Red Carpet Redux: The Cast of THE BRIDGE Teases Season 2

the bridge season 2

FX’s tense drama THE BRIDGE returns for its second season with the continuing saga of Detectives Sonya Cross (Diane Kruger) and Marco Ruiz (Demian Bichir) as they seek to stop the killing of young woman in Juarez, Mexico, whether it be by one man “El Diablo” or a coordinated culture of police corruption and depravity amongst a select few who view these girls as disposable commodities. Also left unresolved from the first season is whether Marco will actually go forward on his vendetta against the man who killed his son.

Simultaneously, there is the fates of Charlotte Millwright (Annabeth Gish) and her faithful farm hand Cesar (Alejandro Patino), who inherited a tunnel between the U.S. and Mexico, which Fausto Galvin (Ramon Franco), the Mexican drug cartel leader, considers his business investment and property for his exclusive use in smuggling drugs over the border. But there may be a bit of a tug of war for that business opportunity with the appearance of Monte P. Flagman (Lyle Lovett) who may have his own designs on the tunnel and the drug enterprise.

Also pursuing life on the sidelines and looking for an angle to exploit to further their careers are Daniel Frye (Matthew Lillard) and Adrianna Mendez (Emily Rios), who are certain that there is a much bigger story to be uncovered with the disappearing girls of Juarez.

With so many lives unknowingly intertwined, yet all following the same threads to perhaps the same end point, things are about to get a lot more heated and intense and dangerous for everyone.

During a special premiere, the cast of THE BRIDGE took a few minutes to preview where their varied characters’ stories pick back up as well as introducing a few new characters who join the fight against drug trafficking and human slavery in both El Paso and Juarez, Mexico. [Read more…]

First Look: BBC America Unveils ORPHAN BLACK Season 2 Character Posters


Press Release: Today, BBC AMERICA released four ‘Orphan Black Character Posters.’ The character posters are extensions to the Iconic Cast Photo revealed in March, and offer further insight into the highly-anticipated new season of the dramatic conspiracy thriller. Season two of Orphan Black premieres Saturday, April 19 at 9:00pm ET/PT on BBC AMERICA. [Read more…]

PaleyFest 2014: Snappy Answers to Silly Questions with The Cast of THE MINDY PROJECT

mindy project cast

In the midst of its second season, THE MINDY PROJECT continues to follow the romantic misadventures of Dr. Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) and her co-workers at their medical practice in New York City. When the show last left off, Mindy and Dr. Danny Castellano (Chris Messina) had finally succumb to their burning sexual attraction and kissed while enroute to back to New York after a desert adventure in search of Danny’s estranged father. Sure to pick back up where that kiss left off, or after much speculation of where it ended, THE MINDY PROJECT returns this week with an all new episode entitled “French Me, You Idiot.”

While attending last week’s PaleyFest 2014, taking a moment to provide snappy answers to a few questions on the red carpet the cast of THE MINDY PROJECT revealed fun answers to the questions: what their characters’ idea of a perfect romantic getaway would be, the perfect love song for that romantic getaway, and the one quality they most appreciate and admire about their zany characters that populate Shulman & Associates. [Read more…]

DROP DEAD DIVA Scoop: EP Josh Berman Talks Season 6 and What Happens When Jane’s Secret Gets Out

drop dead diva cast

What an amazing journey it has been. Six wonderful seasons of the adventures of Jane, Stacy, Grayson, Kim, Teri, Owen, Parker and those delightful angels: Paul, Luke and Fred. They made the life of a lawyer look glamorous and heroic, and more fun that most of us could have imagined. DROP DEAD DIVA did not just want to tell the tale of a young woman killed before her time who found a way to come back, even if it meant taking on someone else’s life; it wanted to show us the power of love and friendship — and the joy of championing others.

In a recent exclusive interview, creator and executive producer Josh Berman previewed what big, exciting things DROP DEAD DIVA’s sixth season will offer and talked about the ramifications of Grayson finding out Jane’s secret. [Read more…]

HELIX Scoop: Mark Ghanimé and Catherine Lemieux Talk About Their Characters Sergio Balleseros and Doreen Boyle

helix cast

Syfy’s virus-thriller series HELIX is pulling out all the stops as two of its primary characters look to be infected already. Safe so far are Major Sergio Balleseros (Mark Ghanimé) and Doreen Boyle (Catherine Lemieux). But as already seen, no one is safe. The attempts to quarantine and keep segregated the infected until a cure can be found has not worked. Thus, it is up to Balleseros and Boyle to find the source of the virus as quickly as possible, if anyone is going to be saved. But with arctic monkeys and squirrely executives making both their jobs more difficult, it remains to be seen how successful they are. In a recent press conference call, stars Mark Ghanimé and Catherine Lemieux provided their candid perspective on the creepy virus and where the show is headed. [Read more…]

NASHVILLE Previewpalooza: “Just For What I Am” Sneak Peek!

nashville cast

This just in, new episode photos and previews from the Wednesday January 22nd episode of NASHVILLE. Direct from ABC, “Scarlett’s career is on fire as she sings “Free” in concert with Zac Brown (guest-starring as himself), but the demands of fame are burning her out. Rayna asks Deacon to help write a much-needed hit for her new album, and it’s like old times–perhaps too much. Concert venues are dropping from Juliette’s tour and Jeff, her label head, is furious, and Zoey is bruised by Gunnar’s inattention when he gets an invitation to co-write from Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts, (guest-starring as himself) on “Nashville,” WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.” [Read more…]

Defying GLEE’s Hiatus: GLEEk Out on these New Promo Photos!

glee cast promo photos

In our continued effort to help you defy GLEE’s hiatus (T-MInus 20 days, 15 hours, 12 minutes and counting in case you were wondering), is thrilled to present these just released promo photos of the cast of GLEE. Or, as Sue Sylvester would put it, the gang’s all here, “Santana! Wheels! Gay kid! Asian! Other Asian! Aretha! Shaft!” Plus, as an added bonus, your first look at Jesse St. James and Shelby played by Jonathan Groff and Idina Menzel respectively. All of which of course can be seen after the jump.

[Read more…]

First Look: The Cast of 24 Season Eight

24 season 8 pics

Although FOX is keeping a tight lid on what fans can expect from the upcoming eight season of 24 set to bow on January 17, this TV Addict has seen enough action-packed hours to know the following: 1) Not everyone in these just-obtained promotional photos will survive Jack Bauer’s next really bad day, (2) One or more of them is probably a mole, and (3) the apparent prerequisite for working at the new and improved CTU is supermodel-levels of hotness. But hey, don’t take our word for it, judge for yourself by checking out these first look photos after the jump.

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