HELIX Scoop: Mark Ghanimé and Catherine Lemieux Talk About Their Characters Sergio Balleseros and Doreen Boyle

helix cast

Syfy’s virus-thriller series HELIX is pulling out all the stops as two of its primary characters look to be infected already. Safe so far are Major Sergio Balleseros (Mark Ghanimé) and Doreen Boyle (Catherine Lemieux). But as already seen, no one is safe. The attempts to quarantine and keep segregated the infected until a cure can be found has not worked. Thus, it is up to Balleseros and Boyle to find the source of the virus as quickly as possible, if anyone is going to be saved. But with arctic monkeys and squirrely executives making both their jobs more difficult, it remains to be seen how successful they are. In a recent press conference call, stars Mark Ghanimé and Catherine Lemieux provided their candid perspective on the creepy virus and where the show is headed. [Read more…]