Today’s TV Addict Top: Reasons Why Netflix Canada Should Consider Saving THE L.A. COMPLEX

Fresh off yesterday’s disappointing news that saw Bell Media confirm that they will not be moving forward with a much-deserved third season of THE L.A. COMPLEX, thought now might be as good a time as any to offer up five reasons why Netflix Canada should consider saving this national treasure. [Read more…]

This Just In: Epitome EP Stephen Stohn Reacts to the Cancellation of THE L.A. COMPLEX

Hot on the heels of today’s disappointing news that Canadian broadcaster Bell Media has opted to not move forward with a very much-anticipated third season of THE L.A. COMPLEX, reached out to Epitome Pictures Executive Producer Stephen Stohn for his reaction. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

Ask the Addict: Spoilers for BONES, REVENGE, FALLING SKIES, HART OF DIXIE, SMASH & More!

With season eight just around the corner, any chance you care to brighten my day with a little scoop on BONES? — Paul
The TV Addict: Happy to! But rather than have us let the sunshine in, we have a feeling fans would much prefer to hear direction from executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan, who had this to say when we posed that very question at Fox’s All-Star Celebration during the recent Summer portion of the annual Television Critics Association Press Tour in Hollywood:

The TV Addict: Please just tell me everything you can about the upcoming season premiere?
Nathan: It happens at the very beginning of the season!
Hanson: It ends about forty-five minutes in!
Nathan: With commercials it’s about an hour!
Hanson: At the end of last season Brennan was on the run because of Pellant and the season opener asks the question as to whether our guys get her back and put Pallant in jail so that she can come back. Chances are they’ll succeed because we have a second episode!
Nathan: But they might not succeed in the way that think they’re going to succeed.
Hanson: Things don’t resolve. [Read more…]

Today’s TV Addict Top 5: CW President Mark Pedowitz Dishes on Ratings, RINGER, THE L.A. COMPLEX & More!

On what went wrong with RINGER
Despite CW President Mark Pedowitz’s assertion that he loved being back in business with Sarah Michelle Gellar, a combination of story complexity and poor performance in both the online digital and social spaces was too much for RINGER to overcome. Said Pedowitz, “Sarah Michelle Gellar and I have had many discussions since Spring and the one thing we did come away with, when she’s ready, is that we’d love her to come back to The CW as an actor or a producer.”

On The CW’s sagging [overnight] ratings
Cementing our long-held belief that Nielsen ratings have never been more obsolete, Pedowitz was quick to defend his Networks viewership levels. As expected, more people than ever are tuning into The CW, they’re just doing it on the likes of, and the Network’s iPad app. To that end, Pedowitz recently made the decision to roll our a rebranding campaign this August that replaces the Networks’ dated tagline: TV to ‘talk/blog/tweet about,’ with ‘TV Now.’ [Read more…]


Any scoop I can sink my teeth into to tide me over until THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ October return would be very much appreciated. — Marnie
The TV Addict: Move over SAVED BY THE BELL, Season Three of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES might as well be subtitled “The College Years!” At least in terms of Bonnie’s life, who according to reports will get a little too close to a brilliant and charming Professor (aren’t they all?) whose sad history drives an obsession with the occult, all things supernatural, and as luck would have it, a certain witch.

What is up with Kal and Tariq on THE L.A. COMPLEX? Tuesday’s season premiere was off-the-hook! — Luke
The TV Addict: Well, hold on to your hats, because the fun is just getting started. This Tuesday’s episode not only sees Abby in yet another ridiculously awkward situation on the set of Alan Thicke’s little-too-close-for-comfort family, but may in fact serve as somewhat of a turning point for Tariq and Kal. The latter of whom will finally come out to somebody. Of course, this being THE L.A. COMPLEX, that certain somebody is most certainly not who one would expect.

After this past weekends Comic Con in San Diego, I’m not sure I can wait until ARROW’s premiere. Any Scoop? — Nick
The TV Addict: Suffice it to say, when ARROW does premiere this Fall, star Stephen Amell will have his hands full. Case in point, the show’s third episode ominously titled “Lone Gunman” that sees producers currently casting for a thirty something assassin with a fondness for tattooing the names of the men he has killed over his body. Ouch! [Read more…]

Baby Mama Drama! We Preview the Return of THE L.A. COMPLEX with Star Jewel Staite

If the first six episodes of THE L.A. COMPLEX illustrated anything, it’s that creator Martin Gero knows a thing or two about crafting cliffhanger endings. (He also knows a thing or two about courting controversy and scandal, but more on that later in the week in our exclusive one-on-one!) Case in point, the scene that closed out the COMPLEX’s fantastic first season that saw Raquel’s dreams for a career resurgence hit quite the speed bump in the form of an unexpected pregnancy. But who’s the daddy and how will this not-so-welcome bundle of joy factor into the aging actress’ dream of a career comeback? We recently caught up with her portrayer, the delightful Jewel Staite on a visit to the Toronto-based set of THE L.A. COMPLEX to find out just that. [Read more…]


For years now, networks have been content to fill their summer schedules with reruns and reality, assuming everyone will come flocking back when they finally grace us with original programming again in the fall. And although an ever-shrinking return rate would seem to indicate that’s not the most awesome idea ever, networks continue to do it. But if the best they can offer in the summer months is crap like The CW’s REMODELED, I’d like to suggest they just opt for test patterns instead. Even in a sea of God-awful programs, REMODELED stands out. This is a show that’s so bad it’s bad, redefining train wreck as we laugh at, not with, everyone involved. The show features Paul Fisher, a “modeling industry veteran” who never met a word he couldn’t punctuate with a silly hand gesture and his ridiculously goth assistant traveling to such modeling Mecca’s Minneapolis to deal with problems in agencies. It combines the “let’s fix this flawed business” approach of TABITHA’S SALON MAKEOVER with the hissy-fit-throwing style of Gordon Ramsay, but does neither convincingly. The biggest problem is Fisher himself, who comes off both wildly fake and pathetically inept, blasting one agency because there aren’t copies of GQ and Vogue on the desks of employees. At various points, you can see the people he’s ranting at literally attempting not to laugh. Which is too bad, because at least then viewers would get the sense that they aren’t the only ones in on the joke.
Having spent the entire last item trashing The CW’s latest “reality” offering, I want to offer a little balance by praising them in advance for bringing one of my favorite guilty pleasures back. Next Tuesday, they’ll begin airing the second season of Canadian import THE L.A. COMPLEX, which is everything that summer programming should be but rarely is: fun, addictive, sexy and scandalous. Had the failed MELROSE PLACE reboot been half this good, it might still be around. Ratings weren’t great when The CW aired the first season a few months ago, but give this another look… if only to encourage networks to give us scripted programming instead of trash like REMODELED. (And yes, I just had to get in one more shot at that show’s expense. It’s really that awful.) [Read more…]


Two down, one to go for GAME OF THRONES’ Arya, who has been doing her late papa proud since winding up in service of Tywin Lannister. Fingers crossed that the third name on her list is Joffrey’s… not that I actually want to see my favorite love-to-hate character killed, but man, he’s a bitchy little thing, isn’t he? By far my favorite scene so far this season has to have been Tyrion calling out the snot-nosed king. Although watching Robb Stark be cockblocked by his mom was pretty entertaining too. Meanwhile, anyone else find themselves obsessively researching the history of Westeros? Having never read the books, and being unsure as to whether or not I actually want to dive into them, I’ve spent far too much time going from website to website reading about the GoT world. Maybe I should just read the books after all… [Read more…]