Ask the Addict: Spoilers for SUPERNATURAL, TRUE BLOOD, NIKITA, 90210 & More!

As a 90210 fan who is still reeling from Naomi’s unexpected pregnancy reveal at the end of last season, I’m curious if you have any ideas as to just how the show plans on dealing with it come season 4? — Allie
The TV Addict: Assuming of course new showrunners Patti Carr and Lara Olsen bother to stick with last season’s somewhat out of left field baby bump bombshell, we can assure you that the pregnancy will have very little effect on Naomi. At least if the first two episodes of the season are any indication, which according to reports will not just see Naomi continue to be the life of the party, but do so in a manner that will catch the attention of both the authorities and the Dean of California University. Ouch!

Season 7 of SUPERNATURAL cannot come soon enough! Any scoop? — Noam
The TV Addict: Entitled “The Girl Next Door,” SUPERNATURAL’s much anticipated seventh season will kick off by not just introducing fans to an old flame friend of Sam’s, but will flashback to Sam and Dean’s teenage years where we’ll meet, as the episode’s title suggests, the girl next door… a beautiful girl who in typical SUPERNATURAL fashion harbours a terrible, emphasis on the terrible, secret. [Read more…]


TRUE BLOOD’s return is sooooo close I can taste it! Any scoop to tied me over? — Rachel
The TV Addict: Well, since Michael Ausiello already beat us to the punch with regards to the same-sex shocker, and we sure as heck aren’t about to spoil the identity of Bon Temps newest Real Estate baron, we’ll simply leave fans with two tantalizing words to tide you over until the show’s June 26 return: Think LOST.

Any word on what fans can expect from the second season of HAWAII FIVE-0? — David
The TV Addict: Taking the literal approach to answering your question, “Romance” would probably be the one word we’d choose to sum up the start of HAWAII FIVE-0’s second season. Particularly because the show’s Producers (or perhaps Network Bigwigs) have seemingly decided that if you can’t beat ’em — them of course referring to timeslot competitor CASTLE — you might as well join ’em. Which is to say, fans should brace themselves for a little island lovefest as Producers begin their search for a thirty-something bombshell to play Alex O’Loughlin’s part-time love interest, full-time Homeland Security Officer Lori Wilson, a character that sources describe as a female McGarrett.

Ridiculously excited for FALLING SKIES. Especially curious as to what the aliens beef is with us poor humans. Any clues? — Jay
The TV Addict: Funny story actually. During our recent visit to the set of the upcoming ABC/Global TV series COMBAT HOSPITAL, we happened to lunch with someone intimately involved with FALLING SKIES which coincidentally enough shot many of their scenes on the very same lot. Much to our surprise, said source was perhaps a little too excited about what’s in store for FALLING SKIES fans, to the point where he actually went as far as to reveal how the season ends! And while we’re not about to spoil that gem, we will say that those pesky arachnid-style aliens who come down to earth to enslave humanity’s youth… well, they might just be the least of the planet’s problems. [Read more…]

The Lazy Days of Summer:  Why Summer TV Shows Are Like a Fine Wine

Summer used to be a wasteland – it was when primetime shows aired repeats over the summer and failed TV shows were burnt-off.  However, ever since Fox successfully launched AMERICA IDOL during the so-called “dead” season nearly a decade ago, Summer has become a richer and more sought-after landscape of television.  It is the perfect time to launch shows that need more time to secure a stable audience and it allows networks to try out shows that may not typically appeal to viewers during the convoluted and congested Fall and Mid-Season.
For television connoisseurs and TV addicts, summer has become a long-awaited mecca as it began offering a rich palate of delectable treats.  Ranging from USA Network’s BURN NOTICE to Syfy’s EUREKA to TNT’s THE CLOSER to ABC Family’s PRETTY LITTLE LIARS to A&E’s THE GLADES to Lifetime’s DROP DEAD DIVA and finally to HBO’s TRUE BLOOD, there is something for everyone.  So much so that an unprecedented number of new scripted shows and reality TV shows are scheduled to launch this summer.  [Read more…]

Under the British TV Spell: How British Television Shows are Seducing American Viewers

Last year, when I put together my annual top 10 list of TV shows for 2010, I noticed an unusual anomaly:  3 of the top 5 were British TV shows (DOCTOR WHO, SHERLOCK, LUTHER); and in 2011, it is likely that number will rise to 5 out of 5 with the return of TORCHWOOD and the introduction to DOWNTON ABBEY.
This is very curious since I have always been an avid fan of American television and thought I merely dabbled in my love affair with British television.  But looking over the past few years, there is a fascinating trend with British television, offering more than a handful of my favorite television shows.  As British television began moving across the pond, I have found myself enamored with includes such shows as:  MERLIN, PRIMEVAL, BEING HUMAN, ROBIN HOOD, HEX, SPOOKS (aka MI-5), LIFE ON MARS and THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES – and clearly, I am not the only one.
[Read more…]