Alexis Bledel and Zachary Levi Preview REMEMBER SUNDAY

Attention TV Addicts: Have you ever wondered what a romance between Chuck Bartowski and Rory Gilmore might have looked like? Well, wonder no more! Because this Sunday April 21st, ABC will unspool the REMEMBER SUNDAY, Hallmark Hall of Fame’s latest film that sees Bledel playing a lonely down-on-her-luck waitress named Molly who falls for quirky jewellery store clerk named Gus (Levi) whose past holds somewhat of a big secret. So what does said secret entail and what was it like filming this delightful movie of the week? We caught up with the talented twosome to find out exactly that. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]

Discovering the Incredible World of Nerd HQ: Zac Levi’s Comic-Con Alternative

Every year fans flock to San Diego, California for the mecca of geek gasms: Comic-Con. Being an entrepreneurial opportunist and perhaps nerd-genius, spring-boarding off that worldwide phenomenon, star Zac Levi took his popularity and passion and channeled it into a convention that has paralleled Comic-Con for the past two years.

Creating his brainchild The Nerd Machine with the help of some like-minded celebs, friends and anyone with a kindred spirit, Zac created a world for nerds, geeks and fans to mingle and celebrate. In fact, Zac found a way to bringing all these fantastic worlds together for a special 4-day event known as Nerd HQ. This year, with over 18 “Conversations for a Cause” panels featuring the talents of such popculture stars as Joss Whedon, Stan Lee, Nathan Fillion, Damon Lindelof, and Jared Padalecki as well as featuring hot shows like DOCTOR WHO, CHUCK, PSYCH and GRIMM and film casts from EXPENDABLES 2 and TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN, the Nerd HQ event managed to showcase some of the year’s hottest celebs.

Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with Vik Sahay Who Reveals The ‘Killer’ Way He’d Like to see CHUCK End!

Attention CHUCK fans, this is it. After four seasons of fiercely fighting to keep your show on the air, tonight marks the beginning of the end. Yet rather than wallow in sadness for what could have been, we here at wanted to celebrate what was. Which is precisely why, on the eve of this evening’s fifth and final season premiere, your very own TV Addict had the pleasure of catching up with Vik Sahay, who was only too happy to reflect on his time playing Lester, how much he’ll miss the character, and the surprising way in which he’d like to see the series say goodbye. [Read more…]

Comic Con Quickie: Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay Tease CHUCK’s Final Season… and Beyond!

Not attending San Diego Comic Con 2011? Not a problem! Because, courtesy of our West Coast Correspondents Tiffany Vogt and Jennifer Schadel will be risking life and limb to get you up close and personal with your favorite stars. Next up, stars Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay teases what fans can expect from Jeffster! during CHUCK’s final season. See for yourself, after the jump. [Read more…]


Ryan Seacrest, watch your back. Why? Because while you’ve had a good run as the hardest-working guy in show business, Fred Willard — whose recently appeared in everything from MODERN FAMILY (as Phil’s dad) to THE WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE (as Mr. Stuffleby) — would like nothing better than to steal that title out from under you.

“When I’m not working I say, ‘What’s wrong? What aren’t I getting these jobs!'”, admits Willard. “And then when I get a job, I say, ‘Oh boy, I can’t wait until this is over so I can just sit at home and read the paper!'” jokes the affable star. And yet, as a character actor, he’s had the opportunity to work steadily without becoming that thing no actor wants to be: overexposed. You don’t, as he explains, want people saying, “Are we tired of this guy yet?”

Fortunately for him, that doesn’t seem likely to happen any time soon, especially given his status as one of televisions most dependable go-to guys when it comes to guaranteed laugh-getters. But how did he achieve that rare status? Frankly, by not being overly picky!

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Advertising Anarchy: Chuck Bartowski is…

Inspired by oraclekath, our latest instalment of Advertising Anarchy (Also known as our take on how networks might wish to consider promoting some of our favorite new and returning shows) offers up our take on how NBC might wish to consider promoting the new and improved take-no-prisoners kick-a** Chuck Bartowski when the show returns on April 26.


As promised, Thursday’s FRINGE completely lived up to the hype. Care to give me any clues as to what we can expect next? — Bill
The TV Addict: How’s this for a doozy… actress Blair Brown accidentally let slip a really interesting piece of intel on our recent visit to the set of FRINGE? One that might infer that Nina Sharp and William Bell may not be as close as we’ve been led to believe. “Communication is what it is, but it’s not like she [Nina] is taking instructions from him because she doesn’t hear from him,” said the actress. “What we’ll come to discover soon is that Nina tries to contact him [William Bell] but we’re not sure what comes back.”

Thursday’s FRINGE was seriously off the hook! How long will we have to wait for Peter to learn the truth about his origins? — Mandy
The TV Addict: Based on a recent conference call with actor John Noble, who promised that when Peter finds out “we literally tumble into these extraordinary last two or three episodes,” we’re going to go out on a limb and calculate that Thursday May 6th is precisely when Peter will learn the truth. Of course if we were any good at math, we probably wouldn’t be sitting in our pyjamas blogging on a Monday! Just sayin’

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Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions with CHUCK Star Vik Sahay

vik_sahaySource: Michael Ausiello

Look we get it, when a lead character and series’ name are one in the same, it isn’t exactly a spoiler alert to say that CHUCK revolves around the trials and tribulations of well, Chuck. Of course, one of the major drawing factors that keeps us coming back to the series on a weekly basis isn’t so much for one Mr. Bartowski, but rather the creative cast of oddball co-workers that surround him. Which is why, rather than make a beeline towards the gaggle of reporters surrounding Zachary Levi at a recent NBC TCA event, we decided to shine the spotlight on one of our favorite unsung heroes: Lester, played by fellow Canadian and funny man Vik Sahay. Who was kind enough to take some time to indulge us with a few slightly less than serious Lester related questions.

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Zachary Levi on Directing Tonight’s CHUCK: “I was ready to hand off the reins.”


Because juggling feelings for two of the most beautiful women on television (Yvonne Strahovski and Kristin Kreuk), a full-time job at the Buy More and his extracurricular activities as the CIA’s most valuable asset clearly wasn’t enough to do, tonight’s episode of CHUCK has series star Zachary Levi stepping behind the camera as well.

Entitled “Chuck Versus the Beard,” Levi will make his directorial debut in an episode which finds our titular hero sitting on the bench after he loses his ability to “flash.”

But if you’re thinking that having his character on the sidelines made things any easier for Levi, think again. Not only will troublesome forces affect Chuck back at the base, tonight’s episode — which the blogosphere has characterized as everything from ‘game-changing’ to ‘awesome!’ — is what critics are calling “a real step forward in the story.” [Read more…]

Watch, PVR, Pass: Monday January 25, 2010


GREEK (10PM ABC Family)
When GREEK returns for its fourth season tonight, the campus of Cyprus Rhodes University is rife with worry. But while the ZBZ’s fret that their role in last season’s Gamma Psi fire will come to light, the KT’s stress over their expelled brothers, Clavin’s roomie Grant stresses over the repercussions of coming out and Dale and Rusty lose sleep over who will be awarded their much-coveted engineering grant — your very own TV Addict has a far more pressing concern. Namely, is this the last opportunity we’ll have to post about a GREEK season premiere with ABC Family so clearly having shifted their focus away from this once hit show to more teen-centric fare such as THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER, MAKE IT OR BREAK IT and 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU. Seriously people, now more than ever, your pals at CRU need you to tune in tonight and if you get the chance, please visit to find out how you can help.

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