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ARROW Recap: Of Betrayals and Daddy Issues

Tonight's ARROW concluded an arc that had permeated the series for the first half of season 4. While "Sins of the Father" was an average episode at best, it ended Malcolm Merlyn's reign as Ra's Al Ghul and also destroyed the League of Assassins in one fell swoop. These characters have some major daddy issues. Seriously, I dare you to name one character in the Arrow verse … [Read More...]

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SUPERNATURAL Photos: Submarines and the Hand of God

The Winchesters will be seeking a weapon powerful enough to defeat Amara in a mid-February episode of SUPERNATURAL. In "The Vessel", Dean and Sam suspect that the Hand of God could aid them in their fight against the ancient "evil". The only problem is that … [Read More...]


The Final Countdown: Meet Your AMERICAN IDOL Top 24

People will talk about all that’s coming to an end this season on ‘American Idol’, but this one is really personal. You see, the one thing about ‘Idol’ that’s truly unique to me is the Molly DeWolf Swenson Scale of Favoritism. Five Years Ago, Molly DeWolf … [Read More...]


SUPERNATURAL Sneak Peek: Mr. Right Now

Dean Winchester loves Valentine's Day on SUPERNATURAL. In fact, one time he referred to it as "Unattached Drifters' Christmas". So it should come as no surprise that Dean has been engaging in some carnal acts with the ladies during this year's Valentine's … [Read More...]

Arrow photo s4e13 413 Sins of the Father

ARROW Sneak Peek: Daddy Issues

Last week on ARROW, Thea’s returning bloodlust grew too much for her.  Her decision to internalize her need to take a life instead of killing someone became more than her body could sustain. Oliver (Steven Amell) was going to make a deal with Damien Dahrk … [Read More...]

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