THE MENTALIST Recap: Our Top 5 Favorite Moments From “Byzantium”


We’re down to the wire, folks. Here are your MENTALIST Top Five Moments!

The Case!
Two young lovebirds are shot dead in their car for being in a lover’s lane at the wrong time. Cho, who I’m relieved did not up and quit after last week, tells Lisbon they can use Jane’s special brand of intuition. Lisbon looks like she wants to throw up but puts on a smile and says she’ll do it. Oblivious Cho remains what must be intentionally oblivious. Jane, meanwhile, is enjoying the Grand Canyon in his airstream and ignores Lisbon’s call. Yikes!

The kids were each missing a fingernail. Ew. Abbott tells Lisbon he knows she and Jane are trying to work it out, but he says the case is getting headlines, and they need Jane’s noggin. Lisbon swears she’s working on it. And by that she means she put a warrant out for his arrest for “failing to appear.” At least Jane appreciates the pun.

A park ranger tells Cho of a couple of brothers who have a shack outside of the park where the kids were found, and I think Cho’s having Vega-related PTSD, because he’s especially rough with one of them. They turn out to be a dead-end.

Abbott later calls him on it after the ranger tattles on Cho. He admits to the aggression because he was caught by surprise and says it won’t happen again. Though he does get his back up when Abbott suggests he see the counselor he saw after he left Special Forces. Cho says he’ll think about it but not in a way you believe it.

However, he does genuinely thank Abbott. [Read more...]

THE MENTALIST Shocker: Our Top 5 Favorite Moments From “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

mentalist nothing gold can stay

Brace yourselves, everyone. Here are your Mentalist Top Five Moments!

Vacation Time!
Jane wants to go to a “rustic” cabin, and I’m with Lisbon when she equates that word with no running water. She was hoping to go to a place where they leave a mint on the pillow. Jane later gets Lisbon mints and agrees to her luxurious terms. Let’s see if it happens. [Read more...]

THE MENTALIST Recap: Our Top 5 Favorite Moments From “Copper Bullet”


The whole thing with Abbott’s old boss, Peterson, comes to a head. Here are your Mentalist Top Five Moments!

Unearthing the Skeleton!
Peterson apparently didn’t take Jane’s threat as seriously as Jane thought, because he has the guy Abbott shot in Rio Bravo dug up and the bullet in his head extracted. Jane is on top of it, though, as he told Wylie to monitor Peterson’s whereabouts. Peterson’s been in contact with a San Antonio congressman named Jules Blatt, and Mrs. Abbott’s confirmation is in four days. The clock is ticking! Time to save some Abbott butt! [Read more...]

THE MENTALIST Recap: Our Top 5 Favorite Moments From “Little Yellow House”

mentalist little yellow house

This week it’s Lisbon family drama. Here are your MENTALIST Top Five Moments!

Lisbon’s brother, Material Witness, MIA!
We start off this week with a bang. The U.S. Attorney for the Northern District has come in to tell Lisbon her brother, James, is a material witness in the beating death of Nathan Barnes, son of Judge Jacqueline Barnes. Nathan is in the wind. She encourages Lisbon to get James to turn himself in, and Lisbon lies that she and her brother are close.

From her other brother, Stan, Lisbon finds out Jimmy is in Chicago, and Lisbon figures he’s at her parents’ old house. Lisbon has to admit she wants Jane to come with her, and Jane, holding his new/old tea cup (sigh), seems really pleased. [Read more...]

THE MENTALIST Redux: Our Top 5 Favorite Moments From “Orange Blossom Ice Cream”


This week we get right down to it. I guess with limited episodes, the show doesn’t want to waste any precious time they have left. Since good ol’ Erica Flynn is in the previews and was the cliffhanger at the end of last week’s episode, it’s a good bet she’s going to play a big part in this one. Hang on tight. Here are your Mentalist Top Five Moments! [Read more...]