THE 100 Sneak Peek: Raven and John Fight for Survival

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Everyone has secrets, and that’s even more true on THE 100. In Arkadia, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) have secretly made a list of the 100 people they’ve chosen to survive the nuclear fallout, while the rest of the camp continues working towards a solution — unaware of their fate. Elsewhere in Polis, everyone except Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) and Indra (Adina Porter) now believe the Flame has been destroyed (rather than it was stolen), leaving King Roan (Zach McGowan) with a precariously weak hold on the throne.

And it’s all only get to worse before it gets better. But thankfully in this week’s episode, titled “A Lie Guarded,” there is some hope. As struggles with leadership and trust turn to violence in Arkadia and Polis, Abby (Paige Turco) leads a team to Becca’s island looking for answers. Raven (Lindsey Morgan), John (Richard Harmon), Emori (Luisa D’Oliveira), Nathan (Jarod Joseph) and Luna (Nadia Hilker) join her to see if Nightblood can help everyone weather the coming storm.

Meanwhile, Octavia’s decision to let Indra’s daughter, Gaia, take the Flame will have serious repercussions. King Rowan believes he’s been betrayed and that Skaikru are planning to replace him with a true Commander. As a result, Octavia will find herself going up against Echo (Tasya Teles), sending her further down a dark path.

Check out some sneak peeks from the new episode below. THE 100 airs tonight (February 22) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

THE 100 Sneak Peek: Jaha Leads Clarke and Bellamy To Possible Salvation

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Time is running out for everyone on THE 100. Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) thought they’d have around six months to save the Skaikru and Grounders from the coming nuclear fallout. But in tonight’s new episode, titled “The Four Horsemen,” they’ll quickly realize the end of days are already here.

After their plan to get a hydro generator from Farm Station failed last week, Arcadia’s chances of surviving the apocalypse aren’t looking so good right now. It’s all about to get much worse, too, when Luna (Nadia Hilker) and her Boat People suddenly show up already suffering from ARS (acute radiation sickness). However, help may come from the unlikeliest of places as Jaha (Isaiah Washington) claims he knows the location of a fallout shelter that could save a lot more than a hundred people. Question is can he be trusted and what does he want in return.

Elsewhere in Polis, tensions are continuing to rise, and to make matters worse it seems King Roan (Zach McGowan) has lost the flame. He puts Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), who is now notoriously known as a killer and called the ‘Sky Ripper,” in charge of finding out who took it and getting it back. But her new role of assassin may also put her at odds with her mentor, Indra (Adina Porter). Thankfully, she’ll become allies with someone new this episode, though reportedly “neither of the two quite trust each other.”

Check out some sneak peeks from the new episode below. THE 100 airs tonight (February 15) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

THE 100 Sneak Peek: Bellamy Faces an Impossible Choice

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Skaikru’s work is never done. After saving the 12 clans and themselves from A.L.I.E. last season, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) now have their work cut out for them as they try to prevent the destruction of the whole world. Only they can’t tell anyone about how the nuclear power plants are melting down or risk massive widespread panic, and that’s just one of many burdens they must bear in this week’s episode of THE 100, “Heavy Lies the Crown.”

Their first mission back in the real world takes them to Farm Station in the Ice Nation where a hydro generator could supply enough fresh water to keep everyone alive for centuries while they all ride out the nuclear fallout. However, the generator is also filled with hydrazine and could explode at any moment, which could prove handy if Bellamy instead chooses to use it to free the slaves being held captive there. In the end, it’ll be up to him to decide who will live and who will die.

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Meanwhile back at Polis, the Grounders there aren’t happy that Skaikru has been named the 13th clan by King Roan (Zach McGowan). Some, including newcomer Ilian (Chai Romruen), who lost his family to A.L.I.E., are secretly plotting a coup while Roan is still weak and easily overthrown. Unfortunately for Kane (Henry Ian Cusack) and Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), the King is the only thing currently standing in the way between the 12 clans, Skaikru and total destruction.

Check out some sneak peeks from the new episode below. THE 100 airs Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

THE 100: Marie Avgeropoulos Teases Octavia’s Continuing Evolution in Season 4

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There is a rebellion building in Polis in this week’s episode of THE 100 and Octavia is going to take on a big role among the Grounders as her evolution from arker to grounder continues. Over the years since members of the 100 touched down on earth, we’ve seen Octavia go from a girl who was hidden aboard the ark to a young warrior and that will be continuing in season 4.

During a visit to the set of THE 100 in the fall, Marie Avgeropoulos spoke to journalists about what’s in store for Olivia.

Lincoln’s Death Still Affects Her. The death of Octavia’s boyfriend at the hands of Pike last season — as well as Octavia’s subsequent murder of Pike — will continue to affect her going forward. “Octavia’s never received any love from any men before other than Bellamy, so to have such a love like that enter her life and then leave so horrifically, it affected her in a really negative way. And, I don’t know, the only way I can really relate it to is like when people use substance abuse or alcohol abuse to deal with things that affected them in bad ways to sort of numb that pain, Octavia does that by executing people and killing them and just you know, using that as an out to not feel things. That’s her next drink, that’s her next drug, so when she does snap out of that it’s a pretty awakening moment for Octavia, and allows for some, you know, real souls searching and almost grieving again for a second time.”

A New Alliance. When asked if Octavia will continue to grow in season 4, Marie crypitcally replied “I can’t tell you if it’s in a positive or negative way, but you do see Octavia and Roan come together and form an alliance that maybe even becomes broken at one point too, so you can see both sides of the story. You’ll have to tune in.” Clearly whatever this alliance is will continue to propel Octavia forward.

Where Does She Belong? “Octavia…never really belonged with Skaikru or Trikru. She was just a part of The 100 and I feel like she’s used to feeling alone and secluded and on her own. I think that’s when her mind is the clearest, because she has such a different opinion on how things should be run and how alliances should be formed….Specifically in Season 4, because of the fact that her mind is so clouded with the devastation of Lincoln and a lot of points in this season, you can just see her not thinking straight. She’s a very stubborn girl too and just thinks her opinion in that moment is always the right one, when that’s not always the case.”

The Dynamic Between Octavia and Clarke. Eliza Taylor (Clarke) said that “I think Octavia has kind of decided that she doesn’t belong to Arkadia. And she doesn’t belong to the Grounders. She’s kind of become this kind of lone wolf, similar to the way that Clarke did at the beginning of season 3. And I think that there’s a very good mutual understanding there with not feeling like you belong and wanting to just kind of disappear and live your own life. With that in mind, while [Octavia and Clarke] don’t particularly see eye-to-eye on a lot of things, I think there is a very subtle mutual respect. They listen to each other, even if they disagree. And yeah, you’ll definitely see more of that.”

The Siblings Relationship. The relationship between Octavia and Bellamy is one that has certain had its ups and downs through THE 100. Bob Morley (Bellamy) said that “That relationship with Octavia is one that I would really like to see develop into a more adult type relationship as opposed to him berating her and her telling him, ‘You can’t tell me what to do.’ That whole back-and-forth dynamic. With her taking this darker turn [lately[ and it being much more of an emotional turn and an outward expression of that, it’s something that Bellamy has experienced before as well, so there’s a level of understanding there. He expresses that. but there’s also a level of loss. I don’t think he necessarily wanted that for her. He said that at the end of season three when they’re barricading the door, ‘I know what it’s like and I just don’t want this for you.’ And then she makes the choice to kill Pike in the end [of season 3]. That’s an indicator to him that she doesn’t really need his advice or listen to his advice anymore. It’s a bit of a blow for him. At some point you do have to take a backseat with the people you care about – you can’t give them the answer, they have to find it themselves. It’s one of those journeys that will take some time. Lots of healing and water under the bridge. It takes its toll. ”

A New Relationship? “Octavia has a pretty significant interaction with one of the male counterparts in a different tribe this season. I can’t tell you more than that, to give it away. No one will ever replace Lincoln. Let’s just face it, so, you know, don’t freak out,” Marie warned fans of her relationship.

Marie Loves Octavia’s Transformation into a Warrior. “It’s been so much fun and rewarding as an actress since we’ve seen the young, adolescent girl that was trapped underneath the floor, that had to rely on other people to survive, to the girl that’s learned to survive her own, and really developed into her own, now young woman. So she’s been a lot fun to play, especially because I’ve learned such random skills to use in my life playing Marie, you know, sword-fighting horse back riding, not very useful in today’s society, but a lot of fun to play on TV.”

Don’t miss an all new episode of THE 100 tonight (February 8) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

THE 100 Season 4: Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley & Richard Harmon Tease What’s Next for the Arkers

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Clarke made a decision at the end of season 3 of THE 100 that saved people…and may have doomed them at the same time. In choosing to end ALIE and destroy the City of Light, Clarke seems to have condemned humanity to death by radiation as the world’s nuclear plants melt down. As always, Clarke is ready to do what it takes to survive, but season 4 presents the arkers (a.k.a. Skaikru) with a new challenge unlike any they have faced before.

During a visit to the set of THE 100 in Vancouver, Eliza Taylor (Clarke), Bob Morley (Bellamy) and Richard Harmon (Murphy) spoke to journalists and what’s next for the arkers.

The Unseen Enemy. The enemy can’t be seen in season 4 of THE 100, but its effects will absolutely be felt. “This whole season’s mostly based around how we’re going to deal with fighting an enemy that we can’t go to war with. So it’s going to prove very interesting,” Taylor teased. Morley hinted that the impending apocalypse “weighs in quite a lot. It’s a huge factor throughout this season. It’s this impending doom and we all have to figure out how to address that and whether you decide to find a way to get through it or find solutions to live through it or whether you start making a bucket list and just decide to let it wash over you in a literal sense. There’s that existential dilemma of whether we deserve to survive or whether should we live the rest of our lives hedonistically with whatever we have left. That’s definitely the clock that is ticking throughout the season.”

Spreading the Truth. When will Clarke start telling people about what she knows? Some people will be informed quickly, but telling the rest of the world will be done cautiously, Taylor told us. “It’s something that she has to be really careful about because obviously she’s just taken all these people out of a beautiful city that they were happy [in] and brought them back into a world that’s about to end. So she has to be very careful about how she goes about telling people without starting a riot, basically.” However, you will not see Clarke acting like the lone wolf that she was for most of last season. Once she starts telling people, she will be more open to working with others again: “I think you will see more of her relying on her friends and family, which is good because (a) Eliza missed working with them and (b) it’s kind of like the old crew being back together again. It feels like season 1 again, which is awesome.”

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Clarke and Bellamy…Together Again. In particular, expect to see Clarke and Bellamy working side-by-side: “They’re a real team and I really like the way their storyline is going,” Taylor said “there’s a lot of mutual respect and they’re sharing the leadership role, so that’s cool.” Be cautious, however, because Morley ominously said “they’re obviously going to go on their own journeys and they’re going to have their own issues that they have to deal with and demons they have to fight. But for the most part in the beginning there is that unity again. But everything that’s peaceful is short-lived on this show. Just wait and see again.”

The Sins of the Past. Bellamy made some bad choices last season and the guilt he feels will not go away quietly, even as he works to atone in season 4. Morley said that “all the decisions he’s made since season one always hang over his head. So [so what happened in season 3 is] just another addition to the amount of guilt and remorse that he has. He’s got a lot of weight on his shoulders and he’s carrying that around but has to find a way to be useful again and to be helpful to those around him that he loves. It’s going to be dealt with, we’re constantly dealing with that stuff. The culling of the 500, Mount Weather. It doesn’t just go away. That’s the great thing about this show, I get to carry around those demons forever. That’s definitely prevalent this season.”

Who is Working Together? In addition to Clarke and Bellamy reuniting, “you’ll see a lot of Bellamy and Kane’s relationship which is really great for me,” Morley said.” I love working with [Henry Ian Cusick]. We have a lot of fun. He’s like, I guess, adopted me as his son or vice versa, maybe I’m the father figure between the two of us. There’s a lot of that stuff, Kane and Bellamy. Obviously the relationship with Octavia is always something that has to be addressed and we address constantly that ever-evolving relationship….There’s a return of the adventure squad of the younger kids as well which is a lot of fun. This season I’ve got to spread myself around a lot and work with a lot of different people which is nice.” Morley also said that “this show loves to pair groups of characters together that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. Ticking clock or not you always see these couplings and these groups that go out that you wouldn’t necessarily imagine being friendly or aggressive or whatever it is, regardless. Obviously the ticking clock [of the apocalypse] is a catalyst to putting these groups together. There’s a whole heap of different groups that you won’t usually see and I think the writing team really likes to explore putting characters together that you wouldn’t expect together.”

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Trying to Get Along. Murphy has generally been the guy to look out for number 1, but that may change a bit in season 4. “I think that a big theme of this season is seeing everyone’s true colors when all the chips are on the table,” Harmon said. “This [new apocalypse] is coming. It doesn’t really look like there’s any way we’re going to be able to get around it. It’s probably going to kill us all. What do your favorite characters do with that information? Do some of them actually try to fight against it with almost no hope of survival or do you give up and just enjoy your last couple weeks or months or however long it is on Earth? Speaking for Murphy specifically, I think we’ve seen him be a survivor this entire time. There’s been pretty bad times for him and times when he’s had nothing really to live for and he’s survived anyway just because he doesn’t want to die. I think I can say speaking for him that’s not going to change anytime soon. The guy cares and especially now that he has something to live for in Emori. I think he’s trying to get along with the group a little bit better. I think he’s, now more than ever, finding his place within the 100 team.”

A Stable Relationship? Clarke and Bellamy both lost their significant others last season, but Murphy is still trying to hang on tightly to his, according to Harmon: “We’re going to see a relationship [between Murphy and Emori] that is strained through the adversity of knowing the world is coming to an end. I think that’s a hell of thing to put any relationship through, but I know those two really care about each other. They’re two outsiders that have finally become insiders through each other. It’s a really beautiful thing and I’d like to take a second to acknowledge how amazing Luisa D’Oliveira is who plays Emori. One of my favorite teammates I’ve ever had on set. We just work really well together. I think that shows a lot on screen in the chemistry that we have and I’m really excited for fans to see where we’re going with that.”

Don’t miss the season premiere of THE 100 on Wednesday, February 1 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

THE 100: The Cast Teases What’s Next for the Grounders in Season 4


We learned a lot about the Grounders in season 3 of THE 100, including the fact that Becca (the scientist who created ALIE) was actually the first Grounder Commander. The Grounders are now without a Commander due to Lexa and Ontari’s deaths and the world is coming to an end…..again. How will the Earth’s original inhabitant’s deal with the new threats in season 4?

During a visit to the set of THE 100 in Vancouver, the cast teased what’s to come for the Grounders in season 4.

Where Does the Season Pick Up? Not with a time jump from the events of season 3. According to Zach McGowan (Roan) “It really just kind of picks up where it left off with the whole fall of the City of Light and all that. And the power struggle as to what’s going to happen in Polis and what not. So we meet right there. When the season, you know, picks up, Roan’s just been shot. So I think I’m like unconscious on the ground.”

The First Big Challenge. Obviously, the impending nuclear meltdown is going to be a big challenge for season 4, but before anyone can deal with that, they need to deal with the immediate aftermath of the season 3 premiere. Bob Morley (Bellamy) teased that “There’s a whole bunch of people who turned up to Polis under the guidance of ALIE so already, once everyone’s out of it, there’s a whole bunch of clans and people brought together by this one idea being ALIE that then come out of that and have to deal with what they’ve gone through and the fall-out from that. Also, not all clans get along so there’s that immediate place of waking up and being like, ‘There’s a whole bunch of people I don’t know or get along with.’ How do you confront that situation? That’s something that comes about. But obviously the impending doom is one of those things that you have to get into pretty quickly otherwise it will just get out of hand. That’s the pressing factor.”

What’s Next for Indra? “What happens to Indra, and all of us, [is] we’ve got a new enemy coming,” Adina Porter (Indra) said. “This one, we did not expect. It’s faceless, it’s unbeatable, and we’re all going to try to figure out how to win this one. You’ve always seen Indra being the brave warrior, but sometimes you can fight your way to survival, and sometimes you’ve got to figure out new skills to survive. You’ll see in season four some new skills.”

Roan, King of the Ice Nation. McGowan was right about Roan — when we first see him in season 4 he is in critical condition after being shot. McGowan has been named a regular for the new season, so clearly Roan doesn’t die. But his survival is a big part of the season premiere, as is who next takes control over the Grounders: “After the fall of ALIE and Lexa’s gone and there’s no Commander and Ontari’s gone and all of that, there’s a power vacuum,” McGowan explained. “So it’s a big question as to what’s the right thing for everyone and who is going to take power over [the others in season 4]. And I think that’s a big question for Roan — whether he even wants to do that kind of [power grab]. I’ve always kind of envisioned him, like, reluctantly involved in all of this. In Polis and whatnot. He’s not necessarily wholeheartedly into that. It’ll be a big question as to both who takes power and whether or not he’ll want it and whether or not he can control the Ice Nation, which is an unruly group (and he hasn’t obviously spent much time with them anyway since he’s been banished for so long). That’s something that’s explored quite a bit, without giving anything away.”

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New Ice Nation Voices. “I realized that last year….there were only two people from the Ice Nation who we’ve actually heard speak and [heard] their positions,” McGowan recounted. “And obviously one of them got a spear through her chest so she was not around anymore. So there are some new characters from [Ice Nation] that are brought around [in season 4].” In fact, without giving too much away, there is a very powerful voice from the Ice Nation we haven’t really heard from that will dominate the action and the political situation in Polis in the season 4 premiere.

The Absence of a Commander. Roan isn’t the only person who has to deal with the fact that the Grounders no longer have a Commander. Porter explained that “When you’re allowed to stick with your traditions, you can kind of relax in it, in a way. It’s like, this is the hierarchy, this is who we follow, and as a career warrior, this is what I do. Then, everything gets thrown in our faces because of our Commander not being there anymore, and how we traditionally find and believe a new Commander will come is being thrown into question. There are folks who want to stick with what we know, and then there are folks who want to trust having to deal with the new circumstances that are coming. We’re breaking up into new camps now. It used to be, I could trust you or not trust you by the costume that you wore. You were on that clan. Now, because everything’s kind of being thrown up into the air, I’ve got to trust you because of the deeds you are doing, not just who you happen to be. It’s kind of like new clans are being created within the clans. It’s kind of freaking scary, because I like tradition.”

Where is the Flame? Eliza Taylor (Clarke) explained that “It’s interesting because the flame….I mean, now that the City of Light has been shut down and the flame has kind of become a little bit obsolete, in the way that it’s not going to work the way that it would [have] given that there is no virtual world anymore. So I think for Clarke the flame is still so important to her because she still believes that it’s Lexa. She’s holding on to it as a keepsake and it’s still a very important….it plays a very important role in Grounder spirituality. So her having it certainly….it still holds power, but it don’t do the same stuff as it used to.” However, it *does* serve as a crucial symbol for the Grounders and its existence will come into play in the premiere.

Can the Differences Be Bridged? A big thing for the Grounders this season has to do with the different tribes and how they’ll all deal with the impending disaster. McGowan said that “[this season] you’ll see more and more of the differences between the different groups and how the different belief systems will kind of either work with…that’ll make people work together or force people further apart. And as is the case with the impending second apocalypse on its way, I think you find a lot of the struggle of ‘do we work together to face this challenge’ or is it ‘everyone for themselves’ and scatter and whatnot? That really becomes such a huge thing in the show this season — do we work together or do we not work together?”

New Clans. In addition to a bigger focus on Ice Nation (a.k.a. Azgeda), season 4 will introduce us to two new clans: Trishanakru and Shallow Valley. A photo of the clan’s costumes can be found below.

THE 100 returns for its fourth season on Wednesday, February 1 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

groundersGrounder costumes (from left to right): Trishanakru, Ice Nation (Azgeda) and Shallow Valley

THE 100 Season 4 Premiere Photos: How to Stop the End of the World

A.L.I.E. and the Mount Weather folks may have been defeated on THE 100, but an even bigger problem is going to emerge in season 4 of the show: the threat of nuclear meltdown. A.L.I.E. warned Clarke that the planet’s nuclear reactors were essentially self-destructing, which means that everyone would die from the excess radiation poisoning. But Clarke chose to end the false promise of the City of Light and killed A.L.I.E. regardless, which means she now has to figure out how to save the world from this new problem.

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When the show returns, it’s all about surviving. People start dying from radiation poisoning and it’s a race to save the world. Will the other clans turn on Skikru because of Clarke’s choice? Meanwhile, Octavia is more fully embracing her new Grounder behavior.

Season 4 of THE 100 premieres on Wednesday, February 1 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

THE 100 Season 4 Preview: A Dangerous New Threat


When we last left the post-apocalyptic world of THE 100, we learned that a new apocalypse may be neigh. As Clarke went to confront A.L.I.E. (an AI who seemed intent on enslaving the remaining humans on earth in their own minds), she learned that the Earth is still dying. Decaying nuclear plants and radiation were going to put an end to the planet in less than six months unless A.L.I.E. was around to continue her City of Light project. But Clarke decided that the false paradise/prison of the City of Light had to end, no matter the cost. And so A.L.I.E. is now gone and the world is in danger of being uninhabitable for everyone…including the arkers.

In the first preview from season 4 of THE 100 we see the cost of Clarke’s decision. Lesions are developing on people, deaths are increasing due to radiation exposure. But Clarke, Bellamy and the others are determined to find a way out of this mess. This, however, seems to be the biggest challenge they’ve ever faced. Olivia, meanwhile, falls deeper and deeper into her new life as a warrior, as you can see from the video below.

Don’t miss the season premiere of THE 100 on Wednesday, February 1 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

THE 100 Comic-Con Press Room: A New Apocalypse, Octavia’s New Job, the Flame, Anger at Clarke and More


THE 100 stars Eliza Taylor (Clarke), Henry Ian Cusick (Kane), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia), Lindsey Morgan (Raven) and Christopher Larkin (Monty) — as well as executive producer Jason Rothenberg — came to Comic-Con to speak to reporters about season 4 and teased a new apocalypse, the endurance of the Flame, anger at Clarke, Raven’s new role and more.

Picking Up in Polis. “We’re still in the Tower [when season 4 begins]”, Cusick said. “We pick up immediately after the City of Light and there’s a lot of carnage and a lot of guilt and a lot of doubts and insecurity. And then we get hit with the news that… A.L.I.E. told us that the radiation’s going to hit us in six months. So we’re just dealing with all of that immediately.”

The Focus for Season 4. “We set up the story [in the finale of season 3],” Rothenberg said. “It’s the fact that the world is going to end — again. Sort of an apocalyptic-post-apocalyptic show. It’s a very different story than we’ve told in previous seasons. I like to do that every year. Season one was the origin story; season two was Mount Weather; season three was the A.I.; and season four is the “Earth Strikes Back,” you know? We’ll see the environment beginning to collapse, and crazy s**t will start happening pretty quickly. They’re going to have to work on how to survive, not whether or not they can stop it. This doesn’t spoil anything because I think it’s in our DNA at this point: when we say something’s going to happen, it usually happens; there’s no eleventh hour save. So it’s about how they’re going to survive it, not whether or not they can stop it.”

The Absence of a Commander. “There’s a vacuum that needs to be filled and somebody will try and fill that, and that’s pretty much where [episode] one [picks up]. It’s so action packed, where that vacuum is almost immediately filled,” Cusick teased.

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Anger at Clarke. Understandably, Taylor thinks that a lot of people won’t be happy with Clarke for triggering an impending nuclear meltdown, even if it saved them from A.L.I.E. “They’re going to be mad. I think, at least. So, yeah, it could get a little intense in episode one when people kind of go, ‘Oh Wanheda, you’re a b***h’.” Rothenberg confirmed that “we’re going to see a lot of different reactions [what Clarke did at the end of season 3]. On the one hand, she just defeated this unbeatable enemy yet again, so the legend grows — the legend of Wanheda grows, and we’ll see a lot of interesting reactions to her in the first episode. But when people find out the truth, they’re going to be pissed off — some of them — for sure.”

The Enduring Flame. A.L.I.E. might be gone — as is the Commander — but the Flame will live on. Rothenberg said that “the Flame is still there. It’s a really important thing; it’s a touchstone; it’s an artifact. It’s not even close to important in season four as it was in season three, but whoever holds the Flame — even in lieu of a Commander, in lieu of a Nightblood — has some political power. So if you are the keeper of the Flame, people are going to listen to you, follow you. That’s a story that we’re going to tell, so it’s important still in that regard but not even close to what it meant last season. Last season it was like everybody wanted the Flame: A.L.I.E. needed the Flame; obviously Ontari needed the Flame, obviously; Clarke was not giving that thing up at all — it was Lexa in some way. And so ultimately it’s reduced but still there. We won’t forget about it. It will come back and play an important role eventually.”

Raven’s Role. “I feel like she’s kind of been reincarnated, and she’s had an upgrade mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and in a sense physically as far as—her pain’s still there, obviously, with her leg, and that’s never going to go away—but I think she’s found a new way to manage it and respects it because she chose to feel the pain over being numb—and respects that humanity for her,” Morgan said. “But as far as her arc and what she’s creating, she’s always been a builder, basically, a worker, so I think you’re going to really see her embark on something that is a manifesto for Raven Reyes to create. I wish I could tell you more!” She went on to explain that “everything that happened in the City of Light …because she escaped it in the way that she did, it was different than everyone else in the sense that a part of A.L.I.E stayed with her. We call it like the ‘Raven upgrade.’ She got the A.L.I.E. upgrade special, so her mind is working at an entirely different gear now. She’s in top gear, and she’s smarter than ever. She can code when she didn’t used to be able to code before. She can understand this technology; she didn’t used to be able to before the Ark and everything to do with A.L.I.E. and Becca and the creation. And you’re going to see that come to play in a big way for Raven. She was significantly changed by the City of Light and her experience with that, and you’re going to see what that kind of evolution and almost reincarnation is going to create for her in this coming season.”

Kane’s Role in Season 4. “Since [Kane] arrived on the Earth, his mission has always been to find a peaceful way for his people and for the Grounders to survive,” Cusick said. “I think he’s going to carry on with that, and I think it’s cool to have…you need to have a character-hero who is cool for choosing the peaceful way. The cool people should not be the ones who kick ass, although in our show there’s a lot of death and brutality and kick-assness. But Kane’s going to carry on with that path, I think, so he is going to be like an Ambassador to whoever’s in charge. Or is he in charge? I don’t know, we’ll see.”

Kane and Abby’s Budding Relationship. “It’s going to be kind of interesting now that they’ve sort of expressed their love [or] whatever you want to call it for each other…or their desire for each other, I suppose. It will be interesting to see if…the human race could potentially end in six months, what are those two going to do? Are we going to plant vegetables and watch sunsets — That could be a choice — or are they going to try and stop this from happening? I’m guessing the latter,” Cusick said.

Octavia’s New Profession. Octavia lost Lincoln in season 3 and while she killed the man who killed her lover, it won’t heal all of her pain. Avgeropoulos said that “she thought that killing Pike would band-aid that wound in her heart, but it didn’t, and season three ends with Octavia leaving, and you’re going to see her next season take some really dark turns and do what she does best, which is kill people. She doesn’t enjoy it, but she knows she’s good at it. So you’re going to see her journey, go to some really dark pastures, and she becomes an assassin.” As for where, specifically, Octavia headed at the end of last season, she hinted that “Octavia has a plan in her head, especially now that the war is over. Indra was in trouble the last time we saw her, so I would assume — if I was a fan and I could put two things together — that she’d be headed there first to make sure Indra’s okay, because other than Bellamy and Lincoln, Indra’s the only other one that’s ever believed in her, especially on the Grounder side of things, so that would be my guess…..Killing and fighting is the only thing that Octavia’s ever really been good at, so [her] peers are doctors, mechanics, programmers, [but] Octavia’s really quick and efficient at fighting, and she has a lot of pent-up rage happening right now, so you’ll see her become an assassin with a particular group of people that need her that you guys are familiar with, but I can’t tell you who.”

Controversy and a Dark Season. Rotheberg knows that there were some controversial decisions made in season 3 of THE 100 and he also acknowledged that the season was particularly dark. “We don’t sit around and try to say, ‘How do we appeal to everybody?’ You know, we’re not trying to do fan service.  I’m literally the only person that I’m trying to please, and I hope that when I like something, the fans like it, and sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. I feel like last season there were definitely some controversial [decisions], for sure. I set out in the beginning of the season to really go dark and really, sort of, push the envelope in a lot of ways, and you know, obviously some people didn’t like the Bellamy turn, and other  people didn’t like the Lexa death, and obviously the Lincoln death was controversial, too. What I will say is there were not enough wins in season 3. There was probably a relentlessness to the storytelling that wasn’t levened quite as much as it usually is. A part of that is because Jasper and Monty’s characters, who were usually kind of comic relief, they both had depressing as hell storylines, too. So we go to comic relief, and it’s like, ‘Oh s**t, that’s even more dark than the story we just left.'”

The Monty-Jasper Reunion. While the comic relief characters had dark storylines last season, Larkin thinks there’s some hope for Monty and Jasper’s relationship, as ell as Monty’s budding romance. “I think the most important thing is that at the end of the season we’re finally left with a moment of hope between Monty and Jasper for the first time since like mid-Mount Weather. And yeah, I don’t think things are going to be perfect– they’re far from ideal — but you feel like they’re finally ready to forgive one another and be the brothers that they’ve always been to each other, so I’m excited to explore that. I’m also excited to explore this new romantic foray with Harper potentially.” Larkin is also focused on how Monty can help save the world in season 4: “He has to find a solution, right? And I mean here’s the consolation: the Mountainmen did it; the Grounders did it; it’s possible. But I think we need to start working with the Grounders much better than we’ve been doing have in the past because they know how to do it; they’ve already succeeded. So, yeah, I’m excited for next season.”

THE 100 will return at midseason on The CW.

THE 100 Comic-Con Panel: The Cast and Producers Tease Season 4

the 100

Earth was not a kind place for the Arc survivors this past season on THE 100. Between an A.I. trying to convert everyone and the battle for the Commander position of the 12 clans (13 – if you count SkaiKru), we lost a lot of people in season 3. Lexa was probably one of the most controversial deaths of television this year, but in the end, she was the one who helped Clarke defeat Alie inside the City of Light.

When it all seemed to finally have settled and that they were going to be okay, The Powers That Be decided to throw us for a loop and left us with a huge cliffhanger — apparently, Earth is on the verge of a nuclear apocalypse. Can’t these guys ever catch a break?

THE 100 stars Eliza Taylor, Lindsey Morgan, Marie Avgeropoulos, Chris Clarkin, Henry Ian Cusick and Richard Harmon — along with executive producer Jason Rothenberg — took to the stage at San Diego Comic-Con to tease what’s coming up in season 4.

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We started the hour with a sizzle reel to catch people up on the past 3 seasons of THE 100 and that ended with Clarke asking if they even deserve to survive, now that they have an impending apocalypse (check out the ominous smoke surrounding Polis in the video below). Jason Rotherberg elaborated on that and commented about how, this time, their enemy is not human — it’s not something that can be killed or defeated. Eliza Taylor teased that Clarke will react in typical Clarke fashion, and try to get everyone on board with a plan, but that some of the other characters’ reactions to that will be very different and varied.

Other highlights:

  • Octavia will take a really dark turn, according to Marie Avgeropoulos. Next season, she will embrace what she does best and will become an assassin of sorts. She says Indra had a map part in helping Octavia finding herself and that she became a warrior because of it; and she is most definitely embracing that this season.
  • Lindsey says Raven is so much stronger now because of Alie. The AI left so much knowledge in her head and she feels like Raven will be a completely different person next season. She’s been through hell and back and that has only made her tougher.
  • Richard Harmon says that Murphy has found his match and someone that he can share his life with. . He thinks that for the first time he can see the possibility of a happy ending for Murphy.
  • Jason says that Indra and Roan are both alive. Zach McGowan is joining the cast as a series regular, so we will see a lot more of the Ice Nation King. He’s going to come back in a big way, the executive producer teased. He also mentioned that we will get to see Luna again and that we will see her join the rest of the characters.
  • Another interesting fact that Jason mentioned was that Jasper was supposed to kill himself after he got out of City of Light, but he felt that it was way too dark, so they changed Jasper’s fate and he is definitely coming back next season.
  • The flame is still very much accessible, but there are no nightbloods that want it. However, Titus had some scouts around the world to look for them, so we will get to see more of that. At first, there is no leadership in sight, for the 13 clans nor for Arcadia.

THE 100 returns with an all new season in 2017 on The CW.