This Just In: TWO AND A HALF MEN Officially Jumps the Shark

True to their word from last May, TWO AND A HALF MEN producers have begun to address their veteran show’s recent ratings slide by commencing the search for a young female actress to join the ranks. More interestingly still, according to a casting scoop from E! Online, “the the pivotal new role of Charlie Harper’s (Charlie Sheen) illegitimate daughter has been written as 21 years old, ‘sexy and gorgeous,’ and gay. The new character, Jenny, will share many traits with her deceased father, including her love of women.” As such, we here at would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our plea that the only way we’ll support such a blatantly jump-the-shark-esque manoeuvre is if the writing staff show a sense of humor about it and names the new character Olive.


Biggest Shock: The hastag that flashed on screen at the end of this week’s SCANDAL said it all! 

Best Reason To Live on The East Coast: The above-mentioned hashtag wound up spoiling the surprise for West Coasters who saw it on Twitter hours before the episode aired in their timezone.

Luckiest Contestant: Abi, one of the least-liked players in SURVIVOR memory, has managed to avoid being voted out two weeks in a row, first thanks to an immunity idol and then by winning immunity.

Easiest Target: By opting to direct a documentary about herself, Beyonce all but assured that the word “narcissistic” would be used by every person reporting on the HBO project.

Most Predictable Reversal: Shortly after video surfaced of TWO AND A HALF MEN star Angus T. Jones urging people not to watch the “filth” for which he earns $350,000 an episode, the young man praised everyone involved with the show on which, it bears repeating, he makes $350,000 an episode. Wonder if that change of heart had something to do with the number 350,000? [Read more...]

Which Former Teen Idol Should Replace Angus T. Jones on TWO AND A HALF MEN?*

While we here at pride ourselves on focusing our coverage on the outlandish behavior of actors onscreen versus off, every once in a while a story comes along that simply demands our attention. Case in point, this morning’s surfacing of a YouTube video [Posted below] featuring TWO AND A HALF MEN co-star Angus T. Jones publicly lambasting the incredibly sweet gig that turned him into a household name.

According to the eighteen year old actor, who in the video offers up a testimony of sorts in support of a religious organization known as the Forerunner Chronicles*, ““If you watch TWO AND A HALF MEN, please stop watching Two and a Half Men. I’m on Two and a Half Men, and I don’t want to be on it. Please stop watching it, and filling your head with filth.”

According to us, Jones’ wish is our command! Heck, not only have we been anti-TWO AND A HALF MEN since its humble unfunny beginnings, we’d love nothing more than to help free the actor from the “shackles” of his $350,000 per week “job”. But not of course before having a little fun with it. After-all, having spent the better part of the past two decades glued to the very medium that Jones is so vehemently against, we know all too well and good that there are more than a handful of formerly famous faces that could use a break. Thus in the spirit of #FreeAngus we’ve decided to give back to a former teen idol in need, with that is, a little help from you. Which former star is most deserving of a second shot? Have your say, after the jump! [Read more...]


Grossest Manipulation: “I’m not trying to sell a story,” said BACHELOR PAD’s Kasey to fellow contestants. “But just know the money is necessary for my grandmother to live.” Kudos, dude. You’ve finally proven yourself to be just as disgusting as your fame-whore girlfriend, Vienna. Enjoy yourself while you can, buddy, because the race is on to see whether your relationship or your time in the spotlight ends first.
Best Crossover: Holy Wrestlemania! A special Tuesday-night edition of SMACKDOWN featured stars from both this WWE franchise and its sister show, RAW, giving Syfy a nice ratings boost and fans of the genre an extra night of carnage.
Why Geeks Wet Themselves This Week: The New York Post reported that a sixth version of STAR TREK is in the works and will soon be pitched to CBS.
The “Well What Else Did He Have To Do” Award Goes To…: Chad Michael Murray, who, having all but squandered the buzz he had a few years back, will return for the final season of ONE TREE HILL. [Read more...]

TCA 2011: CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler talks TWO AND A HALF MEN, CSI and THE GOOD WIFE

9:06AM: After touting her Network’s number one status in viewers, upfront ad sales and Emmy nods for a Broadcast Network, Nina Tassler, CBS Entertainment President opens the floodgates to an inevitable barrage of Charlie Sheen related questions. Ready… set… go!

9:07AM: According to Tassler, THE GOOD WIFE’s demotion to Sunday (Our words, not hers) is a “new higher profile time period” that will bring with it a very interesting character transformation for Alicia.

9:09AM: Shocker of the session thus far, 6 minutes in and still no Charlie Sheen related question!

9:10AM: Tassler, or as we really should be referring to her from here on in as “the spin doctor,” calls RULES OF ENGAGEMENT’s move to Saturday an “opportunity.” In related news, contrary to popular belief, she is aware of RULES OF ENGAGEMENT’s existence. [Read more...]

GLEE! DEXTER! HELL’S KITCHEN! The TV Addict Week in Rewind

Dumbest Move: BIG BROTHER’s Jordan had an opportunity to not only make the lackluster season more interesting but solidify her and Jeff’s position in the house by putting nasty nitwit Rachel and her knuckle-dragging beau, Brendon, on the block. Instead, Jordan wussed out by nominating Cassi and Shelly for eviction.
Saddest News Ever: A&E has officially given up any and all rights to use the word “Arts” in reference to its programming now that STORAGE WARS has become the channel’s most-watched series.
Silliest Lawsuit: Reality babe Kim Kardashian is suing Old Navy for millions because they used a look-alike in an ad. What next? Kermit suing the Budweiser frogs?
Best Thing To Come Out Of Comic-Con So Far: The beautifully edited trailer for season six of DEXTER will put a song in your head and a chill in your heart.
Most Liberal Use Of The Word “Naked”: CBS got lots of attention for the new TWO AND A HALF MEN poster featuring the cast — including new addition Ashton Kutcher — in a state of undress. But you could see more flesh on any beach… or most New York City subways. [Read more...]

CBS Teases the Return of TWO AND HALF MEN: Ready… Set… Photoshop!

Earlier today, CBS and Warner Bros. Television released the first of what will surely be an unprecedented promotional campaign for the new (and hopefully improved) season of TWO AND A HALF MEN. And while we wouldn’t normally go out of our way to promote a show we don’t watch, surely we can’t be the only one who feels that this teaser is practically begging to be Photoshopped! Which is why we thought now might be as good a time as any to challenge our far funnier and creative readers to do just that!

Think you’ve got a better tagline for the upcoming Ashton Kutcher infused season of TWO AND A HALF MEN? Download a “blank” version of the image which we’ve handily posted after the jump and email your edit to danielthetvaddict [at] gmail [dot] com. Funniest entries will be featured on early next week. [Read more...]