THE 100 at Comic-Con: The Cast and Producers Tease Season 5

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The main characters of THE 100 were separated in a major way at the end of season 4, with Octavia and Abby joining a large group of grounders in a bunker underground; Bellamy, Raven, Monty and Murphy heading up to the ark with some grounders; and Clarke remaining back on the ground, prepared to sacrifice herself so that her friends could get to space. But Clarke didn’t die and now she has a young girl, Maddie, that she is looking after. She’s also been out of communication with her mother and friends for over six years and, as we saw, there is a group of mysterious new people hovering in ships in the sky, coming down to the ground.

The cast, including Eliza Taylor (Clarke), Bob Morley (Bellamy), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia), Lindsey Morgan (Raven), Richard Harmon (Murphy), Chris Larkin (Monty), and executive producer Jason Rothenberg came to San Diego Comic Con to talk about season 5. In addition, we got a few extra tidbits from THE 100 press room, so read on for more about the upcoming season.

Reinventing the Show. We pick up six years and 7 days down the line when THE 100 returns for the fifth season. One of the coolest things about a time jump is that the writers can show this new chapter of the character’s lives and how they have changed, Rothenberg said. Major changes make sense given what everyone has been through but we will see that the characters are still the people we know and love, even if they’ve grown in some cases or devolved in others.

The New Guys. The arrival of the prisoners on those mysterious ships is the primary story for the season. They are definitely from Earth and in a time before the first apocalypse — which means they had been in cryo-sleep for 100 years. Now the planet has been destroyed twice and there is just a “Garden of Eden” that Clarke has been living in and there won’t be enough room for everyone, Rothenberg teased. The new group will also be led by a strong female character that we will meet.

Reunited, But Butting Heads. All three “crews” are very different when they return. One thing that will be fun and interesting is that the main group of characters used to work together well overall. But now they’re going to bump heads with each other even more thanks to their leadership styles. For example, Octavia has what Rothenberg says is “one of the coolest stories we’re going to tell”. She is “full-on” he hinted without saying more. Bellamy has become a leader on the ark in his own right. He has fulfilled Clarke’s request for him in the finale when she asked him to lead with his head and heart. He’ll be a more heroic and “holistic” Bellamy. Clarke, meanwhile, is going to remain a badass who is in charge, but now she has the dynamic of looking after a child. Her relationship with Maddie is very much a “mother-daughter” relationship and her priorities have changed. Her “crew” is now that child and what’s good for Maddie might not necessarily be good for someone else. It sounds like that’s going to cause a lot of conflict.

Mother Clarke. A lot has changed for Clarke in the six years that have passed, according to Taylor. Despite having gone through a lot while originally on the ark, she went from a kid dropped on Earth in the series premiere of THE 100 to becoming more mature as the years have passed. She’s now a 24 year old woman on the show and Taylor is looking forward to playing a more “maternal and simplified” character. Clarke’s only real responsibility is now to this young girl, Maddie. And while Clarke will still always be in survival mode, there is more care and softness she’ll be displaying towards Maddie.

From Sky Person to Grounder. Things have flipped for Clarke with the arrival of these new people from the sky. In essence, Clarke is “the grounder now”, according to Taylor. When the 100 kids first arrived from the sky the grounders originally reacted out of fear and tried to defend themselves. Now Clarke is reacting much in the same way, which may lead her to “react violently” out of sheer fear from the newcomers. Rothenberg said that Bellamy will help Clarke see that they have to do things differently now from when they were coming down from the sky because all Clarke wants to do is protect her home.

Did Murphy Grow? Life on the ark has been more about the day-to-day living for the characters as opposed to a never-ending fight for their lives. That’s not necessarily Murphy’s style, unfortunately, which means we might see more of a “regression” for him, according to Harmon. But expect to see/learn more about what happened on the ship. Harmon teased that in the premiere there’s a lot of experiences that are alluded to even if the writers don’t outwardly reveal everything that happened. It’s likely going to take a while for us to fully learn what happened to everyone, but it sounds like it’s coming — whether through flashbacks or through the characters themselves discussing it. Rothenberg also hinted at flashbacks, saying “we will come to understand how all of them became the characters we will see in the premiere”.

Raven’s Guilt. We’re going to see that Raven has struggled a lot with guilt in the six years that have passed. She and her friends managed to make it to the ark solely because Clarke sacrificed herself (at least that’s what her friends believe). And everyone came back to save Raven, which eventually led to Clarke’s death. Raven has spent many years trying to repay Clarke for the sacrifice she believes she made for her.

New Dynamics in the Ark. Morgan is most excited for Raven to develop relationships with both Echo and Emori. After all, Raven never really had much interaction with grounders because she was always preoccupied with “space stuff”. But allowing Raven to develop a friendship with two women from a very different world than she came from will be interesting.

Sheriff Octavia. In season 5 you’ll see what Octavia’s plan is to keep the peace and how she reprimands others “in her special way” for people who try to step out of line.

Echo’s New Role. The actress who plays Echo (Tasya Teles) will be a series regular in season 5), which means we’ll see a lot more of the character.

Other Tidbits. We’re going to see an interesting new dynamic develop between Murphy and Raven, according to Rothenberg. Rothenberg also wouldn’t hint at the state of relationships for the people who made it to the ark. He just said that some people “break up” but can also “get back together”.

THE 100 will return midseason on The CW.

THE 100 Season 4 Finale Sneak Peek: Death Comes for Us All

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THE 100 season finale is finally here, and with it comes the long wait for season 5. In last week’s episode, Bellamy, Clarke, Echo, Emori, Murphy, Monty, and Harper finally made it to Raven at Becca’s Lab, but as a result they had no time left to get back to Polis. Instead, the ragtag crew hatched a plan to head into space and ride out the death wave, using the remnants of the Ark to survive. So by the time The 100 returns to The CW next spring, we could be looking at a very different show.

First though, we have to see what becomes of everyone in tonight’s final episode, titled Praimfaya. Written by creator Jason Rothenberg and directed by The 100 regular Dean White, the season finale is a literal race against time as everyone readies for the end of the world. At Polis, Jaha and Kane will need to work together to select the 100 souls from Skaikru who will join 1100 Grounders from the remaining 11 clans down in the Second Dawn bunker.

Meanwhile at the lab, those trapped outside the bunker have their work cut out for them as well. Not only do they have to prepare an oxygen generator and enough food to last them for five years while on the Ark, but the road getting into space will be just as dangerous. As Raven tells the crew, they’re only going to have an hour of time to get there on the rocket, so the odds are really stacked against them.

Still, by the end of the episode, we should know who survives in the bunker and out in space (or maybe even on the ground in the case of Clarke and her nightblood), yet finding out if there’ll be a five-year time jump may have to wait until next season.

Watch sneak peeks from the episode below. THE 100 season 4 finale airs tonight (May 24) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. The show will be returning in the winter of 2018 for its fifth season.

THE 100 Sneak Peek: Who Will Be Chosen?

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There’s only two episodes left of THE 100 season 4, and this week’s penultimate installment is going to be a grim one. After leaving Kane and Octavia out in the cold, while locking the rest of Skaikru away in the Second Dawn bunker, Clarke has a lot to answer for. If it wasn’t for Bellamy refusing to go along with her master plan, their friends and family would still be waiting for the death wave. Instead, now they all have to share 1200 spots in the bunker with the rest of the 13 clans.

Still, a chance at survival is better than no chance at all, and this week’s episode, appropriately titled “The Chosen,” will see who gets to avoid the end of days. Written by Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntyre and directed by Alex Kalymnious, “The Chosen” is going to be do or die, as those from Skaikru who once thought they would live will now find out they might not survive after all.

After essential personnel and children under 16 have been added to the list, there are only 80 spots left in the bunker. That means 364 people from Skaikru will be sent to their deaths. In a new clip from the episode below, Kane has decided to hold a lottery for those remaining spots, but Jaha is adamant this will end in mutiny. He argues that those who had hope will stop at nothing to hold on to it.

Meanwhile at Becca’s lab, a now mentally healthy Raven is waiting for her friends to come and get her. Clarke and Bellamy will lead a group to go and save her. Will they all make it back to the bunker in time? Could Raven possibly come up with another option for survival? Following the deaths of Jasper and the rest at Arkadia, are Monty and Harper now on their way to Polis?

Watch some sneak peeks below. THE 100 airs tonight (May 17) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

THE 100 Sneak Peek: No Turning Back Now

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Last week’s episode of THE 100 was the end of the road for many of our favorite new characters. Ilian, Roan, Luna and nine other warriors died in the conclave, leaving Octavia the victor and Skaikru the rightful owners of the Second Dawn bunker to ride out the coming nuclear apocalypse. Yet in a surprising move, at the last minute Octavia decided to open up the bunker to everyone, proclaiming, “I was fighting for us all!” Too bad Clarke and Jaha had already secretly taken the bunker for themselves and locked their people inside.

Tonight Clarke will face the consequences of her fateful choice. In this week’s episode, written by Shawna Benson and Julie Benson and directed by star Henry Ian Cusick (Kane), the radiation levels on the ground are becoming critical. Trapped inside the bunker, Bellamy is desperate to find out what happened to his sister. However, if they open the door, the people outside will stop at nothing to get in. Clarke must make a choice on whether to stop her strongest ally.

Still Bellamy isn’t the only person separated from someone they love. In a new clip from the episode, we see Clarke’s mom Abby isn’t happy to be locked inside while Kane is above ground. She isn’t willing to let Jaha tell her what to do like he used to do on the Ark. It’s a very different life down on Earth.

Open up and they all die. Or survive with the knowledge their loved ones died in their place. Watch some sneak peeks from the new episode below. THE 100 airs tonight (May 10) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

THE 100 Sneak Peek: Let the Games Begin

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Fans of THE 100 are not going to want to miss tonight’s new episode. In “Die All, Die Merrily,” a battle to the death between Skaikru, Trikru, Azgeda and the other clans will decide who gets to ride out the coming apocalypse in the Second Dawn bunker. The episode is helmed by longtime The 100 director Dean White and written by executive producers Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntyre, who are all well known for creating memorable episodes of the series.

In the conclave, Octavia is representing Team Skaikru. We’ll have to wait and see how the battle turns out for everyone involved, but one good thing is it will bring Octavia and Bellamy together. The Blake siblings have spent most of the season on the outs with each other. However, they’ll become allies as Octavia tries to unite the clans to stop a war. It’s a big episode for the character, and Marie Avgeropoulos has said the episode was her favorite of the season to film.

Yet Octavia doesn’t actually stand a chance against all these warriors who have been training since birth. The big battle is made even more harrowing because some of those fighting are characters we’ve already met. Ilian, Roan and Luna all enter the arena at Polis for different reasons, and not all of them will survive. Jason Rothenberg has promised there will be deaths. The question is how many?

Watch some sneak peeks from the new episode below. THE 100 airs tonight (May 3) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

THE 100 Sneak Peek: Fight to Live or Fight to Die

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After a month long break, THE 100 finally returns tonight with the episode “DNR,” which stands for the acronym and medical term “do not resuscitate.” This week’s episode is written by Miranda Kwok, a newcomer to the series who will also be back next year, and directed by Mairzee Almas. And as we’ll soon find out, there’s a whole lot in the world of Skaikru that could use resuscitating.

When we last saw the gang, Jaha, Monty, Kane and Indra had just discovered a secret Second Dawn bunker in Polis where 1200 people can gather to ride out the coming apocalypse. It’s quite a blessing after a number of setbacks have left them with no other options for survival. Only problem is that Clarke has already formed an alliance with King Roan and Azgeda, one which Trikru says they absolutely won’t allow. It’s now everyone for themselves and may the best clan win.

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Meanwhile, not everyone is so excited to spend the next five years trapped within six walls again, particularly those who have already spent most of their lives on the Ark. Jasper, Harper and a number of others in what’s left of Arkadia lock themselves in a room, refusing to go and find refuge at Polis. Monty will have to try and convince them that it’s better to go and fight for their lives then stay and die.

At Becca’s lab, Raven has started hallucinating that the scientist and first commander is there and speaking to her. Maybe Becca will have the answers that will save them or this could be a sign that Raven’s mental state is getting much worse. Hopefully, Murphy and Emori are around and able to help her out.

Watch some sneak peeks from the new episode below. THE 100 airs tonight (April 26) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

THE 100 Sneak Peek: Failure Is Not an Option

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Clarke and Abby have decided to do the unspeakable and subject someone to massive amounts of radiation in order to test their Nightblood cure using Luna’s bone marrow. Fortunately for them, on last week’s THE 100 they managed to find a reluctant participant for the procedure in Baylis, a Grounder who Emori says once attacked her and her brother. Of course, we later learned Emori lied to save herself from being experimented on because there’s nothing that girl won’t do to survive.

The question, however, in this week’s episode, titled “God Complex,” is how far is Skaikru willing to go to come out of this apocalypse alive? Now that their moment is at hand, they’re all understandably a little hesitant to become murderers just to save their own skins, even though they know there is currently no other option. Loyalties will be tested and lines will be drawn, especially for Clarke, the so-called Commander of Death, who may live up to her name yet again.

Meanwhile, on the heels of the devastating black rain, Jaha has been searching for another solution, and he believes that it may lie in an undiscovered Second Dawn bunker. Kane is hesitant to believe the first one was simply a decoy, but in the end he’s willing to give Jaha their best minds to speak with Indra’s daughter Gaia, the flamekeeper, to see what she knows.

Watch some sneak peeks from the new episode below. THE 100 airs tonight (March 29) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

THE 100 Sneak Peek: Survival Requires Sacrifice

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As we head into the second half of season 4 of THE 100, the situation on the ground is only getting worse. Last week’s plan to go into space and make Nightblood so that everyone can survive the coming radiation abruptly ended when Clarke, Bellamy and King Roan lost a barrel of hydrazine on their way to Becca’s Island. Without the necessary amount of fuel to power the rocket, they’re all now permanently stuck on Earth.

So it’s time to change directions yet again, and Abby’s next plan could turn deadly. In this week’s episode, titled “Gimme Shelter,” the good doctor wants to continue running tests for a possible cure to the radiation, but she’s going to need a human test subject. Her plan requires injecting someone with Luna’s bone marrow, then exposing that person to massive amounts of radiation. If it doesn’t work though, and they won’t know until they try, that person will suffer a painful death. Clarke and Abby must make a choice on whether to go forward.

Back at Arkadia, the black rain they’ve planned for has finally arrived, and it will push everyone to their limits. Trapped together in what’s left of the Ark, families and loved ones will be separated from those left outside, including Octavia. Bellamy heads out into the storm in search of his sister. Emotions are running high, and everyone will have to face some uncomfortable truths by the end of the night.

Watch some sneak peeks from the new episode below. THE 100 airs tonight (March 22) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

THE 100 Sneak Peek: Clarke and Roan Defend Mankind’s Last Chance for Survival

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The pressure to survive the coming nuclear apocalypse is mounting, and in this week’s new episode of THE 100 we’ll see if Skaikru can rise to the occasion. But in the meantime, it seems like everything that could go wrong has gone wrong so far.

First, their plan to get a hydro-generator and create water wasn’t successful. Then they thought they’d have six months to come up with another solution, but people are already starting to suffer from radiation sickness. They’ve also lost the flame, their bargaining chip to keep King Roan (Zach McGowan) and the Grounders at bay. Instead, Roan has declared war on Skaikru. And just as Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Roan came to an agreement last week to share safe haven at Arkadia, their beloved ship is burned to the ground.

To make matters worse, Raven (Lindsey Morgan) and Abby (Paige Turco), who are searching for a cure on Becca’s island, have both suddenly become sick from ALIE’s chip. But the fight must go on! On Wednesday’s episode, titled “We Will Rise,” Clarke and Roan will need to work together in hostile territory to deliver the last ten barrels of explosive hydrazine to Abby. They’ll travel over rough terrain with Bellamy (Bob Morley) in tow for the survival of all mankind.

Meanwhile on Becca’s island, Raven isn’t having much luck either, running simulation after simulation to try and take a rocket back to what’s left of the Ark. There they hope to be able to recreate Becca’s experiments and make Nightblood in zero gravity. She’ll only have 75% fuel to make it, and so far all Raven can do is crash and burn.

Check out some sneak peeks from the new episode below. THE 100 airs tonight (March 15) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

The CW Renews THE 100 for Season 5

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There’s some good news for fans of THE 100: the show has been renewed for a fifth season. The show currently airs as a 13 episode midseason series, but there’s no word yet on how many episodes season 5 will have or will the show will return next season.

THE 100 currently airs on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

The CW also recently made the announcement that freshman drama RIVERDALE has been renewed for a second season, in addition to the earlier announcements that seven of the network’s shows have already been renewed for the 2017-2018 season. Currently the future of THE ORIGINALS, FREQUENCY, iZOMBIE and NO TOMORROW are unknown.