Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Our Favorite Second ‘Ships! (feat. ARROW, LOST, VERONICA MARS & More!)

By: Kelly Thompson

Most shows establish who fans are suppose to root for fairly early on in their run but what I think is the most interesting thing that can happen is a pairing that viewers (and sometimes even the writers) don’t see coming. Shifting relationships can be great plot devices (the CW has basically based their whole network on this theory) and I find myself surprised when a character shifts their romantic intentions and gets together with someone other than the initial “ship.” A horrible example of this would be when the Friends writers tried to make Rachel and Joey work (and shockingly, it didn’t even work a little bit). Below are my Top 5 “Second” Couples.

Mui< *Note: I want to be clear that this list won’t span back decades because I’ve only lived for over 2 decades but I’d love to hear more ideas so sound off below! [Read more…]


veronica mars movie

Good News: The CW has signed a deal to launch a spin-off of the upcoming VERONICA MARS movie on their digital arm, CW Seed. Bad News: Yes, you’re reading that correcltly, The CW has just green-lit an online spin-off to a series that wouldn’t need one had it not been unceremoniously cancelled by the very same network all these years ago! #isntitironic [Source] [Read more…]

The Official VERONICA MARS Movie Poster Has Landed!


Shirtless Dick! Sultry Logan! Spy-tastic Veronica! [Pause for a moment while we catch our breath!] Direct from our email inbox [Did you seriously think we wouldn’t have ponied up some cold hard cash to help kickstart our movie dreams into a reality?!] comes the official unveiling of the theatrical poster for the VERONICA MARS movie.

Learn How You Can Catch Up On VERONICA MARS Prior to the March 2014 Movie Release

Wondering how you might possibly jump on the VERONICA MARS bandwagon prior to the movie’s March 14th debut? Well, wonder no more… because Amazon has just announced that they’ve signed a deal with Warner Bros. domestic Television Distribution to be the exclusive streaming home for all three seasons of the brilliant-but-canceled television series. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

Photo of the Day: ACTION!

With television talent both in front and behind the camera making a habit of tweeting photos ranging from spoilerific to hilarious, thought it might be fun to introduce a new feature to the site that we’ve not-so-cleverly decided to call “Photo of the Day.” Today’s subject, courtesy of the official instagram of The VERONICA MARS movie (@theveronicamarsmovie) is yesterday’s shot heard round the world. “Annnnnnnnd…. ACTION. @TheVeronicaMarsMovie has now started shooting!”

Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Our Roller Coaster of VERONICA MARS Movie Project Emotions!

From providing the inspiration for our adorable Golden Doodle’s moniker, to being the impetus for our first ever impromptu trip to San Diego Comic Con following an unexpected invitation by one of our favorite Warner Bros. Television [WBTV] publicists to interview the cast, VERONICA MARS has always held a very special and unique place in this TV Addict’s heart. Which is why we wanted to take a moment to share with you the recent roller coaster of emotions we experienced following the unexpectedly epic announcement of the Kickstarter project to raise money for the VERONICA MARS movie. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]