THE WEST WING Joins iTunes

One of the TV Addict’s all time favourite dramas has been added to the ever growing lineup of television shows available on iTunes. The first and second seasons of THE WEST WING are now available for purchase. Click here to check it out.

The first two seasons of THE WEST WING were pure magic. From the moment we learned what POTUS was (President of the United States) as Sam realized he was in bed with a call girl — everything just clicked. The characters, the stories, it was the White House we wish (or at least I wished) we had.

The TV Addict’s personal favourite episode of the first two seasons is “Let Bartlet Be Bartlet.” The last few minutes alone, where Leo (the much loved John Spencer) tells President Bartlet (Martin Sheen) to start doing what he was elected to do, support the issues in which he truly believes — is well worth the $1.99 in itself.

And now for the obligatory rant: Warner Bros, I give you all the credit in the world for being pro-active when it comes to releasing the digital rights of your shows to iTunes. I’m thrilled to see VERONICA MARS, AQUAMAN et al in the iTunes store. My one problem — when are you going to get your act together and release seasons two through four of EVERWOOD on iTunes? If HERCULES and XENA can find a spot on iTunes, surely there’s room for one of television’s finest family dramas.

WEST WING Mystery Solved

During Matt Santos inaguration speech last night, the camera panned to numerous people, including President Bartlett & Abby, Josh & Donna, and some random stranger. Did you have a sleepless night, racking your brain to try and figure out who that random guy was? (I did!) Turns out that the random stranger was none other then WEST WING creator AARON SORKIN! Mystery solved – have a good night sleep!

While I’m on the subject of Aaron Sorkin, did you see the promo for his new show. How INCREDIBLE does STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP look? It it’s definitely theTVaddict’s most anticipated show of the new season!

THE WEST WING signs off

Last night’s finale of THE WEST WING was an excercise in saying goodbye. For those of you who’ve been to summer camp, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. On the final day of camp, you’ve packed up all your things, said your ‘good-byes’ and pretty much spend your final hours staring at your watch, counting down until you have to leave. The sense of sadness and finality, is exactly what I felt in watching last night’s episode.

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THE WEST WING Series Finale

west wing cast

The day I’ve dreaded has finally arrived. Tonight, after seven (mostly) brilliant seasons, THE WEST WING signs off (NBC, 8pm). Since its inagural episode (which coincidentally will air prior to the finale, at 7pm) THE WEST WING has shown us the best of American Politics. It was a fairytale almost, with idealized versions of the men and women who worked in the White House. Each week, creator Aaron Sorkin created edge of your seat drama out of mundane political happenings such as filibusters and senate reform. For me at least, Sorkin made politics come alive. While some may think it is ridiculous for me to actually take more of an interest in the ‘real world’ through a fictional look at the White House, I like to think it was a rare case of television actually ‘edutaining’ (learning and being educated at the same time!).

That said, after tonight, the world of TV will have lost one of the most talented ensembles of all time. I for one can only hope that one day, the powers that be, decide it’s time once again to dip back into the well, and bring us WEST WING: THE NEXT GENERATION (Say in time for Santos’ re-election campaign in 2010?)

TVaddict TV Tidbits

Tonight is supersized 40 minute finale of THE OFFICE! Check out a great interview with Jim (John Krasinski) over at

The Cast of THE WEST WING are on ELLEN today (check your local listings). It will be the only time we see the cast talk to the fans about the finale, as they deemed their pay not enough to do a proper retrospective on NBC before Sunday’s finale.

In more WEST WING news, there is a great article in the LA TIMES about Josh & Donna’s relationship. Check it out by clicking here.

Some great WILL & GRACE Scoop about the upcoming finale. According to actor Leslie Jordan, who plays recurring character Beverly Lesley on WILL & GRACE, the finale was shot over three days, with three different audiences. Basically, no one in the audience got the benefit of the full story. Apparently, the story skips around from the present to the future. We get to see what happens to the characters after the finale. While no doubt most fans and critics think it’s time for the show to go, it still makes me laugh, which is never a bad thing.

Disappointed with THE WEST WING

According to Variety, the reason we’re not getting the retrospective episode filled with cast interviews that we deserve, prior to THE WEST WING’s series finale is because the cast members didn’t think they were being compensated enough to appear in the special.

Yet again Hollywood actors prove that the only thing that matters to them is money. This truly is a slap in the face to us loyal viewers who have endlessly and passionately supported the show for the past 7 years. I for one was really looking forward to a great retrospective, featuring cast and creative team interviews. I already own season one of the series on DVD, I don’t need to see the pilot episode again. Actors should take a moment and realize that something as special as THE WEST WING is a rarity. They may never work on such a high quality show again. They should take every opportunity to appreciate it, before jumping ship and moving on (Yes, I’m talking to you too Amy Sherman-Palladino)

UPDATE: Thanks to freelancer-1 over on the boards for pointing out that the main cast members of WW, will be on ELLEN this Thursday:

Ellen has the exclusive farewell interview with the entire cast of “THE WEST WING,” including MARTIN SHEEN, ALLISON JANNEY, BRADLEY WHITFORD, RICHARD SCHIFF, JIMMY SMITS, JANEL MOLONEY, KRISTIN CHENOWEHT and DULE HILL. Ellen and the cast celebrate with a special season finale send-off party! The cast shares special moments and highlights from the past nine seasons.

Monday TV Musings

This Sunday, NBC plans to air the first episode of THE WEST WING, before they air the series finale. Let me say how dissappointing this is to a long time WW fan. I own the DVDs, I don’t need to see the pilot episode. I would have much preferred a retrospective hour featuring cast interviews, favourite moments and clips. Way to drop the ball NBC.

To balance the above negative, here’s some positive NBC news. They officially picked up Aaron Sorkin’s latest show, STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP. Sorkin truly is one of TV’s most gifted writers, and with an all-star cast lead by Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford, the show cannot be bad!

If you’re going through Aaron Sorkin withdrawl, check out the pilot of his ABC masterpiece SPORTS NIGHT. The show features a pre-Desperate Felicity Huffman and a pre-Six Feet Under Peter Krause. It was one of those incredible shows that deserved a far bigger audience. Check it out below:


cj west wingIntroducing WEST WING 90210 – a fictional look at good-looking white house staffers dealing with balancing work and love in the country’s capitol. Will CJ choose an offer from the President-elect over love? Will Will & Kate ever be happy (does anyone even care?) and will Toby escape a prison sentence by receiving a Presidential Pardon that he hasn’t even asked for? Find out next week in the final episode ever of THE WEST WING!

All joking aside, while last nights episode of THE WEST WING was enjoyable overall, it wasn’t what I was expecting to see for the second to last episode ever. Apparently, working in the most important office in the Country isn’t enough for our leading men and woman – they have to be ‘romantically happy’. Thus, by the end of the series, our leading cast will all end off in ‘happy relationships’, which really isn’t a problem for me, except for the fact that for the entire series, the plots were 90% focused on the work side of the West Wing, rather then the character’s personal lives.

That said, it was really nice to see CJ choose love and start to mend her friendship with Toby. I guess I’m just a sucker for a happy ending. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to the show next week.

West Wing Thoughts

Okay, this will no doubt ‘out’ me as a massive geek (as if having a TV blog wasn’t nerdy enough!), but as Mrs. Santos was meeting her White House staff, who wasn’t humming in their heads… ‘Cecille will pick out your clothes… your bath is drawn by Mrs. Grier’. If that reference has gone over your head, your childhood lacked one of the greatest American movies ever. Moving on, last night’s WEST WING was another fantastic episode. It really was fascinating to see how Vinick was dealing with essentially becoming a footnote in American history. The writers have given us some nice insight into what it may have been like for Gore, Kerry or the countless losers of American Politics. Throughout his entire run, Alan Alda has portrayed Vinick with class and dignity. He definitely would have made a fantastic President, has the writers decided to go in that direction. Only two episode remain. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye. Let me close with this. I firmly believe that the West Wing will be revitalized in a few years with a new cast of characters. You heard it here first, WEST WING: THE NEXT GENERATION – Coming Fall 08!

West Wing Bliss

I am enjoying the WEST WING way too much! Literally, after each scene in last night’s episode, I’m yelling things at my TV. DONNA’S ULTIMATUM (you go girl!), SAM’S BACK! I LOVE LOU! THE FIRST LADY OFFERING DONNA CHIEF OF STAFF! SANTOS/BARTLETT WORKING TOGETHER! (saw that coming a mile away by the way!) The show is firing on all cylinders, and once again I find myself wishing the show would continue. How great would it be to see all these idealistic young (naivé) men and women try and navigate the shark infestested waters of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? (Josh’s assistant better get a job in the West Wing). With only three episodes left, it’s going to be really hard to say goodbye.