THE MENTALIST Redux: Our Top 5 Favorite Moments From “Orange Blossom Ice Cream”


This week we get right down to it. I guess with limited episodes, the show doesn’t want to waste any precious time they have left. Since good ol’ Erica Flynn is in the previews and was the cliffhanger at the end of last week’s episode, it’s a good bet she’s going to play a big part in this one. Hang on tight. Here are your Mentalist Top Five Moments! [Read more...]

THE MENTALIST Redux: Our Top 5 Moments From “Nothing But Blue Skies”


The Mentalist is back! Though it’s bittersweet, since it’s the last season. And a short one at that. But I’m going to enjoy the heck out of it until the very last episode.

This week’s episode starts off with a bang, and a victim who doesn’t know the rules, which is that if someone has already shot you and is coming toward you with a gun, the last thing you want to do is say, “I know you.” Twice. Here are your top five Mentalist moments! [Read more...]

Mark Your Calendars: CBS Announces Premiere Date for Final Season of THE MENTALIST

the mentalist

Press Release: As part of a year-round strategy of more original programming and fewer repeats, CBS announced today the season premiere dates of THE MENTALIST and UNDERCOVER BOSS. Both programs will bridge the time periods between the fall finales and the spring premieres of SURVIVOR and THE AMAZING RACE.

The seventh and final season of THE MENTALIST will premiere Sunday, Nov. 30 (9:30-10:30 PM, ET/9:00-10:00 PM, PT*), where it will air new episodes for five weeks through December. When THE GOOD WIFE returns on Sunday, Jan. 4 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), THE MENTALIST will shift to its regular Wednesday (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) time slot on Jan. 7. The series will conclude with a special two-hour finale on Wednesday, Feb. 18 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT). MADAM SECRETARY will also return Sunday, Jan. 4 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT). [Read more...]

THE MENTALIST Recap: “Blue Bird”


We begin with Jane and Cho driving up to what I’m assuming is a crime scene, since there’s the telltale yellow tape. They’re at Student Housing, University of South Central, Texas. Jane is whistling, but his overconfidence that Lisbon is all-talk regarding her move to D.C., is about to be shattered. Cho assures him it’s a done deal. Paperwork went through and everything. As he’s telling this to Jane, we can see the color drain from his face. He’s not whistling any more. By the time Cho gets to how she’s leaving next Friday, Jane looks like he’s going to be sick.

A Captain Mueller greets Cho and Jane, who’s still reeling over the news, and walks them into the house. Out in the backyard is an unfortunate gentleman in a small inflatable pool with what looks like a sword firmly entrenched in his back. Mueller identifies him as Tyler Van Camp, a sophomore. Back-up squad linebacker. Jane, his head totally in the game, says to Cho, “You sure about Lisbon? He wants to know if Cho heard it from her or other people. Mueller looks a bit confused. Cho tells Jane he heard it from “other people,” namely, Abbott. As far as Jane is concerned, it’s all just gossip, then, and he won’t believe it until he hears it from Lisbon. Mueller tries to get them back to poor, stabbed Tyler. Jane says they’re on it and asks to see the housemates… [Read more...]

THE MENTALIST Recap: “Black Hearts”

the mentalist black hearts

We begin where we left off last week, at Wheatondale with Abbott and Cho, and the girls on the gurneys. Cho makes a call and tells the person on the other end to find out every transplant facility in the country. Fischer shows up with Jane, and Cho fills them in as Jane surveys the area. Fischer wants to know what she can do, and Cho says to find out who had access to Wheatondale and also investigate the Qasimi brothers, since they worked closely with the people who abducted the girls, and the same people would be the ones behind the murders. Fischer says she’ll contact Beaumont Penitentiary, where I’m sure the Qasimi brothers are residing, though I’m going out on a limb here and guessing Fischer will never be able to talk to the brothers, as someone will have gotten to them way before that.

Jane lifts one of the paper blankets and looks at the sweet face of one of the dead girls. He’s so obviously affected by this. You can see the anguish on his face. Abbott comes in, and they both agree there were a lot more girls than the three located there. Jane laments that the girls had their blood types written on the bottom of their feet, as if they were part of a production line.

Abbott, Lisbon, and Pike in Abbott’s office. A man is on the computer monitor offering Lisbon a plum job in D.C. Lisbon says she has to think about it, and Abbott reiterates how much they’ll miss her. The man doesn’t miss a thing. He can see the look of sheer terror on her face. Lisbon and Pike leave to talk in the hallway. Pike has kind of reached the end of his rope patience-wise. He pushed this guy who offered her the job (Don) to pass on other candidates, so Lisbon could be with him in D.C. Wait, she hadn’t given her answer, and he took it upon himself to get her this job, and now he’s getting upset at her about it? At what point did she ask you to do her this favor, Pike? You did that all on your own. [Read more...]

THE MENTALIST Recap: “Il Tavolo Bianco”

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We begin at the FBI offices, with Jane bringing Lisbon a cup of coffee as he holds onto his saucer of tea. I still lament his former tea cup that was left shattered on the floor of the CBI. Anyway, the bureau is picking up the tab for Pike to relocate, and Lisbon is checking out the real estate for him. That’s so…nice of her. Anyway, Jane asks her if she’s decided. When she tells him she hasn’t, he says he thinks she should stay. Lisbon turns a hopeful face toward Jane, who immediately turns that grin upside down by suggesting she’d be “bored” in D.C. Disappointed by his reason, she questions him about it, to which he replies “What’s worse than boredom?” Seriously, I think this man has been reading my recaps and everything I’ve been saying, because I agree, Patrick. After being with you all of these years, she’d be bored to death with sweet, doting Pike. Of course, I’m also mad at Jane, the intuitive one, who didn’t pick up on Lisbon’s hopeful face.

Rut roh. A couple of U.S. Marshals come walking up to Jane and Lisbon. Once they confirm he is Patrick Jane, they say, “We’ve got a warrant for your arrest.” Nooooooooooo! The Attorney General found his “co-worker” (aka Abbott?) in contempt of court for ignoring a federal subpoena. Then it gets worse. “Teresa Lisbon?” “Yeah, that’s me.” “You’ve been subpoenaed to appear before a federal grand jury in Dallas.” Fischer comes walking up, and, hey! It’s free subpoena day at the FBI. You’ve got a subpoena, and you’ve got a subpoena! As Patrick is being led away in handcuffs, he advises his co-workers not to ignore these subpoenas. [Read more...]

THE MENTALIST Recap: “Brown Eyed Girls”

the mentalist brown eyed girls

We begin with Jane at a food truck, using the Spanish he learned during his “time away.” When he walks away, he bumps into a nervous guy, and all of his packages fall to the ground. Jane offers to help, but the guy warns him away. From what I can tell, the stuff in the bag is bandages and cotton balls but also a rag and some duct tape. Jane smells that fish clearly from where he’s standing and chooses to follow the nervous guy, because of course.

Oh, man. Lisbon and Pike. Look, Pike, you’re a nice guy. Go and find a nice girl. Lisbon is already taken. They’ve just gotten out of a movie theater playing “East of Eden,” which Lisbon, despite talking about how the classic movies are the best, slept through. And, it seems Pike has a gig with his “old band” and wants to know if Lisbon would like to come. So, he’s pulling the musician card. That’s one to you, Pike. Lisbon’s phone rings. She checks and it’s Jane, who she immediately dismisses. Oh, no she didn’t. Interestingly enough, this causes her to remember the blackmail…errr…offer Pike made last week about her going to D.C. with him. She’d like to say yes, blah blah blah, but she’s so independent, blah blah blah. And I’m quite thankful the phone rings again. Of course it’s Jane, who tells her he needs backup. A woman’s been abducted.

Back with Jane, following nervous dude who still manages to look nervous, even when just walking and holding bags. Lisbon arrives in a taxi and Jane tells her about running into the guy and the whole kidnap kit, including stuff I didn’t see, like Tiger Beats, women’s magazines, and women’s vitamins. Lisbon, who decided to turn obnoxious this week, disregards Jane as trying to ruin her date. Jane: “You were on a date?” Heh. Anyway, he bets her a million dollars the guy has got some women in there, and Lisbon, with her best pissy face, decides to check it out.

Knock knock knock, nervous guy answers the door and manages to go from nervous to twitchy and panicky in three seconds after he sees Lisbon’s badge. He’s all “Female? No, no females. No females here” in a way that says he not only has them there, but they’re all nice and duct taped. He recognizes Jane, who tells him not to lie to Lisbon, because she’s very serious. As nervous guy babbles, there’s muffled moaning, definitely female. Lisbon tells Jane to stay where he is, with the bad guy, and she goes to investigate. [Read more...]

THE MENTALIST Recap: “Forest Green”


We start off…well, shoot. I’m already not liking this episode. It begins with Pike and Lisbon, with Lisbon coming down the stairs, her hair wet, clearly from a shower. They make smootchie noises, and Pike hands her a cup of coffee and “breakfast” which might be a protein bar? He gets a page and says it’s “work stuff” while Lisbon says she has to go into work. He wants to make plans for that night and asks her if it’s “weird” since they went out the night before. Yes, Lisbon, say it’s weird. But she doesn’t listen to me and says it’s not. Boo. He’ll be making “reservations.” She’s impressed with this. Look, I know Pike is a nice guy, but he’s not Jane, so… I’m hoping the episode improves.

Oh, good. We’re at the FBI offices. Jane, who looks like he’s been waiting right by the elevators for Lisbon, jumps out and says hi. “HeyJane!” she says, not sounding guilty at all. Lisbon must be thankful when Fischer, who also must have been waiting by the elevator, pounces on her as well. A body was found in the Sam Houston National Forest. Lisbon asks how far away it is. One-hundred and twenty miles is the answer. Lisbon tries to sound nonchalant and totally fine with this news, but good ol’ Jane says Lisbon has plans, and she’s worried she won’t get back in time. As Lisbon’s all “Nope! Not a problem!” Jane is busy getting a helicopter lined up and tells her to tell Pike he owes Jane one.

Sure enough, they land at the forest in the helicopter and are met by Ranger Green of the forestry service. The body is a Jane Doe, but they did find a cell phone about ten feet from her body. Green says that it didn’t seem like a hiking accident to her, and Jane points to the woman’s bare foot (no socks, no blisters), so she couldn’t have walked there. New off-brand sneakers and jeans. A face full of makeup. Expensive citrus and ginger shampoo (which he gets real up-close and personal with the corpse to find out), leads him to deduce she was a woman of slender means, going to meet someone she wanted to look good for. [Read more...]

THE MENTALIST Recap: “Silver Wings of Times”

simon baker the mentalist
By: CJ Stevens

We begin with the exciting image of a man setting his watch. When he moves his arms, we see there’s a television that has the TV news on with “COUNTDOWN TO CRUZ EXECUTION” as the bottom banner. As we pull back farther, we can see the watch setter is in a hotel room. He walks over to a mirror, where he puts on a toupee that should fool NOBODY and tries on some dark sunglasses for a moment before removing them. I’m thinking someone is going for a disguise…

He pulls out a leather briefcase in which he puts what looks like a folded-up blanket. Then he picks up some kind of electronic device that he turns on for a moment. It has glowing digital numbers on it, and that’s never a good sign, is it?

Now with a cabbie’s cap on his head and his sunglasses on, he goes to a bus stop, where he rudely pushes a man and a woman aside so he can sit between them. Then he sets his bag on the ground, opens it, and hits a button on his little electronic device. It starts at 1:30 and begins to count down. Rut roh. [Read more...]