The Showrunner Chronicles: David Marshall Grant Previews the new Season of BROTHERS & SISTERS

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It has not been smooth sailing for the good ship BROTHERS & SISTERS. Yet despite changes both in front of and behind the camera that began even before the series launched four seasons ago, the show has managed to weather the storms. Of course, navigating rough waters falls upon the shoulders of showrunner — or, to continue our cheesetacular metaphor, ship’s captain — David Marshall Grant. Recently, Grant stepped away from the helm long enough to chat with us about cast members walking the plank, pesky rumors that the voyage will soon come to an end and dealing with industry’s equivalent of icebergs: budget cuts.

One would imagine that you’ve had quite an interesting summer! Just how prepared were you for the multitude of changed that were thrust upon you?
David Marshall Grant: Rob Lowe leaving was something Rob had been considering for a while last season, something we talked about, and was not a surprise for me in the least. In terms of Calista [Flockhart], she’s got the same deal as all the other actors this year and is excited and happy about having a great season without any diminished episodes. That said, there certainly were some unexpected changes. Emily VanCamp is only coming back for two or three episodes, which is a change for us and of course losing Rob is a big deal for us.

So yeah, I think it was in some ways a lot of loss for us, yet at the same time I think that all you can do is look at the positive side and really try to move forward. As fans are aware we’re going to jump ahead a year this season and we’re just sort of hoping to start the show this year certainly honoring Rob because that’s a big thing that happened in the season finale, but at the same time move us forward into new and exciting directions.

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As promised, Thursday’s FRINGE completely lived up to the hype. Care to give me any clues as to what we can expect next? — Bill
The TV Addict: How’s this for a doozy… actress Blair Brown accidentally let slip a really interesting piece of intel on our recent visit to the set of FRINGE? One that might infer that Nina Sharp and William Bell may not be as close as we’ve been led to believe. “Communication is what it is, but it’s not like she [Nina] is taking instructions from him because she doesn’t hear from him,” said the actress. “What we’ll come to discover soon is that Nina tries to contact him [William Bell] but we’re not sure what comes back.”

Thursday’s FRINGE was seriously off the hook! How long will we have to wait for Peter to learn the truth about his origins? — Mandy
The TV Addict: Based on a recent conference call with actor John Noble, who promised that when Peter finds out “we literally tumble into these extraordinary last two or three episodes,” we’re going to go out on a limb and calculate that Thursday May 6th is precisely when Peter will learn the truth. Of course if we were any good at math, we probably wouldn’t be sitting in our pyjamas blogging on a Monday! Just sayin’

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