Alexis Bledel and Zachary Levi Preview REMEMBER SUNDAY

Attention TV Addicts: Have you ever wondered what a romance between Chuck Bartowski and Rory Gilmore might have looked like? Well, wonder no more! Because this Sunday April 21st, ABC will unspool the REMEMBER SUNDAY, Hallmark Hall of Fame’s latest film that sees Bledel playing a lonely down-on-her-luck waitress named Molly who falls for quirky jewellery store clerk named Gus (Levi) whose past holds somewhat of a big secret. So what does said secret entail and what was it like filming this delightful movie of the week? We caught up with the talented twosome to find out exactly that. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

Exclusive: Gilmore Girls to Reunite on PARENTHOOD

Taking the GILMORE GIRLS theme song to heart, where Lauren Graham leads, Alexis Bledel will follow. 

Sources confirm to me exclusively that in an effort to reverse the increasingly-depressing ratings that have plagued NBC’s highly-touted (not to mention extremely costly) dramedy PARENTHOOD, series creator Jason Katims and executive producer Ron Howard have agreed to give the Braverman family a little facelift by replacing Sarah’s daughter played by Mae Whitman with… wait for it… Alexis Bledel!

For those unfamiliar with the show — or a little slow on the uptake — that means Bledel and Lauren Graham will once again be playing mother and daughter.

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By: the REEL Addict

Inglorious Bastards! Why didn’t anyone — and by ‘anyone’ we of course are referring to the studio behind the new movie POST GRADS — bother telling us that this weekend we could have spent one hour and twenty-nine minutes in a darkened air-conditioned room with GILMORE GIRLS’ Alexis Bledel and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS’ Zach Gilford!? Luckily, this all-but-forgotten release didn’t sneak past our good friends over at, which is why we thought we’d share with you their take on Alexis Bledel’s Mission Impossible: The Search for a Post-GILMORE GIRLS Career.

In the interest of full disclosure, you should know that because my affection for them runs so deep, when it comes to anything featuring Rory Gilmore and Matt Saracen (aka Alexis Bledel and Zack Gilford) it’s very hard for me to maintain any sort of critical objectivity. All the more so with POST-GRAD, since they are almost exactly appearing as they did/do on their respective shows, Gilmore Girls and Friday Night Lights. It’s like some sort of inter-serial crossover fan fiction fantasy come true, which is why in my book POST-GRAD gets away with a lot more mediocrity than I know it probably deserves to.

POST-GRAD begins almost exactly like a deleted scene from the Gilmore Girls. On the day of her graduation Ryden Malby (Alexis Bledel) speaks to us video blog style, catching us up on her very Rory-like “The Plan” of using her straight A’s to land her dream job at renowned literary firm. She also introduces us to her best friend since childhood, Adam (Matt Saracen), who is a sweet, sensitive, supportive guitar playing guy. If you can’t see where either plotline is going, then you might be one of the few people to be graciously spared the pervasive sense of worn out familiarity that bogs POST-GRAD down.

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First Look Video: Alexis Bledel Checks into the ER

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After two years of following Obama on the campaign trail, our favorite fictional overachiever has traded in her press credentials for a shiny new lab coat.

Rory Gilmore, or as she’s known outside of Stars Hollow as actress Alexis Bledel will be scrubbing into ER’s two-hour series finale this Thursday playing new intern Dr. Julia Wise and has your very first look.

Wondering how you can thank me? Follow me on Twitter! Help spread this completely unsubstantiated rumor that Alexis Bledel’s guest spot on ER is actually serving as a backdoor pilot for a spin-off that will reunite Bledel with GILMORE GIRLS co-hort Paris Geller in a new John Wells hospital drama revolving around young interns.