Ragtag survivors and resistance fighters struggle to endure following a catastrophic alien attack in this drama executive produced by Steven Spielberg. At the core of the story is Tom Mason, a bookish Boston professor who becomes a commander of a regiment of citizen soldiers. But his primary focus is the safety of his three sons, one of whom was taken captive by the aliens. Mason helps wage a counterattack against the extraterrestrial invaders, whose purpose remains a mystery.

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    Comic Con Quickie: FALLING SKIES Stars Colin Cunningham and Sarah Carter Preview Sunday’s Season Finale

    Wondering what’s in store for FALLING SKIES fans on Sunday when the hit TNT series airs it summer 2013 swan song? Well, so are we! Which is precisely why theTVaddict took some time during last month’s San Diego Comic Con to track down actors Colin Cunningham and Sarah Carter and demand some answers! See what
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    FALLING SKIES Preview: A Spy Is Revealed

    In tonight’s new episode of FALLING SKIES, the question that has been hovering on everyone’s minds will be answered: who is the mole?  For weeks, we have seen the destruction wrought by the spy in their midst, including the death of Arthur Manchester (Terry O’Quinn).  With suspicions running high since both Tom (Noah Wyle) and
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      PRESS RELEASE: TNT’s epic drama Falling Skies, one of basic cable’s top-rated dramas, is bringing the 2nd Mass and its alien resistance fighters back to San Diego Comic-Con for a panel Q&A, autograph session and exclusive look at what’s ahead for the remainder of its third season. The Falling Skies panel will feature series
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    FALLING SKIES Season 3 Preview: New Aliens, New Allies, New Enemies and Lots of Explosive Secrets

      When we last saw our heroes, they had been welcomed into Charleston, albeit in the most rocky and mistrustful fashion.  For not only had our heroes not come alone, they had brought a mutual enemy to the Charleston doorstep.  Rebel skitters or not, the survivors in Charleston were not quite ready to align with
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