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THE WEST WING Joins iTunes

One of the TV Addict’s all time favourite dramas has been added to the ever growing lineup of television shows available on iTunes. The first and second seasons of THE WEST WING are now available for purchase. Click here to check it out. The first two seasons of THE WEST WING were pure magic. From
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WEST WING Mystery Solved

During Matt Santos inaguration speech last night, the camera panned to numerous people, including President Bartlett & Abby, Josh & Donna, and some random stranger. Did you have a sleepless night, racking your brain to try and figure out who that random guy was? (I did!) Turns out that the random stranger was none other
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THE WEST WING signs off

Last night’s finale of THE WEST WING was an excercise in saying goodbye. For those of you who’ve been to summer camp, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. On the final day of camp, you’ve packed up all your things, said your ‘good-byes’ and pretty much spend your final hours staring at your watch,
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THE WEST WING Series Finale

The day I’ve dreaded has finally arrived. Tonight, after seven (mostly) brilliant seasons, THE WEST WING signs off (NBC, 8pm). Since its inagural episode (which coincidentally will air prior to the finale, at 7pm) THE WEST WING has shown us the best of American Politics. It was a fairytale almost, with idealized versions of the
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TVaddict TV Tidbits

Tonight is supersized 40 minute finale of THE OFFICE! Check out a great interview with Jim (John Krasinski) over at The Cast of THE WEST WING are on ELLEN today (check your local listings). It will be the only time we see the cast talk to the fans about the finale, as they deemed
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Disappointed with THE WEST WING

According to Variety, the reason we’re not getting the retrospective episode filled with cast interviews that we deserve, prior to THE WEST WING’s series finale is because the cast members didn’t think they were being compensated enough to appear in the special. Yet again Hollywood actors prove that the only thing that matters to them
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Monday TV Musings

This Sunday, NBC plans to air the first episode of THE WEST WING, before they air the series finale. Let me say how dissappointing this is to a long time WW fan. I own the DVDs, I don’t need to see the pilot episode. I would have much preferred a retrospective hour featuring cast interviews,
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Introducing WEST WING 90210 – a fictional look at good-looking white house staffers dealing with balancing work and love in the country’s capitol. Will CJ choose an offer from the President-elect over love? Will Will & Kate ever be happy (does anyone even care?) and will Toby escape a prison sentence by receiving a Presidential
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West Wing Thoughts

Okay, this will no doubt ‘out’ me as a massive geek (as if having a TV blog wasn’t nerdy enough!), but as Mrs. Santos was meeting her White House staff, who wasn’t humming in their heads… ‘Cecille will pick out your clothes… your bath is drawn by Mrs. Grier’. If that reference has gone over
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West Wing Bliss

I am enjoying the WEST WING way too much! Literally, after each scene in last night’s episode, I’m yelling things at my TV. DONNA’S ULTIMATUM (you go girl!), SAM’S BACK! I LOVE LOU! THE FIRST LADY OFFERING DONNA CHIEF OF STAFF! SANTOS/BARTLETT WORKING TOGETHER! (saw that coming a mile away by the way!) The show
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