REIGN “Consummation” Preview: Will the Queen Choose Her Heart or Her Duty?

reign consummation

In the upcoming REIGN episode “The Consummation,” the biggest decision of Mary’s (Adelaide Kane) life is before her: will she marry Bash (Torrance Coombs) in anticipation of him being legitimized as the next heir of France, or will she follow her heart and marry Francis (Toby Regbo)? Yet therein lies the crux of the problem: Mary has realized that her heart now belongs to two men — as she loves both Francis and Bash.

But a queen’s heart means nothing. Her duty is to her country and ensuring French protection of her people to stave off the advances of the English and to lay claim to the English throne, if she can. [Read more…]

Amy Brenneman Teases Tonight’s PRIVATE PRACTICE Season Finale


PRIVATE PRACTICE’s Amy Brenneman is a reporter’s worst nightmare.

Oh sure, she’s as nice as she is beautiful and came armed with a seemingly-endless array of thoughtful answers and entertaining anecdotes for this TV Addict’s one-on-one interview. But just try and ask one teensy little question about the identity of Violet’s babydaddy or what fans can expect on tonight’s PRIVATE PRACTICE season finale and her portrayer, Amy Brenneman, suddenly gives you the silent treatment.

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