BONES Redux: Our Top 5 Moments From the 200th Episode “The 200th in the 10th”


Bones goes meta! This week for the 200th episode, we travel back to 1954. The beautiful and talented Emily Deschanel, and the leading man’s leading man, David Boreanaz, have completed their tenth film in ten years, so of course they’re being immortalized in cement in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater. It’s showtime. Here are your top five BONES moments! [Read more…]

BONES Recap: “The Recluse in the Recliner”


We begin with the previouslies, and since they mention the mole inside the FBI regarding the Ghost Killer case, I’m going out on a limb and guessing that comes to a head this episode.

Hospital. Thursday, 9:23 p.m. A victim with multiple gunshot wounds and their right lung collapsed, is wheeled in. It’s Booth. Brennan comes running in and bypasses a bunch of nurses to get into the operation room, even using the “I’m a doctor” card, but they hold her back.

TWO DAYS EARLIER. Brennan is speaking in German and trying to get Booth to learn the language, but he feels all he needs to know is “Where is the bathroom?” Brennan thinks he needs to know more than that to run the Berlin field office, but Booth reminds Brennan he still has to go in front of the congressional panel before it’s a done deal. Brennan thinks it sounds like he doesn’t want the job, and Booth points out their great life and their great home. [Read more…]

BONES Recap: “The Drama in the Queen”


We begin with a woman who’s clearly going for Mother of the Year, as she tries to get her six-year-old daughter to climb down a ladder into a well and pretend she’s been kidnapped. The six-year-old, already smarter than her mommy, refuses, so mommy goes down the ladder to show her how “fun” it is. Mommy sees a skeleton and screams, and the daughter, awesomely, throws down the ladder and runs away. This kid is going to grow up and discover the cure for everything, while also creating world peace.

Booth residence. Booth is totally stressed out about how much studying he has to do before he testifies in front of the subcommittee. To that end, Sweets wants to take some of the workload off Booth by heading murder investigations. Brennan balks at that, since Booth is her partner. He promises he’ll still be around, and she can call him any time. Brennan gets a call about the bones in the well, and tells Booth to let Sweets know to meet her there. She tells him if Sweets is incompetent, she’ll let him know. Booth speaks for all of us, when he says, “Yeah, I’m sure you will.” [Read more…]

BONES Recap: “The Nail in the Coffin”


In the long previously, it’s all “Ghost Killer this and Ghost Killer that,” so I’ll go out on a limb and say this episode centers around the elusive Ghost Killer that hasn’t been talked about in a really long time.

We begin with a dad telling a campfire story about demons. Mom keeps telling him to stop, because he’s scaring the little girl, but the little boy is into it. Dad finally takes the hint and shuts up, and that’s when a skeleton body seems to fall from the sky. Mom is unimpressed with Dad’s tricks, but when the skeleton head falls into her hands, the screaming begins. Except for the boy, who thinks it’s all really cool.

Booth and Brennan at home. Apparently they’ve asked Brennan to fill out the bureau assessment for Booth re: that Germany promotion. Brennan has chosen to forego the measly three lines they’ve given her, in favor of an eighteen-page essay on comportment. Booth reminds her, this promotion affects her too, as if this territory wasn’t gone over with a fine tooth comb the previous week. But Brennan is being objective and dispassionate. Booth gets the call about the skeleton, but there’s a catch. Cam doesn’t want Brennan there, as this may be a Ghost Killer victim. She doesn’t think Brennan can be objective, so she’s using Clark instead. Brennan reacts to this in the way you’d expect, by insisting she’s going. Booth brings up how she and Cam got into it the last time. She asks if he agrees with Cam. He doesn’t, but he thinks she should be a team player and let it go. She seems to acquiesce. [Read more…]

BONES Recap: “The High in the Low”

By: CJ Stevens

We open to a dark forest-like atmosphere with men in uniform marching along holding flashlights and barking dogs. They seem to be chasing a certain gentleman in prison orange, who’s running as if his life depends on it. At least I think he’s in prison orange. Did I mention it’s really dark?

Anyway, he finds…a hole? A hollowed-out log? And nestles in there. That may hide you, buddy, but I doubt it’s masking your scent, as evidenced by the “Down here” yelled by one of the guys in uniform. As they scurry down, the prisoner seems panicked and trapped. That’s when he looks up and sees something far scarier than the dogs. [Read more…]

BONES Previewpalooza: “The Carrot in the Kudzu” Sneak Peek!


This just in, new episode photos and previews from the Monday March 24th episode of BONES. Direct from FOX, “A popular children’s TV show is at the center of Booth and Brennan’s current investigation. Of particular interest is Carrot Bill (guest star Tommy Munson)!” [Read more…]

FOX Photopalooza: Go Behind the Scenes of GLEE, BONES, BROOKLYN NINE-NINE & More!

darren criss, glee

Can’t get enough of your favorite Fox shows? Neither can we! Which is why we thought now might be as good a time as any to share a handful of behind-the-scenes photos from the likes of GLEE, NEW GIRL, ENLISTED, BONES, BROOKLYN NINE-NINE and more. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]