattoo her instead of going to the shop’s owner.

Meanwhile, John needs a new pitcher for the school’s team and he wants to transfer in a student. Unfortunately, the student demands a car, which just happens to be against the NCAA’s rules and Kathryn’s moral code.

Finally, Regina and her boy-toy get paired with another student to do a project, but he’s not happy to be working with the “old lady”.

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SWITCHED AT BIRTH Season 5 Teasers: To China and Back Again


Previously on SWITCHED AT BIRTH: Bay was caught between Travis and Emmett, Toby and Lily debated moving to England with their newborn son, and Daphne invited Bay to accompany her on a trip to China.

We open season 5 with an emergency as Daphne drags an ill Bay through the woods, frantically searching for a doctor. Her deafness and the language barrier make it hard for her to understand how the doctor is treating Bay, but an English-speaking woman stops by a few hours later with a bit of bad news: Bay is suffering from Japanese encephalitis and one in four patents don’t recover.

Here’s what else you can expect from the season 5 premiere of SWITCHED AT BIRTH:

Extending the Vacation. Obviously Bay wasn’t going to die during the season premiere and Daphne is thrilled when she recovers, even though it takes several weeks. This whole experience and the trip to China has really brought the two girls closer together and Bay suggests that they extend their vacation.

Romantic Entanglements. Bay makes a choice between the two men in her lives in the first few minutes of the premiere. We don’t spoil her pick, but he shows up for a visit in China and then stays for the long-term.

Ten Months Later, Stateside. As the girls enjoy China, we return to Kansas City 10 months after the girls first departed, where Kathryn is a department head at UMKC and John is the school’s coach. Meanwhile, Regina is taking business classes at UMKC and dating her much younger co-student, Luca, but they’re keeping the relationship under the radar.

The Call. We see the scene again from the season 4 finale, where Bay is frantically telling Daphne they need to return home. When we next see them they have reunited with Regina back in Kansas City and we learn that someone has gone through a health scare, although they’re not taking the situation too seriously.

Adjusting to Normal Life. Now that the girls are back, they’re re-adjusting to their old lives. Bay wants to get another job at a tattoo parlour and move out, while Daphne wants to head back to school. She’s excited to be at school with her mother, but awkwardness ensues when she seems to have more in common with Luca than her mother does, even when she doesn’t know the truth about their relationship. And she’s feeling a bit discouraged when she can’t land a spot in the dorms and learns that the pre-med program is full.

Racial Tensions. SWITCHED AT BIRTH has never shied away from controversial or social issues and season 5 seems to be no exception. When Mingo dresses up as an African American singer for a costume party, it ignites a big racial debate that is sure to spill over into the next episodes.

Don’t miss the season premiere of SWITCHED AT BIRTH on January 31 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

Breaking TV News: ABC Family Green-Lights the Critically-Acclaimed Hit Drama Series SWITCHED AT BIRTH for a Fourth Season

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Press Release: ABC Family today announced the network has picked up a fourth season of its hit original drama series “Switched at Birth.” The third season finale of the Peabody Award-winning series airs Monday, August 18th at 8:00PM ET/PT. “Switched at Birth” remains one of basic cable’s strongest dramas this summer, ranking as cable TV’s #1 series in its time period in key female demos.

“Fans will be clamoring for season four and to know what happens with Daphne and Bay after the season three finale next week,” said Tom Ascheim, President ABC Family.

The critically-acclaimed “Switched at Birth” tells the story of two teenage girls who discover they were accidentally switched as newborns in the hospital. Despite overwhelming socio-economic and ethnic differences, both families must learn to co-exist as parents and blend their lives into one for the sake of their daughters. [Read more…]

SWITCHED AT BIRTH Previewpalooza: “Drowning Girl” Sneak Peek!

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This just in, new episode photos and previews from the Monday January 13th episode of SWITCHED AT BIRTH. Direct from ABC FAMILY, “Senior year means big changes for Bay and Daphne, as the Carlton School for the Deaf receives an influx of hearing students who are not happy to be there. Daphne begins working at a free clinic as part of her probation from the Senator Coto blackmail scandal, and bonds with a pre-med student (guest star RJ Mitte, “Breaking Bad”) with a spinal injury. Bay is inspired by her art teacher (guest star Sandra Bernhard, “Roseanne”) and surprised by her jock classmate (guest star Max Adler, “Glee”), when she takes an art class at a local college. Toby tries to unite a divided Carlton by coaching girls’ field hockey, and Kathryn dips her toes into new territory when she makes friends with a gregarious tap dancer (guest star Alec Mapa, “Ugly Betty”).” [Read more…]

SWITCHED AT BIRTH Scoop: Star Vanessa Marano Dishes on Return of Blair Redford and Other Surprises

Living life as Bay Kennish is not easy.  Her inquisitive nature uncovered the revelation that she had been switched at birth, which led to a very complicated family and living situation as the Kennishes and Vasquezes tried to find a way to be a part of each other’s lives and to get to know one another.  Then things became further complicated when Bay chose to attend her switched sibling Daphne’s school this past season, where the feelings of resentment towards the hearing students had escalated.  In a recent exclusive interview, star Vanessa Marano candidly shared what next challenges lie ahead for Bay and how tricky life is going to be as the two families face another upheaval. [Read more…]

SWITCHED AT BIRTH Scoop: Constance Marie Dishes on Regina’s Rocky Road to Recovery

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When we last saw the Kennishes and the Vasquezes, everyone’s life was a bit of upheaval and shock.  Lana had taken off with Angelo’s baby, Bay and Noah had broken up, Daphne had to accept a compromise to keep Carlton open, John had just won the Senate race, and Regina had let the genie out of the bottle and started drinking again.  Accepting Angelo’s generous offer to send her to rehab, Regina has embraced the hard path of recovery once again.  In a recent press conference call, star Constance Marie shared what obstacles Regina faces once she gets out of rehab and what changes lie ahead for all of them. [Read more…]

SWITCHED AT BIRTH Scoop: EP Lizzy Weiss, Gilles Marini and Constance Marie Preview What Lies Ahead for Fans of the Hit ABC Family Series

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Continuing its inspiring portrayal of deaf life for a special co-mingled family who found out their teenage daughters had been switched at birth, the ABC Family series SWITCHED AT BIRTH will next be tackling an entirely ASL-based episode on March 4th. During a recent set visit, executive producer Lizzy Weiss and co-stars Constance Marie and Gilles Marini talked a bit about the upcoming episode and what lies ahead for Regina and Angelo. [Read more…]

Gilles Marini and Vanessa Marano Talk SWITCHED AT BIRTH Season Two

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When we last left SWITCHED AT BIRTH, our jaws were left planted firmly on the floor when the addictive ABC FAMILY drama dropped a bombshell of the babydaddy variety on us viewers: Did Angelo seriously sire another child out of wedlock? To get to the bottom of this, we caught up with the actor, alongside co-star Vanessa Marano (Bay), who were only too happy to dish on the show’s second season that kicks off tonight on ABC Family (ABC Spark in Canada). See what the talented twosome had to say for themselves for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]