SUPERNATURAL Comic-Con Press Room: The Cast and Producers Tease the Devil’s Son, Alternate Realities and More


After a SUPERNATURAL panel that included a live performance by Kansas, actors Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins joined producers Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb for the show’s press room, which gave us an opportunity to learn more about Lucifer’s son, how Mary will survive in the alternate world, the upcoming SUPERNATURAL spin-off and what’s to come for Sam and Dean Winchester in season 13.

Jack and the Winchesters. How will the brothers deal with their new Hell-spawn ward? “No big deal,” Jensen Ackles joked. “[It will be like] Two Men and a Baby. We pick up right where we left off and essentially Dean’s lost everybody aside from his brother. He doesn’t really know how to respond to that or emotionally process what just happened. But what he can do is go shoot someone in the face. So that’s what he tries to go do. It doesn’t happen. Sam stops him and tries to talk some sense [into him]. But that’s the mission that happens in kind of the first episode. Because that’s what he knows he can do and that’s something he can do right there. Dealing with what just happened, he’ll deal with that once they neutralize the threat. But of course the kid gets away and now it’s a bit of a manhunt.” Ackles also said that the alternate universe is “one thing that keeps Dean from just opening fire [against Jack. He opened the other world so] if he did it once, what’s to say he can’t do it again. Maybe he can do it again and maybe he can try to get Mom back. There’s possibilities, but Dean is going to treat it like ‘keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer’ type of thing.”

Meanwhile, when asked whether Jack is really their foe or if the brothers just don’t understand his intentions, Jared said it’s “a little bit of both. So Dean, I think, sees Jack as a foe. Jack is like same song, different verse [in terms of bad guys]. We’ve seen this before where we think this is going to be fine. There was the demon Ruby and there was this and that. But it always comes back to bite us. So I think Dean as we might have guessed is like ‘let’s shoot first and figure out later’. Whereas Sam, I think for a lot of reasons — one being trying to figure out what happened to Mary — wants to try and nurture [Jack]. I think Sam sees a lot of himself in Jack. Sam was supposed to be evil. Sam had demon blood [in him] before he was one year old. And I think he’s trying to convince himself that nurture is more powerful than nature. Sam is human, but I guess you could also argue he’s part demon [but] he’s kept it at bay for a while. I think he’s getting getting flustered at Dean without really saying ‘hey man, you want to kill me too?'”

Winchester Conflict. There will be some disagreement between the brothers this season, although it won’t necessarily be as bad as what we’ve seen in the past. Ackles said. “it’s not so much the brothers are head-to-head like it’s been in the past seasons. It’s more of [a situation where] Dean wants to go this route, Sam wants to go this route, but they will both eventually end up in the same place. Dean will acquiesce to Sam and be like ‘we’ll try it your way, but if anything happens we do things my way’. So it’s more like that.”

Sam as a Leader. We really saw Sam step up and take the lead in the fight about the British Men of Letters at the end of last season and Jared explained that he thinks “Sam has always been kind of ultimately powerful. He’s been Lucifer. He’s been so full of demon blood that he started the apocalypse. So Sam is a thinker and he knows that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely….[This leadership role for him is going to] continue as much as it can and it needs to. Obviously the British Men of Letters problem [is gone but] there’s another task at hand. And he certainly has taken the lead and he has taken the lead with Jack. So maybe that was awakened in him at the end of season 12.”

The Search for Mary and Her Life in the Alternate Reality. When asked how the brothers will try to retrieve their mother Jared said “I think Sam is going to be doing the only thing that he logically can do, which is try to figure out how the universe opened up in the first place — which I think we know it rhymes with ‘Jack’ — and seeing if he can help guide Jack to a place where he could do it again. Even though Jack didn’t do it consciously; he didn’t knowingly open up a rift to another universe, it just happened when he was born. But I think Sam is really going to be trying to figure out how to nurture Jack into a place where he can tell us where Mom is.”

Singer also explained that Mary “does try to run away from [Lucifer] first thing [in the alternate reality], but it doesn’t turn out as well as she might hope. We visit there, but we don’t live in that universe for a whole long time. It’s always there in episodes but the majority of the time is spent in this world. Whenever we do visit there and we meet some characters there — some that we know and new ones — it’s just really not a pleasant place. I think a little bit of that is going to go a long way. A lot of the emotional stuff about what the season [is about] is that Dean is convinced that once Mom went through that rift with Lucifer [it] was curtains for her. Sam is of the opinion that [they have] this kid and he opened the rift once, let’s go see for ourselves. If she’s alive, let’s try to save her. That causes a certain bit of head-butting among the two guys. And that’s part of this idea of the family being torn apart, that they have sort of different takes about this. Dean gets a little dark about that.”

Jack as a Hunter. Will Jack be riding around and accompanying Sam and Dean on cases? “In the beginning, without getting too specific, he doesn’t have much control over his powers,” Singer explained about Jack. “I guess he’s a little bit like the Hulk in that regard, in that he can do things but he does them involuntarily. Part of him, because he’s half-human, doesn’t want to hurt people. He knows he has this thumb drive that his mother left him talking about [the fact that] he can be what he wants to be. And he has this angel looking over him. So he’s aware of all this. But he can’t control himself. So it’s really about how do you get that balance? He’s interested in the hunter world but he has a couple of mis-steps early on and, again, what Dean feels about him in the beginning of the year as opposed to what Sam wants to do with him, they’re really worlds apart. So there’s a lot of conflict between the guys there and this kid is kind of caught in the middle. But good drama is conflict so that’s what we try to do every year.”

Season 13’s Bid Bad. Don’t think of Jack as the biggest threat in season 13, according to Dabb. “Jack is not the biggest threat they are dealing with. The biggest threat they’re dealing with — I will not tell you who it is [but] but I will say it’s an old — let’s call him friend — who we have not seem for many years and who will create many, many problems for our guys. And he probably is not currently in our world. He was from the alternate world.” When asked whether the big bad might be Michael Dabb replied “I’ll plead the fifth on that one.”

Familiar Faces Will Return. “I think that’s the great thing about SUPERNATURAL is we have supporting characters that we think are so strong we want to give them their own TV show,” Dabb said. “We have other people out there that are coming back for us. And I think in the alternate reality — look, we don’t want to play the game where it’s like every week and here’s alternative version of character X from season 3. We don’t want to play that game. I think that game gets boring very quickly. But we have some characters who are very sorely missed on our show coming back in interesting ways. And in ways that you do not necessarily expect. Certainly [they won’t always be] the character we knew, but it’s still the character we know who’s been through a lot of horrible, horrible things.”

Going Through Loss. “[The brothers losing their family recently] is really kind of a devastating blow,” Singer said. “How one reacts to that is what makes people different. I think you’ve seen where a family member will die and some people will show their emotion, or they’re trying to get their stuff out, [while others] become withdrawn and don’t deal with it. They don’t deal with their own emotions. I think that latter one is a little more where Dean is at. He kind of gets darker as the first few episodes go on. He begins to [question] ‘what is this all about and what am I doing?'” How will the brothers react to losing Cas? That will be part of this feeling of loss “Even to a certain extent Crowley is gone. He was a frenemy but he basically gave himself up for them. It’s pretty devastating. It leaves them in a really strange place and if they just had to deal with it alone, so be it, but now they’ve got this kid, this man-child that they have to deal with. It’s a lot of complication. We did that intentionally, but it’s a season based on emotion, not on big stuff…..Last year was very big with the British Men of Letters and the whole organizational thing and all that. This year we made a conscious effort that we want to go a little smaller and more personal. So with Mom and apocalypse world, with Lucifer and the boys have to deal with Satan’s son, there’s a lot of emotional possibilities and that’s kind of what we wanted to play with this year. Last year was about bringing family back together, this is what do you do when your family gets blown apart.”

Cas’s Self-Doubt. “I think that Cas goes through varying [and] different stages — varying and different degrees of self-loathing over time,” Misha said. “So a lot of his actions end up being motivated by him trying to sort of pay penance for past failures that he perceives himself having made. He carries baggage with him. Like when he screws something up he just doesn’t let it go. So that has been a big motivating factor for him for a long time — trying to do the right thing because he feels like he has failed in the past. And I think we saw that at the end of season 12 — he can’t forgive himself. I think he gets a little bit of a reset at the beginning of season 13, by which I mean he’s dead. But he gets a little bit of a reset because I think the circumstances as they unfolded at the end of [season 12] felt like they weren’t really anybody’s fault. Although I suppose Castiel could find a way to blame himself in some way. But so far in what I’ve seen he isn’t blaming himself too much. And I think that now we’re also sort of uniting around a common purpose ultimately.”

Which Cas Will Return? Misha was a bit vague when asked whether the version of Cas we know would return, so it’s a bit up in the air right now: “Well, we’re going to see different iterations of….well, yeah. The Cas that comes back is not like a totally different Cas.”

Cas and Jack. “It takes along time for them to actually come together in the show,” Misha explained of Jack and Castiel’s first meeting. “I don’t think we have scenes together until episode 6. But, in a way, I think Jack sort of thinks of him as a surrogate father or something like that. There’s some sort of strange imprinting that may have happened even though Cas was dead.” Is Jack on their side though? “I think that’s a big question for everybody.”

The Spin-Off. With the news that Donna, Alex and Claire would join Jody in the SUPERNATURAL spin-off WAYWARD SISTERS today, Dabb explained that we’re going to see the official backdoor pilot in “episode 10, so it’ll be our first episode back from our midseason break. And I will not give away plot secrets, but I will say it’s about putting together this team of really, really excellent characters — four that we know and two that we will meet this season, the first in episode 3 and the next in episode 9 — and allowing them to kind of kick some ass. And tell a story that I think [feels like it’s] in the SUPERNATURAL universe, in the SUPERNATURAL sphere, but will feel and play [a bit different from] SUPERNATURAL.”

The spin-off is “something that we have been talking about internally really since we re-introduced Claire Novak to the show, which I believe was season 9,” Dabb said. “And the idea that Jody had already taken in Alex Jones [we thought] oh, this might be an opportunity to make this happen. It’s something that simmered for us and fans really latched on it in a way we never could have expected and in a really awesome way. And then for us it was like last season because of the British Men of Letters and because of [Mary], it didn’t feel right [to introduce it]. This season it feels right. And the way it’s going, as you’ll see as you watch the show in the first half of [season 13], it evolves I think very organically out of the first half of the season in a way that we were able to do because we had such a high amount of lead time. It feels, unlike the first spin-off we did — which was, by design, meant to not feel like SUPERNATURAL — this is meant to feel like SUPERNATURAL but a different set of stories in that world, but very much the same sensibilities, the same driving forces and the same core themes, which [is] family.”

Missouri Moseley, who has not been seen since season 1 of the show, will be returning and she’ll be connected to the spin-off. Singer said that “she is the grandmother of Patience, who will be the third [young] girl in [the spin-off]. [Missouri] reluctantly has actually passed down through generations her psychic skills. [Patience’s] father wants her to deny those and not give in to this world. Circumstances dictate that she has to and that’s how she ends up at Jody’s.” We’ll see Missouri in episode 3.

SUPERNATURAL returns for an all new season on October 12 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.



Warner Bros has announced additional casting for the SUPERNATURAL spin-off WAYWARD SISTERS. Kim Rhodes’ presence as Jody Mills was already announced, but now additional characters (known and unknown) have been confirmed.

Here’s what you need to know about the show’s leading ladies.

Leading the group is Sioux Falls Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes – Colony, Kings of Con), an associate of Bobby Singer, who has grown to be one of Sam and Dean Winchester’s most trusted friends and allies. A foster mother to Claire Novak, Alex Jones and new character Patience Turner, Jody’s greatest challenge will be to prepare them for the battles ahead.

Lending Jody a hand will be series fan-favorite Sheriff Donna Hanscum (Briana Buckmaster – Arrow, Frequency), a relative novice to the hunter’s life, but a close friend who Jody can confide in.

Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton – Big Little Lies, Manchester by the Sea) was introduced to the supernatural world when her father became the vessel for the angel Castiel (series star Misha Collins). Now, a gifted hunter, she lives with Jody, but struggles against her rules.

Also taken in under Jody’s wing, Alex Jones (Katherine Ramdeen – The Tall Man, Almost Human) was rescued by the Winchesters from a family of vampires who used her as a lure for unsuspecting humans. Traumatized by the violence, she has resolved not to hunt…until a threat emerges in Sioux Falls that threatens her new family.

A new member of the Wayward Sisterhood is the character Patience Turner (Clark Backo – Designated Survivor), a high school over-achiever whose life is turned upside down when she discovers she’s a powerful psychic, a gift she inherited from her estranged grandmother (and season one Supernatural character) Missouri Moseley. Hunted by dark forces for her power, Patience finds refuge with Jody and her wayward family.

The spin-off will be introduced in an episode of SUPERNATURAL. WAYWARD SISTERS is written by Andrew Dabb and Robert Berens, who will executive produce along with Robert Singer and Phil Sgriccia.

SUPERNATURAL Comic-Con Panel: The Cast and Producers Tease Season 13


Three characters were killed in the last season finale of SUPERNATURAL and Sam and Dean Winchester were left with the spawn of Satan, while Mary and Lucifer were trapped in an alternate dimension. In other words, everyone is in the trouble — including the world itself. Lucifer and Kelly’s son, Jack, aged quickly after killing his own mother with his birth and now the Winchesters will have to deal with a being of immense power while reeling from the deaths of their friends and allies, as well as their mother’s disappearance.

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and executive producers Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb came to San Diego Comic-Con to tease season 13 of SUPERNATURAL and what the Winchester brothers will be dealing with next season.

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10.35 – Jared and Jensen filmed a cute little intro to the panel talking about heading to Hall H and Kansas came out to perform “Wayward Sons” live! (watch the video below).

10.41 – Richard Speight Jr and Rob Benedict came on stage to moderate the panel.

10.45 – Did they really kill Castiel? Singer said “we have to go with the story takes you” and the writers thought that perhaps Castiel’s time had come. As he said that Misha dragged his own little chair out on stage.

10.48 – Singer confirmed that Misha will be returning to the show.

10.49 – Dabb said that leading into season 12 the guys had the happiest situation they could have — their mom was back, they saved the world without having to sacrifice each other, and their friends were alive. But in season 13 “we just murder”, he joked.

10.54 – Jared and Misha recall the twitter pranks they’ve played on each other, including posting rude/embarrassing tweets on each other’s phones.

10.55 – How will Dean and Sam react to Jack? “Differently,” Jensen said. With their mom and Cas being gone, the brothers now have this person/thing/entity and “in Dean’s mind [he] just simply has to go”. But because Jack is half-human Sam wants to handle him differently and not simply kill him.

10.57 – Jensen jokes “why would anyone want to see how it turns out?” if they let Jack live. Jared reiterated that the Jack situation is a “nature versus nurture” argument. Sam, ever the optimist, wants to try to figure out how to handle Jack because he’s still Kelly’s son and Kelly was a good person. Dabb said that Sam is a character who was destined to do “very bad things” and he can put himself in Jack’s shoes a bit better. And Jack will struggle with his situation in their version of “Hell: My Two Dads”.

10.59 – Dean thinks that Mary is gone, that she went through the rift with Lucifer and then the rift closed. Singer says that Dean is convinced their mother is lost to them forever. While Dean is upset he’s prepared to accept it. But Sam thinks that Mary could still be alive — after all, the boys have traveled to other dimensions and returned. It will be a problem between the guys because Sam’s mission is “let’s find Mom” and Dean thinks they have bigger fish to fry. But Mary is definitely not dead. “Dean is kind of a debbie-downer at the beginning of the season,” Jared joked.

11.01 – Dabb said that it took Mary a while to find her footing with the world and her sons after she came back. But Mary made the sacrifice to kill Lucifer and go into the rift knowingly and she comes to terms with that, even if she’s still being active. The world she’s gone into is worse than the world where her sons are. Jack is the key to getting Mary back — but is opening that rift really something the brothers want done? It could threaten their dimension.

11.03 – The end of last season was about other people helping the Winchesters after the Winchesters helped so many people (such as Jody and the other hunters).

11.04 – We also saw Bobby in the other world. Could we see other characters in that world? “Am I coming back?” Benedict joked about God’s possible return. Singer said that there is definitely a good chance other characters could come back. Dabb says characters will come back in both our world and the alternate world. Missouri Moseley and Jody will both be back. In the other world characters who are “long dead on our show” are less dead in the other world. And they will be very different characters.

11.08 – Jensen likes that they’re never telling the same stories twice. There’s always new characters and new stories to tell. “We’ve had great seasons we’ve had maybe not so great seasons” but he’s always proud to be part of something that has lasted this long. Jared agreed and said that for him as well, life can has its ebbs and flows, but it’s wonderful. And to look out at the crowd after 13 years and see how many fans they have blows him away.

11.22 – “Baby is not a prop. Baby is a part of me,” Jensen said in response to a question about favorite props. He said that the weight of the angel blade really calls to him because he’s always spinning it in his hand and it’s like the “OG fidget spinner”. Meanwhile, Jared’s favorite prop is the demon blade. He said that it was actually put together incorrectly when it first appeared on camera. He found that out early on and whenever he has to handle it he’s conscious of that because when he pulls it out the blade is facing the wrong way.

11.25 – What fear would they die from if the curse in “Yellow Fever” was true? Misha joked his would be “being up on stage in front of a large number of people with my friends making fun of me”. Jensen said “about 13 years ago [being in this situation] probably would have killed me.” He thinks that being in front of a large crowd like this is “daunting”. He’s been able to face that, but years ago that would have been one for him.

11.29 – The final fan at the microphone asked which character would make the most interesting spin-off? Dabb said that they have a lot of strong female characters on the show, such as Jody, Alex and Donna and he thinks they would make a great addition to the SUPERNATURAL universe. Casting for the spin-off WAYWARD SISTERS was also announced today.

SUPERNATURAL returns for an all new season on October 12 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

ARROW Comic-Con Preview and Teasers: Oliver Tries to Pick Up the Pieces in Season 6

Arrow 523-featured image

ARROW ended last season on a terrifying note, with all of Oliver’s friends on an island while it exploded, leaving their fates up in the air. In addition, Adrian Chase shot and killed himself in front of Oliver and his son, leaving the two men on a boat in the ocean surrounding Lian Yu.

When the show returns Oliver is back in Star City, but his son is traumatized by the events of last season, and Oliver is trying to pick up the pieces.

The producers won’t be rebooting the show despite the fact that they wrapped up a five year storyline last year. They will be doubling-down on a lot of the dark, gritty storytelling, but we will see a different kind of Oliver Queen after the last ten years and particularly the events of last season.

Despite actors such as David Ramsey and Emily Bett Rickards appearing on the panel, the producers wouldn’t confirm who will make it off the island. What they would reiterate is that Katie Cassidy is back full-time as Black Siren. Meanwhile, the new Black Canary also has a new costume.

While season 5 was about building up a new Team Arrow, season 6 will be about doubling-down on the concept of “found family”. To do this they’re also coming up with a group of villains next season. David Nykl will be reprising his role as Anatoly and he’ll be coming back with a “literal vengeance”. They also revealed that another member of this villainous cabal will be playing by Michael Emerson (LOST). Fans will also be introduced to the character Richard Dragon from the comics, although the producers wouldn’t confirm who would be playing him.

While the flashbacks to Oliver’s life on Lian Yu are over, the show will still be showing a few flashbacks, although they won’t be in every episode. Instead, they’ll be more character-specific. This also led the producers to reveal that Manu Bennett will return in the season premiere and he’ll also be back for a special two-part episode where the writers will be focused on Slade Wilson, including showcasing a Slade flashback story.

ARROW will return for a new season on September 12 on The CW.

THE FLASH Comic-Con Preview: Will Barry Return to Central City in Season 4?


Barry Allen sacrificed himself to the Speed Force after defeating Savitar at the end of season 3 of THE FLASH. But how is Central City — and his loved ones — doing with Barry and the Flash? Iris is trying to honor his last request to her (to keep running). But when they come across a villain who demands that they hand over the Flash, Cisco builds a device that could bring Barry back.

A new preview from the CW which aired during today’s Comic-Con panel revealed that Barry might be returning to Central City sooner than anything had thought.

During the panel the producers revealed that new big bad for season 4 will be Clifford Devoe, a.k.a. the Thinker, played by Neil Sandilands (THE 100). They’re describing his match-up against Barry as the “fastest man alive versus the fastest mind alive” and as a genius “he’s devised an intricate plan to fix all that he deems wrong with humanity.” The producers will also be lightning up the tone of the show a little bit after last season got very dark.

Kim Engelbrecht (DOMINION) will also appear as DC character The Mechanic, a highly intelligent engineer who designs devices for Devoe. “As Devoe’s right hand, she’s the truest of true believers who’ll stop at nothing to help him implement his plan to fix humanity,” according to the studio.

In addition, Danny Trejo (MACHETE) has signed on to play the role of Breacher, a “feared bounty hunter from Earth-19 and the imposing father to inter-dimensional bounty hunter, Gypsy (Jessica Camacho). His mission is to prevent any inter-dimensional traveler from threatening life on his planet — especially his daughter’s.”

THE FLASH will return for a new season on October 10 on The CW.

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Comic-Con Preview: The Crew Tries to Fix Time in Season 3


When we last saw the crew on LEGENDS OF TOMORROW they had essentially “broken time”, causing serious consequences for the world. For example, they arrived in present-day Los Angeles to find dinosaurs roaming the city. During the show’s Comic-Con panel The CW released a new preview for season 3 of the show.

How will the Legends fix time? “One episode at a time,” teased the producers. The show will open with a direct pick-up from the end of the last season and while they’re not going to fix all time right away, they will start dealing immediately with dinosaurs in Los Angeles. The Legends also won’t just be the only game in town. Rip Hunter has reconstituted a new version of the Time Hunters and the big question for the team will be where they fit into this new playing field — because they definitely aren’t the only game in town and they’re not necessarily the best in terms of time travel.

In terms of new villains, last year the producers loved having a collection of bad guys and they want to continue drawing from familiar faces and villains from the various DC shows. The producers also announced that Damian Darhk will be returning (with Neal McDonough returning as a series regular). The last time we saw him was in Miami in 1987 and in the next season they’ll be meeting a new version of Damian — one who is a bit more dark this time. The show will also be bringing back Captain Cold (as a recurring guest star) but he won’t necessarily be “version that [Rory] remembers”. Expect a different version of Leonard Snart.

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW will return for a new season on October 10 on The CW.

SUPERGIRL at Comic-Con: Adrian Pasdar, Carl Lumbly, Yael Grobglas & Emma Tremblay to Recur in Season 3


Today Waner Bros and the cast of SUPERGIRL announced that four actors will be recurring in season 3 of the show: Adrian Pasdar, Carl Lumbly, Yael Grobglas and Emma Tremblay. Here’s what we know about the new characters they will be playing:

Adrian Pasdar (HEROES) will play the charismatic capitalist Morgan Edge, a ruthless real estate developer who will stop at nothing to get what he wants (and what he feels he deserves). The DC villain’s big plans for National City instantly put him at odds with Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath).

Carl Lumbly (ALIANS) embodies the classic DC character M’yrnn J’onzz, the father of J’onn J’onnz, the Martian Manhunter (David Harewood). A pacifist religious leader on Mars, M’yrn pushes his son in unexpected ways. Actor Lumbly is no stranger to the J’onzz family, as he’s voiced the Martian Manhunter on the Justice League animated series.

Yael Grobglas (JANE THE VIRGIN) portrays DC character Psi, a psychic villain who uses people’s own minds against them. Psi’s agenda puts her on Supergirl’s radar, and their meeting will affect the Girl of Steel in surprising ways. (Link to license preferred photo of Ms. Grobglas:

Emma Tremblay (WAYWARD PINES) plays Ruby, a smart, independently minded National City kid who’s fascinated by Supergirl and ends up in jeopardy because of it.

SUPERGIRL returns for its third season Monday, October 9 on The CW.

THE ORIGINALS Comic-Con Sizzle Reel: Always and Forever


It was recently announced that THE ORIGINALS’ upcoming fifth season would be the show’s last, which means that this year’s appearance at Comic-Con will be the final panel.

To introduce this milestone, The CW has released a sizzle reel highlighting the show and hinting at what’s to come. In chronicling the Mikaelson’s “always and forever” promise, we know that this vow has been broken by forces outside the family. When the Hollow took over Hope and threatened to take her away from the family, Kol, Rebekah, Elijah and Klaus each took a part of the Hollow into themselves and promised to stay away from each other forever, lest the power of the Hollow come back if they were in close proximity again. This saved Hope’s life but forced the siblings apart.

Now, as we can see at the end of the video below, a teenage Hope is determined to reunite her family. But we suspect that her quest will be extremely difficult. The Hollow could return and the siblings have the problem of Elijah’s erased memories to overcome as well.

THE ORIGINALS will return midseason on The CW.

RIVERDALE: The Cast and Producers Tease Season 2


Fred Andrews was shot at the end of RIVERDALE’s first season but the identity shooter is a mystery to Archie and the fans. In fact, that’s going to be a big mystery in the second season, much like Jason Blossom’s death was in the first season.

The cast and producers of RIVERDALE came to San Diego Comic-Con to tease what’s to come for this sleepy — and murderous — little town.

An Extended Season. Season 2 of RIVERDALE has been extended to 22 episodes, giving the show a full season next year. Because the show has a huge cast and couldn’t focus in on several characters in season 1, executive producer Robert Aguirre-Sacasa says that we’re going to see more of Kevin and Josie and the Pussycats in season 2.

Fred’s Fate. We’re going to find out Fred’s ultimate fate by the end of the season 2 premiere. The first episode is Archie and the gang sitting and waiting to see what happens to Fred. Archie will also be dealing with his father being shot and “there’s almost a switch that goes off”, leading us to see a different side of Archie, according to K.J. Apa. In the midst of all this uncertainty, however, expect to see what the producers call the show’s “sexiest scene” between Veronica and Archie.

Jughead’s New School. In season 2 Jughead is put in the middle of two worlds that are going to “collide and erupt”. But as the season goes on he’ll be forced to pick a side, which will make things difficult for him as he’s a morally grey character according to Cole Sprouse. With Jughead always a bit of an outsider, we’ll see that continue even more in season 2 when he’s physically away from the rest of his friends by going to another school. We’ll also start seeing him stand out at Southside High, which could actually lead to some trouble for him. Aguirre-Sacasa also hinted that they’re trying to cast actors to play Jughead’s mother and sister for the second half of the season and hope they can introduce those characters later in season 2.

Jughead and Betty. Lili Reinhart says that Jughead’s new school and gang activities will scare Betty a lot, leading to a bit of a Romeo and Juliet situation for the pair. Their relationship will be tested according to Sprouse and Jughead in particular will be tested the “most by the world around him”. Betty will be put in a position whether she will have to decide whether to be with Jughead or “call it quits for the betterment of herself”.

Dark Betty. Reinhart said that season 1 featured “dark Betty” but season 2 is more of a “tortured soul Betty”. We’ll be exploring a lot more of her darkness and watching her come to terms more with it instead of just “covering it with a black wig”. But who will she lean on through this journey? She’ll find a lot of comfort in Archie, Betty and Jughead, but we’ll see more of Archie and Betty’s friendship in particular in season 2. Aguirre-Sacasa also hinted that we’ll see Betty “loosen her ponytail a bit more this [coming] season”.

The Lodge Family. Camila Mendes said that Mark Conseulos really slid into the role of Hiram Lodge for season 2. He’s been a very smooth businessman, but Mendes says that Veronica doesn’t really trust her father. He apparently is trying to be a better person, bit Hiram and Hermione are definitely keeping secrets from Veronica and she’s desperate to be let in. We’ll also see Archie and Hiram interacting in season 2. But a really big problem for Veronica is the fact that we’re going to see another man coming into her life — her ex-boyfriend from New York City will be coming and he really brings out Veronica’s dark side.

Girl Power. Episode 2.05 is a big episode of “girls sticking together”. Veronica’s ex-boyfriend will be causing a lot of trouble for both Veronica and Cheryl and it sounds like the girls band together to combat his brand of trouble.

A Chilly Cheryl. “Cheryl gets colder and meaner in season 2, but she takes the reins back from her parent and starts taking control of her life a lot more,” according to Madelaine Petsch.

A New Face. We’ll be seeing a new character – Toni Topaz — from the Archie comics. She’s a student at Southside High and is a Southside Serpent. She’ll be Jughead’s guide into the Serpent world and Aguirre-Sacasa jokes that she’s “like a female Jughead”. But she’ll also be trouble in terms of getting Jughead deeper into this gang. Will she be bisexual like in the comics? Yes, according to the producers.

New Relationships. Kevin will be dealing with the heartbreak of his boyfriend leaving at the end of season 1, but Casey Cott hints that Kevin will get another boyfriend in season 2. Ashleigh Murray also hinted that Josie might be “batting her eyes” at Reggie Mantle.

A Taste of the Supernatural. Apparently the producers have been discussing a “prominent supernatural character from the comics” and it was hinted that they might be making an appearance next season.

RIVERDALE will be returning on Wednesday, October 11 on The CW.

THE 100 at Comic-Con: The Cast and Producers Tease Season 5

the 100

The main characters of THE 100 were separated in a major way at the end of season 4, with Octavia and Abby joining a large group of grounders in a bunker underground; Bellamy, Raven, Monty and Murphy heading up to the ark with some grounders; and Clarke remaining back on the ground, prepared to sacrifice herself so that her friends could get to space. But Clarke didn’t die and now she has a young girl, Maddie, that she is looking after. She’s also been out of communication with her mother and friends for over six years and, as we saw, there is a group of mysterious new people hovering in ships in the sky, coming down to the ground.

The cast, including Eliza Taylor (Clarke), Bob Morley (Bellamy), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia), Lindsey Morgan (Raven), Richard Harmon (Murphy), Chris Larkin (Monty), and executive producer Jason Rothenberg came to San Diego Comic Con to talk about season 5. In addition, we got a few extra tidbits from THE 100 press room, so read on for more about the upcoming season.

Reinventing the Show. We pick up six years and 7 days down the line when THE 100 returns for the fifth season. One of the coolest things about a time jump is that the writers can show this new chapter of the character’s lives and how they have changed, Rothenberg said. Major changes make sense given what everyone has been through but we will see that the characters are still the people we know and love, even if they’ve grown in some cases or devolved in others.

The New Guys. The arrival of the prisoners on those mysterious ships is the primary story for the season. They are definitely from Earth and in a time before the first apocalypse — which means they had been in cryo-sleep for 100 years. Now the planet has been destroyed twice and there is just a “Garden of Eden” that Clarke has been living in and there won’t be enough room for everyone, Rothenberg teased. The new group will also be led by a strong female character that we will meet.

Reunited, But Butting Heads. All three “crews” are very different when they return. One thing that will be fun and interesting is that the main group of characters used to work together well overall. But now they’re going to bump heads with each other even more thanks to their leadership styles. For example, Octavia has what Rothenberg says is “one of the coolest stories we’re going to tell”. She is “full-on” he hinted without saying more. Bellamy has become a leader on the ark in his own right. He has fulfilled Clarke’s request for him in the finale when she asked him to lead with his head and heart. He’ll be a more heroic and “holistic” Bellamy. Clarke, meanwhile, is going to remain a badass who is in charge, but now she has the dynamic of looking after a child. Her relationship with Maddie is very much a “mother-daughter” relationship and her priorities have changed. Her “crew” is now that child and what’s good for Maddie might not necessarily be good for someone else. It sounds like that’s going to cause a lot of conflict.

Mother Clarke. A lot has changed for Clarke in the six years that have passed, according to Taylor. Despite having gone through a lot while originally on the ark, she went from a kid dropped on Earth in the series premiere of THE 100 to becoming more mature as the years have passed. She’s now a 24 year old woman on the show and Taylor is looking forward to playing a more “maternal and simplified” character. Clarke’s only real responsibility is now to this young girl, Maddie. And while Clarke will still always be in survival mode, there is more care and softness she’ll be displaying towards Maddie.

From Sky Person to Grounder. Things have flipped for Clarke with the arrival of these new people from the sky. In essence, Clarke is “the grounder now”, according to Taylor. When the 100 kids first arrived from the sky the grounders originally reacted out of fear and tried to defend themselves. Now Clarke is reacting much in the same way, which may lead her to “react violently” out of sheer fear from the newcomers. Rothenberg said that Bellamy will help Clarke see that they have to do things differently now from when they were coming down from the sky because all Clarke wants to do is protect her home.

Did Murphy Grow? Life on the ark has been more about the day-to-day living for the characters as opposed to a never-ending fight for their lives. That’s not necessarily Murphy’s style, unfortunately, which means we might see more of a “regression” for him, according to Harmon. But expect to see/learn more about what happened on the ship. Harmon teased that in the premiere there’s a lot of experiences that are alluded to even if the writers don’t outwardly reveal everything that happened. It’s likely going to take a while for us to fully learn what happened to everyone, but it sounds like it’s coming — whether through flashbacks or through the characters themselves discussing it. Rothenberg also hinted at flashbacks, saying “we will come to understand how all of them became the characters we will see in the premiere”.

Raven’s Guilt. We’re going to see that Raven has struggled a lot with guilt in the six years that have passed. She and her friends managed to make it to the ark solely because Clarke sacrificed herself (at least that’s what her friends believe). And everyone came back to save Raven, which eventually led to Clarke’s death. Raven has spent many years trying to repay Clarke for the sacrifice she believes she made for her.

New Dynamics in the Ark. Morgan is most excited for Raven to develop relationships with both Echo and Emori. After all, Raven never really had much interaction with grounders because she was always preoccupied with “space stuff”. But allowing Raven to develop a friendship with two women from a very different world than she came from will be interesting.

Sheriff Octavia. In season 5 you’ll see what Octavia’s plan is to keep the peace and how she reprimands others “in her special way” for people who try to step out of line.

Echo’s New Role. The actress who plays Echo (Tasya Teles) will be a series regular in season 5), which means we’ll see a lot more of the character.

Other Tidbits. We’re going to see an interesting new dynamic develop between Murphy and Raven, according to Rothenberg. Rothenberg also wouldn’t hint at the state of relationships for the people who made it to the ark. He just said that some people “break up” but can also “get back together”.

THE 100 will return midseason on The CW.