WRECKED: Comedy Rules the Island in TBS’ New Series


Owen O’Connor hates his job as a flight attendant. According to one of his co-workers it’s because he can’t connect with people. So she challenges him to connect with one person on the flight — specifically, the clumsy Danny Wallace. But before that can really happen, the plane starts a nosedive and eventually crashes on a tropical island.

As Danny, Owen and Pack Hara take in the carnage around them, a handsome British special forces agent (who bears a close resemblance to a young Matthew Fox) is saving women, impressing the men and encouraging the trio to help the others.

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Owen is convinced they’ll be saved soon enough, but three days later he has to accept the truth….no one is coming. And everyone has to figure out how to survive. With the realization that they might be here for a while, Danny suggests that the trio try to step up as leaders. But Mr. Handsome Special Forces as the charisma and skills to lead and he’s got a rescue plan in place. They’re going to head into the jungle to find the emergency beacon.

There’s also Karen Cushman, an executive at Bing, who adjusts pretty quickly to killing your dinner on the island. Couple Jess and Todd are consistently arguing because Todd is a douche. And Steve’s legs were damaged in the crash so he’s out of commission.

WRECKED premieres tonight (June 14) at 10|9c on TBS.

WRECKED: Meet the Castaways of TBS’ New Comedy Series

Have you ever wondered “what would LOST have been like if it had been a comedy?” Well, TBS has your answer with its newest show: WRECKED.

WRECKED centers around a group of diverse people who have been stranded on a remote island after a plane crash. Now they’re in a dangerous and unknown new world where they’re facing many threats — mostly brought on by themselves. No longer plugged into the rest of the world, the group struggles to navigate their makeshift society while also learning to live without such modern comforts as indoor plumbing, Wi-Fi, social media and Chipotle.

To get to know to the wacky characters of WRECKED, browse through our slideshow above.

WRECKED premieres on Tuesday, June 14 at 10|9c on TBS.




TBS has announced it has ordered 26 new episodes of FULL FRONTAL WITH SAMANTHA BEE less than two months after star and executive producer Samantha Bee entered the late-night fray. TBS’s order brings the total number of FULL FRONTAL WITH SAMANTHA BEE episodes to 39, which will take the show to the end of 2016.

“Stay crazy America, I’ll be here all year!” said Samantha Bee in response to her additional episodes order.

“Sam has positioned herself as an essential voice in late night, and it’s pretty clear she’s struck a nerve and filled a void,” said Brett Weitz, executive vice president of original programming for TBS.

FULL FRONTAL WITH SAMANTHA BEE airs Monday nights on TBS at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT.

This Just In: Samantha Bee to Exit THE DAILY SHOW For Own TBS Series

samantha bee daily show

Press Release: TBS is giving longtime Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee her own show. Hot on the heels of announcing a new scripted comedy series created and executive produced by Bee and her husband, Jason Jones, TBS is cementing its relationship with the prolific couple even further. The new show, which is in the early stages of development, is being planned as a platform for Bee to apply her smart and satirical point of view to current and relevant issues. In addition to hosting, Bee will serve as executive producer on the show, along with Jones. The series is being produced by TBS. [Read more...]

Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with WHO GETS THE LAST LAUGH Host Donald Faison

From the brilliant, albeit somewhat twisted brains behind PUNK’d comes a new hidden-camera series that pits famous comedians and actors against one another to see who can pull the most outrageous practical jokes. Premiering tonight on TBS and cleverly titled WHO GETS THE LAST LAUGH?, the show will feature such funny folks as D.L. Hughley, Danny Masterson, Cheri Oteri, Kunal Nayyar, Bill Bellamy and host Donald Faison. The latter of whom we recently caught up with on a conference call to find out more about the show. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more...]

We Shine the Spotlight on WEDDING BAND Star Kathryn Fiore

For fans and viewers who have already discovered the hilarious new comedy series WEDDING BAND, it comes as no surprise that the stars of the show are having the time of their lives working on it.  WEDDING BAND is the perfect combination of adult humor, outrageous storylines, stellar music and an ensemble that keeps us glued in front of our televisions.  It also astoundingly makes wedding songs feel cool again.  Taking a few minutes in an exclusive interview, co-star Kathryn Fiore share what she loves most about this fun show and her awesome role on it. [Read more...]

Fountains of Wayne’s Adam Schlesinger Talks About Bringing the Cool Music of TBS’ New Comedy Series WEDDING BAND to Life

It is not every day that a television is able to woo the likes of Fountains of Wayne’s bassist and songwriter Adam Schlesinger to bring his considerable musical talents to a comedy series. But in an auspicious move to make the music of WEDDING BAND as cutting edge and appealing to modern audiences, the creators of WEDDING BAND boldly approached Adam and brought him on board. It was a smart move as Adam and his partner Steven Gold helped fine-tuned the eclectic yet scintillating sound of the fictional band Mother of the Bride in WEDDING BAND. Their takes on such popular songs like “Hollaback Girl,” “Hot In Herre,” “Don’t You Forget About Me”, “YMCA” and “I Will Survive” definitely make you pick up your ears. In a recent exclusive interview, Adam talked about what it was like crafting songs and creating the unique sounds for WEDDING BAND. [Read more...]

Brian Austin Green and Melora Hardin Preview Their New TBS’ Comedy WEDDING BAND

Having seen the first couple episodes of this fine new comedy series, the secret ingredient truly is the chemistry of the cast.  TBS struck gold when it tapped to star in WEDDING BAND the talents of Brian Austin Green, Peter Cambor, Harold Perrineau, Derek Miller, Jenny Wade and Melora Hardin.  Their layered performances make their characters feel simultaneously hilarious and very real.  The show may feature a wedding band, but the genuine musical talent and awesome chemistry that makes this show addictive.  Anyone who tunes in will be coming back for more.  It is that good – and it is outrageously fun.
Brian Austin Green plays Tommy, the lead singer of the band and is known to be a “bad boy” with a good heart; and Melora Hardin plays Roxie Rutherford, owner of Rutherford Events and reluctant fan of the band.  Tommy and Roxie may not agree on much, but they take their jobs of ensuring that joyful young couples and other celebrants have the time of their lives on their special day very seriously.  Nothing gets in the way of a great song or the perfect event.  In a recent press conference call co-stars Brian Austin Green and Melora Hardin shared what it has been like bringing their characters to life in the colorful world of TBS’ new television show WEDDING BAND. [Read more...]

Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with GLORY DAZE Star Tim Meadows

In a continued attempt to live up to their network slogan of “very funny,” TBS premieres a new hour long series tonight called GLORY DAZE. Set in the 1980′s, GLORY DAZE chronicles the fun – and awkward – misadventures of four freshmen as they navigate college life, trying to figure out who they are and who they want to be. And here to talk about the show, his post-SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE career, and his new network compatriot Conan O’Brien is none other than star Tim Meadows.

The last time fans saw you stepping into the shoes of an educator was in a small but memorable role in Mean Girls. How does Professor Haines differ?
Tim Meadows: Professor Haines [Meadows GLORY DAZE character] is going through a divorce, much more liberal, and much angrier. He’s quite different from the principal character from Mean Girls in the sense that, I remember that character as being sort of done with the whole job, not really feeling it anymore and just wanting the year to end. Professor Haines actually needs to get advice from the kids at the school, as you’ll see in the second episode, when we find out that he’s no longer living at home.

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