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THE MENTALIST Recap: “Blue Bird”


We begin with Jane and Cho driving up to what I’m assuming is a crime scene, since there’s the telltale yellow tape. They’re at Student Housing, University of South Central, Texas. Jane is whistling, but his overconfidence that Lisbon is all-talk regarding her move to D.C., is about to be shattered. Cho assures him it’s
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THE MENTALIST Recap: “Black Hearts”

the mentalist black hearts

We begin where we left off last week, at Wheatondale with Abbott and Cho, and the girls on the gurneys. Cho makes a call and tells the person on the other end to find out every transplant facility in the country. Fischer shows up with Jane, and Cho fills them in as Jane surveys the
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THE MENTALIST Recap: “Il Tavolo Bianco”

the mentalist

We begin at the FBI offices, with Jane bringing Lisbon a cup of coffee as he holds onto his saucer of tea. I still lament his former tea cup that was left shattered on the floor of the CBI. Anyway, the bureau is picking up the tab for Pike to relocate, and Lisbon is checking
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THE MENTALIST Recap: “Brown Eyed Girls”

the mentalist brown eyed girls

We begin with Jane at a food truck, using the Spanish he learned during his “time away.” When he walks away, he bumps into a nervous guy, and all of his packages fall to the ground. Jane offers to help, but the guy warns him away. From what I can tell, the stuff in the
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THE MENTALIST Recap: “Forest Green”


We start off…well, shoot. I’m already not liking this episode. It begins with Pike and Lisbon, with Lisbon coming down the stairs, her hair wet, clearly from a shower. They make smootchie noises, and Pike hands her a cup of coffee and “breakfast” which might be a protein bar? He gets a page and says
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THE MENTALIST Recap: “Silver Wings of Times”

By: CJ Stevens We begin with the exciting image of a man setting his watch. When he moves his arms, we see there’s a television that has the TV news on with “COUNTDOWN TO CRUZ EXECUTION” as the bottom banner. As we pull back farther, we can see the watch setter is in a hotel
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Good News: After months of anticipation and speculation, ABC has finally awarded COUGAR TOWN with a spot on its schedule. Bad News: Well, aside from the February 14th Valentine’s Day premiere that all but guarantees much of the show’s core 18-49 demographic will be otherwise occupied for the evening and a completely incompatible lead-in that
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Best Ending We Didn’t See Coming: Note to Showrunners not willing to put their opus’ central couple together for fear of diluting viewer interest. Keep delivering edge-of-your-seat episodes like Andrew Marlowe’s marvellous CASTLE season ender and you won’t be hearing a peep from us. Seriously. Still reeling. Biggest Shocker, Daytime Division: Two of the most
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The Power of Subliminal Programming: How TV Changes Our Behavior

By: Tiffany Vogt After a recent episode of BONES, I noticed for the first time how easy it is for television to influence our personal lives. In this particular episode, Dr. Temperance Brennan was chastising Booth for failing to put the toilet seat cover down. After her detailed, if not repulsive rationale, Booth was prompted
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First Look: THE MENTALIST’s New Recruit

Has Patrick Jane met his mental match? That’s the question fans of THE MENTALIST will be asking themselves when last season’s only bona-fide break-out hit returns this September 24. And here with your first look is the reason why: Agent Sam Bosco (OZ alum Terry Kinney) who is brought on board (for at reported seven
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