Breaking News: Syfy Doubles Up on Fan-Favorite Series HAVEN Ordering 26 New Episodes


Press Release: Syfy has greenlit 26 new episodes of its hit series HAVEN, which posted growth in both Adults 18-34 and Adults 18-49 last year. The first 13 episodes of Season 5 are set to premiere this fall with the remaining 13 episodes scheduled to air in 2015. [Read more…]

HAVEN: Who Is the Real Audrey Parker?

Try as I might, one nagging feeling has been tickling my brain all season: this is not the Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) that we know and love.  At first, she did not even try to be.  She was Lexie Dewitt (Emily Rose).  Then after Jennifer (Emma Lahana) opened the portal door back to Haven, Maine, Lexie reverted back to Audrey.   Her personality in the barn as Lexie was stripped away and revealed the person that she wanted to be:  Audrey. [Read more…]

HAVEN Central: We Shine the Spotlight on Visual Effects Supervisor Kris Wood

A supernatural series like HAVEN requires stellar visual effects to integrate into its visual look to keep viewers engaged in the outrageous and unbelievable stories that it weaves each week.  Fans must believe that the impossible is possible and that in the HAVEN world, literally anything can happen — from earthquakes to meteorites to sudden tsunamis in the sleepy, “troubled” world of Haven, Maine.  In an exclusive interview, visual effects supervisor Kris Wood shared what he loves about working on HAVEN and what unique challenges it poses to create all those marvelous visual effects. [Read more…]

HAVEN Central: Production Designer Jennifer Stewart Takes You Behind the Scenes of HAVEN

Everything from posters to signs to pamphlets and just about everything you may see as props and in the background is specially created and designed by the Art Production team of HAVEN in their arena facility in Chester, Nova Scotia.  While location scouts and set dressers and prop masters all contribute to the visual look of a television show, it is still astounding how much the art production department has to do to make sure that each set or filming location has all the accoutrements needed to make it feel real — to make it seem like there is an actual place known as the “trouble”-filled town of Haven, Maine — and the television series HAVEN has figured out all the secrets to make their show come alive on screen. 

In a recent exclusive interview, production designer Jennifer Stewart shared a bit about how they create all the visual elements to bring HAVEN to life. [Read more…]

HAVEN Central: Our Journey to Discover HAVEN on the Set in Chester, Nova Scotia

haven set nova scotia

HAVEN may have started out as a supernatural television series based on the Stephen King novella “The Colorado Kid,” but within the three seasons that it has aired on Syfy, it has become so much more.  It introduced viewers and fans to its heroine Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) and the mystery of who Audrey really is.  Each episode offered another layer to the curious case of Audrey Parker and the women who she may have been in her other lives: Sarah, Lucy and now Lexie.  Teased by the mysteries and the “troubles” woven into the HAVEN tapestry of stories, the show captured viewers’ attention and hearts.  It was a delightfully slow seduction and one which fans are delighted to be enthralled by. [Read more…]

HAVEN Central: Colin Ferguson Previews His Character’s Mysterious Season 4 Arrival

colin ferguson haven

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s reminder (via instagram) that saw actor Eric Balfour kicking off the countdown to the fourth season premiere of HAVEN bowing this Friday September 13th at 10PM on Syfy, we thought now might be as good a time to share this: A delightful minute and forty-four seconds with his co-star, Colin Ferguson. Joining HAVEN this season, Ferguson plays the not-so-sleepy town’s newest addition. See what he had to say for yourself with regards to his character’s mysterious connection to the town and whether or not he’ll be a love interest or thorn in Audrey Parker’s side, after the jump. [Read more…]

HAVEN Central: HELLCAT’s Emma Lahana and DEXTER’s Christian Camargo Sign on as Recurring Guest Stars

PRESS RELEASE: Emma Lahana (Hellcats, Emily Owens M.D.) and Christian Camargo (Dexter, The Hurt Locker) will join the cast of Syfy’s popular series HAVEN when the show returns for its fourth season on Friday, September 13 at 10PM (ET/PT). Both actors join Colin Ferguson (Eureka, Coupling) who portrays William, a handsome mysterious stranger whose secret agenda leads him to Audrey (Emily Rose), as recurring guest stars this fall.  [Read more…]

Comic Con Quickie: HAVEN Star Emily Rose Talks Season 3 Romantic Prospects, New Hairstyles and the Mystery Surrounding the Barn!

emily rose haven

Couldn’t make it to sunny San Diego for the annual pop culture confab that is Comic Con? Never fear… is here. Here that is with some fantastic video interviews courtesy of our West Coast Correspondents Tiffany Vogt, Jennifer Schadel, Genevieve Collins, and Sarah Stephens. All of whom risked life and limb to get you up close and personal with your favorite [or soon-to-be favorite] television talent. Case in point, this just shot interview with HAVEN star Emily Rose who had this to say about Audrey’s romantic prospects, new hairstyle and the mystery surrounding the barn! See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

HAVEN Central: Production Starts on Season Four with EUREKA’s Colin Ferguson Joining the Cast

PRESS RELEASE: Startling new mysteries and secrets are in the works as Syfy’s hit series HAVEN goes into production today, May 8, on an all-new 13 episode Season 4 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

When HAVEN premieres this October, Colin Ferguson (Eureka) returns to Syfy playing William, a handsome mysterious stranger, whose secret agenda leads him to Audrey (Emily Rose).

Season 4 of HAVEN picks up six months after the devastating events of the Season 3 cliffhanger in which the town was pummeled by a violent meteor storm.  Audrey and Duke (Eric Balfour) vanished into thin air leaving an injured Nathan (Lucas Bryant) marooned in HAVEN. [Read more…]

Cristián de la Fuente Previews His Killer Guest Starring Turn on HAVEN

There’s a serial killer loose in Haven! Special guest star Cristián de la Fuente took a few minutes to chat with press in a recent conference call about his highly unusual role on HAVEN.  Cristián plays a mild-mannered banker with a twisted secret that is about to be unleashed on the unsuspected town of Haven.
What can you share about the character Cornell, which you are playing on HAVEN?
CRISTIÁN: It was a great challenge and I don’t want to give too much about the character because there’s going to be a lot of surprises that you’re going to find out during the episode. But it’s not your average evil twin story — it’s that incarnation of all your bad thoughts.  That one day you wake up and you’re facing them. All your thoughts are materialized in a person that looks exactly like you and you’re confronted by them. [Read more…]