Jason O’Mara Opens Up About Fox’s Mishandling of TERRA NOVA

Despite Entertainment President Kevin Reilly’s hope that Fox’s unexpected renewal of FRINGE for a fifth and final season would afford his Network a little forgiveness in terms of its “checkered history with genre television,” there’s still that little issue we have with his handling, make that mishandling, of TERRA NOVA. (Translation: Still bitter!)

Which is precisely why during Sunday afternoon’s Television Critics Association Press Tour touting his newest project that sees him play Sheriff Ralph Lamb’s (Dennis Quaid) younger brother Jack on CBS character-driven period piece VEGAS, we jumped at the chance to corner Jason O’Mara alongside a gaggle of reporters in an effort to get him to elaborate on his comments from earlier in the panel that had him calling out Fox for a “taking a very long time to make what was ultimately a premature decision.”

“We were just finding our feet and I think we just proved that by the season finale,” said O’Mara immediately following the VEGAS panel. “There was a lot more story to tell and I think there was an audience to watch it, certainly internationally, the show went down extremely well, huge numbers. Just domestically I couldn’t quite get there.”

So just where did O’Mara think TERRA NOVA went wrong? [Read more…]

Winter TCA Press Tour 2012: Fox President Kevin Reilly Dishes on the Future of HOUSE, FRINGE, TERRA NOVA and the Planned GLEE Spin-Off

11:07AM: Before submitting himself to the firing squad that is a roomful of tired and cranky television critics, Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly announces plans for a new late night animated comedy block (Think: Adult Swim) that will air Saturdays at 11PM – 12:30AM starting in January 2013.

11:14AM: Despite going on record during the previous summer’s TCA Press Tour that the Network would be making a decision on the future (or lack thereof) of HOUSE sometime in the Fall, Reilly fesses up to failure to communicate. “To be honest with you, it’s hard to imagine the Network with HOUSE so we kind of agreed to mutually put off any decision until the first of the year and we still have yet to sit down and see where we are,” Reilly says, being sure to add for any anxious fans who may-or-may-not be reading this. “We haven’t had the big meeting yet, but we are not going to be unceremoniously handing out pink slips. If it’s the end of the run there is no way [Creator] David Shore is going to let the fans feel that it wasn’t capped off properly.” [Read more…]

We Look Back on TERRA Nova’s First Season Prior to Tonight’s Explosive Season (Yup, We Said Season!) Finale

It has been a pivotal first season of the sci-fi drama backdropped in a world where dinosaurs still roam.  TERRA NOVA ambitiously set out to show us the story of a family that was willing to travel back in time in order to stay together and have a chance at a better future for humanity.

But paradise is only beautiful on the surface.  There have been bumps and bruises along the way as each of the Shannon family members struggled to find their place in this new world and tried to figure out who they could really trust.  Utopia is a wonderful ambition, but human beings always bring the element of surprise and unpredictability as their emotions sway their decisions — for better or worse.

For Jim Shannon (Jason O’Mara), the former police narcotics detective turned prison-escapee desperate to keep his family together and to ensure the safe-keeping of his youngest daughter, there was literally no place left on Earth to hide.  Fortunately for him, he married the right woman, Dr. Elisabeth Shannon (Shelley Conn), a trauma surgeon who the government recruited for colonization in an experimental settlement comprised of scientists who would safeguard the planet 85 million years in the past.  The colony of Terra Nova sounds ideal, but humans rarely can agree on how to best shape the future, let alone protect the planet.

When the Shannons arrived, they discovered that things were not as idyllic as promised and that there was a rebel force known as the Sixers who were working covertly to crack the code to open the time portal in both directions — thereby allowing an unknown faction to swoop in and exploit the resources of Terra Nova for their own nefarious purposes in the future. [Read more…]


Biggest Disappointment: Just when we thought we couldn’t get anymore disgusted with this current season of DEXTER the writers decided to show Deb fantasizing about doing WHAT with brother Dexter?

Yet Another Reason not To Watch AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: Two words… Howard Stern.

Person Who Shouldn’t Even Have To Compete: Whether it’s the Golden Globes or the Screen Actor’s Guild, Jessica Lange should just be handed the award for her work on AMERICAN HORROR STORY. Let’s face it, she’s the only reason a lot of us continue watching.
Mental Image We Could Have Lived Without: Simon Cowell told Barbara Walters that the reason he and Paula bickered so much during AMERICAN IDOL was “sexual tension… on her part” and that he considered bedding his fellow judge.

Show That Could Use A Rest: Apparently, THE AMAZING RACE will be back on February 19th, having never heard that absence makes the heart grow fonder. [Read more…]


Still undecided as to whether or not DEXTER is in the midst of its weakest season to date? Perhaps these three simple signs will help confirm your suspicions: 1) It took us until Tuesday morning to watch Sunday’s episode, which in previous years was practically unheard of. 2) Debra Morgan, once the show’s most grating character has quietly evolved into the series’ most interesting one as she begins her journey that we can only hope ends with her discovering the truth about her brother’s extra curricular activities . And 3) Most alarming of all was the fact that we — among with many others — completely called Sunday’s twist — you know, the traditional end-of-season-jaw-dropper that the show had spent eight episodes building towards — over a month ago. And speaking of twists we saw coming a mile away… [Read more…]

We Irresponsibly Speculate on the Identity of TERRA NOVA’s Mole

If you follow us on Twitter, odds are fairly certain that you already know our feelings with regards last night’s fantastic episode of TERRA NOVA. What you may not know is that in response to last night’s tweet that went a little something like so — “Super solid episode of #TerraNova, although it would be nice if poor Allison Miller was given something, heck anything, to do.” — actress Allison Miller took it upon herself to respond, “@theTVaddict thanks – stick around for the next few 😉 ” And since it’s not exactly everyday that an actor goes out of their way to respond one of our 140 character gems, it suddenly dawned on us: Miller’s Skye is totally the TERRA NOVA mole that Commander Taylor has been so desperately searching for! But hey, don’t take our word for it, check out the irrefutable evidence we’ve compiled in our case against Skye, after the jump. [Read more…]

Photopalooza: Go Behind the Scenes of BONES, GLEE, RAISING HOPE & More!

Can’t wait for this week’s instalments of BONES, RAISING HOPE and TERRA NOVA? Neither can we, which is why we thought now might be as good a time as any to share a handful of behind-the-scenes photos featuring a very pregnant Brennan, an explosive TERRA NOVA and what looks to be another hilarious instalment of RAISING HOPE. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]